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686 True God Realm

The establishment of the new altar was faster than he had expected. After three days, another tier of the heaven flames appeared on the triangle of the three powers Upanishad.

The four heaven flames, including the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame, had formed a rectangle. A strange material connected them together. It was the combination of the Sea of Consciousness, his blood and flesh Qi, and the energy of his will.

After this expansion of the altar was completed, Shi Yan could contact the four heaven flames easily, as they had a soul connection. He could easily urge the powers of the four heaven flames as he wished.

The four heaven flames became a power Upanishad of his. Although they weren’t combined with the God Soul like the Upanishad of Star, Death and Life, and Space, they weren’t any weaker.

The four heaven flames were satisfied with their current situation. Staying above the Sea of Consciousness, they could use Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness and his vigorous aura to nurture themselves. Later on, they wouldn’t need to worry that the warriors would use special tools to restrain them. If they wanted, they could fly out at any moment.

At this moment, Shi Yan’s breakthrough to the True God Realm had come to a perfect end.

He had created the God Soul. The three power Upanishads of Star, Death and Life, and Space had advanced formidably under the fierce urge of the Creator’s Divine Pond. At the same time, they could cooperate in a perfect balance, using the co-existing form of the triangular altar.

Shi Yan opened his eyes, revealing a forced smile as he saw the Creator’s Divine Pond was just a ruin now. "Great-grandpa, I’m so sorry. I can’t use this shortcut for you anymore. I didn’t expect that my breakthrough would create this mess."

All the top-grade Essence Crystals, the Soul Washing Divine Water, the Life Original Fluid, the crystal clear soul that the Soul Gathering Pearl had refined, and even the Star Original Essence Crystals, were consumed completely. Nothing remained there.

He had absorbed all kinds of energies from the divine pond, using its destruction to create his success in building the God Soul and his power Upanishads to enter the First Sky of True God Realm.

"It’s okay. As long as you are well," Yang Tian Emperor smiled, his face exhausted. "Even if we don’t have this pond, I believe I can break through soon. Haha… perhaps using my own comprehension to reach the new realm would help me thrive better. You shouldn’t let it burden you."

Shi Yan nodded. As things had accelerated to this point, he knew speaking was no help.

"Shi Yan, is your body... alright?" Yang Tian Emperor was a little bit nervous.

"No... It’s better than ever! Haha… Great-grandpa, don't worry. I've gained a marvelous benefit this time. I can understand the essence of the martial path. It’s like… I have a whole new world in my reach," Shi Yan said smilingly. 

Yang Tian Emperor could finally ease his mind. "Then, it's good." 

"Wait a minute, I want to see... if Xia Xin Yan’s still alive." Shi Yan’s face was complicated, as he felt uneasy.

A drop of ruby blood rolled from his fingertip, shining in red halo, showing its powerful, evil energy. 

A thought was sent to his God Soul, creating magical waves of energy, urging the power of the triangular altar. The power of Space was triggered, connecting to his entire body.

A light road appeared in front of him. 

Space distorted, and a small slit cracked open. He could see many glorious lights inside that space, making it look like a giant spider web, which hid the mysteries of the mighty space. 

That garnet drop of Immortal Blood rolled into that slit and moved for a while before shattering.

At the moment the drop of blood shattered, a feeble connection stormed into his God Soul. His God Soul whispered a name, turning it into a vehement soul fluctuation, rising strongly.

Shi Yan slightly paled. Another thought flickered, and another drop of his Immortal Blood fell into that space crack. Soon, the connection appeared again for a fraction of time before it vanished.

Shi Yan dropped another drop of his Immortal Blood and sensed.

After dropping five drops of Immortal Blood into the space slit continually, Shi Yan paled, closing his eyes and trying to sense deeper.

After a while, the space slit in front of him started to close.

"What? Is that little girl... alive?" Yang Tian Emperor asked gingerly.

Shi Yan nodded, furrowing his brows. "Alive. I can sense a connection. However, she's in an area far away. Although I have a new cognition of the space Upanishad, it's hard to use the Immortal Blood to connect with her. Seems like she's not well. I feel like she's bearing an extreme torture." 

Yang Tian Emperor kept silent, as he didn’t know what to say.

In his eyes, Xia Xin Yan wasn’t worth Shi Yan’s concern. Wasting five drops of Immortal Blood just to know whether she was alive or not made Yang Tian Emperor feel quite grieved.

He also knew the Immortal Rebirth Secret, and had the Immortal Blood, too. That’s why he knew how precious each drop was.

At the critical moment, a drop of Immortal Blood could grow flesh and blood. Using it to predict someone’s life was such a waste.

However, he couldn’t advise the young man, because he used to be hurt because of love himself. He understood that ‘love’ was something that caused the most extreme pain, and it was hard to reason against.

"Don't worry. I have my principle. I won't let my affections mess up with my mind. Falling in love is the most glorious phase of someone's life. When I meet my love, I will spend everything to keep it. But if I can't have it, or I can't keep it, I won't be confounded for the rest of my life." Shi Yan smiled, looking at the old man. "Great-grandpa, do you think I can't let it go?" 

Yang Tian Emperor woke up and smiled sincerely. He knew this kid was coldhearted, and he would never let his mind sink into troubles because of the external world. 

"How long have I been here for? Why do I feel it’s been a really long time," Shi Yan asked suddenly.

"Almost a year," Yang Tian Emperor forced a smile, shaking his head. "Kid, when you break through the realm, you always make it faster than the others. But you were so slow in the divine pond. I wonder what had happened."

"Slow doesn’t mean bad," Shi Yan grinned brightly. "This shows I’ve gained good things… Much better than the others!"

Yang Tian Emperor got it. His eyes brightened. "You..."

"Yeah, I got better things than Di Shan and Li Zheng Rong. Otherwise, the pond wouldn’t be destroyed… haha." Shi Yan felt pleased.

Yang Tian Emperor was surprised. He also smiled, talking in a cheerful tone. "Good, as long as you have gotten a good harvest, we don’t need to worry anymore."

"Let’s go. We don’t need to get back to this place." A thought flashed. The Earth Flame released its power and opened the formation on the lake surface. Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor leaped up to the sky.

Frowning at the lake, Shi Yan pondered for a while and then pointed downward.

Space power twisted, ripping a large space crack and covering the entire lake. Shortly, the lake disappeared, leaving a one hundred square miles hole under their feet.

Yang Tian Emperor discolored.

This performance had struck him deeply. Tearing space and creating a giant hole to swallow the entire lake. Such move was worth calling it a miracle!

"Although the divine pond’s destroyed, it still has the streaks of formation that the others could restore. Perhaps, someone could do it. It would be a disaster then. There’re so many great experts from the Antiquity Time in the Divine Great Land at this moment. Perhaps, someone could restore it completely," said Shi Yan.

Yang Tian Emperor nodded. "Better to be careful. I was careless thinking that no one could restore this lake besides you. That’s why I didn’t think much."

"I can’t restore it," Shi Yan forced a smile. "The one who built this pond was a Divine Grade Formation Master. He had three King God Realm experts to support him. They had used countless materials to carve at least five thousand small formations. I can’t understand many formations. So of course, I can’t restore them."

Yang Tian Emperor was surprised.

"The higher realm I reach, the smaller I feel. In this life, there’re so many intimidating existences. Our power isn’t worth mentioning," Shi Yan forced a smile.

He suddenly recalled the creature in the soul sea inside the dead souls’ evil lair of the Dark Spirit Clan.

That year, he had taken risks using his hollow soul to enter that place and survey once. The ancient aura of that soul sea was as hard to predict as the universe. That cold evil will could smash his hollow soul, as if it were killing an ant.

At that moment, he thought it was something at the True God Realm.

However, through fighting with Long Zhu, Lin Meng, and the experience he got through entering his new realm, he could confirm that that existence was beyond the concept of the True God Realm.

The Cold Wind Island, where the Corpse God Sect was based, had a space crack. Shi Yan had seen skeletons of a-thousand-meters-long level 10 beast, which was beheaded in one strike. The one that could kill a level 10 beast, the level that could be compared to the King God Realm, how intimidating he must have been?

The more he learned, the more careful he was. He would never have an arrogant thought in his mind because of his achievements, all because he understood that there were so many inexplicable existences out there. If the warriors who had escaped this continent into the outer space in the Antiquity Time were still alive, which realm they would be at now?

Sometimes, he didn’t dare to think about it further. The more he thought about it, the more struggling he figured out the road ahead of him was. He felt helpless. However, on this path, he would never stop his steps.

"Don't think too much. Everything starts with the first step. Every strong warrior has a struggling time like us. Without making an effort, will we ever see the beautiful sights? Later, when we look back to today, we will see it valuable to our development," Yang Tian Emperor said emotionally.

Shi Yan nodded and smiled. "I understand. I won’t let it affect me. We should go back."


Ripples of space appeared in front of Shi Yan, bringing the mysteries of space power.

Shi Yan stepped into the space ripples, disappearing shortly.

In the next moment, he appeared in the city center. He had crossed one thousand miles just with one step.

The advancement of Space Upanishad had increased his speed to an unimaginable level. He could build a passage that could cross space. He could travel one thousand miles with only one step, as easily as flipping his hands.