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759 The Purgatory Token

The Amethyst Palace was the symbol of the supreme power in the Glorious Amethyst Star. It was also Zi Yao's palace, where she resolved her business and cultivated.

However, it was different today. Two lines of guards were standing on both sides of the stairs in front of the Amethyst Palace. Behind them sat a Third Sky of King God Realm warrior near the entrance.

That warrior was Ao Gera's subordinate, who had just come back with him. Shi Yan had seen him before.

Shi Yan frowned and then put on his usual countenance, walking towards the Amethyst Palace. Suddenly, two lines of guards standing solemnly on the steps stopped him with unfriendly faces while one of them shouted. "Stop!"

These two lines of guards had fourteen warriors in total. Each line had seven guards holding long silver spears, sparkling sharply.

Fourteen pairs of eyes shot towards Shi Yan with caution. Their spears shivered slightly, sending an extraordinary energy fluctuation.

All of them were at the True God Realm, with half at the Peak of True God Realm. Their auras were much more intimidating than his.

Shi Yan changed his visage, then snorted and took out the jade token he was wearing on his belt. "The Princess gave me this jade token. She said that I could enter the Amethyst Palace freely. I've been away for several days, and this Amethyst Palace has had a new master now?"

As the guard saw the token, his face became strange. He didn't answer but turned around, looking at the warrior standing behind them.

The old man still closed his eyes as he slowly rose his indifferent voice. "The Princess has set off to Dark Firmament Star to find the King and ask for justice. Before she left, she had advised that when she's absent, Ao Gera will be in charge of the Amethyst Palace. Currently, Ao Gera's cultivating inside the Amethyst Palace. He doesn't want anybody to disturb him. He has advised that we can't let anybody enter the Amethyst Palace before he wakes up."

"With the jade token granted by the Princess, I still can't go?" Shi Yan snorted with a cold face. "Isn't it true that the Princess' words are the rules in the Glorious Amethyst Star?"

"Bull!" The old man shouted. A sharp aura shot out from his body instantly, seeming like a sharp sword. His closed eyes slowly opened, gazing at Shi Yan furiously. "Of course, Princess Zi Yao's the master of the Glorious Amethyst Star. It will never change. However, the Princess isn't here. She has told us that in her absence, Ao Gera shall be in charge. Today, Ao Gera's cultivating inside the Amethyst Palace, and no one is allowed to disturb him. It doesn't matter that you have the token or not. You are not allowed to get in. Otherwise, don't blame me."

When this man was talking, his voice was amplified. Many warriors on the square could hear his voice, so they came close to observe.

Many warriors from the other palaces walked out with frowning face. They came to check what was happening there. Not long afterward, the beefy Demon Clan's warrior whom Shi Yan had seen before walked out from a palace, still baring his chest. 

He appeared and harrumphed while walking towards Shi Yan shortly. He shouted mockingly at that man. "Yuwen, although our master isn't here, I think it's not your job to control everything, eh? Then, what is a major-domo like me to do?"

The old man put on a serious countenance. "I protect the Amethyst Palace for Ao Gera. It's to prevent some low-realm people from being crushed into powder by his God Domain while he's cultivating."

Then, the old man closed his eyes again, as if he didn't want to talk much to the Demon Clan's brawny man.

The major-domo stood outside the Amethyst Palace, looking at the place with a dark face, as if he was releasing his energy to sense something. After a while, he knitted his brows and asked Shi Yan. "Did you put anything in there?"

 "No," Shi Yan shook his head as his ruthless eyes lingered on Yuwen for a while.

"Follow me. Princess had arranged something for you before she left." The beefy Demon man turned away, walking on the square. Shi Yan followed him.

"What happened?" Shi Yan tried to probe for information from that sturdy man.

"Ao Gera said that he found the corpses of Bergh and Antrim. But he didn't see Prince Du Feng's." The Demon man hesitated for a while and then turned around. "Princess was worried that Prince Du Feng would be in big trouble. She went to the Dark Firmament Star to ask for the King's opinions. Before she left, she did say that Ao Gera would be in charge of the Glorious Amethyst Star. It has always been like that..."

Shi Yan nodded as he understood.

"You've not been familiar with the Glorious Amethyst Star yet. Even if the Princess trusts and favors you, it's impossible that she would let you manage the Glorious Amethyst Star. You would ruin it." The Demon man explained. "The Princess does favor you a lot. Otherwise, she wouldn't give you her jade token."

Shi Yan nodded again

"This is what Princess wanted to give you, the Purgatory Token. This is how you can go to the Extreme Purgatory Field." The beefy man held a token with both his hands, which wasn't made of jade or gold, then handed it to Shi Yan with a solemn face.

Actually, his respect wasn't for Shi Yan but the Purgatory Token.

Shi Yan received the token, gathering his spirit to check it. This token had a triangular shape, with a white bone crown carved on it. The white bone crown was supported by several pale bones above a pond of blood. Shi Yan caressed the token. All of a sudden, he had a brutal thought of killing people. It seemed like the token had many resentful ghosts screaming inside it.

"The King had forged the Purgatory Tokens himself. The bloody white bone crown is the symbol of the royal family of the divine nation."

Shi Yan nodded, closed his eyes, and caressed the white bone crown on the token. He felt his Blood Qi increase abruptly, as the killing desire arose in him.

Frightened, Shi Yan didn't dare to sense further. He hastened to put the Purgatory Token into his Storage Ring, then asked, "Did the Princess advise me anything before she left?"

"She wants you to go to the Purgatory Star. The Extreme Purgatory Field is there. And, take the amethyst war chariot she gave you." The man pointed at a brand new fulgent amethyst war chariot. This beautiful chariot was apparently of a better quality than the others parked around this area. "The Extreme Purgatory field is about to open. People holding this Purgatory Token can go there. When you get to the Purgatory Star, show them the token. They will take care of you and explain everything."

Shi Yan smiled, then slightly bent his body. "Thank you, Major-domo. What's your name?"

"Ai Fu La," The Demon man hesitated for a while and then beamed a bright smile, telling his name. His eyes rolled as he was considering something. Then, he continued in a low voice. "The Princess and Ao Gera had a dispute because of this Token. My men overheard it accidentally."

Shi Yan was bewildered. He paused for a while and then looked at the other man with a solemn visage. "Thank you."

"Don't worry! Be careful. Our Princess appreciates you, so don't fail her. The quotas of the Extreme Purgatory Field are very precious. As she wants to send you there, she does favor you a lot. At this moment, she needs more support. I hope that you would give her strong support in the near future," Ai Fu La said with a serious countenance.

Apparently, he was quite loyal and dedicated to Princess Zi Yao. He had always thought for Zi Yao. As long as something benefited her, he wouldn't hesitate to do it. He would fulfill everything Zi Yao asked him to do.

"Alright, I got it. Thanks again." Shi Yan said heavily, then got in the amethyst war chariot. He found that all the restrictions and barriers were lifted. He could use his Soul Consciousness to drive the chariot directly.

Shi Yan sent his Soul Consciousness into the station of the amethyst war chariot. A constellation map arose, showing the location of the Glorious Amethyst Star and the Purgatory Star. At first glance, Shi Yan learned his route immediately.

Shi Yan knew that Zi Yao had prepared everything for him before she left. She even set the map for him, so he didn't need to do anything.

"You should check it carefully. This war chariot has been used by so many people. I've seen Ao Gera's men adjust it too." Ai Fu La suddenly said, his words implying something.

Shi Yan was surprised. He released his Soul Consciousness to sense the energy fluctuation in this war chariot. Afterward, he smiled. "It's alright." 

"Many members of the Princess had pledged to die for her. They could risk their lives in many dangers. However, some of them have disappeared inexplicably..." Ai Fu La muttered, throwing a glance towards the Amethyst Palace.

Shi Yan's eyes changed as he was scared.

When he bid farewell to Ka Tuo, the man had also advised him to be cautious with Zi Yao. He told him that many of her escorts had disappeared for unknown reasons. He said that Zi Yao was an extremely toxic character.

Connected to what Ai Fu La had just told him, Shi Yan suddenly understood something as a flash of thought crossed his mind.

 "You should be careful." Ai Fu La didn't talk more. He nodded and waved his hand, then left.

After his figured disappeared, Shi Yan used his Soul Consciousness to drive the amethyst war chariot, turning into purple lightning and soaring into space. 

The amethyst war chariot was made of amethyst, which was a special crystal that could be added with Divine Crystal energy. Each war chariot had been installed with Divine Crystals to supplement the energy. The war chariot flew up and accelerated towards the sky. As he was looking outside from the chariot, Shi Yan suddenly felt something.

Standing in the war chariot, Shi Yan looked at the Amethyst Palace, especially at a central floor of the Amethyst Palace, where a tall, open platform was installed.

The blonde Ao Gera's small figure was sitting neatly. A wisp of energy fluctuated from his soul altar. He suddenly lifted his head, glaring at Shi Yan's war chariot.

Shi Yan's eyes and his locked each other from a distance of around ten thousand meters.


It felt like a flame blooming in the void, bringing up a sharp, hostile aura. Shi Yan beamed a faint smile, his face brutal and cold.

Ao Gera sat firmly and slowly closed his eyes, his aura quiet and archaic.