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746 Power Upanishad Sublimated!

The flaming crystal slowly emerged from the ground, releasing a lot of sunbeams. At that moment, the icy cold, barren land was filled with a scorching energy.

Numerous skeletons of warriors and beasts were melted under those sunbeams. The gray sky was illuminated by the flaming light, as the colored light extended everywhere.

The aura of the Vermilion Bird True Flame inside the sky suddenly rocketed!

Right after the flaming crystal appeared, he seemed to gain more power. In the battle with the other heaven flames, he seemed to be gaining the upper hand thanks to the supplementation from the crystal.

In the fierce fight between the heaven flames, outsiders couldn't participate. Even Shi Yan, the one with the heaven flame tier in his soul altar, could only use his soul energy to aid his flames.

He couldn't pour his energy directly to support the heaven flames to deal with the Vermilion Bird True Flame. The fight between heaven flames seemed to have some binding principles.

Every time the heaven flames fought, they would be covered by an invisible force, which hindered outsiders from sensing or interfering in their fight.

The flaming crystal slowly emerged, as if some force was guiding it to fly up from underground. The terrible gravity of this place seemed to not affect the crystal at all, as it could slowly float up to the sky.

Countless sunbeams shone like spotlights and illuminated the ground. Far from the lighting source, skeletons were melted and dissolved, while all energy remnants were squeezed out.

Fear appeared on Zi Yao's charming face as sweat dampened her neck. A seven-colored God Light twirled around her to resist the eroding sunbeams. Her cheeks blushed like ripe apples, looking extremely inviting, making people want to bite her to ease their hunger.

Shi Yan faced up the sky, his visage frightened. However, he didn't know why he was so happy inwardly.

The Sun Original Essence looked like a burning crystal, just like the Star Original Essence he had seen. It was the essence of the Sun Heart, the fountain of the flaming energy of the sun.

Shi Yan wasn't sure if this massive Essence Crystal was the entire core of the Sun that had exploded. However, he could confirm that the core of this Sun Original Essence must store some principles of the beginning and ascension of the sun!

He suddenly woke up. With a bright look in his eyes, he touched the glabella on his forehead.

A flame bloomed in his palm, running into the soul altar in his head. The soul altar then spun in his Sea of Consciousness. The Star Martial Spirit's mysterious Intent Domain suddenly sparkled in the second tier of the soul altar.

A scorching flame appeared in his soul altar. In the next moment, his entire body was covered in a frightening red flame. Shi Yan closed his eyes, as his body shook.

Shi Yan's host soul swayed in the highest tier of his soul altar. It seemed to become a large mirror that reflected that massive Sun Original Essence. The flaming sunbeam of the Sun Original Essence appeared in his soul. Each beam seemed to be transforming magically, as his God Soul swiftly marked them all.

Instinctively, he sat down cross-legged, not noticing Zi Yao's changed appearance. He held his breath and concentrated, using his God Soul to be the tentacles to touch the Sun Original Essence to transfer the mysteries hidden in the crystal.

His God Soul seemed to enter a scorching space where so many flaming crystals were moving swiftly. Between the crystals were many narrow gaps. They looked like a giant formation carved by God, which stimulated the energy of the crystals. They layered up and created a natural spiritual formation, which hid certain principles of Nature.

He had tested the magical connection between his Star Upanishad in the God Soul and the Sun when he was in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. When he was in the Grace Mainland, he used to fuse the power of the sun with the Star Martial Spirit. From that time, he hadn't been able to improve the Sun power. However, today, he was going to have a big opportunity!

The Star Upanishad included all the stars in the sky. The Sun was a Solar Star, and the Moon was a Moon Star; they were all considered stars. If he wanted to advance his Star Martial Spirit, understanding the mysteries and principles of the Solar Star and Moon Star was a step he needed to take.

This Upanishad contained the vast starry sky, with all stars in the sky being his objects to study. Since the Solar Star and the Moon Star were the two most important parts of the sky, they were the critical subjects he needed to comprehend little by little.

As his God Soul was reflecting the Sun Original Essence, his Soul Consciousness had unknowingly flooded to the Essence Crystal and explored it.

The Sun Original Essence was the core power of the Sun. This fountain of energy had been there, carrying the mysteries when the Sun was born and whenever it changed. If he could get just a bit of it, he could make his understanding of the Solar energy more profound, which would level up his Star Martial Spirit the second time.

Of course, he wouldn't let this chance slip away.

His Soul Consciousness flew inside the Sun Original Essence as Shi Yan concentrated to comprehend something. He looked at so many different sized crystals moving according to the principles of heaven and earth, creating a natural formation.

The crystals were constantly releasing an enormous energy. It was just like the heart of a fire; even if the crystals were draining out, it was still scorching hot!

In the sea of crystals, he could feel the power of fire and the heat of the Sun in his consciousness. This Sun Original Essence seemed to have a magical life. It liked and hated all creatures at the same time, which was very complicated.

He forgot the fierce battle of the heaven flames and his condition. He even forgot his goals and his Star Martial Spirit.

Shi Yan stayed in the Sun Original Essence and felt its emotions, its stories. He could feel the Sun's sorrow and feelings, its contribution to the world, and all it had done for the world. This world of emotions was something ordinary people would never be able to touch. 

Zi Yao's perfect body was covered in a luxurious seven-colored God Light. Her glamour was too mesmerizing for all men. She was like a Goddess descending into this mortal world, floating in her sea of God Light.

However, her eyes were sparkling with astonishment at this moment.

Looking at the Sun Original Essence slowly floating up, she stooped to see Shi Yan sitting peacefully. Her dark brows furrowed. It felt like someone had thrown a stone into the tranquil lake in her heart, causing so many ripples to be generated.

She could feel a flow of soul aura belonging to him inside the Sun Original Essence after Shi Yan sat down and closed his eyes. At that moment, Zi Yao understood that Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness had gotten into the Sun Original Essence, which made it have his aura. He was acquiring the mysteries of the sun in the Sun Original Essence.

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes were lit up; she was blushing from astonishment.

Shi Yan had so many mysteries that she hadn't discovered yet. The more she wanted to know about him, the more mysterious she found he was.

It was like a puzzling mist was covering Shi Yan all the time. This mist was dark and thick, blanketing his soul. It seemed that no one would ever be able to touch his soul and understand everything about him. 

Zi Yao had a beam of anguish in her heart. She shook her head instinctively, thinking that this man from an unknown continent would rise the high tide in the Raging Flame Star Area in the near future, or, maybe he would even stir up some earth-shaking events.

This thought had no basis at all. In her eyes, was even a little funny.

After all, as of today, Shi Yan was still a True God Realm warrior, a low-status, pathetic warrior. Generally, he couldn't make any great change in the Raging Flame Star Area.

However, she still had this thought. With his arrival, Shi Yan would make this Raging Flame Star Area turn over tremendously. He could even change the entire Raging Flame Star Area's general picture. At the same time, he could make so many experts excited or...fearful! 

A scarlet flame quietly flew out from Shi Yan's pupils unknowingly.

When that flame appeared, it released a magical energy wave, as if it had a miraculous connection with the Sun Original Essence which was floating in the sky. All of a sudden, the Sun Original Essence in the sky started to tremble.

In the next moment, the Sun Original Essence shot out the purest and scorching sunbeams, pouring them into the center of that flame.

The flame then twisted, turning into a wonderful red flame. Inside that red flame, she could see the energy fluctuations of the remnants of Volcano Crystal Nucleus.

Zi Yao was shaken. A brilliant light sparkled in her beautiful eyes as they locked at that flame. After a while, she beamed a forced smile and then cursed in a low voice. "B*stard! Still wanna fool me? Turns out you have another heaven flame!"

Soon, she was shaken again, her eyes getting dizzy.

The Sun Original Essence sent out two other flows of energy which spun round and round.

Two beams of refined sunlight were shot to the sky and the ground. One flung to the deep place in the sky, creating the connection with the Vermilion Bird True Flame, while the other descended from the sky, not aiming at the scarlet flame but Shi Yan, entering his heart.

Princess Zi Yao exclaimed in shock. She knew that Shi Yan had entered the Sun Original Essence and gotten a little of the sun's mysteries. That was why he could draw the solar energy to nurture his body.

After being stunned for a while, Zi Yao mumbled, "Can't let you guys get all the good things..."

She touched her forehead, as her soul altar rose. The second tier of her soul altar had the rainbow-colored light. It was so beautiful that it made all the other attractive sights pale in comparison. It was her main power Upanishad: The God Light Upanishad.

A small flame was dancing in the core of the rainbow. It seemed to have a living energy fluctuation resonating with her Soul Consciousness. It was then guided towards the Sun Original Essence hovering in the sky.

Zi Yao's God Soul distorted, continually releasing the Soul Consciousness. Gradually, a flow of pure flaming energy shot out and combined with many sunbeams that descended slowly, pouring into her rainbow-colored soul altar.

The Outer Space Upanishad had a similar effect on the heaven flames. God Light that moved unceasingly year around in outer space could eventually gain intellect as well.

Zi Yao used to collect a flow of similar God Light. Thanks to that God Light, she could comprehend the God Light Upanishad and create the soul sacrificial altar, along with the Seals of Upanishad in her God Soul.

Right now, she was using that flow of God Light to draw the blazing sunbeam to shine on her soul altar. Together with Shi Yan, the Earth Flame, and the Vermilion Bird True Flame, she was taking in the enormous power of the Sun Original Essence. This would improve her power and strengthen her soul altar.

Throwing a glance to Shi Yan sitting next to her, her beautiful eyes sparkled with a complicated thought, her lips shivering.

An idea popped up in her head.

A new 'Solar Star' was rising in the Raging Flame Star Area. Its dazzling light would outshine all other people. They would be happy with his happiness. They would be sorrowful because of his sorrows. They would be excited because of his might!