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780 The King“s Hear

The Grand Palace of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation.

Du Tian Ji rubbed his chin, smiling in a relaxed manner. "That kid doesn't value his life."

Zi Yao's bold brows knitted tightly. She clenched her teeth and mumbled, "I don't know what he's thinking. He knows how dangerous the Extreme Purgatory Field is but he still decided to act rashly.

Ao Gu Duo, Rochester, and Leona had the same concerns.. More than ten hungry-wolf prisoners gathered outside the cave where Shi Yan was cultivating. They all gazed at the cave.

There were no good guys in this pack. They were all the felons of the divine nation. Their thirst for blood was their basic instinct.

To confine them, the five great feudal vassals had put a lot of effort. Many of them were infamous in the Raging Flame Star Area for their bloody hands.

Many warriors would shake like a leaf seeing them outside.

Today, they were gathering here for a sole purpose. The Purgatory Token.

Purgatory Star, the biggest prison of the empire, only imprisoned the death-sentenced inmates. Once they were kept in the Purgatory Star, no one even dreamed about breaking out.

Hotshots guarded this place year round and the prison also had intimidating restrictions and barriers. If they took risks and broke out, death would be their only consequence.

The reason why they were kept alive was because the empire needed them. It needed them to die in a valuable way. The Extreme Purgatory Field was their stage, their blood and fire fate.

With their forsaken destiny, they had only one way to live which was through the Purgatory Token.

Taking the Purgatory Token was the only way for them to get out of the Purgatory Star. No matter how serious their crimes were, the empire would clear them all.

A Purgatory Token meant life, a dawn of hope.

At this moment, that dawn was in front of them. It was also easy to reach.

What prisoner wouldn't be excited?

"Seems like we can't wait for he and Ao Gera to engage in battle. Warriors have to concentrate wholeheartedly while breaking through. He won't be an exception." Du Tian Ji smiled faintly. "What a pity, his potential wasn't bad. He was just too rash."

Zi Yao gritted her teeth. She was worried and felt chills.

She didn't know why she didn't want to see Shi Yan experiencing bad situations. This thought was much stronger than her worry for Ao Gera's life.

Upon seeing the villains gathering more and more, looking like they were about to take action, some images flashed in her mind.

Da Meng fought with Shi Yan, which frightened Da Lei, to save her imperial dignity. She and Shi Yan ran away in the amethyst war chariot through the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. She remembered the moment he controlled the flaming meteorites bombarding the others wildly in the strange forbidden place. The time they spent together in the barren and isolated land. Each of his jokes, his actions...

Those images played in her head and she couldn't wash them away.

A wisp of bitterness rippled in the lake of her heart, expanding to her whole body. While she didn't realize that, her beautiful eyes sparkled, expressing worry and tension which had never happened before.

It's been so many years and she had never met a man who could make her yearn for him, worried about him like that. She was worried that he would be killed.

Ao Gera had stood behind her for so many years, but she had never felt the same way towards him.

Suddenly, Zi Yao knew that the man who came from an unknown continent had rooted deep in her heart, occupying an important position she could never dismiss.

"You're confused," Du Tian Ji frowned, talking coldly and heartlessly. "People who plan for big schemes won't notice the minor details. They won't let anything distract their minds. No matter who he is, he is just a sword in your hand, the support you need to move forward. You have to remember that the sword in your hand is just a tool and you should never let the sword stab yourself!"

Zi Yao was shaken. She woke up from her thought, shaking her head miserably. She said nothing.

"Without a callous heart, how could you survive the cruel and harsh competition? If you're not cold and calm enough, you will harm not only yourself but also your people." Du Tian Ji snorted. "Girl, you can't compete with your brother Du Jia in these manners. You're soft hearted. How will you succeed?"

"To get the throne, Du Jia attacked me and my brother. Is this the necessary quality to be a King?" Zi Yao's beautiful eyes shown with anger. "Father, were you just like my brother that year?"

"I was more heartless than him," Du Tian Ji parted his lips with a cold and sinister face. "You and Du Jia aren't blood siblings. You have different mothers. It is normal for him to attack you guys. That year, no need to mention my siblings born from other mothers; I even killed my own brothers. My own brothers who stood in my way, I killed them.

Zi Yao face lost color in fright.

"If I could get back to that time, I would still do the same. For the apex of the martial path, for the prosperity of the divine nation, there is no man that I wouldn't kill!" Du Tian Ji snorted, his face heartless and resolute.


Extreme Purgatory Field.

Inside the cave, strange energy was rippling. Earth and heaven energy gathered thickly on an area more than ten mu. Sparks were sent into the sky with lots of energy.

Flows of earth and heaven energy became purer, oozing out from the energy area. They streamed out and then were pulled into the cave by some unknown force.

In the adjacent areas by the river, in the forest, or even underground, the prisoners couldn't wait any longer. They showed up one by one, gazing at the cave like a pack of hungry wolves.

"Furlow, you've been watching for a while. Why haven't you attacked yet?" A Ghost Mark Clan warrior at the Second Sky of King God Realm turned and looked at the other.

These people were imprisoned for a long time so they knew each other well.

The man named Furlow was a Sea Clan warrior who had lost one arm. He also had the Second Sky of King God Realm cultivation base. He snorted, "Larkey, if you want the Purgatory Token, you should go now. Haha. Don't worry. I won't compete against you. Go now."

He and Larkey were the two Second Sky of King God Realm warriors in this group. They understood each other, and they knew that they were all tough and cruel.

They were secretly afraid of each other.

"Haha, I'm not in a hurry. I've been imprisoned for too long. I'm not going to act impatiently now." Larkey cracked a smile, showing his yellow teeth. "But you, I remember you saying that you have a son. His life is tough out there. Since you've been jailed, he has suffered a lot. I can't say if he would still be alive now."

Hearing him, Furlow's face drained of color and snorted again.

The truth was that he couldn't wait. His son suffered and was bullied frequently out there. He calculated that his son was about to break through to the Sky Realm.

Furlow knew that the Sky Realm breakthrough required a lot of materials and lucky encounters. It would be better if he could have the divine pellets for support and received a good power Upanishad from the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. His Sky Realm was an important turning point.

He must leave this place. He must help his son break through. Thus, he felt panicked.

"Li Mu!" Furlow pondered for a while before calling a First Sky of King God Realm warrior standing near him with a savage look on his face. "You get in there and check it out. If you help me take the Purgatory Token, I promise you, that I will take care of your daughter well after I get out."

The warrior whose name was called hesitated with a cold look.

"If you won't go, then don't blame me!" Furlow rolled his eyes and showed his ferocious face. "You should take the chance that I'm giving you while you still can!"

Li Mu reared back from Furlow's furious gaze. He felt like a snake was slithering around his neck. He was scared.

He hesitated for a while. Keeping his daughter in mind, he gritted his teeth. "Boss, promise me. If I die and you get out, please take care of my daughter."

"I will" Furlow nodded, "if I get out alive."

Li Mu didn't say more. He bit his lips and stormed out of the crowd, dashing straight to Shi Yan's cave.

The crowd of prisoners and villains were restless. They gathered uncontrollably, getting inevitably closer to Shi Yan's cave.

At the same time, Leona and the others brightened their eyes, focusing their view on the lake to see if Shi Yan would resist this attack.

When he was breaking through his new realm, anyone could simply land attacks on him if he hadn't prepared.

Li Mu dashed like lightning. While he was in the air, he had urged his God Domain. His God Body strengthened like a tree trunk. Bark grew on his skin and his body looked like a giant root of a ten-thousand-year old tree. When he released his God Domain, the plants around him also shook. Big branches were twisted and broken. His God Domain drew the broken branches, turning them into sharp wooden swords, darting toward the cave.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The wooden swords brought their sharp power and exploded one by one at the entrance.

Li Mu took this to chance to disappear into the cave.

The people observing waited for something to happen.

There was no commotion, no aura, or even a single sound. Li Mu was like a droplet that caused no ripple when fallen into the sea.

The crowd of prisoners and villains were tense. They looked at the cave confusedly. An unknown chill rose in their hearts.

Leona's eyes brightened again. In a relaxed manner, she picked up another piece of fruit, taking a bite while still looking at the lake.

If there was nothing reported by Li Mu, it meant Shi Yan had prepared something in the cave which proved that Shi Yan knew what he was doing. Knowing this, Leona relaxed a little. She knew that it wouldn't be easy to kill Shi Yan.

"Sa Lou! You try!" Larkey grinned fiendishly. "If you die, I will take care of your family. Now move."

He was another warrior at the First Sky of King God Realm. Under such a threat, he had to jump into the cave.

The same thing happened. There was no sound or commotion of a furious battle. Those who entered the cave seemed to disappear into thin air.

Everybody could feel the shivers down their spines.