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782 King God Realm!

The sea star, thick space cracks, and the Soul Burial Ground were released. These three primitive forms of the God Domain were revealed at the entrance of the cave. Some strange phenomena had happened.

Prisoners of the Extreme Purgatory Field who intruded this place froze in the air. No one dared to move.

Hazardous space slits were operating around them. If they moved, space cracks would cut their bodies.

But, no movement did not necessarily mean no harm.

After the Soul Burial Ground appeared, the unique features of this God Domain were revealed. The prisoners soon felt their souls fatigue. They could even see the light specks that looked like fireflies flying out of their bodies. Just like the gathering energy, they congregated in that cave.

Everybody was frightened and restless. Witnessing the three God Domains with different attributes had shaken them.

Leona, Ao Gu Duo, and Du Tian Ji, the owner of the divine nation in the far-away Dark Firmament Star, were frightened. They realized that the principles they had believed for so many years could potentially be wrong.

Shi Yan's powers had opened a brand new door for those warriors. It told them that the martial path is constantly changing and that there was more than one way out. Cultivating many powers Upanishad at the same time could lead them to a wider and brighter road.

No one knew what was happening to Shi Yan in the cave.

However, they all knew that Shi Yan was in the most critical phase of his breakthrough. Once he got through this challenge, he could step up to the sky and dazzlingly suppress any youth who was believed to be a genius.


Inside the cave.

More and more space slits appeared in front of the cave. Three meters from the entrance of the cave, there were cut limbs of the two warriors who had jumped in first.

They didn't think that there were more space slits in the cave. The moment they stormed in, their bodies were divided into five or seven pieces and the larger portions of their bodies were dragged into the space slits. They would never see the bodies again.

Shi Yan sat indifferently inside the cave surrounded by many space slits.

From the outside, the pure earth and heaven energy that flowed looked like five-colored lightning strikes that entangled him and slithered into his body like snakes.

His body sent blazing sparks into the air. It looked like he was placed on the stone table, and the earth and heaven energy was the blacksmith that was forging him with the flaming iron hammer.

To the majority of True God Realm warriors, the pain of refining the God Body would make them wish for death.

However, Shi Yan's reaction was different. He was strangely calm. He had challenged things at the acme for his whole life. He could endure the pains normal people could even think about enduring. His tough mentality wasn't something people could comprehend.

The main reason for this was his strong foundation. His body had been quenched many times. He had felt all kinds of pains and tortures.

If he had to compare, his creation of the God Body today wasn't very hard to endure. Thus, he looked different compared to most of the warriors. He was calm and even a little numb.

Earth and heaven energy brought the true power of the world. Just like a magical knife, it carved deep marks on his body to enhance it by a level.

He had swallowed the pellets he took from Zi Yao, which helped with the creation of God Body. Those pellets helped thicken earth and heaven energy, creating a fierce flood and accelerating his rate of absorption.

Earth and heaven energy proactively seeped through his flesh, blood, bones, internal organs, and each vessel of his body. This energy seemed to have a magical effect that flooded his entire body and enhanced his bone's toughness, tenaciousness of the vessels, muscles, and tendons.

He was like a divine weapon that was processed by different energies. He slowly became unbreakable. He was now as imposing as a mountain with tremendous, pure energy.

His changes weren't only in his blood and flesh: his soul altar seemed to also undergo changes.

The power Upanishad tier in his three-tiered soul altar was covered with a layer of mysterious light. However, Star, Space, Death, and Life powers Upanishad were still visible. They were all wonderfully connected with the energy in his God Soul, giving him a deeper knowledge of the nature of these three powers Upanishad.

He just sat neatly like that and patiently let his body be developed. His soul guided the three powers Upanishad.

The God Soul and the three powers Upanishad had fused perfectly. The three powers Upanishad rose magically in a deep place inside his God Soul. Each power became a chaotic, shining cluster, releasing an immense halo.

The lusters of the Seals of Upanishad were the signs of the God Domain. When he understood his Seal of Upanishad more clearly, those lusters would expand gradually to magically change his soul.

Thus, the space slits appeared more and more outside his cave and their coverage also expanded.

The halo of the Dead Upanishad had two layers: one was vigorous while the other was cold and desolate. The vigorous layer covered his Sea of Upanishad and protected his God Soul and God Body. The dead layer dispersed and affected those around him, absorbing their souls.

This also made the prisoners and villains not dare to move outside the cave. They slowly lost their life force.

Those people were covered in the dead layer, which had pulled the light spots of their life force and drew them back to the vigorous layer to boost Shi Yan's living energy and increase his strength. This also frighteningly increased the power of the absorption force of the dead layer.

The dead layer took away the life force and sent it to the vigorous layer. Then, it benefited Shi Yan's soul and God Body, which would also boost the energy of the dead layer, making the Soul Burial Ground more imposing.

These two layers supported each other and increased their powers. And the one to receive these benefits was Shi Yan himself.

At the same time, the star sea was the performance of the Star Seal of Upanishad. The starry sea was the external sign of the Star Upanishad. The blinking stars in the sea of stars were thick and glorious.

However, it was different from the Dead Upanishad. The Starry Sea wouldn't initially attack living beings proactively. Shi Yan needed to use his soul to control it. As he was still in the critical time of his breakthrough, naturally, he couldn't do this, which meant the mysteries of the Starry Sea God Domain couldn't be performed.

Even so, space slits of Space power and the life absorption of the Dead power were enough to keep him safe. He wasn't afraid of anyone who came to attack him.

When the God Domain was created, it would create a significant commotion according to some principles of Nature, which led to the expansion of the Domain's coverage and power. This was especially true for his space power Upanishad that created the space slits – the terrifying defense like a grand mountain.

The Dead Upanishad was a cunning and evil power that could attack the others proactively. As long as there were living beings near him, the Dead Upanishad could show its nature and draw all of the creatures' life force.

Inside the cave, Shi Yan stayed safe and comprehended his three Seals of Upanishad and the magical powers of the God Domains. He didn't notice the situations out there.

Time flew hurriedly.

Soon, the prisoners and villains in front of the cave didn't dare to move. Since their life force was being drawn away, they became dizzy and foolish unknowingly.

With only one wrong step, they fell immediately into the space slits and died on the spot.

After they died, their Essence Qi wouldn't scatter away. Just like the gathering energy, they flew into the cave, pouring into Shi Yan's acupuncture points, becoming part of his powers.

Those warriors continued to fall one after another into the space slits. Before each tragic death, the victim's life force was already too feeble.

In the end, both Furlow and Larkey didn't have the luck to dodge the danger. They fell dizzily into some space slits eventually.

The two Second Sky of King God Realm were devoured. Their Essence Qi poured into the cave.

Deep inside the cave, Shi Yan didn't know what was happening out there. He still cultivated indifferently, refining his God Body and creating the God Domains. Without Shi Yan's consciousness, the Essence Qi ancient tree in his body had expanded three times larger.

The experts watching the scene fell silent, their eyes glued to the dark cave, waiting for something.

Time flew quietly.


Seven days later.

Today, the God Domains created by three different powers Upanishad suddenly disappeared. Earth and heaven energy that gathered here for a while had also gone, leaving no beam or trace.

Outside the cave, cut limbs lay on the ground. No one died intact.

Everyone concentrated, holding their breath as if they were waiting for something to happen.

Even Leona was anxious as she didn't know the final results.

After a while, a sturdy figure appeared at the cave entrance. He frowned, looking at those cut limbs on the ground. He smiled evilly then walked away.

"He did it! He really did it!" Du Tian Le couldn't hold his surprise and screamed, "It seems like cultivating many powers at the same time is possible! Our belief has to change because of this kid."

"A man can have three God Domains at the same time, each of them in perfect harmony with the others. This man is a miracle," Carthew said emotionally.

"I think his real fighting in the Extreme Purgatory Field starts from now. Haha, at the True God Realm, he could kill the First Sky of King God Realm warriors. Today, he has finally reached the King God Realm. I think that the opponents he fights will change from now." Rochester looked at Ao Gu Duo and laughed slightly. The hidden meaning in his words was explicit.

Ao Gera has only the Second Sky of King God Realm, would he become Shi Yan's prey?

"Ao Gu Duo, be prepared to give me a life star." Leona smiled darkly. Joy filled her eyes as she knew she was not wrong.


Dark Firmament Star.

"Zao-er, your fortune isn't bad. You've met such a magical kid." Du Tian Ji glared at Zi Yao before smiling strangely. "Ao Gera is dead. I'm afraid that kid isn't weaker than him. If they encounter each other, I'm not sure who would win."

He had always evaluated Ao Gera with high value. However, at this moment, he wasn't sure of anything.

At this moment, Shi Yan had overturned his negative situation, breaking through to the King God Realm, striding to a brand new level.