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635 Yang Tian Emperor gets crazy!

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were restlessly agitated. Comoros and Cassidy of the Ghost Mark Clan were oppressing them furiously. Especially the True God Realm expert of the Dark Spirit Clan, his attack was so malicious.

Comoros and Cassidy had the True God Realm cultivation base. Cassidy was at the Second Sky of True God Realm while Comoros was at the Third Sky of True God Realm. However, they couldn’t use their full power at this moment. They seemed to be equal to Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned.

Ivision of the Dark Spirit Clan had the Second Sky of True God Realm cultivation base. The warrior of the Dark Spirit Clan had a body as firm as pure steel. Perhaps his body was even more tenacious than Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned.

Comoros, Cassidy, and Ivision had joined hands, together with many hotshots of the Ghost Mark Clan, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned couldn’t endure such force. They were fighting and retreating at the same time. They wanted to find Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan to help them.

Too bad, Yang Tian Emperor’s side had been already struggling. Qin Hong was enough to hold them down.

Seeing Comoros leading a group of the Ghost Mark Clan’s hotshots, pushing Blood-maned to this area, Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan were hesitant, their faces grimaced.

"ARGH!" Fiery Dragon shouted, rolling his eyes at Qin Hong and the Heaven Temple’s group, speaking indignantly. "So annoying! Why do I have to meet these human brats everywhere!"

"Blood-maned, Fiery Dragon, if you ignore Shi Yan, we will leave immediately," Comoros hovered in the air, his face cold.

Ivision of the Dark Spirit Clan didn’t say anything. His deep green eyes flared a bloodthirsty, malicious light as if he hated that he couldn’t kill everybody here. He was looking at the group of human experts including Qin Hong, Yang Tian Emperor, and Ji Mu.

While the Dark Spirit Clan had been confined in the Dead Soul Mountain Range, many wandering dead souls had been hunted by human warriors in the Dead Soul Mountain Range, turning into refining materials for their weapons or medicines. Turning back to the resentment they had cast ten thousand years ago, Human Clan had sealed them in the foreign land, making the members of the Dark Spirit Clan live with their bodies and souls separated, which had decreased their power drastically.

Ivision had a deep grudge against humans, much more than what he had against Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned.

"This situation doesn’t seem right," Ji Mu shifted his look from Fiery Dragon, Blood-maned, to the hotshots of the Dark Spirit Clan and the Ghost Mark Clan. He said with great confusion. "Seems like… All this relates to that kid Shi Yan."

Yue Ying couldn't hold her forced smile, talking in a low tone. "That boy… is truly a disaster." 

Ji Mu and Yue Ying didn't join their conversation. They just stood there with a complicated complexion. They wanted to retreat quietly as they saw something wrong here.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned were the level 9 members of the Monster Clan. They were equal to the True God Realm warriors. Besides, there were three more pagans at the True God Realm. This force was something Human Clan could resist. If they stayed here, it was not different from suicide.

Qin Hong was hesitant. His face suddenly changed into a little anxious. He spoke to the other warriors quietly. "Prepare to withdraw." 

"Damn humans!" Ivision of the Dark Spirit Clan changed his countenance and shouted as he saw the human groups want to leave. "Kill them first!"

Comoros, Cassidy of the Ghost Mark Clan heard Ivision; they nodded, swinging their arms. "Kill humans first!"

The warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan stormed out from behind Comoros and Cassidy, furiously attacked Qin Hong and the warriors of the Heaven Temple.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned didn't move. They didn't know Qin Hong, Yue Ying, and Ji Mu. Of course, they wouldn’t care about their lives. They even wished that the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan would kill them all.

Ji Mu and Yue Ying paled. They halted while dashing under the shades of the ancient trees.

They suddenly felt a malicious soul thought snatching down like a soul seal, dizzying their consciousness.

Comoros looked cold and evil. A strange light shone radiantly on his eyes as he was using the mysterious soul technique of the Ghost Mark Clan, covering all people around him.

Although Qin Hong could sense it beforehand as his Mind Perception could recognize the soul seal, he didn't have the competence to avoid it since the soul binding technique the other was using had blocked all directions. 

An invisible soul net snatched down from the sky, enveloping the entire area.

The creatures under that massive net felt as if their soul had been stagnant in a bog. The more their souls struggling, the deeper they sank into the darkness. Their consciousness started to scatter, as they were about to lose their minds.

Yang Tian Emperor, Li Zheng Rong, Qin Hong, Ji Mu, and Yue Ying weren’t exceptions. These human warriors were covered in the soul restraining power that Comoros had released. Their Sea of Consciousness became turbulent. Gradually, they were all stirred up.

Quite the contrary, Di Shan wasn’t affected. He stayed unharmed.

Although he didn't understand soul power, with the sturdy body of the Winged Clan, he wouldn't be affected by strong soul energy. Regarding using soul, he was really dumb. Although he could recognize something weird, he didn't know where it came from.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned weren’t affected either. Their situation was similar to Di Shan of the Black Winged Clan. They all had a tenacious body. They were the creatures that didn't depend on the soul to level up.

To Human Clan, it was the deadly soul fluctuation. But to them, its effects weren’t really fierce, so they didn't need to be tense.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars were shining in the sky. The bustling forest where furious battles had taken place suddenly quieted. There was no sound or noise. Only Yang Tian Emperor, Li Zheng Rong, and the others were holding their heads, painfully resisting something.

Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned stood next to each other. They were discussing in a low tone, considering whether to help Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong or not.

Di Shan stood not far from Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned. His eyes were filled with wicked thoughts. He was urging his power impatiently.

He understood that if Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned didn't help them, Yang Tian Emperor and Li Zheng Rong would have the same ending as Qin Hong and his warriors. The soul energy Comoros had released would kill them little by little. Di Shan knew his competence. He would never be able to disturb the experts of the Ghost Mark Clan and the Dark Spirit Clan.

He could only depend on Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned, but he didn't dare to provoke their beast instinct, as he was afraid that it would break everything.

"If he dies, Shi Yan won’t let us at ease. He’s Shi Yan’s great-grandfather." Di Shan waited for a while then pointed at Yang Tian Emperor. "If Shi Yan’s agitated, none of you will live in peace."

Hearing Di Shan, Fiery Dragon and Blood-maned couldn’t help but change their visage. They became restless quietly.


However, at this moment, Yang Tian Emperor suddenly roared with a wild countenance. Blood splashed from his entire body. Instantly, he became bloody crazy.

The soul restraint from Comoros lost its effect on Yang Tian Emperor.

The bloody Yang Tian Emperor stormed forward like the moth heading towards the flame. He dashed towards Comoros and shouted, "I want you to die!"

Drops of ruby Immortal Blood flowed through his veins, blending with the God Blood in his body. At this moment, Yang Tian Emperor’s power was beyond the power of a Spirit Realm warrior. His flow of energy was wild and brutal, carrying an endless murderous aura.

His flesh and blood started to melt when he got enraged, which looked terrifying.

Everybody gazed at him in fright. Their faces changed dramatically. They didn't expect that this Second Sky of Spirit Realm human warrior could be so formidable and insane at the same time. They all were petrified.

Even Ivision of the Dark Spirit Clan was startled, his face disbelieving. This was the first time he put on the solemn countenance.

When they were in the Endless Sea, Yang Tian Emperor was the peerless warrior. That year, when he was still at the First Sky of Spirit Realm, he had resisted the three Third Sky of Spirit Realm hotshots of the Demon Clan. The power he had shown them at that time had terrorized people.

Today, he had reached the Second Sky of Spirit Realm. At the most critical time, he had burned the Immortal Blood as the price for his tremendous bursting power.

A precious armor made of blood emerged from his bloody bones, covering his bones. It was vivid red and evilly strange. This armor seemed to drink from his flesh and blood, making his aura more imposing.

A magical blood wheel appeared in Yang Tian Emperor’s hand. The blood wheel looked like a sun dyed in blood. It was burning, releasing a garnet light accompanied by the thick scent of blood, darting towards Comoros.

While the magical wheel was moving, blood waves rippled layers by layers. Hundreds of waves piled up, creating a viscous blood object. It nauseated the True God Realm warriors like Comoros. The blood in their bodies couldn’t help but surge turbulently.

Yang Tian Emperor’s aura burst instantly as a blood light shot toward Comoros.

Comoros was frightened, as he was scared by the erupting power of Yang Tian Emperor. He shouted, "Cassidy!"

Cassidy’s face showed that he was struck. The scattered tattoos on his body suddenly revived. The tattoos flew out of his body, turning into so many dark green written techniques, gathering in the void. A strange, evil fluctuation emitted from them.

All ancient trees near Cassidy seemed to be led by that strange energy. Rigid branches became as flexible as cotton. They extended massively towards Yang Tian Emperor like countless tentacles.

Wood power!

This was the innate ability of the ghost tattoos on Cassidy’s body. It could manipulate any kind of flora to help him. The trees would become the extension of his limbs.

These giant trees seemed to have a new life. They wiggled and extended their branches to cover the entire sky. Yang Tian Emperor was coiled, and his speed reduced.

"F*ck it! MOVE!" Fiery Dragon roared. He twisted his giant body, sweeping his dragon tail forward, cutting the branches piece by piece.

As Blood-maned saw the dragon taking action, his brutal nature was stirred up. He let out a long roar and then started to attack Cassidy. The gold fur in front of his chest was like a shower, shooting and covering both Cassidy and Comoros.

The soul power Comoros had released lost its effects instantly.

Human warriors including Li Zheng Rong, Qin Hong, Ji Mu, and Yue Ying restored their clear mind. They immediately got the situation.

Right at this moment, the tranquil lake started to ripple. A halo of starlight shot out from the bottom of the lake. 

Di Shan’s eyes brightened. He was cheered up.

"The boy’s good now!" Fiery Dragon laughed wildly. He steadied his mind and attacked Comoros while roaring furiously. "The Perpetual Night Forest belongs to the Monster Clan! Who dares to mess here, I’ll make him live in misery!"