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795 Small Character, Big Effect!

Shi Yan extended his hands, touching the barrier which had a wooden texture. Those magical wood textures connected each other. They were green-brown that looked more like a thick forest. An aura of floras diffused from this barrier.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan felt like he was walking deep into a luxurious forest. He could even smell the fresh smell of green trees and grass. He could feel the breath of Nature.

Countless wooden pieces fused with each other, creating a sea of lush plants. The Essence Qi of Wood permeated everywhere thickly and vigorously.

At the same time, the other four placed their hands on the barrier.

From Feng Rao's direction, gold light emitted while red flame, white steam, and yellow Earth Qi gushed out from Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di's areas respectively.

Five Elements forces!

At first glance, Shi Yan understood that this ultimate layer hid the mysteries of Five Elements. They seemed to connect with each other, too.

The barriers of Five Elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth – could always fuse with each other magically. These last barriers interlinked between the palaces. They kept the subtle powers of balanced Five Elements. Once they broke this balance, something beyond their imagination would happen.

Shi Yan observed the wood texture for a while, but he didn't hasten. He closed his eyes and quieted his mind to feel the magical vitality of the wood texture.

Shortly, a thought arose in his head. His mind flickered.

The Dead Upanishad was activated. The Soul Burial Ground diffused, expanding next to him. It engulfed the luxurious forest created by those wood pieces.

Wood energy emitted from those magical wood textures. Under the effects of the Soul Burial Ground, this Wood energy was absorbed gradually. The vigorous vitality was collected and gathered by Shi Yan.

His God Body suddenly received the lively power which boosted his power. The subtle power of Five Elements turned into beams of pure energy entering his flesh and bones.

This last barrier of Wood power was dissolved easily under his special power Upanishad. At this speed, this last barrier would soon vanish.

However, Feng Rao's group of four found themselves struggling. While they were breaking the barriers, their faces were grim. Sweat beaded their foreheads. They were focusing wholeheartedly not daring to be distracted.

The power in their God Bodies was draining fast. Shi Yan could solve his barrier easily, but it was troublesome for them.

They were urging their energy madly. Light sparkled from time to time from their bodies as they poured energy into the barriers. They closed their eyes to sense the leaks of the barriers which they would fill with their energy.

Those people didn't cultivate any power of the Five Elements. Shi Yan couldn't guess it before they had released their God Domain. However, he understood that their powers were all mighty and ruthless. As long as they were persistent, when they wore out the energy of the barrier, they would finish it.

While he was observing Feng Rao's group, his marvelous Soul Burial Ground had absorbed almost all the Wood energy of the last barrier.

Seeing the last layer was about to be broken, Shi Yan suddenly stopped his activity. His God Domain disappeared. He relaxed and watched the other four. Shi Yan didn't hasten to tear the last layer of barriers.

He didn't know what was in the five places or the dangers hiding in there.

Thus, he didn't want to be the first one jump in there. As Feng Rao had reminded him, he stayed outside to see what would happen before he could decide his next moves.

Shortly, Feng Rao's group had worn out the energy of the final barriers and broken them.

Crack Crack!

Clear echoes arose from the other four's areas. Light dots of four colors scattered.

Four shadows dashed like meteors under beams of red light. They stormed towards the five palaces.

Ganji was the fastest. He just swayed and appeared in a palace. Pang Jia and Han Di followed him closely. Feng Rao, the one people feared a lot came last. While the other three dashed into the palace, Feng Rao paused, glaring at Shi Yan. Abruptly, an azure ball covered in lightning was shot toward Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He immediately tore off the last barrier. He urged Essence Qi on his palm and condensed them into fine beams like snakes. He caught the azure ball.

This ball was small enough for him to hold it with one hand. However, it was much heavier than it looked. The ball was covered with some strange spikes. At first glance, it looked like a hedgehog curling its body with immense lightning on its spikes.

After he had caught the ball, lightning power like ropes condensed and wound around his arm.

Azure lightning strikes and his Essence Qi fused. As Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness flickered like Feng Rao had told him, he used a strange technique to connect with an area inside that ball.

Shortly, he had formed a connection with that small ball. Now he could control the ball. Just like driving the amethyst war chariot, he could manipulate the ball easily.

Lightning strikes mixed with his Essence Qi which helped him control the lightning power.

Feng Rao threw him this toy to deal with Han Di. According to Feng Rao, Shi Yan could use the lightning power in this Thunderbolt Ball to subdue Han Di. It could even disrupt Han Di's God Domain.

Holding the Thunderbolt Ball in his hand, Shi Yan didn't hasten to leave or bother fighting Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di, which was taking place in the palace, just looking at Feng Rao from a distance.

Feng Rao nodded to him. She said nothing afterward. Her figure faded immediately. In the next moment, she appeared near Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di. As soon as she appeared, she instantly attacked Ganji.

The God Domain of these four emerged in one palace. At this moment, Shi Yan finally knew which powers Upanishad each of them cultivated.

Ganji's power was Gravity. In his affected area, blocks of stone that built up the palace were shaken as if they were about to collapse.

In his Divine Gravitational Field, the gravity was increased several hundred times. Besides him, no one could be free of this special effect.

Pang Jia's power Upanishad could make his body stretch or contract at will. When he performed his God Domain, his fingers could extend or shorten easily like a monster. His bones would be like the spiral spring that could be lengthened ten times.

This was one of the rarest power Upanishad that Shi Yan had ever seen.

Han Di's power Upanishad was Soul Dragging. Inside his God Domain, shadows of ghosts and demons moved back and forth. He could control them all. Anyone entered Han Di's God Domain would have his soul bound and be unable to control his body.

Now Shi Yan knew why Feng Rao had given him the Thunderbolt Ball. Han Di's power could control ghosts and souls, which got scared witless from thunder and lightning. Thus, thunderbolts were the nemesis of his domain.

The God Domains of Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di were somehow odd. However, the oddest was Feng Rao's domain.

Feng Rao's power Upanishad was sound!

When her God Domain was created, countless sadly grating and shrill voices reverberated. She shouted and her Essence Qi was poured into her God Domain, creating more sharp noises that sounded like brutal blades.

When Pang Jia or Han Di shot their energies into her strange domain, under her techniques and spells, their powers would be locked or burst off. They couldn't damage her.

Shi Yan didn't know the real origin of those four, but he was sure they have peculiar God Domains. They were attacking each other in the palace as if they had seen a marvelous treasure in there. No one noticed Shi Yan.

Perhaps in their minds, Shi Yan was just a small character with only the First Sky of King God Realm cultivation base. He wouldn't be able to affect and change the situation of their battle. They decided to ignore him.

Feng Rao had used a strange sound technique to subdue the other three.

She shrilled. The ear-piercing voice and her energy became invisible spears crossing the space, aiming at Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di.

Only Han Di's peculiar power Upanishad could trouble her. Since Han Di could use the magical power of Soul Upanishad, he could make countless ghosts and evils came forth to create shields from the sharp sound spears. He didn't struggle much.

Sound has no weight. That's why Ganji's gravity power couldn't affect it. Those sound spears then wrecked havoc in his God Domain. Ganji felt that his hands were tied he couldn't do anything.

Pang Jia didn't have any solution. Even if he could make his hands longer, when the sound attacked him, he had to shrink his limbs instantly, resizing his God Body ten times smaller.

"Shi Yan!"

All of a sudden, Feng Rao shouted while fighting one-on-three.

Shi Yan got out of the barrier and walked to the palace. Hearing her call, he hesitated for a while before flinging the Thunderbolt Ball.

Hundreds of azure lightning strikes moved like the electric eels toward Han Di's God Domain.

His GOd Domain felt each of blue lightning strike, and it burned many ghosts in there. Immense azure mist fumed.

Han Di's God Domain was shattered under the coverage of the blue lightning. It couldn't perform at its best.

"Kid, you wish for death!" Han Di was enraged. As he hadn't prepared to counterattack, his God Domain was disrupted. Feng Rao's maledictions had shot him badly. His God Body now had many bleeding holes. He was outraged, looking at Shi Yan with a flame of anger in his eyes.

His God Domain was damaged, making Feng Rao's power fiercer. Ganji and Pang Jia were completely subdued. They had no solution to wiggle.

Feng Rao was excited. While dealing with the other two, she distracted them for a while and went quickly towards an area inside the palace. A rainbow-like bunch of light like a ribbon shot out from her soft palm that flew directly to that area.

A fragment that looked like a turtle shell was shielded by a magical formation placed in that area. Feng Rao's rainbow was shot there, smashing the formation. The fragment that looked like a turtle shell was about to fall into her hand.

Shortly, a tremor was sent from the five palaces. From the other formations in the other four palaces, pieces of turtle shell flew out and gathered as if they were about to join and create something complete and extraordinary.