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802 Babble On The Meteorolite

On the isolated meteorite where rocks were piling up, Shi Yan sat cross-legged on the hard and cold ground. He closed his eyes to adjust his power. He had only a dark blue cloak on his naked body.

Not far from him, on a round, icy rock lay Feng Rao under the same colored cloak. Her snow-white arms extended out under the garment. Apparently, she had fainted and now was sleeping.

An ice rock froze her and the round rock she was laying on. This ice was five meters thick. A faint white cold mist arose. Extreme cold air permeated everywhere.

This was the Ice Cold Flame's work.

Since Feng Rao had the Third Sky of King God Realm cultivation base, even if Shi Yan had hurt her badly, she still had the power to resist. He begrudgingly had to use the cold energy of the Ice Cold Flame to seal her. Otherwise, when she woke up, she would wreak havoc everywhere. When that happened, it would be too much trouble to deal with her.

The thick, transparent ice was confining her jade-while ample body. It looked like the ice was a perfectly cut white crystal and she was the fossil trapped in this crystal, which gave her a strange and unique aesthetic.

Shi Yan closed his eyes while circulating energy to adjust his body's conditions. The soul altar slowly spun.

After an unknown period, flows of mysterious energy were pumped all over his body, turning into the Essence Qi in his bones and flesh and healing his entire body.

After breaking through to the King God Realm and condensing the God Body, Shi Yan knew that there was no limit to the God Body. If he was persistent, he could continue making his God Body stronger and tougher.

Under the nurture of that mysterious energy, a faint blood-like halo was covering his God Body. It was somehow similar to the light the Blood Vein Ring used to release. From a distance, he looked inexplicably mysterious.

His vessels and bones became sponges that absorbed a large part of the mysterious energy, which made his God Body more frighteningly tenacious.

At the same time, the spinning soul altar seemed to have some subtle changes. The mysterious energy oozing out from the black hole diverged into different flows flowing into different sections of his soul altar.

His Sea of Consciousness became larger under the support of that energy. Each flow of his Soul Consciousness now was as hard as steel and as flexible as cotton. After quenching countless times, they could now be released or retrieved at will.

While the soul altar was revolving, the Seals of Upanishad on the top tier became crystal clear. Shi Yan's perception of the three powers Upanishad had made him advance one level further.

In his heaven flame altar, the heaven flames were dancing strangely as they were trying their best to draw the flooding energy and merge with it. This would make their intelligence better and their life forms would be sublimated.

The great benefit that energy brought to the soul altar had surprised Shi Yan much. All the heaven flames sent messages to him, telling him they all got great benefits from that energy.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame went dormant. They were about to ascend to another level.

This event had startled Shi Yan. He now had a crazy satisfaction having that black hole, which could swallow the soul altar.

A power Upanishad that could swallow the soul altar – let alone Feng Rao, even Shi Yan had never heard about it before. But now it happened to his body. How could he not be happy?

After his three heaven flames got great benefits, they were about to break through to another level. This means the energy came out from that black hole could create miracles. Shi Yan could not be more joyful.

He adjusted his conditions and aura quietly. After an unknown period, he opened his eyes, bright as stars.

He had wasted a lot of mental power and energy in this battle. Ultimately, he wasn't disappointed. Indeed, he received a huge harvest.

Not only had he restored the consumed energy, he also made another step advancing. The Essence Tree ancient tree was filled with transparent energy. His soul altar was cleaned. His God Soul became crystal clear. Vaguely, Shi Yan could feel that he was just one step away from the Second Sky of King God Realm.

It seemed that if he could have a new level of perception of powers Upanishad, he could break through easily to the Second Sky of King God Realm.

His cultivating speed was something countless experts in the Raging Flame Star Area didn't even think about dreaming of.

If Leona, Zi Yao, Carthew, and the others knew that he had entered the Second Sky of King God Realm from his First Sky of King God Realm, he wondered how scared they would be.

Looking at the Purgatory Star in a far distance, Shi Yan's eyes got colder, couldn't help but sneer.

He still remembered his boastful talk of taking the head on Ao Gu Duo's neck and killing Ao Gera. He must make this pair of uncle and nephew pay a big, pathetic price.

Ao Gu Duo and Ao Gera had used him as the sacrificial pawn to harm Leona, which had almost assigned him to eternal damnation.

On the Purgatory Star, Ao Gu Duo wanted to kill him without listening to his explanation. Without Leona, he would have had no chance to enter the Extreme Purgatory Field.

He would not forget his resent towards Ao Gu Duo easily.

A hundred years was nothing significant to the other warriors as they couldn't even break through a major realm. However, it would be plenty time for Shi Yan to use one hundred years. Perhaps he could continue breaking the barriers to reach the Original God Realm.

With his potential and deeds, if he could enter the Original God Realm, killing Ao Gu Duo wasn't just a joke. It was a possibility though.

Getting up, he walked to Feng Rao. Shi Yan frowned, assessing the woman as he was considering something with cold eyes.

After a while, he snorted, placing his left hand on the crystal ice. The flaming energy of the sun was urged.

Scarlet halos rippled from his palm, covering the thick ice.

Under his scrutinizing look, the icy cold energy that created the thick ice rock melted. Water dropped into a stream, flowing from the rock under Feng Rao's body.

As the ice covered her wonderfully beautiful body, her thin eyebrows slammed together.

Shi Yan cracked a smile as his eyes wandered on her interesting curves. He wore a strange smile on his face.

A warm current flowed out of his palm, disappearing into Feng Rao's lower abdomen.

It was the life energy of the Death and Life power Upanishad which contained the robust vitality. It could magically foster lives.

As that warm current entered Feng Rao's lower abdomen, Feng Rao exhaled in relief. Her knitted eyebrows relaxed, signaling how she felt comfortable. She couldn't help but circulate that warm current moving one round in her meridians.

Gradually, Feng Rao felt like she was soaking in a warm lake. The fatigue she had washed away. Her spirit became sound.

Shortly after, she batted her long eyelashes and opened her eyes.

Shi Yan's persistent and harsh face appeared clearly in her eyes at the very first moment.

The humiliating memories flooded her instantly. Feng Rao woke up immediately from her hazy condition. A cold, murderous intention flashed across her exquisite face. Her ashen lips parted to shout. "Die!"


The word "Die" had stirred up the remnant of her energy. Just like a landslide, she aimed at the man within her reach.


Shi Yan didn't even bat an eye. He shouted inwardly and his space power immediately confined the section in front of him.

The sound of the word "Die" dashed forward stimulating the area in front of Shi Yan. Waves of soul power appeared as if something sharp was trying to pierce through them.

However, this strange sound couldn't do anything and the energy it carried vanished.

Squinted, Shi Yan rose his hand to grab Feng Rao's smooth neck. He cocked his head and looked at her, sneering. "Still want to kill me? Seems you haven't recognized your situation well enough?"

Feng Rao's eyes were sinister as she gazed at him as though she wanted to wolf him alive.

"Haha, even if we participate in intercourse, you women are all the same; you hate and stay unreasonable. I like it." Shi Yan burst out laughing but his eyes were cold and heartless. His big hand clutching Feng Rao's neck loosened a bit.

"Shameless!" Feng Rao wiggled and shouted ear-piercingly. While she was struggling, her snow-white arms had unintentional dragged her cloak slip away. Her beautiful body was exposed instantly. The azure tattoos were moving on her white body, which dazed people. 

Shi Yan snorted and his mocking eyes lingered on her two ample heights. He appraised, "You do have good assets. This body, this bosom, haha, really really big."

Feng Rao felt humiliated, clenching her teeth. There was also blood on her lips. She stared at him with extreme hatred that she couldn't eat him alive.

"I didn't tease you initially. You guys ambushed me first. You wanted to kill me. I just defended myself." Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. He suddenly retracted his arm and stopped troubling her. He conveniently took the cloak to cover her naked body. "Don't enrage me. With your condition, you can kill me only in your dream. You don't have even 20% of your power now. You're no match for me. If you take risks, you will face death."

Feng Rao gazed at his back. She pondered for seconds then took out a new leather robe from her Fantasy Sky Ring. She put on her cloth then took some medicines. During the whole process, she didn't whine or groan once.

Shi Yan suddenly turned his head, his face indifferent. He gazed at her for a while and said calmly, "With your current conditions, if you want to fully restore your power, it will take at least two weeks or maybe ten days. But you're wounded severely; the recovery time will be slower. Yeah, in other words, at least you won't be my opponent within this one month. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this. Even if you return to your best conditions, you can't kill me. At most, you can leave intact."

"What gives you such confidence?" Feng Rao contemplated for a while then stooped, concealing her countenance. "Did you think that you had the power of the Peak of King God Realm warriors when you killed Ganji and Pang Jia stealthily? If Pang Jia and Ganji hadn't consumed a lot of energy and wounded each other, you wouldn't have had a chance."

"Of course, it's not that easy," Shi Yan didn't bother with that and just smiled. "I planned to ambush you guys because you were three and I was one. If it were just one of you, it wouldn't be that difficult."

Feng Rao lifted her head up, her beautiful eyes extremely cold and sinister. "Do you really think that your power is enough to resist a Third Sky of King God Realm warrior?"

"I do," Shi Yan nodded seriously. Then, he said, "Unfortunately, I won't give you a chance to taste it. Don't even think about provoking me."

"What do you want?" Feng Rao gritted her teeth, cursing him shameless bastard. "You know nothing about the star map. Why did you poke your nose into this? Which force do you belong to? Did Du Tian Ji assign you?"

Shi Yan was surprised. "Du Tian Ji assigned me my ass! Jiang Ge had trapped me. He made me involved in this mess. If the three of you hadn't set me up, I wouldn't have had to risk my life. And now you hate me for that? Ridiculous!"

Pausing for a while, Shi Yan suddenly beamed a smile. "Anyway, although it was wrong, it's all good now. I got in there and the star map is in my hands now. Of course, I haven't forgotten my plan. Yeah, tell me the secret of the star map. If you are going to be honest, we can exchange it for your life."