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744 Original Magnetic Field

Legends of the Vermilion Bird True Flame had been told in the Grace Mainland, and each of them was related to the Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird.

The Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird was a mighty existence in the Immemorial Epoch. It was gifted with the ability to use fire. As the Sacred Beast of Fire class, its supernatural power was eternal. It was one of the most powerful existences of that era. 

Another legend, which got approval from many people, was said to be the nearest to the truth.

Rumors had it that when one of the four Sacred Beasts, Vermilion Bird, left the Grace Mainland, as it didn't know whether or not it could survive in the outer space, it left a wisp of its soul.

That wisp of soul had its flaming energy, but it didn't have an entity. As time went by, it gradually cut off the connection with Vermilion Bird and gained its own intellect, becoming one of the heaven flames. The Vermilion Bird True Flame had the comprehension of Vermilion Bird's principles. Weapons forged by Vermilion Bird True Flame would be added with the divine power of the Bird. This heaven flame was ranked seventh on the list.

There were many tales about the Vermilion Bird True Flame, but this one was the most famous. In the Grace Mainland, Vermilion Bird True Flame was the most mysterious heaven flame, as it rarely showed up.

After the Immemorial Epoch, the Ancient Time, and the Antiquity Era, no warrior had ever met this heaven flame. It seemed to have disappeared into thin air, or it had left the Grace Mainland somehow.

Heaven flames could sense each other. That was why Shi Yan's heaven flames in his soul altar could detect the feeble fluctuation on the forehead of that giant bird. They all reacted and sent the thoughts to Shi Yan.

Thus, Shi Yan didn't dare to act rashly.

"What?" Zi Yao felt something. "Did you find anything?"

Shi Yan mused. He didn't release his Soul Consciousness, just frowning and assessing the giant bird skeleton as he was contacting the heaven flames in his soul altar discreetly.

"Very powerful! He's certainly at level five. His ascension's more complete than ours, and his power's immense." The Ice Cold Flame sent him its message first. "You should be careful. Heaven flames can detect and swallow each other to increase their power. Just like the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, if he can detect us, perhaps he will want to occupy us."

Shi Yan slightly changed his face. "Level five? What does it mean?"

"We are similar to the warriors, and we can evolve. Heaven flames have 9 levels to achieve. Each time we ascend, we can break through one level, during which, we will improve our intelligence and power, and the living form will become more perfect. The ranking of 9 levels appears at the time we gain intellect, and then stays deep inside our souls. It will never fade away. I don't know why we have such ranking. However, to have a more perfect living form, we have always headed to level 9," said the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the heaven flame that was ranked number 3.

"I had ascended to level 4. However, due to a long time of captivity, my realm has degraded. Now, I'm only at level 3. Among the heaven flames here, only the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame's at level 4. The Ice Cold Flame and I are the same, at level 3. The Earth Flame's at level 2, but he seems ready to break through soon. He should be at level 3 later."

"In other words, his ascension is much more perfect than yours?" frowned Shi Yan.

"It's true. His realm is similar to the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, level 5. Although he is ranked number 7, his ascension's much better than us. We, perhaps, are not his opponents. And, this is his territory. Once we engage in a battle, he can gain more energy support. It would be much strenuous to deal with him." The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame seemed to be begrudged. "If I hadn't been confined for so many years, I think, not only would my realm have not been degraded, I would have also broken through to level 5. It's so unfortunate."

"Are you talking with someone?" Zi Yao's beautiful eyes sparkled as she could sense his Soul Consciousness change. "Before I got fainted, I could feel you were talking to someone. Who is that one? Where is he?"

The soul sacrificial altar was the most precious and fundamental treasure of a warrior. It was the most forbidden and private place. Since the heaven flames were taking shelter in his soul altar, even Zi Yao couldn't detect them.

"Have you ever heard about heaven flames?" Musing for a while, Shi Yan took a deep breath then focused on Zi Yao.

Since Zi Yao was the princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation in the Raging Flame Star Area, her knowledge was profound. Shi Yan thought that if they could find the heaven flames on the Grace Mainland, the Raging Flame Star Area might have some as well.

"Heaven flames?" Zi Yao was shaken, apparently astounded. "How do you know these things?"

Shi Yan was moved. "You know them? Tell me, what are those strange living beings?"

"How do you know them?" Zi Yao didn't answer but asked.

"Of course, I know them. Our continent has heaven flames." Shi Yan frowned as he was filled with suspicions towards Zi Yao's attitude.

"And you told me you come from a low-level continent! How long do you want to deceive me furthermore?" Zi Yao was so angry that her face paled. "I knew it. You have the Death Upanishad and space Upanishad. You're absolutely not from a low-level continent."

Shi Yan beamed a forced smile. "I didn't fool you. In my continent, the strongest warriors have only the Peak of True God Realm cultivation base."

"You have never seen a stronger warrior in your continent?" Zi Yao glared at him.

Shi Yan was astounded. "It seems... Yeah, a long time ago. But that's too long ago. Currently, the energy cycle of our continent is coming to an end. We don't have even the King God Realm warriors. That's why I told you I belong to a low-level continent."

"No, you're wrong." Zi Yao's face was better after listening to him. "The continent you lived should have been rich before. In the time you didn't know of, the invincible experts must have appeared. However, as their realms were extreme, the heaven and earth energy in your continent must have been drained fast. They had to leave to find a better place for their cultivation."

"Yeah, I guess," nodded Shi Yan.

"As far as I know, only the oldest continents could have these magical creatures called heaven flames." Zi Yao looked at him with a serious countenance and explained slowly. "Those mysterious and old continents have original magnetic fields, which absorb the energy of the star sea for billions of years. The original magnetic field stays in the deepest place in those continents, just like the marvelous soul altar of warriors. The heaven flames are the kinds of strange creatures created by the original energy of the original magnetic field. Each kind of heaven flames have coincidentally or accidentally gained a flow of Original Energy, and gradually formed their beings. Those flames don't have a real entity. Their living form is mysterious and magical. They are constantly completing and ascending."

Not only Shi Yan, but his heaven flames in the soul altar had also quieted down, using Shi Yan's perception to listen to her description.

Heaven flames themselves didn't have a clear information of their origin and existence. Nobody had ever told them how they were created or developed. As they were listening to her, they were all attentive, as if they were afraid that they would miss some of her words.

"The Original Energy is the most supernatural power in the world. Only the oldest continents could have the Original Magnetic Field. Of course, this flow of energy will drain together with the prosperity of lives on that continent. You said that your continent is about to reach its end of the energy cycle. I think it has lost the Original Magnetic Field and the Original Energy."

Pausing for a while, Zi Yao arranged her ideas and then continued. "Anyway, I can tell you that every continent that used to have the Original Magnetic Field is one of the oldest continents, and they aren't the low-level ones. At least, in our Raging Flame Star Area, we have never had that kind of a continent."

"What is the Original Magnetic Field good for?" Shi Yan exclaimed inwardly. His eyes showed his astonishment.

"The ancient continents have the Original Magnetic Field, which could give birth to and nurture powerful lives. It could make the creatures on that continent learn faster and gain more of the heaven and earth's energies. Lives born on continents with Original Magnetic Field are all high-grade living beings. From the primitive times, they could level up pretty fast using the enormous energy on the continent. Their realms were really profound and unpredictable." Zi Yao took a deep breath and pointed at the Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird under their feet. "Take this giant creature for example. No continent in the Raging Flame Star Area can give birth to such life. I'm sure it came from an ancient continent with Original Magnetic Field." 

Nodding instinctively, Shi Yan's eyes were complicated. "Yeah, I think this dude came from our Grace Mainland. Because, in our place, legends of it have been told for so many generations."

Zi Yao's eyes sparkled. She confirmed immediately. "Then it's true! Heaven Flames are the strange creatures that evolved from a flow of Original Energy. I heard that when a warrior could combine all kinds of heaven flames in a mysterious ancient continent, he could fuse those Original Energies into one, bringing an unimaginable benefit to his soul altar. Of course, I don't know the details, because our Raging Flame Star Area has never had such a lucky b*stard who could have all kinds of heaven flames from the continent with Original Magnetic Field. I think no one knows about it." 

Shi Yan was struck, as his eyes brightened.

He remembered that he had obtained a technique called 'Heaven Flame Refining Divine Technique' from the ring.

This secret technique told people how to fuse all kinds of heaven flames to create the Fire Life, which could burn the soul and create the Original Soul. Heaven Flame Refining Divine Technique required three main materials, including the Thunder Witch Wood, Blood Soul Divine Water, Five Elements Crystal Marrow, and so many auxiliary materials. The process to combine the flames was quite complicated and exquisite.

Because it was too difficult to find all the heaven flames, Shi Yan didn't pay much attention to this technique. But, as he was listening to Zi Yao, he jolted as he finally understood how magical and precious that technique was.

Shi Yan calculated, and he could confirm what kind of a great chance he could have when he gathered all heaven flames on the Grace Mainland.