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Inside the Extreme Purgatory Field.

The three First Sky of King God Realm experts of the Sea Clan lost their excited mood. They felt chilled, their faces paled.

Shi Yan's power Upanishad was strangely evil beyond their estimation. They didn't react timely. Due to their wrong assumption, they had spent half of the energy accumulated in their bodies to build three Milky Ways, which the space slit had swallowed all in just a blink of an eye.

The energy they had used was dragged into the space slit, they had not been able to take it back. Their energy had been reduced massively.

One side reduces; one side increases. Shi Yan had released his Soul Burial Ground for quite a long time. While they weren't aware of anything, the vitality of the three prisoners had been drawn significantly. 

The Sea Clan warriors had used a large amount of energy while Shi Yan had taken in the light spots of their vitality. His spirit, soul, and Qi were filled, as he was brimmed with tremendous energy.


Dark Firmament Star, the Grand Palace.

Du Tian Ji's eyes flared up while gluing to the big magical mirror in front of his eyes. He was apparently astounded. Then, he turned to Princess Zi Yao next to him. "Yao-er, this boy knows how to use Space power Upanishad, too?"

Zi Yao was a little bit embarrassed. She had just told him Shi Yan had focused on his main power cultivation, and now he suddenly performed Space power Upanishad, which abashed her. "Father, the powers Upanishad he's cultivating are mixed, indeed. However..."

Du Tian Ji waved to stop her. He beamed a faint smile. "According to you, he knows what's he doing. I do want to see if he does know what to do."

Zi Yao gave a forced smile.

Du Tian Ji rubbed his chin. "Such a greedy kid. If someone else has the Dead power Upanishad, he will never lay his eyes on anything else. The Dead power Upanishad alone is rare in the Raging Flame Star Area. Not many people have the chance to see it before. He isn't satisfied with this power. He still cultivates different powers Upanishad. I don't know what this man wants."

"His understanding of Space power isn't shallow," explained Zi Yao.

Du Tian Ji nodded, "I can see that. As he's able to tear a space slit at the True God Realm, it's proven his understanding of space power isn't just ordinary. However, once he reaches the King God Realm, taking more than one at a time isn't good for his cultivation in the future. I'm not sure if it's a good thing."

Zi Yao felt a headache. "Yeah. But this man's quite special. He has many secrets. Father, take your time and watch him. Even I don't have a deep understanding of him. I can't see how many things he's concealing."

"Interesting," Du Tian Ji nodded, showing that he got interested.


In the Extreme Purgatory Field.

Shi Yan retrieved the energy he had burst out above his head. The massive space slit faded away little by little.

Looking at the three experts of the Sea Clan with their pale faces, Shi Yan grinned. He strolled toward one of them.

His steps were firm, and everywhere he passed by, big trees and beautiful foliage yellowed then shriveled; insects hiding deep underground stopped singing.

Da Lei's eyes sparkled. He was shaken inwardly, acclaiming in his head: Here it comes!

Whenever it was released, only the ones immersed in the Soul Burial Ground Dead Upanishad could sense it.

People standing outside couldn't detect the Soul Burial Ground on the images projected by the mirror lake. The reason why Da Lei could find that Shi Yan was using this power Upanishad was from the different conditions of the flowers, trees, and insects. Since he had witnessed this with his own eyes before, he knew the wicked and cruel signs of this power Upanishad.

Also, they couldn't see the tiny light spots like raindrops congregating at Shi Yan.

However, those onlookers could spot the difference wherever Shi Yan walked by. They were startled, but they didn't know what's happening there.

Besides Da Lei, Leona was the only one among the others who was sensitive enough to recognize it.

As soon as she saw that the foliage, flowers, and even the big trees shriveled, her dark green eyes sparkled. She stopped her wild laughter, pulling herself together to focus on the situation in the field.

Ao Gu Duo, Rochester, Carthew, and Du Tian Le hadn't realized anything. They just saw the three Sea Clan experts slowly had their eyes gloomier as if their Qi, spirit, and soul were taken away.

The decrease in their fighting will was easy to notice. In the opposite condition to them was Shi Yan's boiling fighting will. His eyes sparkled with exciting light. Just like a hungry beast walked out of the deep forest, he needed meat to fill his empty stomach.

"Dead Sky!"

Shi Yan sauntered, his face calm and cold. When he was around one thousand meters away from those three experts, he halted, stooped, and shouted.

A deadly, silent, and desperate aura suddenly diffused from him. Brutal, bloodthirsty, resentment, and other negative energy gushed out from his acupuncture points. Flows of energy weaved into an ash-gray mist, congregating atop of him, creating a massive gray curtain.

Inside that gray curtain was the thick aura of Death, which seemed to be able to cut all kind of vitality.

This is one of the supernatural martial techniques he had experimented and created with the Dead power Upanishad he had comprehended. With the Dead power Upanishad as the foundation, negative energy was condensed into an attack, creating a massive Dead Sky Curtain in the air, which was grumblingly pressing down.

The Dead Sky Curtain covered the three experts of the Sea Clan. They were panicked, their faces gloomy.

Inside that gray sky, negative feelings multiplied. In their eyes, it was a world of death. They saw no hope of life. Everywhere was cold and deadly silent. But they could hear countless ghosts crying, calling for them from inside that dead world.

Being perplexed, they suddenly had a strange thought that they were part of that dead world, and it absolutely belonged to them no matter what. 

When this negative mood arose, it meant their fighting will and belief had been smashed. Now they couldn't create a complete thought. Naturally, they could never urge the energy in their body wholly.

The confusedness in their eyes became clearer, and the three of them seemed to be completely foolish. They stood still at their spots, just letting the Dead Sky fall on them.

The deadly energy inside the Dead Sky condensed and created the massive Death Seal. They grumblingly exploded in the ash-gray clouds, and instantly pressed down on the three prisoners. At that perilous moment, they woke up instinctively.

They urged the God Domain one more time, trying to stimulate the leftover energy in their bodies. With the loud sound of a furious water current, a flow of tenacious water power extended, creating the white waves swarming toward the sky.


Shi Yan didn't change his face. A thought popped up in his soul.

The powers of the Earth Flame, the Vermilion Bird True Flame, and the flaming solar energy in his body fused into one furious and wild flame, flying out from his sleeve. The flaming dragon stormed toward the water waves the other three had created.

The fire dragon wound, marching forward. Shriveled, dried plants ignited and burned. Even the rigid rocks were melted into a strange viscous substance. Shortly, the area of several thousand meters in front of Shi Yan had become a fire sea.

Flames covered everywhere. The Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame seized the chance and flew out discreetly, releasing their flaming energy into the sea of fire.

The God Domain that the three prisoners had created with efforts was burned by the furious, rolling flame. Their energy was consumed faster. The Sea Clan was always afraid of fire. It's their nature. That's why they were petrified again.

The evil energy of the Dead Sky had affected their Soul Consciousness, storming into their soul altar and affecting their God Souls.

Three poor Sea Clan experts at the First Sky of King God Realm had made wrong assumptions, which helped Shi Yan's wicked and cruel force break their souls. The Dead Sky then controlled their mind, making them walk toward the Dead Sky and the sea of fire.

Shi Yan's face was calm. He released his Soul Consciousness to watch each of their commotions. He didn't dare to be careless.

The onlookers were dazed, gazing at the mirror lake. They all wore a bizarre face.

Since they weren't inside the Dead Sky, they didn't know how the evil energy there had affected the souls of the prisoners. In their view, they saw only the three experts of the Sea Clan got stunned then got crazy as they proactively walked toward the fire sea and let the ash-gray mist cover them.

At that moment, the onlookers suddenly realized that the three Sea Clan experts were about to be finished under Shi Yan's strange and wicked powers. They had no hope of overturning the situation.

And it was true.

The three experts of the Sea clan walked into the fire sea. Their God Bodies couldn't resist the burning force of the Earth Flame and the Vermilion Bird True Flame. Shortly, they were melted turning into a puddle of blood, which was then evaporated into a blood-red mist.

The strangest thing was they didn't feel pain, just standing dazedly as if their souls had gone away. They weren't aware of their God Bodies being melted gradually.

People watching the battle from a corner of the Purgatory Star had their eyes sparkling looking at the warriors in the mirror lake. They suddenly felt a chill sent down their spines. A cold and fearful feeling arose from their hearts.

The deaths of the three Sea Clan experts weren't bloody or tragic. But they were so evil and bizarre, which was like watching something virtual and eerie.

Who doesn't treasure his life? Who can keep silent being burned? Who will go upon his own initiative to die?

The calmer the deaths of the three prisoners of the Sea Clan were, the more frightened the onlookers were when they looked at Shi Yan in the Extreme Purgatory Field. They all felt their scalp numb.

This kid is thorny and scary. No one knows what he has done to the enemies and made them willing to die without feeling pain or fright. What kind of power Upanishad is that?

Ao Gu Duo, Rochester, and Carthew put on the dark and gloomy face. A gleam of fear flashed in their eyes. They were discreetly putting up guard, thinking that Shi Yan wasn't an easy opponent. They didn't know which power Upanishad he was cultivating that had such evil and sinister effects.

Da Lei was uncertain. He didn't say a word, knitting his brows tightly.

Only Leona had gained back her calmness as if she had finally verified something. She strangely relaxed, eating the crystal clear fruits. She looked calm and deliberate as if her question had been answered.