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769 Mutually losing face

Shi Yan was cultivating ascetically in the gravitational room together with Yalan and Tie Mu. Whenever they took a break, they would chat about the situation of the Extreme Purgatory Field. Through these two, his knowledge of the Extreme Purgatory Field became better.

After Yalan and Tie Mu found that Shi Yan could use his True God Realm cultivation base to train in the gravitational room, they didn't mock or provoke him anymore. They had stopped considering him as a small character.

However, his good days didn't last long.

On this day, while he was exhausted after a period of cultivation, he suddenly heard someone shouting. "Who's Shi Yan?"

In the next moment, a flow of intimidating energy wave came from the square out there. Shi Yan hadn't reacted, yet Yalan and Tie Mu jolted up immediately, their faces frightened.

"Who's that?" Shi Yan was astounded, asking hurriedly.

"Sir Ao Gu Duo," Jie Mu was anxious. "Why does he want to find you? From his voice, I think he wants to condemn you. Did you offend him?"

Shi Yan shook his head. "I'm not sure." Then, he stood up, frowning as he walked out of the gravitational room.

A two-meters-tall beefy man stood on the square. He was wearing a dark brown armor, which made him look as formidable as a savage deity. There were two other warriors wearing the Purgatory Token, standing next to this muscular man. Besides them, Ao Gera, who Shi Yan had met in the Glorious Amethyst Star, also stood there.

Carthew, Rochester, Da Lei, and Prince Du Tian Le also stormed out of their places. Du Tian Le was the younger brother of Du Tian Ji – King of Dark Firmament Divine Nation. He was the handsome middle-aged man who was in charge of receiving the feudal vassals from everywhere that Shi Yan had met when he had just arrived here.

That man clasped his fist with a smiling face, talking to the muscular man. "Sir Ao Gu Duo, why do you shout?"

"Who is Shi Yan?" The brawny man that was as formidable as a Demogorgon shouted. His brutal eyes scanned the crowd. Warriors in his line of sight frowned, as they were all afraid of him.

Ao Gera suddenly smiled, brightly pointing at Shi Yan from a distance.

"Turns out you're that traitor!" Ao Gu Duo laughed ruthlessly. He grabbed something in the void, and a flow of energy like an immense sea rose up torrentially, covering Shi Yan in just a blink. 

As Shi Yan was still exhausted from his training, he had no time to recover or respond. That flow of energy covered him and held him up, bobbing high above people's heads. He was tied entirely, not able to urge any bit of his powers.

Ao Gu Duo was one of the five great feudal vassals, with endless supernatural power at the Original God Realm.

Compared to him, Shi Yan was only at the True God Realm. They were two whole realms apart. Under the man's attack, Shi Yan had nothing to resist.

As that energy was binding him, Shi Yan's Essence Qi ancient tree seemed to be sealed. It couldn't circulate even a beam of energy. At the same time, his soul altar was hindered by a thin membrane, preventing it from rotating.

This was the true God Soul confinement! Ao Gu Duo was savagely infuriated as he laughed brutally. "Boy, you dared to join Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo to attack Princess Zi Yao? The reason why I'm late is that I had to stay and investigate this. I know everything now. I want to show you what's the big price for planning a wild scheme on Princess Zi Yao!"

"Ao Gu Duo? What the heck you are playing?" Carthew frowned, his face cold. He scolded the other. "Shi Yan has the Purgatory Token. I've checked it. Princess Zi Yao granted him the token. Since the Princess gave him the token, she must have verified him before she did that. You should stop talking nonsense!"

Da Lei just frowned and said nothing. His face was dark. No one knew what he was thinking.

Rochester, one of the five feudal vassals, was composed, as if he was watching everything with interest. Obviously, he didn't want to join this argument.

All of a sudden, Du Tian Le screamed, "Sir Ao Gu Duo, did you mistake him? Since Shi Yan has the Purgatory Token, it proves that he has gained Zi Yao's trust. Zi Yao will never give the token to someone who has planned to harm her. I'm sure you're wrong."

"Haha. I'll make you guys be sincerely convinced!" Ao Gu Duo grinned fiendishly, waving his hand all of a sudden.

From a place pretty far from them, a shadow was dragged to them by some invisible force. Shortly, he appeared in people's sights. He floated face to face to Shi Yan in the void.

That was a young human man. He was good-looking, but his eyes were anxious. Seeing Shi Yan, he was astounded for a while and then screamed. "That's him! He had contacted Ka Tuo and disclosed Princess Zi Yao's whereabouts. That's why we could chase and blockade Princess Zi Yao in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field."

Shi Yan's face was cold, looking deeply at that man with a stern countenance.

'This man is a henchman of Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo. I met this man in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, where he had served Ka Tuo. I had never thought that he would stand up and criticize me.'

Shi Yan suddenly felt chilled. He knew someone was trying to harm him. As that one couldn't kill him in the Moon Star, he now had another wicked plan.

His eyes couldn't help but fall on Ao Gera, showing an uncontrollable resentment and indignation.

It must be related to Ao Gera!

He was so sure about this. For the time being, he realized that perhaps it was also related to Ao Gera that Zi Yao was ambushed. With this thought, his heart sank into the abyss. Shi Yan understood that this mess was really serious.

The others were well-prepared. They even brought a witness. Apparently, they wanted to put him to death!

No one could know the relationship between Shi Yan and Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo. Also, he was sure that no one could overhear the conversation between him and Ka Tuo in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field.

Maybe someone was worried that his scheme would be disclosed soon. He wanted to get rid of all the related persons, and Shi Yan was the most dangerous factor that he should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Shi Yan became the victim in Zi Yao's event. He got involved, but he knew it all now.

"What more do you have to say?" Ao Gu Duo laughed brutally. "We got the witness here to tell everything related to Zi Yao's ambush. Let me see how you can deny it."

"If it is related to me, why did Princess Zi Yao give me the Purgatory Token? If I wanted to kill her, would she get out of the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field alive? Why did Ka Tuo suddenly give us up?"

Shi Yan contemplated, then defended himself, looking at Ao Gu Duo without any fear.

"Kid, you do know how to talk well. Haha! You earned Princess Zi Yao's trust to facilitate your bigger scheme!" Ao Gu Duo beamed a faint smile. "Getting to the Purgatory Star and joining the Extreme Purgatory Field is one of your conspiracies. You are a traitor. I don't know what you've planned. Anyway, killing you first is a good thing to do to prevent everything else!"

A flow of massive energy squeezed Shi Yan. Shi Yan suddenly felt so painful, as if a whole mountain was pressing down on him.

The bones in his entire body shivered, as if he could explode at any minute.

"Hold on!" Carthew suddenly opened his mouth. A flow of sharp energy shot out of him, falling on Shi Yan. A wild energy covered Shi Yan, creating a lot of invisible gaps. That was why Shi Yan wasn't exploded instantly.

"Carthew, what did you shout? I'm going to kill the empire's traitor. What does it matter to you?" Ao Gu Duo shouted, his face ruthless.

Carthew wasn't scared at all. He just smiled coldly. "He's Princess Zi Yao's subordinate. If he must be executed, Princess Zi Yao will handle it. Ao Gu Duo, aren't you trying to poke your nose in someone else's business?"

"My nephew, Ao Gera, is the Princess' escort. I'm going to eliminate the traitor on behalf of Zi Yao. Who says I'm interfering with the other's business?" Ao Gu Duo didn't talk more. He grinned fiendishly and was about to kill Shi Yan. "A traitor at the True God Realm, I can kill him at any minute. When Zi Yao asks about this, I will give her a proper answer."

Then, Ao Gu Dao roared. His energy surged like a collapsing mountain. He was about to kill Shi Yan.

Carthew paled, as if he was hesitant whether he would battle with Ao Gu Duo in this square to save Shi Yan. At that moment, his force relaxed a little bit.

Shi Yan felt tense the second time, as if so many invisible hands were strangling him. His breathing became strenuous.

In front of Ao Gu Duo at the Original God Realm, Shi Yan knew his realm was too low. Even if he could use all of his powers, he wasn't Ao Gu Duo's match. He would never have the chance to get rid of this.

He rolled his eyes, gazing at Ao Gu Duo and Ao Gera. He bit his lips and squeezed out a scarlet drop of blood. His eyes were filled with wicked resentment.


An earth-destroying dark energy came from nowhere, covering his entire body. Instantly, he felt like he was put back to his dark cell. He couldn't see anything.

However, his painful body was relaxed in the dark. Shi Yan didn't feel pain anymore.

The tremendous flow of energy that came from Ao Gu Duo was washed away like the low tide. It disappeared shortly, as the aura Ao Gu Duo put on him was swept away. 

At this moment, Ao Gu Duo's angry voice came from outside. "Leona, why does it matter to you? You shouldn't poke your nose in the other's business."

"I interfere in your business. So what?" Leona's cold and wicked voice arose.

In the next moment, Shi Yan suddenly heard Ao Gera screaming painfully, as if someone had just slapped him in the face.

"Leona, you hit my nephew? Do you want to fight with me?" Ao Gu Duo was enraged, shouting and screaming wildly.

"Oh yeah, I think I need a lesson." Leona was still composed. "Ao Gera tried to harm me. I want to capture him. You're his uncle. Perhaps you're involved in this too. I want to investigate both of you!"

At this point, the darkness was suddenly lifted.

The power controlling Shi Yan disappeared, leaving no trace at that instant. Shi Yan now floated in the air. He stooped and found Leona and Ao Gu Duo facing each other. There was no surging energy in them. However, their eyes had ignited with an unknown flame of endless fighting will. 

The blonde Ao Gera had blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. One of his cheeks had a bloody handprint. He was so mad, his eyes full of grudges as he was looking at Leona. 

That woman didn't even glare at Ao Gera. Her stiff mount showed her bloodthirsty and cold intentions. It looked like she could devour the light around her. Her surroundings slowly darkened, until not even a single beam of light remained.