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751 Repel the enemy!

The Upanishad inheritance shot out of Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, slowly floating towards Ka Tuo. Ka Tuo's eyes were so hot, yet he was a little bit hesitant as well. Eventually, he released his soul altar.

His soul altar covered the Upanishad.

Shi Yan's negative energy covering the inheritance vanished immediately right when the Upanishad merged into the power Upanishad tier of Ka Tuo's soul altar, becoming part of his soul altar.

Chaotic energy fluctuations twirled around Ka Tuo. His body shook vehemently while he was sensing the Upanishad, adding it into his soul altar and making it his unique Seal of Upanishad.

Shi Yan let out light laughter. The way he looked at Ka Tuo didn't have any evil intention. 

When adding the power Upanishad, the warrior would need to release his soul altar and condense his soul, spirit, and thought into one. He shouldn't let any external force disturb him during the whole process.

At this moment, if Shi Yan struck a fatal strike, even if Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo had reached the Third Sky of King God Realm, he would receive severe wounds.

As long as he wanted to attack Ka Tuo, even if Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo could survive, he would be hurt badly. Perhaps he would never have the chance to enter the Original God Realm for the rest of his life.

But Shi Yan didn't want to attack Ka Tuo.

To him, the Blood Vein Ring still concealed a big secret that he had just entered the threshold of. It would take a long time to open it fully.

Ka Tuo received the inheritance of the Chaos Upanishad by Ge Lu, one of Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight.

As Ge Lu was one member of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, he must be a powerful expert. Shi Yan was scared thinking how this almost-invincible existence died.

Since Ge Lu was related to that man, perhaps he would become a sharp weapon in Shi Yan's hand.

Of course, he would never destroy his weapon.

Shortly, Ka Tuo seemed to finish adding the Upanishad into his soul altar. His soul altar swayed slightly, then returned to his Sea of Consciousness, the energy fountain of his soul.

At this moment, Ka Tuo opened his eyes, taking a deep breath. An extreme joy bloomed in his heart as he looked at Shi Yan with great astonishment. "You just gave me the inheritance like that? No conditions?"

Shi Yan grinned, "My brother, we're from the same school, so I won't harm you. This inheritance belongs to you. If you get it, you should continue to cultivate. I can relax now. If you please, just tell me who asked you to attack me… And, don't chase us furthermore. Is it okay?"

Ka Tuo didn't answer immediately. He pondered for a while and then suddenly asked. "Senior, why do you only have the True God Realm cultivation base?"

"I'm too young. Although I was enrolled earlier, my cultivation time hasn't been long enough." Shi Yan continued to fabricate his story. "As you call me your senior, we're considered classmates. When you've entered the Original God Realm, I will tell you things related to us."

"How about you and I join hand to capture Zi Yao. I have always dreamt of having her. Anyway, if brother wants her, as your junior, I can give up what I want." A cunning gleam sparkled in Ka Tuo's eyes. "If we capture Zi Yao, I can receive big benefits. Don't you think it's better to go with me than with that little girl? Although we don't have a good reputation for being space pirates, we don't have any restrictions. We can do whatever we want. How free is that! What do you think?"

"Pirates?" Shi Yan was surprised. Then, he shook his head smilingly. "Always hiding to West or East, it's not what I want. I don't care if you want to be a space pirate, but I won't do that. I have my goals. I have stuff I have to get done. Your crew has enough members, so I won't be one of you."

Ka Tuo frowned while contemplating.

"You should hurry to adjust your Upanishad, getting it back on the right track. So, I suggest you be content with your lot, quiet down, and find a place where people can't find you to solve your problem first," Shi Yan smiled. "If you don't want to talk more, I won't force you. We will talk later. Once you strengthen your realm and feel you want to break through to the Original God Realm, remember to find me. We will talk at that time."

Then, Shi Yan seemed not to want to talk more. He turned around and left.

Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo looked at him with astonishment. Seeing him about to leave, with Shi Yan having flown out already, he shouted in a low tone. "Wait a minute!"

Shi Yan turned his back, looking at him smilingly.

"The ones who hired me included Miss Bi Rou of the Underworld League and Sura of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation." Ka Tuo snorted. "It's to repay your favor, Senior. My business is done here. I will leave right away. Brother, be careful. Sura's attack won't end here. Even if we leave, he will continue."

"Sura?" Shi Yan was surprised, "Who's he?"

"Haha, Princess Zi Yao surely knows him. Tell her and she will know who wants to kill her." Ka Tuo pondered for a while and then continued, "That Princess isn't a good person. Brother, be careful. Don't give her a chance to kill you. Many strong experts in the Raging Flame Star Area follow her because of her beauty. However, most of them don't have a nice ending. You should take care of yourself."

Shi Yan nodded and smiled. "Thank you for your reminder. Ah, by the way, what should I do if I want to contact you?"

Ka Tuo hesitated for a while and then took out a blue-sky crystal from his ring. That crystal was carved with a magical formation and a beam of moving Chaos energy.

 "I made it myself. When you want to find me, give it to a guy named Ka Fu in the Land of God Punishment. He's my brother." Ka Tuo threw him the stone. "But, you'd better not let the others see it. Don't bring trouble to me."

"The Land of God Punishment? Where is it?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Ask Princess Zi Yao. She must know about it." Ka Tuo didn't talk more. He turned around and left, as if he was hastening to reconcile his new Upanishad.

Shortly, Ka Tuo disappeared. Shi Yan scattered the burning meteorolites. Not long afterward, he saw the tiger shark war chariots disappear one by one.

Ka Tuo was a man who repaid favor. He left a tiger shark war chariot there for Shi Yan.

Shi Yan pondered for a while, flying out of the circle made of flaming meteorolites towards the tiger shark chariot. He found that the spiritual station inside the chariot and all barriers and restrictions had been deactivated. Shi Yan poured a flow of Soul Consciousness into the chariot, which moved immediately, gliding through the meteorolites towards Zi Yao.

A massive meteorolite shielded a place in the gathering spot of sunbeams. It was where Zi Yao was waiting for him silently. She looked like a fire fairy with rainbow light twirling around her.

She was worriedly folding and then unfolding her fingers. Flows of seven-colored Divine Light shot out of her fingertips. Just like small snakes, they wound around her hand.

Staying with Shi Yan through this period had calmed down her seething mind. She had temporarily forgotten the wicked competition of the royal family. She felt relaxed, as if she had thrown all the burdens away.

This experience would be something she would never forget for the rest of her life. She treasured it. And, Shi Yan was a flame in this memory of hers, which she had imprinted in her mind, and nothing could erase it.

Waiting with worries for a long moment, Zi Yao became impatient. Seeing the meteorolites not exploding, she couldn't help herself but fly out of the sunbeams' congregating area, turning around to look for Shi Yan.

A moment later, she found a tiger shark war chariot. Zi Yao discolored, gathering energy to prepare for her attacks.

"Are you going back there for me?" A generous laughter arose from the war chariot from a sunbeam gathering area far from her. "Seems like Your Highness misses me a lot. Yeah, I'm honored. I suddenly feel excited. Perhaps, that's why I could burst out my divine power and defeat Ka Tuo's gang." 

Shi Yan shouted. The tiger shark war chariot glided faster through the thick-woven sunbeams and approached Zi Yao shortly.

Zi Yao's enchanting face looked like a blooming flower. She smiled tenderly, waiting inside the bunch of sunbeams. Seven-colored God Light twirled around her soft body as her beautiful eyes glistened. "It's true. I was really worried about you. But, it seems I overthought. Tell me, why didn't Ka Tuo's gang chase after you?"

The sea in her heart seethed. It wasn't as calm as she was showing on her face. Releasing the Soul Consciousness, she didn't find anyone, which made her seriously curious.

Bloody Slaughterer Ka Tuo's name was famous in the Raging Flame Star Area. He was the most ruthless slaughterer, and his hands always had blood stains. It was not easy to make this man give up his targets. As long as he hadn't died, he would never give way to his targets.

Zi Yao was astounded knowing that the slaughterer didn't come after them. She didn't know what had happened back there.

"Ka Tuo won't show up anymore. He has retreated from the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. He gave us this tiger shark war chariot." Shi Yan smiled, waving at Zi Yao to ask her to get in the war chariot.

Zi Yao hesitated for a while, as if she were afraid of something. Then, she slowly got into the chariot. "Have you cooperated with Ka Tuo to deal with me? Would you sell me then?"

"Ka Tuo had proposed the same, indeed," Shi Yan looked at her deeply. Suddenly, he smiled.

Zi Yao discolored.

"I denied him. Haha… Pardon me, but I can't tell you the details, and I hope you won't ask about it." While frowning, Shi Yan said seriously, "Ka Tuo and I share the same origin. I hope that you won't pursue him after we get out of here. At this moment, I can't disclose much. I hope you believe me. I don't mean harm to you."

Princess Zi Yao's eyes sparkled as she scrutinized him without blinking. Long afterward, she nodded gently. "Alright, I won't press you. Quite the contrary, I feel better that you don't tell me the details. If you had told me a broken lie, I would have thought that you did cooperate with Ka Tuo to harm me."

"Bi Rou of the Underworld League has promised big profits to Ka Tuo," smiled Shi Yan.

"That b*tch!" Zi Yao gritted her teeth.

"And, there's another one," Shi Yan paused for a while, his face odd. "He's from your Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Ka Tuo said that he's called Sura. Do you know him?"

Zi Yao's face changed dramatically as her soft body shivered. Cold light shot out from her eyes. "This man, indeed!"


"Prince Du Jie, my brother from another mother. Sura's the Captain of his Bodyguards!"