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765 Purgatory Star

The sky here was pitch-black, without any sun, moon, or stars. Black ink water seemed to hover thickly in the sky, hindering all kind of lights. The cold and isolated aura permeated everywhere.

Further in their vision were mountains jutting up to the sky. However, they were carved and portrayed spookily. They looked as ferocious as the strong demon beasts in the Dawn of the planet, which could shake people's souls.

The ground was full of red blood. A bloodthirsty aura and the thick scent of blood invaded the whole land.

Leona stood on the main deck, looking like a wailing ghost of this Purgatory Star. She seemed to be waiting for something.

Shi Yan was discreetly careful. He sauntered to behind her, looking at her back and speaking respectfully. "Greetings, Madame."

Leona didn't turn around, still looking at the far area ahead of her. "How is your condition?"

"I'm recovered fully. No damage. It's because of your grace." Shi Yan slightly bent his body, his eyes focusing on her.

Standing near Leona were three other young warriors. One of them was at the Second Sky of King God Realm, and the other two were at the First Sky of King God Realm. They all wore pitch-black clothes, which had a dark sun crest – the unique mark of Leona.

The Second Sky of King God Realm warrior was a Dark Clan female. Although her appearance wasn't that outstanding, her body was mesmerizingly appealing. At the same time, her aura was quite intimidating.

The other two were young human males. From their similar appearances, they must be brothers. These two had a barrel-chested, muscular body, with haughty faces indicating they didn't want to be controlled.

The reason why Shi Yan observed those three was neither because of their realms nor their special appearances. It was because all three of them wore a token on their waist, which had the drawing of a bloody crown – the Purgatory Token. 

Apparently, these three were like him. They were going to join the Extreme Purgatory Field.

When he observed these three, they were also looking at him with a disdainful face. They obviously looked down on him.

Especially the Dark Clan's woman, who pursed her lips while talking faintly. "Only at the True God Realm. Trash! Once he gets into the Extreme Purgatory Field, he'll soon be killed."

Leona snorted.

Those three young people quieted down. Their eyes were somber, slightly bending their bodies as if they were waiting for her advice.

"I don't know what you will do after you get in there. In short, the one who can kill the most must be one of you three." Leona suddenly turned around. Her dark green eyes raked through the three young people. "If you lose my people, even if you can come out alive, I will kill you myself. I will destroy your clan too." 

These three people shut their mouths. They immediately kneeled down on one knee, stooping. No one dared to talk anymore.

"This man will join the Extreme Purgatory Field as well. You guys pay attention to him." Leona pointed at Shi Yan and shouted her order. "In the Extreme Purgatory Field, if you encounter him, you can kill him. However, remember this, if he has to die, he must die in your hands. Whoever else dares touch him, skin them and draw their bones out for me! Confine their souls and torture them to death!"

The three nodded instantly. Their eyes looked at Shi Yan with a bloodthirsty visage.

Shi Yan shuddered inwardly. His face was cold as he stooped and grinned fiendishly.

"If you see Ao Gu Duo's men, don't show mercy. Kill them all. Especially Ao Gera, if you see him, bring his soul to me… I'll treat him myself," Leona shouted.

The two were shaken as they got stirred up immediately. Their eyes became blood-red, full of fighting will.

While Leona was talking, hissing sounds came from ahead of them. Not long afterward, ten-meters long war chariots appeared one by one in front of them. A handsome warrior in the leading war chariot pitched his voice. "Greetings, Madame Leona."

Leona nodded, gazing at Shi Yan. She pulled something in the air, and a white bone war chariot flew over. She got in the chariot and talked to her warriors. "Get in."

The three members of the Bloody Legion, who were going to join the Extreme Purgatory Field, got in the war chariot without saying a word.

Leona frowned, sweeping her eyes over Shi Yan. 

Shi Yan nodded, his face indifferent. He walked to the war chariot as well.

His view became wider after he got into the war chariot. He suddenly found that only this white bone battleship appeared in the Purgatory Star. The other ships had disappeared somewhere.

Leona touched the void, and a beam of pitch-black light fell on the white bone battleship under their feet. Prison cells suddenly flew out of the battleship, each cell covered with a dark shadow. Around fifty cells floated in the air, looking like small suns.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness flickered. A gleam of fright flashed in his eyes as he looked at Leona.

He suddenly recognized that at the moment Leona used her power and her God Domain, her body was covered entirely in the darkness, as if she had disappeared completely.

Dark Domain!

A beam of magical light crossed his brain like lightning. In the next moment, he vaguely got something. Dark Upanishad! It was the Dark power Upanishad!

Shi Yan was shaken. He suddenly released why he felt that he and Leona had something in common. Because, the Dark Upanishad the woman had was totally the same as the War Devil in his ring!

However, War Devil couldn't make the Dark Upanishad reach that status. Anyway, War Devil was just a puppet, a clone of Lao Luo. Since it didn't have a soul, it would never be able to touch the essence of the Dark power Upanishad

Leona was different. She had reached the Original God Realm, so her perception and understanding of the Dark Upanishad wasn't something the War Devil could compare with.

However, the attribute of their power Upanishad and aura was the same. But, one was endlessly intimidating, while the other was much weaker.

"Welcome, Madame Leona," Warriors on the dark iron war chariot bent their bodies to greet her loudly.

Leona nodded as they white bone war chariot dashed forward rapidly. Around fifty clusters of dark light followed her like dark clouds. They were the cells controlled by her Dark power.

Apparently, those warriors were the receptionists. They led the way while Shi Yan and Leona were behind them.

Shi Yan then saw ranges of thousands of meters tall mountains, which were cut into the shapes of ghosts and monsters. This group of rock ghosts and monsters looked ferocious, with an evil, bloody aura. They appeared under the bone chariot, zoomed out, and disappeared.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan saw another battleship by a three thousand meters tall mountain range. This one was made of platinum, shining dazzlingly in this dark Purgatory Star.

"Seems Rochester's here." Leona glared at the platinum battleship, then shifted her look away, talking indifferently.

"True. Sir Rochester arrived here the first. He's been idle here for half a month." The receptionist smiled, trying to earn her favor. "Besides Sir Rochester, Sir Carthew and Sir Da Lei have come. Until now, only Sir Ao Gu Duo's still on the way."

Shi Yan's eyes flared up strangely.

Besides Leona, Ao Gu Duo, and Da Lei, Rochester and Carthew were the other members of the five great feudal vassals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation.

The five great feudal vassals guarded five different areas. To expand the territory of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, they engaged in bloody fights every day, building and expanding the endless divine nation. They were considered the five great pillars of the divine nation.

Among the five great feudal vassals, Leona had the strongest force. Ranked the second was Ao Gu Duo's, followed by Rochester, and Carthew. Da Lei, the one Shi Yan had met, was placed the last among the five. His force was the weakest.

The ranking of the five great feudal vassals didn't always stay the same. Depending on the land they could occupy, and the merits of their subordinates, their rankings would be classified transparently.

Rumors said that at the beginning, Leona had been ranked the last. When she became a feudal vassal, she had received severe criticism, saying that she wasn't eligible.

It was Du Jian Ji of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation who had supported her, giving her a chance to show her competence. Finally, she stood firmly on the last position among the feudal vassals.

She didn't let Du Tian Ji down, making all who had criticized her shut their mouths. Shortly, after one hundred years, she had used bloody brutal deeds to contribute to the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. She had expanded the Dark Firmament Divine Nation's territory. From the last position among the feudal vassals, she now topped them all. She became the never-ending legend of the divine nation. 

Today, she had used her attainment to gain fame. In the divine nation, no one dared to criticize or look down on her. Whenever they mentioned her, they would do it with admiration, respect, and fear.

Shortly, a ten-thousand-meters tall mountain range situated on an area over hundreds of miles wide appeared. It looked like a savage beast crouched on the ground. The rough cliffs were as sharp as thick fangs. The aura bursting out of this area was intimidating and tyrannical. At first glance, it could shake people's hearts.

Simple palaces built of blood-like rocks were present on the highest summit of this mountain range. The mountain was hollowed out with many pitch-black caves. Resentful, evil grunts, roars, and cries came out of those caves.

After Leona came here, the Dark Domain on her body moved slightly. Floating cells behind her rolled into those caves like black rubber balls.

Many warriors were waiting at the entrance of the caves to receive the prisoners from those cells.

She didn't pay attention to those caves, just standing on the white bone war chariot while looking at the spacious square on the highest mountain. Some warriors were waiting there.

Shi Yan followed her line of sight. As soon as he looked at the square, he spotted Da Lei and Da Meng. Besides them, there stood some other young people. Each of them had humongous auras, wearing the Purgatory Token on their waists. Apparently, they were going to join the extreme training course in the Extreme Purgatory Field.

"Hahaha! Madame Leona, finally you're here. I've been waiting for you for so long." An extraordinarily handsome middle-aged man in luxurious clothes stepped out of the group, laughing happily. He looked somewhat similar to Du Feng.

Leona didn't move. She just nodded, driving the white bone war chariot towards the square.

"Ah!" That middle-aged man sighed. His eyes raked through four people standing behind Leona, asking skeptically. "Hey, it's not correct. Your Bloody Legion has only three quotas. Why do you have one extra?" 

This middle-aged man seemed to be one of the managers of the Extreme Purgatory Field. He understood the rules well, so he was astounded.

"He isn't from my Bloody Legion." Leona snorted, pointing at Shi Yan. "He's Princess Zi Yao's subordinate. I met him on the way here, so I just gave him a lift."

"Zi Yao's subordinate?" The old man became more astounded. "Didn't they choose Ao Gera from their internal meeting? How come they changed the participant all of a sudden? Weird."