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756 The best quality bone material

In Zi Yao's private storage, Shi Yan found many chambers under different lists, storing many kinds of materials.

Some rooms stored many mineral ores and crystals. The others kept delicate wooden materials, which had natural patterns. Shi Yan also found a room filled with beautiful jades having many shapes and different functions.

All chambers here had a detailed written description, for example, the Bone Material room Shi Yan was checking out just now.

The Bone Material room wasn't so spacious, around one thousand square meters. Pieces of strange bones were put on greenish-brown shelves. Some of them were translucent like gems, some looked rusted, while the others still had a lot of blood stains and a thick bloody scent.

More than dozen kinds of bone materials were classified in different zones. A label, which was placed in front of each bone, described each material in detail, reading which beast it came from, name and level of the beast, class, attributes, and how to refine the bone. 

Shi Yan took a walk around the Bone Material room. He wasn't hurried. His eyes twinkled as he was praising this area.

Bone materials that Zi Yao had collected weren't normal. The lowest rank here belonged to a level 9 beast, and the rest belonged to beasts with special features.

Bones of level 10 beasts weren't a rare item in this place. They were put neatly on the shelves with a detailed introduction.

Shi Yan strolled around, stroking the bones he had passed by passionately. Sometimes he frowned, and sometimes his eyes glinted as he beamed a faint smile.

Monsters at level 10 could be compared to King God Realm experts. Usually, they were all tough and tenacious. Beasts of different classes were different, and their bones were distinctive. Some bones were as light as a feather, while the others were even heavier than iron or rock. This feature depended on the beast's class.

Shi Yan still walked around while his ten fingers touched each piece of bone here. He found so many kinds of bones with different attributes, many of which were priceless bone materials.

Of course, he wanted to see the skeleton of the level 11 beast Zi Yao had mentioned the most.

Holding the purple jade token in his hand, he sauntered to a corner of the Bone Materials room. This place had a clear energy fluctuation.

Around ten bones of three to eight meters were placed on a massive amethyst platform. These bones also had a label, but it wasn't clear enough.

However, those simple words had struck Shi Yan inwardly, making him put all of his attention on them.

Material: Level 11

Name of beast: Unknown

Functions: Unknown

Shi Yan's eyes sparkled with a strange light. He eyed those ten bones and hesitated for a while, before picking up a piece of black bone. He didn't know what kind of beast this bone belonged to, but it was totally black, with a shiny dark halo. It felt so cold and heavy in Shi Yan's hand.

Shi Yan's palm felt cool while holding this piece of bone. He suddenly felt a mountain-like heavy aura diffusing to his face from the bone. This bone was so heavy that Shi Yan had to urge his energy to hold it.

Shi Yan's face changed as he closed his eyes and felt. From this piece of bone, he could sense the thick and heavy aura of earth. 

Shi Yan shook his head discreetly, putting this bone down. His eyes shifted to the other bones in front of him.

The bone he wanted shouldn't be too heavy. Or else, it would be hard to promote space power of his Soul Consciousness. The feature of coming and going without leaving any trace was what he needed the most. The bones that could promote space power must be sharp, swift, and extremely tough!

Heavy wasn't what he wanted. He needed to avoid this feature.

His fingers surfed above the bones as if he were stroking his lover's skin.

'No, too brittle. It can't stand the space power.'

'Nah, not this one. Too blunt. Even if it's quenched, it can't be sharp enough to break the God Domain.'

'This one isn't good either...'

While his fingers glided above the bones, his Soul Consciousness penetrated them. Shi Yan could feel the attributes and the special features of each bone.

The bone materials on this platform belonged to the skeleton of an unknown level 11 beast. However, most of them had no energy remaining in them. Some still had a little of energy remnants, but the attributes weren't suitable. They were too brittle or too blunt, or had the attributes Shi Yan didn't need, such as Thunderbolt.

Closing his eyes, his Soul Consciousness continued to move around the bones on the platform via his fingers.


He suddenly opened his eyes, gazing at a six-meters long bone that was as wide as his fist. This bone looked like a piece of translucent white jade, with many holes on the surface, which seemed to be created naturally, and were part of the bone. Shi Yan couldn't find any flaw in this bone. 

Shi Yan placed his finger on a small hole on the bone. Immediately, he felt a gust, as if a furious wind was howling and storming out of that small hole, tearing his eardrum.

Hiss Hiss Hiss!

From the finger placed on the tiny hole, the hissing wind stormed into his soul. It felt like it was a real wind cutting his skin.

Shi Yan was shaken inwardly. He stooped, studying the bone while his eyes brightened. After a while, he laughed happily. "Tough, sharp, and belongs to a Wind-class beast. Also has some remaining energy that I can use. Top-quality bone material!"


The six-meters long bone flew up, slowly landing on his finger, floating in front of him.

The Vermilion Bird True Flame flew out from his soul altar. Under his thought, it turned into a flaming fluid ring, enveloping the bone.

Shi Yan's face was filled with smiles. "You refine it and extract all the impurities. I'm going to choose the auxiliary materials to increase its sharpness, flexibility, and speed!" He left the bone and the Vermilion Bird True Flame in the room, then flew towards Zi Yao's private material chambers. He busied himself in raking up Zi Yao's materials to choose the suitable materials to increase the bone's attributes and power.

Disaster suddenly fell on the cultivating materials Zi Yao had been collecting for years. The chambers that stored materials became a mess after Shi Yan's visit.

To gather the auxiliary materials quickly, Shi Yan moved like a tornado sweeping through the storage. Whenever he found a good item, he picked it up, gave it an examination, and put it directly into his Storage Ring.

His operation was like a hungry wolf snatching its prey, searching and taking. Finally, he had even affected Zi Yao, who was taking rest in her private Amethyst Palace.

A delicate, five-colored formation in the Jade chamber glistened. In the next moment, a charming figure appeared inside the divine light.

Princess Zi Yao was wearing a purple dress, her eyes gloomy. She weakly walked out of the formation inaudibly. The man who was rummaging pieces of jade and gem hadn't recognized her as he was still searching. He even mumbled to himself. "Wind attribute, better to be Wind attribute. No, not this one. Oh, sh*t, not this one either..."

Zi Yao frowned her bold brows. She was a little bit angry, staring at his back for a while. Afterward, seeing the man was not stopping his deed, she couldn't help but shout. "Do you want to destroy my material chambers?"

Shi Yan's back suddenly got upright. He suddenly turned around, throwing her a glance and smiling brightly. "No, I don't."

Regarding her for a second, he turned around and continued his business of collecting materials. He ignored Zi Yao one more time.

After a while, he craned his head from the mess of jades and gems. His eyes looked happy as if he had found something good eventually. "Your territory is so good. Thanks a ton for your favor, Your Highness. I think I can refine my Bone Thorns now."

Then he nodded, and a wind passed by Zi Yao as he rushed to the Bone Materials room.

Princess Zi Yao's face grimaced. She was angry as the other had ignored her completely. She gritted her teeth and then walked to the Bone Material room.

A red-orange flame covered a six-meters long crystal bone. From time to time, the crystal bone would drop some drops of brownish-gray viscous fluid. Those were the melted impurities inside the bone.

As the bone was being refined by the Vermilion Bird True Flame, wind would sometimes hiss through the tiny holes on the bone. Gradually, the bone became scarlet and angular like a sharp spear.

Shi Yan hadn't realized that she had come too. His face was serious while beautiful gems and strange stones flew out of his sparkling Storage Ring. An energy then guided them towards the bone.

The Vermilion Bird True Flame burst out its energy, and a red-orange flame covered those precious jades and gems, starting to refine them.

Shi Yan was serious as he sat down cross-legged right in front of Princess Zi Yao. His soul altar started to rotate while his hands were constantly making magical hand seals and formations. Energy under formations and seal forms struck the bone.

Shi Yan touched his glabella. A flow of flaming energy carrying the Sun Original Essence aura poured into the bone like a bunch of light. It then entered the bone through the tiny holes on its surface.

Shi Yan closed his eyes, while his hands started to move and carve the formations swiftly and unconsciously. Fine space lights appeared and sizzled. Under the support of some mysterious energy, they poured into the bone, and then strongly changed its structure.

Hundreds of hand seals and formations entered the bone like fading shadows. The bone suddenly emitted an earth-shaking whistle. The strong wind howled through the small holes in the bones.

The beautiful jades and strange gems were all melted into a magical fluid. Shi Yan's miraculous hand seals and formations sank into this fluid, and then they all merged with the strange energy inside the bone, increasing its power and ability.

Princess Zi Yao was dizzy and astounded on watching Shi Yan refining the bone.

After a long time, her beautiful eyes glistered as she muttered. "He's really a blacksmith. From his bearings, I think his grade isn't low either..."

A flame was burning on the bone, turning it into a scarlet hue as if it were heating up well. Magical hand seals and formation suddenly disappeared, and the tiny holes on the bone cracked, turning into narrow slits.

It seemed the bone was crushed and rebuilt. Those slits appeared as if it had suffered from sharp slashes or chops.

However, on a closer look, it was visible that each eyelet and slit had stored an extremely sharp space energy, which was like a wind blade that could cut and crush everything.