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792 Calm Down And Break The Barriers

Ao Gera, Da Meng, Yalan, and Tie Mu gathered as Du Tian Le were calling for them.

Shi Yan hadn't come up yet.

Leona continued to grimace.

After a while, almost all the participants gathered but Shi Yan was still not present.

Ao Gu Duo suddenly smiled. "Leona, will you uphold our bet?"

Rochester, Carthew, and Da Lei also peeked at Leona with strange looks. Rochester and Da Lei seemed to take pleasure in her misfortune.

"Sigh. I thought that Shi Yan would win. I didn't expect that he would die in there. Big mistake. I wanted to wait until he got out of there and flatter the new star of the divine nation. This is so unfortunate." Rochester shook his head in disappointment and regret.

"If Shi Yan is dead, someone else should have the Purgatory Token." Leona snorted, glaring at Ao Gu Duo who was content with his triumph. "If he dies, I'll give you a life star, of course."

"Good!" Ao Gu Duo laughed.

While they were talking, Du Tian Ji in the faraway Dark Firmament pondered for a while and then said, "Let's go."

Zi Yao's face was gloomy. Grief sparkled in her beautiful eyes. She got up quietly.

Du Tian Ji touched the bright mirror in front of them. Divine light radiated gloriously. A slit appeared at the center of the mirror. The king and Zi Yao disappeared into the slit.

In the place where they could see the lake of the Extreme Purgatory Field, Du Tian Ji, and Zi Yao reappeared. After he identified which way to go, Du Tian Ji brought Zi Yao through several thousand miles and showed up at the place where the five feudal vassals gathering with just a single thought.

"Your Majesty!"

Including Du Tian Le, the five feudal vassals kneeled down on one knee, greeting him with respect.

The contestants, including Ao Gera, kneeled down on both knees, bending their heads over to show their humble admiration and respect to the king.

"Get up," Du Tian Ji nodded, his bearings calm and natural. "Who is the winner?"

"Lika," Du Tian Le pointed at the first female warrior under Leona's commands. "She killed the most."

Du Tian Ji smiled. "Our divine nation's luck."

A Fantasy Sky Ring (storage ring) flew out from his finger toward Lika. "Five Creator's Divine Pellets for you to use when you break through to the Original God Realm. It has the best efficacy that will give you endless torrential soul energy. A suit of level 4 Divine Grade armor. It can fuse perfectly with your God Body to increase your fighting abilities."

Lika was thrilled and she received the Fantasy Sky Ring. She kept saying thanks. "Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty. I will dedicate my life to the divine nation until I die."

"You don't need to give thanks. You've earned them." Du Tian Ji smiled. His line of sight shifted to Du Tian Le. "We'll seal the Extreme Purgatory Field shortly. The training in the Extreme Purgatory Field ends now."

"We are still missing one person," answered Du Tian Le.

"He's here," Du Tian Ji turned around, looking behind them. "Get out. You got the Purgatory Token so you are exempt from all charges. From now on, you can go anywhere you want in this vast space. You're free."

Leona and Ao Gu Duo all turned around to look.

Jiang Ge showed himself, his face calm. He kneeled down. "Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty."

"You killed Shi Yan?" Zi Yao shouted in a hoarse voice, her face ferocious. Cold light sparkled in her beautiful eyes, which could scare people.

Leona also snorted. Her dark green eyes were like those of a serpent. She also made people tremble.

Jiang Ge discolored. "Not me. I didn't kill him. He entered a forbidden area and the energy there tore him into pieces. I just picked up his Purgatory Token."

"Forbidden land?" Du Tian Ji frowned but he didn't chase further. He waved his hand, not waiting for Leona or Zi Yao to ask the man more questions. "Hand back the Purgatory Token and leave now. From now, you are free from your prior crimes."

Jiang Ge didn't say anything else. He left the Purgatory Token on the ground, thanked Du Tian Ji, before soaring up into the sky. As though he was afraid of the others' words, he disappeared instantly.

Leona and Zi Yao gazed at him with hatred and resentment.

Ao Gera smiled brightly, walking towards Zi Yao. He bent his body. "Your Highness, are you alright?"

Zi Yao looked at the smiling face of Ao Gera whose look never changed. She didn't know why she felt so irritated. Anyway, Ao Gera was her subordinate and he had been following her for years. He had given up everything for her. She had no reason to trouble him. She nodded and said, "I'm okay. Shi Yan saved me. I just don't feel well when he faced such an unexpected ending."

"Shi Yan had joined hands with Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo to kill you, Your Highness. He didn't deserve your worries." Ao Gera said seriously.

Zi Yao's face got colder. "I don't care what the others said. He saved me in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field! There might have been something between him and Ka Tuo. But he was never his partner!" she said resolutely.

"If you say this is true, then it is true. I believe you, Your Highness." The smile on Ao Gera was forced. He was astounded for a while. In his eyes, Shi Yan was dead. There was no need to push it further.

"Leona, when will you pay for our bet?" Ao Gu Duo smiled. He felt so good.

"After we leave the Purgatory Star, you send your men to my territory, I will hand you a life star." Leona's face grimaced. She snorted with icy, cold eyes.

"Everything is over. Do what you need to do. You don't need to stay in Purgatory Star anymore." Du Tian Ji advised faintly before nodding to Leona. "Come to Dark Firmament Star with me. I have something to discuss with you."

"Yes," nodded Leona.

"You and Ao Gera return to Glorious Amethyst Star and prepare. You'll depart to the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce soon to meet Old Fan and carry the task I've given you." Du Tian Ji looked at Zi Yao.

Zi Yao nodded quietly. She felt a little bit lost. "Father, I want to stay in Purgatory Star for a few days before I go."

"Okay, as long as you understand it. Although Shi Yan was your excellent subordinate, he is dead. Don't dwell on it for too long. The divine nation has many important matters now. Don't get distracted for too long." Du Tian Ji arranged things and then nodded to Leona. They left through the lake to return to Dark Firmament Star.

Shortly after, the four feudal vassals Ao Gu Duo, Rochester, Carthew, and Da Lei adjusted their delegations and departed. They seemed to have a more important business so they didn't linger here.

Du Tian Le sealed all the gates of the Extreme Purgatory Field. He also strengthened the prisons of the Extreme Purgatory Field to ensure nothing unexpected would happen. Then, he left.

Zi Yao stayed in the Purgatory Star for seven days. She checked all the exits of the Extreme Purgatory Field as if she was waiting for someone or something.

She didn't let Ao Gera come with her. She wandered around the Extreme Purgatory Field alone. During the seven days, she didn't find anything. Her face became darker and her mood got gloomier day after day.

No miracle happened.

After seven days, Zi Yao left with grief and bitterness. She departed from the Purgatory Star begrudgingly.

She didn't know that one of the seal exits she had passed by was very close to where Shi Yan was blocked. It was so close to Shi Yan that she just needed to dash for a bit to see him.

However, the forbidden land had blocked all of sensing for living beings inside. She couldn't sense Shi Yan's living energy. Eventually, she had to leave the Purgatory Star with deep regret.

Time flew quickly. The Purgatory Star resumed its calmness. Experts all left. The Extreme Purgatory Field was sealed. This land returned to be a quiet place.

Ninety-four out of ninety-nine prohibited areas had disappeared. The five forbidden lands with magical effects still existed. Shi Yan stayed in the deepest place of his valley, inching through layers of barriers with great efforts.

That grand palace hid in the deepest place of the forbidden land under the shade of a tall mountain. Thick clouds concealed it. No one could see anything through that layer of clouds.

He came closer to a towering, massive pillar.

Two years had passed.

During two years, he was always trying to decipher the subtle mysteries of the barriers. There were forty-nine layers of barrier covering the palace. At this point in time, he had broken twenty layers.

Each layer was a magnificent formation, which hid the great mysteries of earth and heaven.

The reason why Jiang Ge couldn't break those barriers through his two hundred and fifty years staying here was that he wasn't a blacksmith, which had limited his abilities. With his King God Realm cultivation base, he had to use the Soul Consciousness to discover that subtle formation. Of course, his progress was too slow.

Shi Yan was different.

He had a natural advantage. He had the experience of studying magical formations in the Blacksmith's Secrets of Success. He had gained an unimaginable amount of experience and wealth.

A layer of barrier consisted of many smaller formations. Although it was magically complex, a Divine Grade blacksmith with wholehearted dedication could still break it. Even it wasn't fast, he could still make progress.

If Jiang Ge had known that Shi Yan at the King God Realm had such tremendous forces and that he was also a Divine Grade blacksmith, he wouldn't have used those barriers to bind him.

After deciphering each layer, his understanding of blacksmithing would reach a new height. The formations that built the barriers all hid the magical truth of Nature. During this time, his realm was refined and strengthened, and his soul was sublimated.

His sensing of natural powers became much more sensitive in this place. While he focused on breaking the barriers, the benefits it brought to his realm was hard to estimate.

Whenever a layer was broken, his realm would be refined one level. This also benefited his soul altar. While Shi Yan didn't notice it, his three powers Upanishad had a subtle change when he attempted to comprehend the mysteries of earth and energy inside those barriers.

He had forgotten Jiang Ge's trap. Now he had just sunk into his work of deciphering barriers which were one of the most magical journeys of his martial path.

His mind changed as he had developed advantages. His work speed accelerated.

Today, he had broken through the forty-second layer out of forty-nine layers. He suddenly felt a marvelous commotion from inside the palace.

At the same time, the other four Third Sky of King God Realm warriors in the other four forbidden areas of the Extreme Purgatory Field, who were doing the same thing with him, all witnessed a strange occurrence. They were all shaken.