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Four months later.

Five individuals landed on a black dwarf. This dead star didn't have even a single beam of earth and heaven energy. There were no life energy fluctuations or any evidence of valuable ores.

Thick smoke fumed around the star which came from the direction of the endless Milky Way. They didn't know where the smoke originated from.

The five who landed on the black dwarf were Shi Yan, Feng Rao, Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Ruo. After four months of flying, they finally got to this area.

This place was one of the peculiar areas around the Land of God Punishment, that was able to cut off the sensing Soul Consciousness. No exploring energy could reach this area.

There was no creature or hovering energy, only thick gray-brown smoke. No one knew what caused it. Those clusters of smoke looked like cotton fabric sheets that covered the star.

"To get to the Land of God Punishment from here, it will only take one month." Because Feng Rao's power had been restored to the peak, she became more lively and cheered up. "We should accelerate to reach the Land of God Punishment. Anyway, we must be careful and watch out for dangerous pirates."

Space pirates ran amok around the Land of God Punishment. Thugs and villains from other areas in the Raging Flame Star Area who had no place to hide would also choose this place to shelter and make a living.

There was not a single life star in this entire area. Surrounding them were abandoned mineral stars, black dwarves, meteorite seas, chaotic energy storm, and perilous places that could cut off the Soul Consciousness sensing.

The Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce would send their strongest to this area from time to time to rampage. However, they were never able to clean up the pirates.

Thugs and villains from different areas would seek refuge in the Perilous Land nearby. The three big forces couldn't find a smooth way to barge in and search for them. Since they weren't familiar with the topography and hidden dangers, they would suffer huge losses. The pirates would seize that chance and counterattack.

The most brutal characters of the Raging Flame Star Area often visited the places around this land. Once they found weaker preys, they would certainly show no mercy.

The peripheral areas of the Land of God Punishment were also the bloodiest and most chaotic areas of the entire Raging Flame Star Area. Battles occurred at every second. People died frequently. The dead bodies of experts would float and bob up and down in the starry sea. The energy tornados would pull them in, creating a terrifying mountain of corpses.

Feng Rao had grown up in the Raging Flame Star Area. She knew all these things. She also knew who often operated in this area so she gave them advice.

In this group of five, only Feng Rao and Shi Yan had the strength and abilities to fight. Since Bao Ao and the other two were tied by demonic flowers, they couldn't help. They would just be a burden. If they fought, they would have to keep an eye on them. Otherwise, their souls would perish when merciless enemies would inevitably come to finish them.

"One month left. Okay, we're almost there," Shi Yan frowned watching the surroundings. He scrutinized the eccentric foreign Milky Way.

He needed to break through to the Third Sky of King God Realm. With the Empty Fantasy Crystal, he was 80% sure that he could create the divine passage that connected to the Grace Mainland in packed space slits.

Sooner or later, he had to get back here. He tried to remember this place so that he would be able to come back easily.

Shi Yan memorized the special features and landmarks of this star area. His Soul Consciousness flickered, taking the star map out of his Fantasy Sky Ring. He focused on the star map.

Feng Rao's eyes brightened. She also glued her eyes to the star map in his hands. She discreetly assessed the thing.

This star map was made from Undying Wood. Pieces of wood were connected to each other by unique spells and techniques, creating a complicated star chart. At first glance, it seemed to bob up and down magically.

Shi Yan gazed at the star map, his Sea of Consciousness seething. Almost instantly, a vast and complex star chart appeared in his Sea of Consciousness. Starlight shone in a certain direction. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness moved around the star map in his Sea of Consciousness. His soul energy was consumed fast.

The star map was projected in his head, occupying a vast area.

If he wanted to explore the mysteries of this star chart, he had to use his soul energy rapidly. He had to use soul energy to explore and find the marked location on this map.

His Soul Consciousness drifted in the complex star map, exploring the ethereal starlight. After a while, he felt that his soul couldn't handle it anymore.

This star map was presented in direct view and three-dimensions. However, it was mysteriously complicated and continued to change. It seemed like a strange force was guiding Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness towards some direction. However, that location was too far away. If he wanted to explore it, he had to use a lot of his soul energy. After one hour, he felt dizzy so he closed his eyes.

The star map protected in his Sea of Consciousness vanished immediately. The memories of his recent exploring were erased. Shi Yan couldn't remember anything.

With an astounded face, Shi Yan frowned and mutter, "So weird..."

"What? You couldn't locate it?" Feng Rao was so curious. She came close to him, her eyes wide open. She said, "Did you find something?"

Shaking his head, Shi Yan had so many things that he couldn't explain. He explained, "This star map is very strange. It projects directly into your head. The star map is endlessly vast and it seems to move from time to time. I felt a magical force guiding my Soul Consciousness to a certain place. However, it required a massive amount of soul energy. The star map showed our location too. The direction it guided me to should be the target. However, my soul energy wasn't strong enough to reach the destination and now I can't remember anything..."

"It is truly a perfected treasure made by the Dark Firmament Divine Nation's Imperial Master. It is so unpredictably magical," Feng Rao was not surprised. She gave a faint smile. "This kind of star map can't be copied or memorized. We can gradually get to the target by holding it and spending soul energy to find the direction from its energy. Until we can get to that particular place, the map will not give another direction."

"No wonder," Shi Yan nodded, "The star map is unique. Only holding it continually and moving forward could help us reach the star area. So if I hand over the star map, unless I go with the one holding the star map, I will never get to the new star area."

"That is true," smiled Feng Rao.

"Will your father give up one life star?" Shi Yan pondered for a while then probed.

"Why not?" Feng Rao's voice was natural. "If the new star area has more than ten life stars, I think it will not be a big deal giving you one."

"Do you think so?" Shi Yan frowned. After a while, he continued, "I trust you but I can't really trust your father. I'm afraid that once I give him the star map, I will receive nothing but death."

Feng Rao discolored.

Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Ruo stood far from them. They didn't come closer. They just studied their faces from a distance.

"You don't trust my father?" Feng Rao's eyebrows knitted, "If you want to save them, you have to ask my father. Even if you bring the star map to meet the alchemist yourself, I'm not sure if you will come back alive. Although my father doesn't have a good reputation, he is a man of his word. Once he makes a deal with you, he will never change his mind. And if you don't trust him, you can trust me. I... I won't hurt you."

"I believe you, but the star map is crucial. I want to ensure an exit for my own escape," said Shi Yan seriously.

"What exit?" Feng Rao was surprised.

"Wait until we come to the Land of God Punishment. You will bring Bao Ao's group to meet your father. When they recover, hand them to Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo's men. When I'm sure they are okay, I will give you the star map. Whether or not you end up allowing me to explore the new star area with you, as long as the three of them are okay, I can accept it, even if your father changes his mind and refuses to give me a life star," said Shi Yan.

"You don't trust us, do you?" Feng Rao sighed weakly.

Shi Yan looked at some point further in the far horizon, his eyes gloomy. "Since the day I've been in the Raging Flame Star Area, I have never met a good person. I had to constantly deal with conspiracies. It is not that I don't trust your father. It is because of my low realm and weak competence. I can't be a threat to your father. Will your father appreciate a Second Sky of King God Realm warrior? He can easily take back his word and kill me. Who would I turn to for help?"

Feng Ke was the strongest expert in the Land of God Punishment at the Second Sky of Original God Realm. He was a leader of the strongest force among the pirates. Would an overlord who had countless troopers at the King God Realm consider an agreement made with a Second Sky of King God Realm warrior?

Moreover, this agreement includes a life star. Would he be that generous to give away such a precious treasure?

Shi Yan was skeptical.

Feng Rao knew he was a careful person. She frowned, thinking for a while before asking him, "How do you know Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo? Do you trust him?"

"I've met him once. We share something in common. Compared to your father, I trust him more," explained Shi Yan.

"Okay, I agree with your plan. First, I will ask my father to cure the other three. I will deliver them to Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo personally. However, don't mess with me... Otherwise, I will... I will hate you for the rest of my life!" Feng Rao gritted her teeth, looking at him deep in the eyes.

"Trust me. Even if I fail it, I won't give you any trouble," Shi Yan smiled, comforting her.

"Then we should go. Follow me. I know a route we can take to avoid those thugs. The Land of God Punishment has its orders. Once we get in, it won't be very dangerous." Feng Rao nodded, showing her agreement with his decision.

"After we get to the Land of God Punishment, we will split up. Oh right. If I want to contact you, what should I do?" Shi Yan nodded. He had made up his mind that when he arrived in the Land of God Punishment, he would contact Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo. This man had something in common with him. Compared to Feng Ke, Shi Yan thought that Ka Tuo was more reliable.

"The Heaven Punishment City is the center of the Land of God Punishment. My father's messenger resides there. You can go and find Motte." Feng Rao contemplated for a while before continuing, "I will tell him your name. When you meet him, tell him your name. He will take you to me."


The five of them departed again, heading to the Land of God Punishment.