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796 Hiding Incompetence By Keeping Quie

The five pieces of turtle shell used to be split up, but now they were reunited, becoming one intact piece under some force.

By the time the five pieces of turtle shell combined, a magical energy fluctuation bloomed fiercely from that shell.

Feng Rao discolored as if she could feel something terrible. She didn't say anything but flew away in just a blink.

Her figure swayed and she had gone very far away from that turtle shell.

Right at that moment, tens of thousands of seven-colored lights shot out from the shell, each of which was sharp enough to pierce through anything.

The rays of light were denser near the turtle shell. They shot out everywhere and became more scattering.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Tens of thousands of rays shot out altogether.

Han Di wasn't so cautious. More than ten beams of light pierced him. His God Body revealed some spatial holes. Shortly after, Han Di's God Body was finished. Even his soul altar was pierced and exploded shortly.

Ganji and Pang Jia could notice the danger. They flew away after Feng Rao.

However, they couldn't dodge all the rays. Some lights had managed to prick their arms and waist that looked like the wounds caused by invisible swords.

They were lucky that those lights didn't hit their weak points. Unlike poor Han Di, they were still alive. They hastened to use pellets to stop the wounds from bleeding and grow flesh to seal the holes. Their intestines stayed in their tummy.

The unharmed were Feng Rao, who fled first, and Shi Yan, who was standing the furthest from the source of attacks.

Shi Yan was frightened since there was a scattering beam shot right next to him. Too close! If he hadn't listened to Feng Rao and went inside, he would have possibly gotten hit. The closer it was to the turtle shell, the thicker the beams of light were. They condensed and then expanded. The gaps between the beams enlarged when they shot out.

Shi Yan and Feng Rao had swayed between those gaps to dodge the fatal attacks.

Tens of thousands of light beams bombarded thickly from the turtle shell before ceasing. In just a blink, condensed light covered the turtle shell while it was spinning in the area of the clear energy formation.

Ganji and Pang Jia simply cured their wounds and gazed at Feng Rao with rage and hatred. "Bitch! Well-done!"

These two had moved to stay in the gaps between the light beams. They didn't get hurt but they were pale. Apparently, they got hurt severely.

"You and I are the same. If you haven't hastened to attack me, we wouldn't have caused the reunion of the five pieces of the turtle shell. Everything wouldn't have turned this way. I can only say that you deserve it!" Feng Rao beamed a faint smile, not showing that she was weaker.

"Well, if we haven't hindered you, would you have taken all the good things? Wouldn't that be ideal for you, eh? If you were a nice person, why wouldn't you spare some good things for us?" Ganji was outraged. His eyes were cold and sinister as he was angry.

Pang Jia sneered looking at Feng Rao before glaring at Shi Yan. "Bitch, you're good at calculating. You decided to cooperate with that kid and made him hold back Han Di, which made his God Domain ineffective. You're so cunning and malignant."

"Well, the three of you have soon planned to fake your first fight and wait until I got into your trap. You wanted to kill me, the strongest first. Did you think that I wouldn't know your scheme?" Feng Rao arched her brows and snorted. "You can plan to attack me but I'm not allowed to counterattack?"

Shi Yan was surprised listening to their conversation. He felt grim. None of them were nice. All had bad intentions.

Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di all knew that Feng Rao was the toughest to deal with. They had a perfect plan that they would pretend to fight against each other to entice Feng Rao. The three of them would join hands and kill Feng Rao first. Then, they would check out the treasures of this place.

Anyway, Feng Rao had predicted their scheme. She wasn't fooled so she decided to join hands with Shi Yan to hold back Han Di, preventing him from utilizing his energy to the utmost. She was afraid of Han Di's power the most.

Thus, the cunning plan of Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di was ineffective. Feng Rao, in an opposite situation, had gained the upper hand and suppressed Ganji and Pang Jia. She almost got the piece of turtle shell first.

Unfortunately, man proposes but God disposes. Even Feng Rao had a wrong calculation. The five pieces had reunited fast, leaving her no time to dodge the danger. Her plan failed.

They're all old cunning foxes, indeed.

Shi Yan became more cautious. While they were talking, he silently swayed between the gaps of the light beams to the position nearest to Han Di's shattered body to absorb his thick Essence Qi. No one noticed this move of his.

Han Di was at the Third Sky of King God Realm. Even though he was dead, the energy he had accumulated for so many years wouldn't vanish so quickly. When Shi Yan came, the unowned Essence Qi beams seemed to find a new host. They discreetly congregated in his body.

The whole life Essence Qi of a King God Realm warrior was massive. Shi Yan hated that Feng Rao, Ganji, and Pang Jia couldn't quarrel longer so that he would have time to harvest this marvelous energy.

"The five pieces of turtle shell have united. You know what to do now?" Ganji gritted his teeth, looking at Feng Rao indignantly. "It was a good business but you guys have messed everything up. And now no one will get anything from this."

"You blame me?" Feng Rao made a cold expression. "Why do you blame me? Didn't you want to kill me and steal the treasures? All of you are no good. No one has the right to blame the other!"

After that, Ganji and Pang Jia quieted down.

"I have no idea what to do since the five pieces have united. Alright, if you have any good solutions to get through those fatal beams to be close to the turtle shell, you can try. You can be sure that I won't attack you at this moment." Feng Rao pondered for a while. She was a little bit upset, though. She looked at the turtle shell while she wiped a flock of her long hair.

Shi Yan was standing fifty meters away from Han Di's body, frowning and looking at that area.

The five pieces of turtle shell were adjoined perfectly with each other. Halos supported the shell, lifted it up and spun it. Immense magical energy shot out unceasingly from it. No one wished to come close and touch it.

Ganji and Pang Jia looked at the turtle shell greedily. Their eyes couldn't conceal their dark desire. However, although Feng Rao had said that, they didn't have any solution besides to stare and think.

Feng Rao didn't answer. She hesitated for a while before moving towards Shi Yan.

Feeling Feng Rao coming close to him, Shi Yan slightly knitted his brows. He accumulated his energy and put up his guard cautiously.

"Give it back to me. Han Di's dead. You don't need it anymore." As she could feel Shi Yan's vigilance, Feng Rao stopped walking, looking at him from a far distance. She beamed a faint smile and extended her jade-like arm. The exquisite azure tattoos seemed to be moving on her arm.

Ganji and Pang Jia suddenly looked at Shi Yan.

Being astounded for a while, Ganji laughed evilly. "Shi Yan, the Thunderbolt Ball is a rank 2 Divine Grade treasure. The lightning and thunder power of this ball is very dense and dangerous. It feels very good to use it and is very effective. You're experienced, I suppose? Do you really want to give it back to her?"

"If I were you when I receive something, I would never return it, honestly." Pang Jia also laughed bizarrely. "It's a rank 2 Divine Grade treasure. Very useful to enhance your power. You have the lowest realm among us. With that treasure, you will have more support. If you give it back to her, will you be any different from a fool? She used you. She should pay you, right?"

Ganji and Pang Jia took turns to give advice to Shi Yan as they wanted to separate him and the woman.

Feng Rao didn't say anything. She just beamed a faint smile and looked at him as if she was waiting for his decision.

Shi Yan also smiled, enjoying the Thunderbolt Ball in his hand. His smile became brighter. He had done something with that Thunderbolt Ball. He looked at Feng Rao and said nothing.

"You like it?" Feng Rao parted her lips and smiled. Her eyebrows like the new moon arched slightly. "If you like it, I can give it to you. However, I need it to do something. After that, I will give it to you. Okay?"

"A gentleman won't take what the other likes. Keep your Thunderbolt Ball." Shi Yan chuckled and flicked his fingers. The Thunderbolt Ball flew out, turning into a blue lightning strike that fell into Feng Rao's hand.



Ganji and Pang Jia snorted, their faces malevolent.

"He's smart," Feng Rao retrieved her Thunderbolt Ball. A bright smile appeared on her face. She glared at Ganji and Pang Jia then said, "You are the stupid ones. You think your plan is good. Look what you've done now."

Ganji and Pang Jia grimaced even more.

Shi Yan looked at Feng Rao seriously. When he saw that the woman didn't check the ball and instead put it into her Fantasy Sky Ring right away, he beamed a sinister smile.

Shi Yan understood well that Feng Rao, Ganji, and Pang Jia were the same. She didn't care about him either.

Otherwise, Feng Rao wouldn't have given him the Thunderbolt Ball to aid him in dealing with Han Di. She thought that Shi Yan's real abilities couldn't harm Han Di without the ball.

And it was also the reason why Feng Rao had never thought that he could do something to her Thunderbolt Ball, which made her not check it.

It was an instinctive disdain.

A warrior at the Third Sky of King God Realm would naturally not put a warrior two skies lower than him in his eyes. It wasn't that they weren't careful; they just didn't know how morbidly formidable Shi Yan was.

The other three considered each other the strongest enemies. And Shi Yan, in their eyes, was just a foolish kid who knew nothing and couldn't influence this battle.

To their disdain, Shi Yan wasn't angry. Quite the contrary, he felt happy. If someone doesn't know your real strength, he will ignore you, which troubles him much later in the battle with you.

Shi Yan accumulated his energy quietly, his visage relaxed. He calmly prepared everything carefully. He wanted to see what these three could do after all.