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794 A Dark Enchainmen

These four seemed to be different from Jiang Ge. Although Jiang Ge was curious to know the secrets of the palace, he was too far from the level of the other four. He wouldn't let those secrets keep him here like the others who would never leave until they reached the palaces.

"Good, very good. With this kid, our progress will be much faster," the skinny man bared his teeth, smiling disgustingly.

"Then it's alright. Our purpose is to understand the secrets of those palaces. I heard they were built by the five former Imperial Masters of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. They hide an earth-shaking secret. I haven't gotten out of this place because of it." Feng Rao glared at the other three. "You guys are curious, too, perhaps?"

The three old men nodded simultaneously.

"Kid, what's your name?" asked Feng Rao.

"Shi Yan."

"Okay, Shi Yan, since Jiang Ge transferred his responsibility to you, you shall replace him then. Not bad. Just do what you were doing. Break the rest of the barriers." Feng Rao assigned him this task naturally as if it was obvious.

Shi Yan frowned, contemplated for a while and then laughed. He stopped moving inside the barrier.

The three old men darkened their faces.

"Why did you laugh?" Feng Rao's arched eyebrows rose. Her slender face outlined her bright eyes, which were sparkling with deep and strange light. "Aren't you interested in it?"

"Of course, I am," Shi Yan shook his head many times faintly. "But I don't want to be dim-sighted. I want to know why you guys want to get in there. You guys aren't like Jiang Ge. Jiang Ge didn't know what was in the palaces. I think you guys know something. Yeah, maybe... you weren't forced to be jailed in the Extreme Purgatory Field... Right?"

The other four frowned.

"I think you came to the Extreme Purgatory Field on your own, with the goal to seek these forbidden areas. Am I right?" Shi Yan smiled coldly.

The other four quieted down.

Feng Rao pondered for a while then probed. "Do you know something, too?"

Shi Yan could feel something here but he was still calm. "Yeah, I'm like you guys. I came here for this special place. I let Jiang Ge trap me here. It was exactly what I wanted. What you know, I also know. Haha. I just want to confirm."

"Do you have the jade token?" It wasn't easy to deceive Feng Rao. She snorted, "Each of the five of us has a jade token? Jiang Ge kept one. If you don't have the jade token, how did you know it?"

"I don't have the jade token," Shi Yan shook his head. "But the one Jiang Ge had comes from my family. My family had kept it for a long time. After my family has declined, the jade token had been passed through many people before Jiang Ge got it. Jiang Ge has the jade token but he didn't know the real secret of it. I'm here with the same goal as you guys."

Shi Yan had racked his brain to fabricate those lies. He thought it could work.

Indeed, Feng Rao's group changed their facial expressions listening to him. They seemed to buy it.

"No wonder why Jiang Ge wasn't so patient. He doesn't know much." The bony old man had his eyes flared as he nodded discreetly. "If we have the same goal, we don't have much time to talk. The secret of those palaces can change the structure of the Raging Flame Star Area. People, do your best."

Feng Rao also nodded. "Kid, our priority is to remove the barriers. Your fast speed helps loosen the barrier in our place too. If we continue this way, we can get in there soon. Wait until we break the barriers outside the palace. Then, we will talk."

The other three nodded.

Shi Yan pondered for a while. He didn't continue to quarrel with them. He got the conclusion he wanted.

Feng Rao's team came to the Extreme Purgatory Field because of the forbidden lands. There was no doubt about it.

Their imprisonment in the Purgatory Star was just their trick. Those four people were at the Third Sky of King God Realm. They were all cruel and malignant. With their abilities, it wasn't too difficult to kill a participant to take the ticket outside. They lingered here for something.

A secret that could restructure the Raging Flame Star Area. Shi Yan was interested in it all of a sudden.

He focused on breaking the left seven layers.

After breaking one layer, he would take a rest and talk with the other four. Through some conversations, he knew that Feng Rao came from the Land of God Punishment, the most chaotic place of the entire Raging Flame Star Area. Her status wasn't ordinary.

The skeleton-like old man was called Ganji was a warrior of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce. The other two were named Pang Jia and Han Di. They were from the Underworld League. None of them came from the Dark Firmament Divine Nation which surprised him.

With the same goal, the atmosphere between them seemed to be harmonious without any dispute while the barriers were not yet lifted..

As Shi Yan had progressed fast, the breaking speed of the other four became faster accordingly. Soon, there was only one barrier in front of Shi Yan.

At this moment, Feng Rao said, "We can take a rest."

Shi Yan stayed in the water-like barrier and stopped his work. He floated in so many ripples, his face calm. Although he was surprised, he didn't outwardly express it.

"Wait until they reach the last layer, we will join hands and tear the barrier at the same time to enter the palace." Feng Rao looked at him. "Some of the layers in our places still remain. If you break it now, something will change accordingly in our places. At that time, perhaps we can't open the five palaces at the same time, and we won't receive anything from it."

Ganji, Pang Jia, and Hand Di nodded.

Shi Yan didn't know what Feng Rao said was true or not. However, he wouldn't take risks as he didn't know what hid in those palaces. If he broke into there alone, he could possibly encounter something dangerous.

Thus, Shi Yan stopped his work, bobbing in the water-like layer. He closed his eyes to comprehend what he had collected during this time of breaking barriers. Shi Yan was studying the subtle mysteries of magical formations that made these barriers.

Every magical formation contained different truths of Nature. The way to decipher the formation was to follow the trace of its energy using his knowledge of formation and barriers and the Soul Consciousness to solve it.

During this process, Shi Yan gained a deeper perception of other powers in the world. Although he didn't aim to dig his three powers Upanishad further, he still got something naturally.

Shi Yan stayed quiet and took out the divine crystals to restore his energy. He calmed down his mind to learn the specialties of his powers and didn't bother with the other three, who were still struggling breaking their barriers.

Time flew fast. A long time had passed.

Today, Feng Rao was the first one who had reached the final layer. She exhaled and glared at Shi Yan, who was meditating. She didn't say anything but took out the divine crystals to restore her power.

A long time afterward.

The other three also reached the final layer. Their faces brightened up as they were very excited.

Just like Shi Yan and Feng Rao, the other three didn't hasten to break the final layer. They quietly used the divine crystals to recover their powers to the peak.

Shi Yan had restored his powers. He observed them discreetly. His face gradually darkened.

He saw their cautiousness. It was obvious that they were so excited, but they all controlled and recovered their powers to the peak. Their intentions were clear to Shi Yan.

They all knew they had to use all of the forces in the next moment. Perhaps, after they had broken the final layer, the harmonious relationship between them would be demolished forever without any chance to cooperate again.

He understood that once all the barriers were broken, entering the palaces would trigger the big fight against these people. Since he had only the First Sky of King God Realm cultivation base, among the five of them, he was the weakest.

Shi Yan knitted his brows tightly.

"Although Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di are all at the Third Sky of King God Realm, Han Di's the weakest. His time in the King God Realm wasn't for too long..."

Suddenly, a wisp of Soul Consciousness that was hard to detect sneaked through the broken layers to Shi Yan from Feng Rao's. The eccentric Ghost Mark Clan woman stooped and opened her eyes to look at him.

At this moment, Ganji, Pang Jia, and Han Di were still restoring their power. They seemed not to recognize Feng Rao's move.

"You shouldn't reply with Soul Consciousness. Your realm's low. If you release your soul energy, they can sense you immediately." Feng Rao's thought continued to reach him. "You just need to listen to me."

"At the moment the barriers shatter altogether when we enter the palace, we will have an unavoidable battle. Since your realm's the lowest, I don't know how you got in there, but when we engage in a battle, you will inevitably die first."

"I have a suggestion. Once we get in there, the other three will launch attacks immediately. We will join hands. You'll help me to hold Han Di back for a while. You don't need to join the battle. Just stay outside. You shouldn't hurry because of the things in the palace. Even though Han Di's the weakest among us, he is not someone you can deal with easily. When I say hold him back, deal with him with a tool which you can pour your energy into that I will give you. You don't need to bother with Ganji and Pang Jia. If I win something, I won't forget your part. If you agree, you should give me a slight nod."

Shi Yan squinted, observing her for a long time. Then he slightly nodded.

Feng Rao parted her lips, forming a smile. Her eyes glistened. Next, she told him how to use the tool.

Among these four people, Feng Rao seemed to have the most exquisite cultivation base. Her understanding of powers Upanishad was the most profound. That's why she didn't worry that the other three could hear her soul thoughts sending to Shi Yan.


Genji exhaled foul air. The divine crystal in his hand turned into dust and scattered. The old man now looked refreshed and sound. He glared at Feng Rao next to him. Suddenly, he stooped and smiled, his smile worth studying.

He looked at Feng Rao then sneaked at Shi Yan. A gleam of disdain flashed in his eyes. Apparently, he didn't consider Shi Yan his equal opponent.

Shortly, Pang Jia and Han Di woke up. When they looked at Feng Rao, they seemed to be afraid of her. However, when they shifted their looks to Shi Yan, their fear disappeared.

Obviously, just like Ganji, they deemed Shi Yan nothing of a threat.

"Let's go!" Feng Rao shouted.

Shi Yan stooped, placing his hands on the ultimate layer of the barrier. The other four also worked on their last barrier breaking.