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Yang Tian Emperor's blood and flesh were burning hot like flames. He was sinking in insanity. What he was burning was his Immortal Blood and the God Blood he had absorbed!

The Immortal Blood and the God Blood were stimulated thoroughly. The erupting energy had broken Comoros’s soul restraint. It also burned Cassidy’s wood power, that was entangling him, into ashes.

Just like the moth flying into the flame, he stormed towards Cassidy, using the blood sea to cover him.

In the blood sea Yang Tian Emperor had released, even the True God Realm warrior Cassidy had to struggle hard. The energy from Yang Tian Emperor’s body had disordered Cassidy’s blood, making it turbulent. His consciousness became hazy.

When Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned saw the big change in their current situation, they didn't hesitate anymore, barging in and entangling Comoros and Ivision.

Above the lake surface, light shadows entangled. Different energies impacted. Two giant figures towered the entire area like giant cloud clusters. Countless trees were exploded and smashed due to the shock waves and energy impact.

Qin Hong and the Heaven Temple's group felt tiny in such an earth-shaking battle. They felt anxious.

Qin Hong didn't dare to act rashly. He wasn’t sure if leaving at this moment would enrage the beasts or not. They hid in the broken pieces of wood, still panic-stricken.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying exchanged looks. They gawked, unable to believe their own eyes as they were looking at Yang Tian Emperor in his insanity. They were scared.

"That man, is he really at the Spirit Realm?" Ji Mu sighed in fear, shaking his head continually. "I can’t imagine any Spirit Realm warrior could burst out such formidable power like him."

Yue Ying bit her lips, couldn’t hold her miserable smile. "Perhaps, people around Shi Yan are all mysterious and imposing like him. Sometimes, I think whether it’s true or not that our Divine Great Land has been peaceful for so long, and that’s why we don’t have any peerless warrior."

The brutal craziness Yang Tian Emperor was exposing was beyond their common knowledge. It was so formidable!

Cassidy was a True God Realm warrior of the Ghost Mark Clan. He had received the ancient inheritance with the innate mysterious tattoos of the Ghost Mark Clan. Although he hadn’t recovered completely, it was enough to have a battle with the peak human warriors of the Divine Great Land.

However, Cassidy was struggling to fight with Yang Tian Emperor. Apparently, he had fallen into the disadvantaged situation!

The development of this battle had gone beyond their imagination. As Ji Mu and Yue Ying found that no one noticed them, they didn’t hasten to leave, but hid in a corner and observed the situation. They wanted to know the next events.

Yang Tian Emperor seemed to get crazy. A blood armor covered his exquisite bones. The blood wheel in his hand was rippling blood waves, carrying out the energy of desperation.

Di Shan faced up to watch the sky. His black wings fluttered gently as a helpless, desperate feeling swarmed his soul.

Yang Tian Emperor had also affected him.

At this moment, Di Shan got to know that Yang Tian Emperor had concealed his real competence from the beginning. He hadn’t performed his best yet.

The blood wheel and the energy Yang Tian Emperor released around his body carried a deep despair Intent Domain. It looked like he could only urge his real power instantly at the moment he had fallen into a desperate situation. At that time, he could achieve a state no one had ever imagined. 

He had used desperation to awake his rampage power, causing the subdued opponents an immense despair. He had used his steel will, which had been quenched by hundreds of battles, to destroy his opponent's minds.

The way Yang Tian Emperor comprehended his power was apparently an evil, crooked path. It was crazy and stubborn. Only the imposing character, whose face was calm and heart was wild like him, could walk on this extraordinary cultivating path. 

He could burn his own flesh and blood in desperation, igniting the God Blood he had absorbed to burst out his best potential in the dead corner.

Only an extremely cold-blooded person, who was cruel to even himself, could comprehend and develop it furiously.

Yang Tian Emperor was that sort of a fierce man!

Using the Second Sky of Spirit Realm cultivation base, he had burned his blood and flesh to gather the power from the desperate situation to stimulate his potential and erupt the power hiding in his flesh and blood. He had used the hopeless thought of the certain death to forcefully drag his opponents into the nightmare of despair. He had used his incomparable will to die together with his opponents.

Such a character, if he weren't crazy, he was a madman with great wisdom and willpower.

Cassidy was distressed. Submerged in the Intent Domain created by Yang Tian Emperor, the terrifying sight in which the Ghost Mark Clan was destroyed emerged in his head.

Each member of the Ghost Mark Clan burned like dying fireworks. They shot up to the sky and fell one by one. Their souls perished before their bodies reached the ground.

As their Grand Sages, he and Comoros had no solution. Their souls were confined, and they could only see things accelerated to the point they were afraid of the most. They could only watch their patriarch being besieged and hurt severely by countless experts. They had witnessed their patriarch burn his soul to send them into the Yin Written Charm Scripture before he sealed it and died.

Painful and pathetic memories uncontrollably rose in his heart. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t wash them away.

Cassidy’s inner demon was born. A helpless despair appeared from a deep place in his heart. He felt all of his power had left him, while his soul was sinking into darkness.

He was a True God Realm expert, but he couldn't get rid of the desperate power Yang Tian Emperor had released. He had been dragged into the abyss of a nightmarish memory. He didn’t have the will to resist or the determination to risk his life to escape.

That genocide battle was forever his inner demon. After so many years, he had pressed it down, trying to forget. He didn’t dare to recall or think about it.

He thought he had gotten over this painful challenge.

Only when Yang Tian Emperor burned his God Blood and his flesh to release the energy he had comprehended in despair, Cassidy recognized that he hadn't escaped that knot in his heart. He still bore the grudge of that humiliating past. 

He was a True God Realm warrior, but his mind was seized, and his power decreased drastically. In Yang Tian Emperor’s furious wave of attack – the red blood sea – he was like a simple leaf that would sink in the blood sea at any minute. 

Everybody was subdued by the strange phenomenon in the sky.

At his Second Sky of Spirit Realm, the power Yang Tian Emperor had demonstrated now wasn’t less than the Peak of True God Realm warriors in the Divine Great Land.

The bursting power in desperation was the most stubborn and extreme power in the world. It was like the sharp sword dyed in blood that could pierce through everything!


Cassidy gushed out blood, dripping on his chest. His clear and bright eyes started to lose the focus, as they no longer had light.

Yang Tian Emperor was now a bloody skeleton. None of his muscles was intact. He looked so terrible that everybody would feel the extreme fear at first glance looking at him. 

Some timid people would instantly have butterflies in their stomach and vomit directly.

To which degree of brutality and craziness he had to burn his body to pursue the extreme power Upanishad under the pain of ripping the heart?

The one who could reach this far, who didn’t treat his flesh body as he should, if he couldn’t increase his strength massively, even God would disagree!

Cassidy spat blood. His aura was restrained. Blood trickled from the corners of his mouth like two small streams, continually flowing down his body. It was as if blood in his body was led by some mysterious force, and it wouldn’t stop until all of his blood had run out of his body.

Qin Hong watched the scene from a distance. Later on, he sighed and shook his head. "Hero!"

He suddenly realized that although he had been pressing Yang Tian Emperor, he couldn't put the old man into a hopeless situation. He felt lucky now. Otherwise, what awaited him was the extreme sea blood!

Qin Hong understood that if Yang Tian Emperor had done it on him, with his real competence, he would have died already.

In Heaven Temple, he was addressed as the ‘the man who should never be underestimated.’ However, as he had witnessed Yang Tian Emperor's burst in a desperate situation, he knew he was too far behind this man.

"No wonder why our Master has appreciated him that much," Ji Mu was bewildered for a while and then sighed. "I rarely admire people. But today, I admire him. Turns out there is a fierce man like him in this world!"

Yue Ying kept silent, just nodding to show her agreement.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were concentrating on dealing with Comoros and Ivision. These two high-grade Monster Clan’s experts were savage. Their powers weren’t less than the other two pagans.

When everybody was gazing at Yang Tian Emperor, the rippling lake had calmed down.

The brilliant starlight didn’t shower from the sky anymore. The lake surface became the tranquil, bright mirror again. It reflected the fierce fight above the lake.

There was no ripple on the lake surface. A scarlet halo appeared on the lake and started to expand. The extreme heat rose, and shortly, the lake surface cracked open into a small duct. 

While the battle above the lake was still excited and furious, a majestic body got out of the lake from that small duct. He slowly emerged in the light of the sun, moon, and stars. Then, he frowned and observed the site.

Di Shan was looking at Yang Tian Emperor with admiration. He suddenly sensed something, turning around. He was dumbstruck, kneeling down right away and greeting with great respect. "Master!"

Shi Yan nodded gently. Millions of star dots were covering him. They looked like a dense cloud of winged insects, hovering around him. At first glance, he looked like he was wearing a brilliant costume made of stars, which was gloriously beautiful.

On his chest, intimidating soul fluctuations rippled. Countless star rivers crossed each other, twinkling as though they could dazzle people. It looked like he had numerous galaxies gathered in front of his chest and helping him collect and maintain the mysterious star abilities of the vast star sea.

"Master, you’ve broken through again?" Di Shan sensed for a while and then shouted in joy.

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile to confirm his assumption. Suddenly, Shi Yan darkened his face, squinting and looking at Yang Tian Emperor, who was covered in blood. "What’s going on?"

Di Shan stooped and quickly briefed him about what had happened.

Shi Yan listened to him with a stiff face. His eyes gradually became cold and evil. Later, he nodded, raking his eyes through Qin Hong’s group and ordering Di Shan. "Kill!"

Di Shan happily regarded him and then stormed towards the Heaven Temple’s group.