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A beam of electricity-like light flashed. Someone grabbed Bao Ao's falling body, pulling him out of the area where the God Domains overlapped. He was saved.

Bao Ao was scared. He felt a gust sweep over him. When he pulled himself together, he found someone next to him.

He recovered faster than Bo Ruo although he was astounded for a while before he could react. He screamed with a great surprise. "Shi Yan!"

"Where's Master Jie Ji?" Shi Yan's face darkened as if he was filled with some kind of murderous aura. "Where's Gu Da Si? Don't talk about other matters, saving people is most important right now!"

The battle between the pirates and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce had come to the critical moment. Russell and Fan Ye showed their realm abilities. Both of them were bleeding. The energy shockwaves they had created swept through the place. No one dared to come near them.

More slaves stuck in the demonic flowers fell from the bottom of the wrecked ship. Shi Yan's movement didn't draw much attention. In the eyes of those who were fighting, the dying slaves weren't worth mentioning. Whether the slaves died or not didn't concern them. No one batted an eye.

Bao Ao's eyes were deep in his sockets. He had no color in his face at all. His life energy moved feebly and exhaustedly. The flame of his life seemed like it would extinguish at any moment.

While Shi Yan was asking Bao Ao, both of his hands were placed on the Bao Ao's neck to pour his vigorous vitality into his body to make sure he wouldn't die quickly.

"Gu Da Si couldn't resist. He's gone." Bao Ao gathered himself together quickly, his face bitter and sorrowful. "Jie Ji should be still alive. Please go find him. Don't let anything bad happen to him.""Alright!"

Shi Yan held Bao Ao with one arm while his Soul Consciousness swayed like a shuttle between the falling slaves to find Jie Ji's life energy fluctuation.

A bunch of light emerged in his head. The invisible space Soul Consciousness had locked a new target.

Without any hesitation, he pulled Bao Ao and flew away. His figure flashed, swaying between the slaves to reach the bottom of the big ship.

Boom Boom Boom!

The silver stones of the ship bottom exploded. More slaves were falling. In a sealed cell at the bottom of the fragmented ship, Jie Ji's life energy fluctuation flashed on and off. His situation seemed to be even worse than Bao Ao's.


Under his crazy bombarding, the sealed cell turned into scattering pieces of rock. A withered, deformed face appeared.

It was Jie Ji.

Jie Ji's eyes were blank as if his soul had been taken out of his body. He couldn't see Shi Yan. His eyes had no focus, almost like he was in a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from.

Shi Yan grabbed something in the air and a strong force pulled Jie Ji and the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower toward him.

Shi Yan held Bao Ao in one hand and Jie Ji in the other. He urged his powers to the limit, flying towards Feng Rao location without any hesitation.


Feng Rao mouthed some exploding words, which were going to explode soon. They became energy arrows that naked eyes could see.

Two tall figures were laughing. They surrounded Feng Rao. They were using their energy attacks, attempting to capture Feng Rao.

As soon as Shi Yan appeared, Feng Rao screamed in fear, "Watch out! They recognized me!"

The two of them were two meters tall, wearing bloody armor. There were so many scars decorated their exposed arms. These two Third Sky of King God Realm were the most brutal villains under Russell's forces.

They knew Feng Rao's identity. Seeing her, they were strangely stirred up. They realized that they would win a significant reward if they caught Feng Rao and used her to threaten her father.

Although Feng Ke's reputation was well-known among the pirates, Russell wasn't afraid of him. His subordinates wouldn't let Feng Rao go just because of her infamous father.

Also, if they could capture Feng Rao alive, Russell knew that he could use Feng Rao to bribe Feng Ke for some benefits.

Capturing Feng Rao would result in huge merit. Of course, those two wouldn't stop their attack here. They were extremely excited.

Bo Ruo's soft body was lying on the silver fragment motionlessly.

In their eyes, she was just a slave of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. Her value was meaningless so whether she lived or died was trivial. They wouldn't distract themselves from the main goal by attacking her here. That was why Bo Ruo was able to lie safely there.

"Space blades!"

Shi Yan cleared his mind and concentrated. Seeing that they were still a distance away from the other group, he fiercely shouted and released his God Domain.

Sharp shining space blades shot out from his God Domain, aimed at the two pirates of Russell.

Space energy was urged. Space blades shot out rapidly. Near the fragment, the narrow and long space blades seemed to have a connection with the Empty Fantasy Crystal, which increased their power. They became longer and faster. Like hundred-meter-long swords, they slashed across the sky.

Those space blades could cut through the body, an intimidating feature of space power. Although the other two had the Third Sky of King God Realm, seeing the space blades transform under the power of the Empty Fantasy Crystal drained their faces from fright.

They didn't dare come close to Feng Rao. The two of them jerked back and retreated quickly as if they just saw ghosts.

Shi Yan wore a dark face while moving through the space blades. When he reached Feng Rao, he threw Bao Ao and Jie Ji to Bo Ruo but didn't turn around. "Help me take care of them."

At this moment, Feng Rao's power had recovered only 50%. Although she was also at the Third Sky of King God Realm, she would still inevitably fall and be captured if she fought these two pirates.

She understood the situation well. After hesitating for a while, she decided not to use her powers anymore and instead just stood behind Shi Yan to watch Bo Ruo, Bao Ao, and Jie Ji.

"Kid, who are you? You aren't from the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. Are you here to take the goods from our Bloody Chief Skull pirates?" One of the two pirates went to an area where the space blades didn't have any effect. He wasn't scared and he smiled coldly. "If you have any idea what is going on, you should hand over Feng Rao. I will let you live. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will not be here much longer."

They had realized that Shi Yan had only the First Sky of King God Realm cultivation base.

Even though his space power was eccentric and powerful, they still weren't afraid of him. They thought that they just needed to wear out Shi Yan's strength and energy. Then, they would defeat him easily.

Shi Yan's face was cold. He didn't say anything, squinting while urging his God Domain of space power. Its coverage extended gradually.

"Staying here and fighting them is not a smart move. The Bloody Chief Skull's warriors are all tough. And there are more than two of them," Feng Rao let out a low shout. "Find a chance to escape and leave! If we linger, something will happen!"

If the two of them joined hands and put all their efforts to stay alive and flee, they had a chance to survive. However, if more warriors came, leaving would become an impossible task.

While one of the two pirates spoke to Shi Yan, the other seemed to be finding Russell to report the news to him.

The boss of the Bloody Chief Skull was still fiercely fighting Fan Ye. Receiving the news, he was bewildered for a while. After giving some thought, he shouted ear-piercingly, "Get Feng Rao for me! I want her alive!"

As his voice echoed the command, more and more pirates dashed towards Shi Yan with wild and crazy looks on their faces.

Feng Rao discolored in fright. She was petrified and felt helpless.

Even if she still had the power of the Peak of King God Realm, she would have no way to leave. And she definitely wouldn't be able to leave when Russell entangled her.

Feng Rao's heart sank bitterly and begrudgingly.

Jie Ji fainted. He had no energy left in his body due to the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower on his chest which was blooming in a bizarrely but beautiful way.

Bao Ao healed a little bit thanks to Shi Yan's energy. He looked at Shi Yan with astonishment. His eyes brightened as if he had never thought that Shi Yan could have such mighty power.

"It's not good to fight at this moment. We should go." Shi Yan pondered for three seconds and then decided soundly. "Take them to the Empty Fantasy Crystal."

Feng Rao was baffled for a second. She reacted immediately, bringing Bo Ruo, Bao Ao, and Jie Ji to the silver fragment.

Since they didn't cultivate space power, even if they landed on Empty Fantasy Crystal, they wouldn't be able to stimulate its power to create a space change.

"That kid cultivates Space power Upanishad. The Empty Fantasy Crystal's there!" The Third Sky of King God Realm warrior who had just talked to Shi Yan reacted. He screamed in fear. Warriors who were approaching seemed to know something. They halted with frightened looks on their faces.

At this moment, Shi Yan suddenly walked to the place above the Empty Fantasy Crystal. Both of his hands then pressed down forcefully.

Waves of intimidating space movement gushed out from Shi Yan's hands, which then manipulated the strange magnetic field of the Empty Fantasy Crystal and the surrounding space.

Each of his space blades increased several times in size for the second time. They covered the sky, flying aimlessly. The massive fragments of the battleship floating around were slashed into smaller pieces. Pirates retreated in a panic with the space blades crossing over.

Space dented strangely, making a five-colored cave entrance. Shi Yan's group and the Empty Fantasy Crystal sank little by little into that glorious entrance, gradually disappearing.

After the space blades wrecked havoc around, they shrunk and disappeared into that dazzling five-colored entrance.

The Bloody Chief Skull pirates came near and observed. They found nothing strange in that area. Shi Yan's group and the Empty Fantasy Crystal had vanished into thin air, leaving nothing behind.

"F*ck! That kid used the Empty Fantasy Crystal to stimulate the space teleport!" One of them shouted irritatedly, his face helpless.

"In the past hundreds of years in the Raging Flame Star Area, we haven't had a warrior who managed to learn space power. Who is that man?"

"Who knows? I heard that one of the Imperial Masters of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation understood Space power Upanishad profoundly. So many years had passed by. Who knows if he had left any inheritance," another warrior said.

"Feng Rao disappeared for two hundred years. Why did she suddenly appear here? Everybody thought that she was dead."

"She used to be a thorny rose of the Land of God Punishment. It was so unexpected for her to appear so randomly. I don't know why Feng Ke had hidden her away."

"Only the Devil knows."

A group of pirates swayed around the place where Shi Yan's team disappeared, discussing for a while. Seeing no wave of space energy emerging, they stooped their heads and scattered, venting their anger on the warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. A new round of the bloody battle commenced.