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758 Heaven flame’s ascension

Although he was Princess Zi Yao's escort, Ao Gera seemed to have a high status and position. He had his own cortege, and he seemed to be the other master of the Glorious Amethyst Star.

His subordinates were managing people to transport the materials from the flying bird war chariots. They even shouted at the onlookers to ask them to give a hand.

Those who were called didn't resist. Quite the contrary, they looked happy working for the warriors under Ao Gera's commands. They unloaded the materials and transported them to many places.

Princess Zi Yao and Ao Gera had left to the Amethyst Palace to talk about issues related to Du Feng and Bergh. Shi Yan observed for a while, then beamed a forced smile as he got it eventually. Shi Yan didn't return to the Amethyst Palace, leaving this place alone.

He had been to the Glorious Amethyst Star for a while, but he had always stayed inside the Amethyst Palace, and never got out or talked with Princess Zi Yao's underlings. That was why he didn't have a clue about Ao Gera's position and status.

Shi Yan understood that he had been staying in a bit too much, so he wanted to walk around to check the situation of the Glorious Amethyst Star. He should better have more knowledge of this area, as it would help him a lot later.

Glorious Amethyst Star was a continent. Although it wasn't as vast as the Grace Mainland, his Soul Consciousness couldn't cover it all. This place was filled with heaven and earth energy, many spiritual animals, and rare flora. All of those belonged to Princess Zi Yao of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the owner of this beautiful planet. 

Shi Yan left that group of palaces. Seeing the amethyst token on his waist, the guards moving back and forth slightly bent their bodies to greet him on the way.

People holding the Amethyst token could visit anywhere in the Amethyst Palace, as they were the distinguished guests of the Glorious Amethyst Star. They could go anywhere without having any restrictions.

With the token, his trip was smooth. He soared up into the sky, flying above the Glorious Amethyst Star. Looking at the sky with three dazzling suns and immersing himself in the sunlight, Shi Yan felt more comfortable and relaxed.

His mind flickered, and the three Bone Thorns roared, flying towards the mountain range, disappearing shortly.

Ear-piercing screams echoed from the center of the mountain ranges. Many spiritual animals had to hide in fright. The Bone Thorns were like invisible sharp weapons, swaying in the mountains. People could only hear the wind hissing, but not find out their whereabouts.

Shortly, Shi Yan was floating in the air, while his eyes sparkled with a fiercely cold light.


A verdant mountain flank in front of him suddenly had a fist-sized hole. It looked so deep that he couldn't even see the bottom.

His eyes glued to the hole. Shi Yan squinted to sense with a grin.

Three blazing bunches of light abruptly illuminated. Three crystal clear Bone Thorns were floating in front of him steadily. Silver light radiated from them, full of magical energy fluctuations.

Shi Yan waved his hand, and the three Bone Thorns disappeared. Shi Yan was satisfied, smiling as he flew forward once again.

After the Bone Thorns were quenched, their endurance and sharpness became extraordinary. With the energy of Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness, he could use the Bone Thorns to use his space power. The Bone Thorns could hide in space slits to avoid being detected by the opponents' Soul Consciousness.

These three Bone Thorns would be sharp weapons in his hand, which could perform tremendously in a life and death battle.

With high spirit, he flew through the mountains, lakes, and forests. After several hundred miles, he glided through a vast area of so many cities.

Most of the residents of those cities were ordinary people with different races. Shi Yan could sense some warriors, but their realms weren't so high. Strongest warriors would wear purple clothes. Apparently, they were under Princess Zi Yao's management. On behalf of her, they would control those cities.

Most of the cities there looked like the Sky Meteor City in the Quiet Cloud Land, or the Wonderful Stone City in the Divine Great Land. Each city would have a City Master to manage the entire operations of the city.

All the City Masters were Zi Yao's subordinates. They would help her find the potential warriors in the city to nurture them, which could help her in the future. Taxes would be submitted on time, turning into Zi Yao's properties.

Shi Yan got there, walking through the cities. He had put the token away so that nobody would notice him.

Gliding above the cities, Shi Yan found that the City Masters of many cities in the Glorious Amethyst Star were only at the True God Realm. In some small cities, the City Masters were only at the Spirit Realm or Sky Realm. Those cities constituted the Glorious Amethyst Star, surrounding the purple palaces where Zi Yao stayed, which was the only ruling structure of the planet.

In the eyes of those several thousand people, Zi Yao was their Queen, their master forever. Some of them even had never heard of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation or the Underworld League. Most of her people had never left the Glorious Amethyst Star.

Only warriors with potential would be selected. Afterward, they could move to the palaces where Zi Yao stayed to receive the power Upanishad inheritance. Then, they would have to cultivate and go through tests to earn their status and positions. They could be Zi Yao's guards or workers at the herbal fields, or even take care of her spiritual animals.

Zi Yao had many cities, but the heaven and earth energy in those cities weren't the same. Some were rich in energy, while many of them had thin layers of spiritual energy. Only where Zi Yao was staying had the thickest heaven and earth energy.

After several days of staying in the Glorious Amethyst Star, he had some understanding about this life star. Shi Yan evaluated to plan where he should establish a city for his family and friends from the Grace Mainland, so that they could stay and live happily. 

Different from the Grace Mainland, members of different clans could live together in harmony here. They wouldn't be hostile toward the others due to racism, which could lead to a bloody battle where either of them had to die.

Zi Yao had chosen the best subordinates. She didn't care about races, just their realms and competences, and how much they could support her.

After several days of taking a tour around the Glorious Amethyst Star, Shi Yan had a deeper understanding of this life star. Through a True God Realm City Master, he got to know Ao Gera's identity.

Ao Gera at the Second Sky of King God Realm was the son of Ao La Dai, the blood sister of Ao Gu Duo – one of the five feudal vassals. Ao La Dai got married to a leader of a small force near the border of Ao Gu Duo's territory. To take over that force, Ao Gu Duo made his sister marry that leader, which was solely to merge that force into his territory.

Ao Gera had shown his extraordinary innate talents when he was pretty young. He was excellent in cultivation, so Ao La Dai and her husband had always indulged him.

One of the five Great Feudal Vassals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, Ao Gu Duo didn't get married. He didn't have any children, so he had treated this talented nephew as if he were his blood son. He had favored him so much that he had taught Ao Gera the meanings of martial path himself for a period of time.

Ao Gera was a prominent young man in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. After he had seen Zi Yao the first time, it seemed he had fallen under her spell. He decided to follow Zi Yao and pledge to protect her welfare and honor.

When Ao Gu Duo and Ao La Dai found out about his decision, they had tried everything to oppose it. However, the young man was persistent. He had given up everything and moved to the Glorious Amethyst Star alone, becoming Zi Yao's escort.

Due to his special status, Zi Yao was proud and happy to have him as her retinue. She had always treated him well, considering him her friend. She even let him take care of many big cities on her planet. 

After Ao Gera followed Zi Yao, his realm had never been stagnant, but always advanced, which had cheered his uncle Ao Gu Duo a lot. Later on, he forgave the young man for his deed and sent the experts under his command to be Ao Gera's cortege.

That was why Ao Gera was a special character of Zi Yao's cortege. His origin wasn't bad, and he also had a firm backup and his own organization. Due to his admiration for Zi Yao, he was willing to humble himself and become her escort.

After Shi Yan knew of Ao Gera's identity, he was amazed, sighing with emotion for this man's deeds.

He had an outstanding background, but he had given it up for Zi Yao. He had harassed himself being her guard. If this man didn't have a deep affection for her, he should have been a cunning, wicked man. No matter what kind of character this young man was, Shi Yan staying close to Zi Yao in the Amethyst Palace would rouse his envy.

That was why Ao Gera didn't give him a comfortable feeling when he looked at him. Shi Yan understood that if he were him, he would have been enraged too.

Shaking his head begrudgingly, Shi Yan forced a smile while looking at the purple palaces and sighing. He pondered for a while, then returned to the place.

A feeble flame arose in his Sea of Consciousness as a wonderful thought crossed his mind. Although he didn't change his speed, his focus was now on his Sea of Consciousness.

On the heaven flame soul altar, the Earth Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame were sending out energy fluctuations. Their flames were flickering on the soul altar, as though they were about to wake up.

Shi Yan's eyes lit up.

When they were in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, the Earth Flame was the first one who went dormant. While fighting against the Vermilion Bird True Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame had absorbed a lot of the strange energy in that forbidden land. Afterward, these two flame quieted down as well.

Today, it had been half a year since then, and these three heaven flames were about to wake up. He was a little bit excited. Shi Yan pulled himself together and observed the situation.

Not long after that, the Earth Flame 'boomed,' releasing so many flames. It circled the soul altar and then stopped, sending him its thought. "I've reached level 4!"

Shi Yan was astounded. "That fast?"

"The Volcano Crystal Nucleus and the Sun Original Essence are the best precious items for me to ascend. Having them, of course, I can leap up swiftly," The Earth Flame answered him cheerily.

"And me…" The deep thought of the Corpse Vanishing Flame slowly arose. "I've reached level 3. The corpse Qi there was abundant. I'm lucky to have broken through another level."

"Haha. I've reached level 5! I should have reached level 5 earlier though!" The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame was thrilled.

This flame was the same as the Vermilion Bird True Flame. They were both at level 5, the highest ranked heaven flames among this group.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame used to be at level 4. However, since it had been confined for so many years, it was degraded back to level 3. Contrary to it, the Earth Flame, the flame that gained intellect the last, had leaped from level 2 to level 4 thanks to its miraculous encounter. After that event, this flame had benefited the most.

Feeling the joy of the heaven flames in his soul altar, Shi Yan also smiled while slowly flying toward the purple palaces, heading to the Amethyst Palace.