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761 Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion

Shi Yan suddenly woke up as a terrible tremor was emitted from his amethyst war chariot. Instantly, the amethyst chariot cracked with so many fine slits, while a tremendously destructive power was about to burst off!

This terrifying energy was much fiercer than the Volcano Crystal Nucleus Zi Yao had used. It seemed to be able to blow off an entire life star! Inexplicably evil!

As though he had encountered spooky ghosts, Shi Yan didn't have any time to think. Space power flew out of his soul altar, while the energy in his entire body was boosted to the acme instantly.

Shi Yan's Space power Upanishad and the energy of outer space had created a marvelous resonance. At this moment, multiple fine space slits appeared near him, with five-colored lights sticking out.

Waves of space energy rippled in front of his eyes. He had urged all energies in his body, which made his body shrivel in just a blink. The third Sky of Rampage Realm was activated. His negative energy was urged, as Shi Yan recklessly stormed into layers of space splits. He wildly dashed towards the Moon Star in front of him.

The earth-shaking energy tremor under his feet had been stimulated to the max. The explosion that could tear the whole sky burst off abruptly!

In that instance, dazzling light beams shot out everywhere like the sharpest sabers.

The shockwave created by the explosion moved at a shockingly fast speed. Even Shi Yan, who had crossed the space slits, saw them getting shattered. A space energy flood that naked eye could see furiously spurted out of the slits.

Light bloomed, as if the sun or the moon was exploding. Billions of fierce light beams smashed the space slits behind him into so many fragments. That exploding energy was rumblingly bombarding behind his back.

Shortly, his back was torn into a mess, his dark gold bones getting exposed.

Shi Yan tried his best to urge the energy in his entire body. His soul altar was still spinning fast as he shot towards the Moon Star like a fading shadow.

The furious energy had burst off his back, waist, and nape. His tenacious body couldn't resist the mighty power of the shockwave. His soul was trembling, as he was intensely exhausted. He was put in a coma shortly, with a darkness swallowing his mind.

Under the Moon Star, the intimidating energy expanded like a vast sea, while light beams swept through the entire area. The battleships couldn't endure this brutal, formidable energy.

The battleship closest to the core of the explosion was fragmented in just a blink of an eye. Warriors from different races who were gambling and drinking on the battleship were turned into powder immediately, leaving nothing. 

Even experts at King God Realm with God Bodies and God Domain couldn't escape the shockwaves. Although their God Bodies were tougher than rock or iron, they were still bleeding badly. Blocks of flesh were peeled off their bones, turning them into bloody skeletons. Only their soul altar could escape in that instant.

A brutal, wild shout arose from the leading battleship as a woman in black clothes appeared in the center of the explosion. She had an appealing body, accompanied by a frighteningly scarred face.

Waves of crystal-like energy rippled from her God Domain, strongly changing the principles of heaven and earth, creating a flood current which guided the energy generated from the explosion to one side. With a somber face, she continually urged her supernatural powers, pulling the tremendous energy created by the explosion towards the immense darkness.

The woman in black with a scarred face shivered in anger. She looked as ferocious as a wailing ghost, with indignation sparkling in her eyes.

Under her power, the furious energy flood generated from the Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion was pushed aside, saving the other battleships from this fatal attack.

Only the first exploded battleship was now a total ruin. Besides the bloody skeletons in that area, soul altars were floating here and there, as a resentful aura shot out from them.

The impact of the Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion had paled the warriors who were lucky enough to not get involved in this. They gritted their teeth with blood-red eyes, looking at the Moon Star like a pack of wolves.

This formidable explosion had smashed a one-thousand-meters-long battleship. Several hundred warriors at different levels were killed. Around twenty King God Realm experts had lost their God Bodies, leaving only their soul altars. Many materials carried on that ship were now mere powder, becoming a part of the space debris wandering in the dark universe.

The smell of blood permeated the area, which was so nauseating. Although they had lost their God Bodies, their soul altars were alright. Their God Souls hissed and cried mournfully like wailing ghosts. All of a sudden, they flew rapidly towards the Moon Star.

The woman in black was still floating in the center of the explosion. Her dark green eyes were as cold as sabers. A wild, furious murderous aura shot out from her, sending shivers down the other warriors' spines.

The woman wore a cold visage. Each scar on her face looked like a small snake crawling under her skin. A flame of anger seemed to be ignited in her heart, as she looked ready to erupt at any minute like a volcano.

"Ma'am," A handsome Third Sky of King God Realm expert in heavy dark iron armor kneeled down in the void. "That man was sitting in an amethyst war chariot."

The woman in black shouted ruthlessly like demons hissing and crying in Hell. Her voice pierced people eardrums. "I want him alive!" She roared through her gritted teeth.

The good-looking man in black iron armor had a heavy smell of blood about him, as if he had been soaked in the sea of blood for years. His armor had many blood stains as well. He nodded, then shot out like a bloody light, heading towards the shining Moon without saying anything.

On the barren Moon, the ground was silver, like some kind of metal, shining with a magical halo.

Shi Yan with his torn flesh body had almost turned into a bloody skeleton. His vessels and tendons were all broken, and some of his dark gold bones were also cracked. If it were a normal person, he would have died immediately.

However, his vitality was still there as he was lying quietly on the icy cold metal ground. His eyes were blurry while he was bearing the utmost pain to adjust his body's condition.

The amethyst war chariot suddenly exploded, creating the shockwave that could even crush a small-sized life star. Such a powerful explosion was something he had never seen before. Also, he had never thought that an explosion could reach such a level.

If he hadn't known the Space power Upanishad, and he hadn't urged all of his energy, which even hurt his soul to create the space slit, he would have turned into dust by now.

However, even if he had escaped rapidly, his body was almost crushed under the shockwave of that explosion. His soul altar was also damaged badly. At this moment, his consciousness was blurred, and he couldn't even rebuild his thoughts.

While he was still muddling and couldn't respond, he had fallen into that furious energy impact.

Shadows of ghosts roaring in the soul altar crossed the sea of cold moonlight, appearing in his view.

Those ghost shadows were the God Souls of the warriors who had lost their God Bodies. They were riding their soul altars as if they were riding horses, appearing one by one in his view.

The God Souls of the warriors acted as if someone had killed their parents. They were extremely resentful as they showed themselves one by one. The soul altar spun, as they were about to urge the God Domain to bombard him.

Shi Yan was frightened.

A hunky man wearing heavy black iron armor suddenly intervened, shouting. "Our boss wants him alive!"

A stream of dark energy was fired from his arms. Just like a gloomy long river descending from the sky, it covered Shi Yan's bloody body entirely.

Under that gloomy energy's effect, Shi Yan was lifted, without any room to wiggle. Even his Immortal Martial Spirit stopped healing his flesh and bones. Soon, he was brought to that man. 

The God Souls sat neatly on their soul altars, looking at him just like a pack of hungry wolves. They hated that they could gnaw at his bones, crush him and swallow him wholly.

Under the binding of that dark river, Shi Yan couldn't move at all. He was forcefully dragged out of the Moon Star and brought to the affected area of the previous explosion.

Although his body's functions were all damaged, Shi Yan could see fragments of the battleship, along with pieces of bones and blood floating around. He could even smell the thick scent of blood. 

Flows of energy that naked eyes couldn't see quietly surged and seeped into his body quietly.

Those were the beams of Essence Qi of the warriors who got crushed to death in that explosion. His Mysterious Martial Spirit was taking them in using a method that no one could detect. The energy was absorbed into his body, filling his acupuncture points with negative energy. The brutal, desperate, and resentful auras in this area had become so sharp and clear that they were able to affect people's mind.

As he floated in the dark river, his acupuncture points automatically attracted the remnants of the energy, which made him understand their feelings before they died. 

They were scared and desperate. They missed this world when they were about to die. And, they were extremely indignant!

Shi Yan squeezed a forced smile inwardly. He looked at his body, which was bleeding badly. At this moment, he couldn't say anything.

"Not died yet, good! Very good!" A savage female voice echoed not too far from him. In the next moment, the woman in black appeared in his view. This woman grabbed something in the void, and a flow of mysterious energy intruded Shi Yan's head.

His soul altar didn't listen to him anymore. It trembled and flew out of his head, floating alone above his mutilated body.

He had so many wounds that went deep to the bones. Broken bones were stuck into his internal organs, while his tendons and vessels were cut. After his God Soul skimmed over his body, the damages he had were reflected clearly in his soul.

Shi Yan couldn't help but beam a wry smile. His God Soul sent him a distressed feeling. He gradually calmed down when his soul altar was still moving.


At the first glance itself, his God Soul was shaken on seeing the woman's appearance. He thought he had seen a wailing ghost from Hell, making him feel uncomfortable.


The woman in black forcefully dragged his soul altar out of his head, her eyes focused on it. Suddenly, she exhaled in surprise for a second. Then, she shouted abruptly. "All of you get out of here! Now!"

Many resentful warriors wanted to storm over. As they hadn't had time to check Shi Yan's soul altar, her shout made their soul tremble. They all hastened to flee away.

There was no one near her and Shi Yan. No experts dared to come close. This woman was clearly the commander of those battleships.

The dark green eyes of the woman in black sparkled with a strange light while they were gazing at Shi Yan's soul altar, astounded.