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663 Leave the rest to me

Guan Hu’s Martial Spirit Fruit Tree, Lu Miao’s Gold Battleship, and Lin Meng’s Original Universe Returning Cauldron were activated at once. Long Zhu’s Five Elements Primitive Realm seemed to struggle under this combined force. 

At this moment, Nie Ruo was continually urging his Ghostly Spirit Sword, manipulating the sword to attack here and there. Long Zhu felt tired of trying to fend them off. 

Long Zhu was solemn. He was making many hand seals to gather the Five Elements power to supplement the consumed and damaged areas and balance the realm again.

His Five Elements Primitive Realm had the Five Elements power as the energy supply. Once this power lost its balance, this realm would generate some dangers he couldn't estimate beforehand. 

When he had reached the Peak of True God Realm, he had continually used the Essence Qi in a special simulation to convert the Five Elements power, pouring it massively into the Five Elements Primitive Realm to maintain the balance of this realm.

Shi Yan hadn’t recognized the pressure from the outer world. After he took in an amount of crystal clear soul power, new Soul Consciousness energy flooded the Sea of Consciousness. His soul was supplemented, increasing his control power of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City.

However, the loss in his Essence Qi halo hadn't recovered yet. He was still waiting for the mysterious martial spirit to filter the Essence Qi. At this critical point in time, he still maintained a clear and firm state of mind, as he didn’t dare to distract.

If he let the negative feelings affect his mind, he would never be able to strengthen the Utmost Eight Purgatories City again.

What surprised him a lot was that this time, the Essence Qi filtering process didn't generate many negative feelings.

This was thanks to the time he had spent to madly refine the beast’s bodies. Every time he did the refining work, his mind and spirit were always calm, and his soul sublimated. It brought him an indescribable benefit. 

He suddenly felt lucky that he didn’t rush to use the Creator’s Divine Pond to enter the True God Realm when he had reached the Third Sky of Spirit Realm.

Stabilizing the realm was the task a warrior had to take care of very carefully. Otherwise, Mara would appear, making himself his own enemy.

The conscience was the biggest enemy of a warrior. If he couldn't get over the challenge in his heart, the danger it generated would be tremendous. If it weren’t serious, it would be just a matter of time for bedevilment to happen. If it were serious, his soul would shatter directly.

His right deeds had helped him keep his mind during this filtering process. This was the big advantage from his mad forging of treasures.

Without that tranquil time when had refined his soul, at this moment, he couldn’t have been able to stay still to wait for a long while without making his soul disorderly.

Outside the silver city, Lin Meng, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao had put forth everything using the divine secret treasures to deal with Long Zhu, which affected the balance of the Five Elements Primitive Realm. They wanted to break this magical realm.

Long Zhu was indeed inexplicably intimidating. Under the siege of the True God Realm warriors, he didn’t show that he was in a disadvantaged situation. Although his Five Elements Primitive Realm was distorted a little bit, it stood firm, covering the front of the silver city.

Yan Ke and Wen Di hadn’t taken action yet.

The relationship between them and Long Zhu wasn’t shallow. Although they took different ways, they couldn’t use fatal strikes to attack each other. Thus, they didn’t join the team to break the Five Elements Primitive Realm

That’s why Long Zhu could still resist. His realm hadn’t been destroyed yet.

"Qin Gu Chuan!"

Lin Meng, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao looked at the master of the Heaven Temple with cold faces.

"I don’t have any divine weapon. Sigh, if I use them, I don’t have anything else. Currently, I have only two pieces. I want to keep them to deal with the pagan tribes," Qin Gu Chuan beamed a forced smile, hauling the Extinguishing Divine Mine from his Storage Ring.

The divine mine was fist-sized, with many pores. As soon as it appeared, the divine mine thumped like a heart.

This was a dangerous weapon of the Heaven Temple. The Extinguishing Divine Mine was created from seven types of strong wind, with almost one thousand different kinds of auxiliary materials, and had an intimidating power.

Heaven Temple consisted of seven families. Each family guarded a subterranean cave from where strong winds rushed out constantly. They had collected the strong wind from seven caves to refine the Extinguishing Divine Mine. It took one thousand years to collect the wind and refine the materials to produce one piece of Extinguishing Divine Mine.

Different from the others’ divine treasures, the Extinguishing Divine Mine was a consumable item. If they used one piece, they couldn’t restore it.

However, the power of this divine mine was extremely intimidating. It could explode a city like the Wonderful Stone City, slaughtering every creature!

Qin Gu Chuan had only two pieces of Extinguishing Divine Mine. Normally, when the Heaven Temple was in an extremely perilous situation, they could use one to kill all the enemies instantly.

He didn't want to attack, in order to save the divine mine to have better support later.

Heaven Temple didn’t have a divine weapon, so this Extinguishing Divine Mine was the lifebuoy for them at the very last moment. If it weren’t so strenuous, he wouldn’t want to use it.

Under the scolding of the other three, Qin Gu Chuan had to take out one Extinguishing Divine Mine begrudgingly.

"Extinguishing Divine Mine!" Yun Hao, who stayed three miles away from the site, discolored. He shouted immediately. "Everybody retreat for three miles more. We need to stay as far as possible from this silver city!"

Wan Jiang discolored, shouting, "Retreat! Quick!"

They all knew the dangerous feature of the Extinguishing Divine Mine. It was the best representative of the divine exploding class. Once it was used, everything would be destroyed.

Anybody who had heard about the reputation of the Extinguishing Divine Mine didn’t to wait for a further explanation. They madly ran away as if they had seen ghosts.

Qin Gu Chuan swung his hand, shooting the Extinguishing Divine Mine towards the Five Elements Primitive Realm.

Long Zhu’s face became grim. It was the first time he was enraged. He used his soul to control the Five Elements Primitive Realm, crazily urging Five Elements power. He rose his voice. "Qin Gu Chuan! You dare use the Extinguishing Divine Mine! I won’t care about you guys anymore. I’m not going to defend only from now on!" 

He used the Five Elements Primitive Realm to defend only, protecting the silver city and giving Shi Yan more time.

Before the battle, he had told Shi Yan that he would only help him to resist, and he wouldn’t kill the members of the seven ancient factions.

Even when Lin Meng, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao started to use the divine weapons, he didn’t change his rule, as he actually didn’t want to turn his back to the seven ancient factions.

No matter what, in his heart, the seven ancient factions were the members of Human Clan. He wanted to use his best to keep the light of humanity. He didn’t want to see people at the dead end.

However, when Qin Gu Chuan took out the divine mine, he was enraged.

The appearance of the Extinguishing Divine Mine meant the seven ancient factions had determined to play the game to the end. Not only killing him, they also wanted to kill everybody else in the silver city.

They didn’t give him the way back!

Long Zhu couldn’t press his anger anymore.

His shout made Qin Gu Chuan hesitant. The Extinguishing Divine Mine was trembling in the air, flying around the Five Elements Primitive Realm. It hadn’t fallen into the realm yet.

"Qin Gu Chuan, what are you doing? You were the most ominous person before we come here. It’s the critical time. Are you about to quit?" Nie Ruo was so angry that his face turned purple. He thundered indignantly. "That oldie isn’t any good. We are trying to restrain him. He can’t hurt you. He is just trying to scare you!"

Lin Meng coldly glared at him. "Qin Gu Chuan, if Shi Yan doesn’t die this time, you will have no chance later. Don’t worry, when you use the Extinguishing Divine Mine, we will attack with full force. The alien tribes are still out there. Do you think you still have time or another choice?"

Qin Gu Chuan’s pupils shrank. He finally made up his mind, pitching his voice. "Old Long, don’t blame me. You’ve chosen your way. If you don’t want to take care of this relationship, we won’t care about you anymore."

Then, the Extinguishing Divine Mine fell rumblingly, disappearing into the Five Elements Primitive Realm.

Seeing the Extinguishing Divine Mine falling into the realm, Lin Meng, Lu Miao, and Guan Hu had retrieved the divine weapons they had released. They stayed far away from the Five Elements Primitive Realm, as they were afraid of getting involved in the attack range.

Although it was the divine weapon, on getting hit by the Extinguishing Divine Mine, it would be damaged. That’s why these three people had tried to avoid this impact.

No sound was made. No earth-shaking explosion, no strange phenomenon in the sky…

However, Long Zhu standing atop the city wall spat out blood. He paled instantly, as if someone was squeezing his heart violently. He crouched, convulsing in pain. 

The Five Elements Primitive Realm was connected with his soul. Under people’s attentive looks, it shattered like a torn sheet of fabric.

An energy shockwave expanded in people’s heart. Many low-realm warriors fell, blood trickling from the seven holes on their faces.

The Five Elements Primitive Realm was ripped into pieces. Light glowed, as small light dots were sparkling and shaking, releasing the aura of formidable energy.

Long Zhu was shaken, falling on the ground, his face grimaced.

The rigid outer wall of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City turned into stone chips when the light dots touched it. The wind blew them away immediately. 

The entire massive outer city with barriers, restraints, and formations, all made by many people's effort, turned into dust instantly.

While the dust was scattering with the wind, earth-shaking explosions reverberated, hitting people’s souls.

A strong earthquake happened right where Lin Meng and Yun Hao were standing. The firm ground cracked, as if someone were trying to tear it apart.

Long Zhu tried using the last beam of his energy in an attempt to build the Five Elements Primitive Realm one more time.

At this moment, Lin Meng, Lu Miao, and Guan Hu had manipulated their divine weapons the second time, to prevent the Five Element power from gathering with each other.

At this moment, the most mysterious oldie of the Divine Great Land was covered in blood, as if his face was destroyed. He looked pathetically feeble, and his soul got damaged badly.

"Why does he need to do that, sigh." Yan Ke signed deeply, her face begrudging. She felt sad because of Long Zhu’s situation. She knew that even of Long Zhu didn’t die, it would take him a lot of effort to recover.


As the city wall was destroyed, many passages appeared in the direction of the city center. Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan’s group disappeared into the passaged immediately, as fast as lightning.

Shi Yan supported Long Zhu's himself with a respectful expression. He pulled the old man into the city center.

"Little buddy, I couldn’t get you an hour. I’m sorry." Long Zhu was covered in blood, talking mournfully on his shoulder. 

"Enough. You’ve contributed enough," Shi Yan said with a calm voice. "Leave the rest to me."