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Soon, Shi Yan had consumed the two Rank 7 Solid Pellets.

The Essence Qi ancient tree in his body was luxuriant, while the energy in his flesh and blood had reached the threshold, from where he could break through again.

Shi Yan had killed the expert of the Dark Clan in the energy storm. Then, he used his Devouring power to absorb both the God Soul and soul altar of the other, which granted his own altar benefits, along with new perceptions of his powers in the new realm.

While staying in the meteorolite sea, he had always been using his powers, which enhanced his understanding and usage of the powers of Stars, Space, and Death and Life to a new level.

As his Essence Qi tree was full, and his realm had reached the threshold, Shi Yan knew that he could break through shortly to the Second Sky of True God Realm.

Now, he had a bottle of the Rank 7 Solid Pellets in his hands.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan thought that his life wasn’t as tough as he had thought. The energy the snake had absorbed was just a little bit, compared to the amount he got supplemented. Thus, he didn’t care about it anymore.

Now, he needed to wait for the right time to use the energy of the Essence Qi ancient tree to wash his altar and sublimate his powers, entering the new realm.

He had to wait until the experts in this Sixth Herbal Star left for a while. At least, he had to make sure that the King God Realm warrior wasn’t present on the planet to seize the chance and break through. Afterward, he could run away.

During this period, Shi Yan always paid attention to the changes of the herbal star. He had released his Soul Consciousness to sense everything.

Shi Yan found that the old woman and Hui Shuang didn’t always stay in the Herbal Star. They would disappear for several days from time to time. They seemed to go somewhere to transport the materials, or to submit the pellets to their superiors.

Shi Yan was waiting. He was waiting for a good opportunity.

Time flew hurriedly. Shi Yan had consumed another bottle of Solid Pellets. The abundant power of the medicine had been scattered and stashed in his body, making his body immensely powerful.

Unfortunately, the medicinal power couldn’t help him condense the Immortal Demon Blood. Otherwise, he would have tried his best to convert all the power of the pellets to condense the Immortal Demon Blood, which would help him move towards the direction Bao Ao and Jie Ji had told him – replacing the blood of his entire body. 

According to those two demons, if he could replace his blood with the Immortal Demon Blood, he could have a tremendous breakthrough, receiving the formidable fighting ability of the Immortal Demon from Antiquity Era. At that time, his body would become invincible, with bursting power.

When Shi Yan was about to finish the last bottle of Solid Pellet, he had taken in three pellets at the same time. When the tendons and vessels of his whole body shattered, Granny and Hui Shuang appeared.

These two were frightened on seeing his performance, as he could consume three bottles of Solid Pellet in an amazingly short time. They all put on an astounded visage.

Granny picked up the small snake and took out some green pellets from its mouth. After she was done with the snake, she put it back into Shi Yan’s body. Giving him three more bottles of pellets, she left together with Hui Shuang with an odd countenance.

Waiting until these two left, Shi Yan sent his Soul Consciousness into the snake’s body. He found an amazing thing.

That snake held a whole different world in its tummy. Many exquisite spiritual formations were carved inside the abdomen of the little snake. Besides, there were so many piles of herbs, other foundation materials, and the five-colored Perish Essence Crystals.

This little snake was like a cauldron. Those spiritual grass, herbs, and five-colored Perish Essence Crystals were the essential materials to refine some kind of pellets. The tremendous amount of Blood Qi the small snake had absorbed was poured into the center of the formation to provide the necessary energy to form the pellets in the center of the formation.

Shi Yan suddenly got it.

That hag had let this little snake stay in his body to make use of the abundant Blood Qi and energy in his body to refine some special pellets.

During this time, the formation inside the snake had condensed many pellets, which satisfied Granny a lot. That was why she didn’t care about the anomaly on Shi Yan’s body, but gave him more Solid Pellets. She thought it would make the small snake condense more pellets.

Shi Yan didn’t know what kind of pellet the snake was making, or what its effects were. He didn’t care about it much anyway.

Shi Yan was waiting for a chance in pain. He had to wait until all the strong King God Realm warriors on this Sixth Herbal Star went away to carry out his breakthrough, which would help him escape this place. 

As Fergie was still here, Shi Yan felt happy discreetly, as he was considering making her regret for what she had done, once he reached the Second Sky of True God Realm in the absence of the King God Realm expert.

Today, as he finished absorbing the power of the last Solid Pellet, he wanted to take a rest. All of a sudden, he saw a bronze steamship descending from the sky. That steamship was around three hundred meters long, with the same diamond mark on its massive body. Shi Yan could see many people standing on the ship.

The bronze steamship landed slowly. After it stood firm right next to the old woman and Hui Shuang, many people started to get off. They surrounded a white-haired old man, gathering with Granny’s team.

Shi Yan didn't know what was happening. He felt tense, since he had been waiting for a chance for so long. However, the King God Realm experts hadn't left yet, and he had found more experts coming. It made Shi Yan upset.

After the big bronze steamship landed, several hundred warriors of various realms followed a young girl and an old man, walking towards Granny and Hui Shuang.

Fergie walked out of her room, standing respectfully together with the old woman and Hui Shuang to greet the people coming from the steamship. Not long afterward, a young lady and an old man reached Granny.

That old man was also an alchemist at Rank 3 Divine Grade, which was one grade higher than Granny. He was wearing gold clothes, which made his white head seem outstanding. His face was indifferent, as if he didn’t care about anything else.

Standing next to him was a young girl wearing a sky-blue gown. She was so pretty that every young man of this herbal planet seemed to be enchanted by her beauty. They were all gazing at her, revealing the appearance of the beloved brother Pigsy. (He is one of the three helpers of Xuanzang and a major character in the novel Journey to the West. He looks like a terrible monster, part human, and part pig, who often gets himself and his companions into trouble through his laziness, gluttony, and propensity for lusting after pretty women – TL.)

The young girl seemed to not be an ordinary woman, as she was walking in front of the Rank 3 Divine Grade alchemist. When Granny, Hui Shuang, and Fergie saw her, they took one step forward, greeting her with great respect. "Greetings, Miss Bi Rou."

That young girl was calm, standing there charmingly. She nodded gently, talking faintly. "We just passed by this place, so we thought to pay you a visit."

"Nita, I heard that you guys are making quick progress. Haha. I’m here to learn from your experience. It has just been three months. How could you produce thirty-six God Congealing Pellets?" The white-headed old man cracked a buck-toothed smile. "Our team's slow. I'm afraid our superiors will punish us. I hope you could help us a little bit."

That old man was also an alchemist of this force, and his position was as high as Granny’s. He also had his own Herbal Star. His job was to refine pellets for the force and nurture new talents.

"Well, I don’t have any secret. It’s the same. I use the medicinal animal to produce the pellets using Blood Qi of the warriors to enhance the progress of producing the God Congealing Pellets." Nita squinted and continued, "Allard, your refining speed’s always faster than the others. I think you appreciate me too much to come here and ask for experience."

The old man called Allard beamed a forced smile, shaking his head. "I couldn’t find a good cauldron recently. It slows me down. It would be alright if I didn’t agree to refine the pellets for Miss Bi Rou. But, I can’t make it on time."

As she heard him mention Miss Bi Rou, Nita’s face became serious. She slightly bowed, talking to the young girl. "Miss Bi Rou, your father loves you that much. Why do you need to be hurried and use pellets?"

The maiden nodded begrudgingly. "I’m about to break through the Second Sky of King God Realm. When my brother got hurt, he had used all the pellets in our house. I’m in a hurry, which is why I came to visit grandpa Allard."

"What are the pellets you need?" Nita pondered for a while and then probed carefully, "God Developing Pellet?"

The maiden nodded, her eyes as bright and beautiful as stars in the sky. "If you can make me some, my father will repay you generously."

Nita’s eyes brightened. As she knew the other’s father was a generous character, she contemplated for a while. "It also requires the medicinal animal to produce them. And, it needs abundant Blood Qi. However, the Blood Qi mustn’t be too strong. Medicinal animals can’t stand the Blood Qi of King God Realm experts. At the same time, the Blood Qi of True God Realm warriors isn’t enough. Not long after the medicinal animal has started to absorb the energy, the cauldron will explode. It’s really annoying."

"If it isn’t annoying, why would we need to find you?" Bi Rou smiled. "It’s because we know that your progress of refining God Congealing Pellet’s getting faster that we come to check it out. I wonder if you can help me out."

"My medicinal animal’s now bearing the God Congealing Pellet spiritual formation. It takes time to change it." Nita frowned, as if she wanted to help her, but she found it a headache to do so.

"If it’s only the matter of the medicinal animal, it isn’t a problem." Bi Rou smiled shiningly as if she were the brightest star in the sky. "That’s why we have grandpa Allard here, right? His medicinal animal has the God Developing Pellet formation. It also contains the other required ingredients for the God Developing Pellet. We just need the mighty Blood Qi. As long as we could get the suitable cauldron, it wouldn’t be a matter."

The old man bared his buck teeth, laughing evilly. "Nita, if you have a good cauldron, we aren’t afraid to cooperate with you. You know how generous Miss Bi Rou’s father is. If you help her, her father will remember your favor. How does it sound?"

Fergie became excited even before Nita had had time to say anything. She cried in a low tone. "Granny, the favor from Master Bi Tian is really big."

Hui Shuang also put on an excited visage, his eyes as bright as torches, as if doing a favor to Bi Tian was something worth their lives.

Bi Rou and Allard were all smiling, looking at Nita. They seemed to be sure that the old woman would agree with them, as their faith in the name of Bi Tian was strong enough.

Indeed, Nita considered for a while and then agreed with gritted teeth. "Alright. I will offer my cauldron to fulfill this task!"

 "Can you take us to see the medicinal cauldron?" The maiden asked as she couldn’t make sure about it.

"Not a problem." Nita nodded then smiled. "And, it’s because of our little Fergie. Haha, follow me."

Then, they walked directly towards Shi Yan’s place.