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770 Within one hundred years, I will take the head on your neck!

Leona and Ao Gu Duo were opposing each other with equal harshness, as if they could battle at any minute.

Since they were both feudal vassals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, they had to compete every day. Not long after Leona became a feudal vassal, she had suppressed Ao Gu Duo to become the strongest commander, with the strongest force among the feudal vassals. This irritated Ao Gu Duo a lot.

Today, Leona had interfered in his dealings with an anonymous kid. In his eyes, this was naked provocation! 

Experts with a status and position like him would never let anyone provoke him like that. Thus, he was enraged. He would take Leona to make everyone understand that he was the top feudal vassal of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation.

In front of their confrontation, many people kept their mouths shut.

Carthew, Rochester, and Da Lei were calm and silent. They just watched, not bothering to give them advice or dig things further, as if they also wanted to see who was stronger.

In this place, the only person who could talk was Prince Du Tian Le. However, his realm was a little low, only at the Third Sky of King God Realm. While the two were facing each other fiercely, he had to stay away, as he was afraid that he would be involved in their battle.

Shi Yan felt pain in his whole body. He looked down with deep hatred and resentment in his eyes.

In front of so many people, Ao Gu Duo had restrained him and given him a possible crime. He almost couldn't survive.

Too humiliating!

Since he had revealed his talents in the Grace Mainland, he had never been humiliated like this. The anger in his heart right now was inexplicable. However, Shi Yan understood that with his current realm, he couldn't resist Ao Gu Duo to take his face back.

The time he had spent in there was too short. He hadn't mingled well in this star area. Without an organization and his realm being low, he didn't even have the right to voice here.

Quietly watching what was happening under his feet, Shi Yan's eyes gradually become resolute. His enthusiasm had been triggered.

He needed time!

He strongly believed that if he had enough time to grow, one day, he would make all of those who had disdained him shiver in fright. He would make Ao Gu Duo regret and pay a big price for what he had done to him today!

When the other two's confrontation was tense, Prince Du Tian Le suddenly screamed. "Wait a minute!"

Everyone couldn't help but look at him, including Leona and Ao Gu Duo, who were about to attack each other. They all stopped, frowning at him and waiting for him to talk.

"The King says, no confrontation." Du Tian Le was holding a special metal token with a crown carved on it in his hand. It didn't look like silver or gold. He caressed the crown and touched it again.

A flow of magical soul fluctuation shot out of the crown, which diverged and then fell on Leona and Ao Gu Duo respectively. The two then quieted down and bent their bodies, as if they were listening to the King's advice.

Not long after that, the soul fluctuation from the crown in Du Tian Le's hand gradually vanished. At this moment, Leona and Ao Gu Duo stood upright, glaring at each other, then snorted at the same time.

Du Tian Le laughed evilly. "As the five great feudal vassals are all here, we can start the Extreme Purgatory Field's training."

He suddenly pitched his voice, then threw the crown in his hand into the air. A magical energy scattered, falling on the Purgatory Tokens on the waists of all the contestants. At the same time, clusters of light shot out from the surrounding monster-shaped mountains one by one.

Each of the clusters confined an extreme inmate, flying towards an area far from this square.

Shi Yan skimmed over and found at least two hundred prisoners with different realms being delivered to somewhere. The lowest realm among them was the First Sky of King God Realm. Some were even at the Third Sky of King God Realm cultivation base. They were being dragged towards the Extreme Purgatory Field under an unknown force. 

A magical energy fluctuation emitted from the Purgatory Token on his waist. It seemed like some seal had been lifted.

"Anyone with the Purgatory Token can join this competition. The Purgatory Token on your waist is the key to entering the field. Once you get in the Extreme Purgatory Field, you can't get out before the time is up." Du Tian Le lifted his head and explained slowly. "There are no rules in the Extreme Purgatory Field. You can kill anyone! Prisoners, contestants, even your partners! At the end, who kills the most will have a chance to meet the King and receive the rewards. The tokens on your waists have the life sensing power. You can detect your prey's location with its help. Assess your power, then choose your preys."

Leona and Ao Gu Duo didn't talk, just quietly listening to Du Tian Le.

No one knew what Du Tian Ji had told them using his soul energy. But, the two hostile feudal vassals had calmed down and said nothing. It seemed like Leona had never hit Ao Gera, and Ao Gu Duo had never set up any conspiracy against Shi Yan.

Carthew, Rochester, and Da Lei were busy giving advice and making arrangements for their people. Shi Yan noticed that Da Meng also had a Purgatory Token on his waist. Apparently, he was one of the contestants.

Da Lei was his father. He used to have two quotas, which he had assigned to two warriors under his command. He had another arrangement for Da Meng, which was Zi Yao's quota.

But, it failed. Thus, Da Lei had no other way around but to make one of his subordinates hand back the token, so that Da Meng could join the Extreme Purgatory Field to train himself.

Besides Da Lei, Ao Gera also had one token.

His token was granted by his Uncle Ao Gu Duo. Ao Gu Duo had three quotas, of which, he gave his nephew one. It was because Zi Yao had given Shi Yan Ao Gera's quota.

Among the five feudal vassals, since Leona and Ao Gu Duo had achieved the biggest attainments, they had three quotas each. The other three vassals had two. Since Zi Yao had one quota, the total contestants entering the Extreme Purgatory Field this time were thirteen.

At this moment, a contestant holding the Purgatory Token started to move.

Leona was talking to her three warriors with a cold visage. Her bloodthirsty green eyes often glared at Ao Gu Duo and his contestants. Most of the time, she gazed at Ao Gera.

She seemed to instruct her warriors to kill Ao Gera and the other two warriors of Ao Gu Duo's team in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

Ao Gu Duo was grinning fiendishly, as he didn't show that his team was weaker than her team. Apparently, he had the same thought as Leona, that they would compete again in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

"Shi Yan, let's go."

Tie Mu laughed, then left Carthew together with Yalan, waving at him.

Shi Yan curled his lips into a smile, walking towards Tie Mu and Yalan. However, he didn't hasten to leave just yet.

Quite the contrary, he paused, looking at Ao Gu Duo and Ao Gera over there. He pondered, then said calmly. "Master Ao Gu Duo, all the humiliation I had to bear today, I will give it back to you ten times in the future!"

Ao Gu Duo sneered disdainfully. "With just you? What are you? Haha, kid, basically, you won't get out of the Extreme Purgatory Field alive."

Shi Yan was calm, pointing at the sky and talking faintly. "I, Shi Yan, swear that within one hundred years, I will take the head on your neck, Ao Gu Duo! Otherwise, within one hundred years, I will kill myself on the spot!"

Everybody was shaken, looking at him disbelievingly. Their eyes showed that what they just heard was unbelievable.

One hundred years was just a short period for a True God Realm warrior to break through the King God Realm. Many people couldn't enter the Original God Realm, no matter how hard they had tried during their whole life. And, Ao Gu Duo was at the Second Sky of Orginal God Realm. Did Shi Yan lose his mind when he made his pledge?

Ao Gu Duo laughed as he was crazy. "Good, good! I want to see if you can even live for one hundred years or not! Hahaha!"

Shi Yan wasn't affected. He pointed at Ao Gera, talking as if no one else was surrounding him. "I'll kill you in the Extreme Purgatory Field. If you dare, get in there."

Everybody looked at him dazedly, as if he were an insane person.

He was only at the True God Realm. Among the contestants, his realm was the lowest. And, Ao Gera was at the Second Sky of King God Realm, a famous young expert.

Today, in front of the five great feudal vassals and Prince Du Tian Le, Shi Yan said that he wanted to kill Ao Gera in the Extreme Purgatory Field. Was it a funny joke?

Killing Ao Gu Duo within one hundred years, killing Ao Gera in the Extreme Purgatory Field… His rampancy and arrogance had stunned people. They all looked at him with odd faces, as they thought that this young man was quite crazy and funny.

However, they couldn't smile on seeing his resolute countenance. Apparently, he wasn't just joking. Although he had no tremendous aura on his body, the impression he gave the others wasn't ordinary.

"I'll wait for you there," Ao Gera's eyes became dark and sinister, "…if you dare to find me."

"Sir Ao Gu Duo, please try to restrain your sorrow and go with the flow to prepare a good coffin for your nephew." Shi Yan smiled and chinned up, then walked away. He passed by Yalan and Tie Mu, who were petrified, heading towards the Extreme Purgatory Field.

Ao Gu Duo put on a cold face while his eyes were flared up with fire. He continually sneered. "Ao Gera, if you can't torture that kid to death in the Extreme Purgatory Field, I don't have a nephew like you!"

"Don't worry, Uncle. I'll make him taste all the pains and sorrows of this world. I will use the Fantasy Stone to record the scene of his demise. You can save it and watch later," Ao Gera said deliberately and arrogantly.

"Go. I'm waiting for your good news," Ao Gu Duo waved his hand.

Ao Gera and the other two warriors bent to say goodbye, then flew up in Shi Yan's direction.

"Ao Gu Duo, wanna bet with me?" Leona said, "I'm going to use the next life star to bet with you. I bet that your nephew will die and Shi Yan will survive."

Carthew, Da Lei, Rochester, and Du Tian Le were baffled. They disbelievingly looked at the infamous woman, whose brutal reputation had been spread wide. They had no idea why she favored Shi Yan that much. 

Did she just simply want to compete with Ao Gu Duo? Anyway, using a life star for that, was she insane?

"I'll play with you!" Ao Gu Duo shouted, his face ferocious.