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Not only was this middle-aged man surprised, besides Da Lei and Da Meng, most of the warriors here showed a bewildered face. All of a sudden, they all paid attention to Shi Yan.

"Ao Gera has a good Uncle. He doesn't need to worry about having a quota for the Extreme Purgatory Field. Zi Yao spent her quota for another one to train the new elite force for the divine nation. What makes you surprised?" Leona was calm, raking through those people on the mountain while speaking coldly.

The middle-aged man beamed a faint smile and nodded. "As long as he has the Purgatory Token, he can join the Extreme Purgatory Field. It's the rule. Whoever will join, I don't actually care."

"Shi Yan, little buddy, long time no see. I didn't expect that we would meet again shortly." Da Lei suddenly stepped forward with his smiling face.

Da Meng stood next to him. He contemplated for a while and then grinned, nodding at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan frowned, his visage relaxed. He smiled at the two, as if they had had a good relationship.

"Da Lei, you know this boy? What's his background?" A man wearing plain cotton garments with rough appearance asked loudly. "I remember no one named Shi Yan in Zi Yao's cortege. Hasn't he just followed Zi Yao recently?"

After he said that, many people put on a strange visage.

Especially Da Lei, he was uncomfortable. Of course, he wouldn't tell the others that his son got subdued by a stranger. He just smiled begrudgingly. "When Zi Yao passed by my place, she brought Shi Yan to be my guest for a few days. That's how I know him. Shi Yan, this little buddy isn't weak. Haha! Moreover, he's progressing rapidly. Two years ago, when I met him, he was just at the Second Sky of True God Realm. I didn't expect that when I meet him again, he would have reached the Third Sky of True God Realm. It's Zi Yao and our empire's grace, indeed."

What Da Lei said was somehow serious.

Not many warriors standing on this square had actually known Shi Yan and his secrets. Even Leona didn't know that Shi Yan could use the Soul Burial Ground.

Many years ago, when that mysterious expert appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area, he had shown an invincible power, making many life stars fall in misery. If they had ever heard about the legends of that expert, once they felt that Shi Yan had something to do with that one, of course, they would highly appreciate him.

Da Lei thought that Shi Yan was quite lucky and excellent that he could go with Zi Yao and survive the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field.

Da Lei admired Zi Yao, as she could have such a mysterious escort. Since he knew the hidden things, although he didn't like Shi Yan – he even hated him a lot– he didn't dare to underestimate this young man anymore.

When people were watching Shi Yan, he was also eyeing them, discreetly putting up his guard.

Standing next to Leona and Da Lei, the middle-aged manager of the Extreme Purgatory Field in front of him was at the Peak of King God Realm. Since he looked much similar to Du Feng, Shi Yan guessed that this man perhaps was also a member of the royal family, Du Tian Ji's brother.

And, he noticed two other people almost right when he stepped on the ground.

One of them was the rude middle-aged man in plain cotton garments. Since Shi Yan couldn't sense his cultivation base and aura, he should be the same as Leona and Da Lei, an expert at the Original God Realm.

With his understanding of the five great feudal vassals, this man should be Rochester, who was ranked right behind Ao Gu Duo. He was also a brutal and combative character.

The other one was young, good-looking, and coltish. His face was white, accompanied by a slender body. He should be one of the five feudal vassals, Carthew.

He was also an Original God Realm expert. Among the five feudal vassals, he was titled 'White-faced Bloody-handed.' Besides Leona, he was the youngest among the feudal vassals, and also a great legend of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. 

Although he had earned fame and powers when he was still young, Carthew was born a humble kid on an ordinary life star. At the first time he had received the power Upanishad in the Source of power Upanishad Inheritance, he had started to show his talents. Then, he enrolled in the military of the empire and started his life on the battlefields. His performance was so dazzling, which helped him earn the glory of being a feudal vassal.

Carthew had the worst background among the five. However, he had used his own power to reach the peak little by little. Eventually, he became a strong feudal vassal.

Carthew just smiled tenderly from the beginning, his visage mild and gently just like a teacher, who didn't give the others any dangerous feelings. They would instinctively relax in front of him and get charmed by his gentle aura.

However, in the eyes of the other forces outside the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, he was truly a demon. He had swaggered for so many years in outer space, hunting down countless space pirates and marauders.

Countless corpses of space pirates had built his foundation, making him stand firmly in the divine nation. Whenever they mentioned his name, space pirates would always be hostile.

There was an unwritten saying space pirates shared with each other that whoever could kill Carthew would immediately become the only leader of the space pirates.

However, until now, Carthew had still run amuck around outer space, chasing and killing space pirates. He had robbed the pirates to collect a great deal of properties for the empire.

Wherever he passed by, space pirates would be petrified.

Until now, he still lived his life casually, while the space pirates always shivered on seeing him.

Marauding the marauders, his cruel deeds and ruthlessness weren't something ordinary people could think about and apply.

Carthew just smiled and said nothing. However, his phoenix eyes, which looked like a beautiful woman's eyes, often glared at Leona with a strange gleam.

Shi Yan observed for a while and felt weird. From the way Carthew looking at the other, he seemed to have some unclear feelings for Leona. It looked like he liked her a lot.

Shi Yan was baffled. He couldn't help but turn around, his eyes gliding over the woman standing next to him. A beam of strange thought flashed in his eyes.

This woman was a legend in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, with bloody, brutal deeds. She was a noble person though. However, her appearance...wasn't any more beautiful than a wailing ghost.

Did Carthew have a special fetish? Was she his type?

Shi Yan couldn't understand.

"Ao Gu Duo hasn't arrived yet. We need to wait for him for several days more. He sent me a message saying that he would be here in seven days max. Yeah, he said he got some stuff along the way here, which delayed him," The middle-aged man explained softly.

"Ao Gu Duo is making himself important, huh? He dares make me wait for him!" Although the others didn't say anything, Leona started to cause trouble with a cold face. Vicious hatred filled her dark green eyes.

Among this group, only she dared to scold Ao Gu Dou. It was because she was much stronger, and her bloody force was the mightiest force in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Even though she wasn't patient, no one dared to comment.

"Madame Leona, please calm down. Sir Ao Gu Duo has something that delays him. He said that when he comes here, he will make it up for you," The middle-aged man smiled dryly, continuing to explain.

"I want to see how Ao Gu Dou could make up for this." Leona swung her arm, and couldn't help but speak up. "I'm going to rest. When Ao Gu Duo comes here, tell him to come and talk to me face to face. Harrumph! I have something to discuss with him anyway."

Her eyes fell on Shi Yan, as if she had implied something.

Shi Yan was astounded. He immediately got that she would trouble Ao Gu Duo because of Ao Gera's dark trick, which destroyed one of her battleships. 

While frowning, Shi Yan suddenly realized that he would be a witness, and that he would have to stand up and criticize Ao Gu Duo and Ao Gera.

However, it was obvious that they didn't have enough pieces of evidence. They actually had nothing to prove that Ao Gera had done that. And, they couldn't make it related to Ao Gu Duo either. Would that woman prepare to scold and force the others to accept their crime?

Leona excused that she was tired after a long trip, bringing the three young warriors under her command and leaving arrogantly. They stayed in a palace on this mountain.

This palace had a dark sun symbol. It seemed like the palace belonged to her. She didn't pay attention to Shi Yan. After they got into the palace, she intended to keep a distance from him, saying nothing.

Right after Leona had left, many warriors on the square started to scatter. Rochester, Carthew, and Da Lei brought their people and left to their own palaces. Each of them had a private place on the mountains of this mountain range. They had shown up here to show their respects to Leona.

Not long after Carthew had left, on the way to his palace, he suddenly stopped, turning around and waving at Shi Yan. "Buddy, if you don't mind, why don't you come and drink with me?"

On this spacious, grand mountain range, warriors had all scattered, and no one had thrown Shi Yan an eye. Even the middle-aged manager didn't have any intention to arrange a room for him.

As Zi Yao wasn't here, Shi Yan had no one to ask for information. Leona seemed not wanting to talk to him much. For the time being, he became an outsider.

While standing alone there with no clue about where to go, Shi Yan's eyes brightened up on seeing Carthew waving at him.

Looking here and there, as Shi Yan found that no one noticed them. He frowned, then relaxed, beaming a smile. He didn't care how bad Carthew's reputation was, walking directly to him and clasping his fists from a far distance to greet the other. "Then, I won't be too polite."

"It's okay," Carthew laughed. He asked his retinue to leave, then walked Shi Yan to his private palace.

It was a beautiful, blue crystal palace. As soon as the man appeared, his maids came to receive him. Each of them was around twenty years old. They all looked inviting, with exposing clothes. They had just a thin silky fabric sheet on their bodies. People could see their private areas from time to time.

The maids served them good wine and food. Inside the blue crystal palace, Carthew was sitting on his chairman's seat, smiling warmly while raising his glass. "Come here, come here, drink with me, buddy. Don't be too polite."

Shi Yan was skeptical, as he didn't know why Carthew wanted to drink with him. He had never met this man before, so they didn't have any relationship.

And, he was just an unknown character in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation without any reputation. Most importantly, he was marked as a member of Zi Yao's retinue. It was impossible that Carthew wanted to recruit him.

Shi Yan frowned inwardly.