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619 Frantically great refining!

Flows of scarlet flames condensed into an exquisite arm, moving back and forth in a wide jade ditch. Scorching lava splashed, while sharp and distinctive Crystal Stones were moving as if they were living beings.

The wide ditch connected every direction, branching into hundreds of narrow canals. Visible energy waves rippled from those canals in a strange liquid form.

Relatively low-grade secret treasures were dragged into the wide ditch by an invisible force one by one. Next, the fiery flame in the blazing lava started to refine them. Many black contaminants were extracted, sinking to the bottom.

The wide ditch extended in every direction. From a bird’s eye view, it was a mysterious, complicated ancient formation. It was around ten square li. Its branches looked like the fiery swimming snakes. Flames rose torrentially, scorching and brutal, as though they were alien flaming beasts that could swallow everything.

Secret treasures with different shapes were moving heavily in this strange but magical ancient formation. As they were heated up, a strange energy existing in this mysterious formation was absorbed into them.

A vivid red hued young man sat cross-legged in the void above the ditch. His eyes were slightly closed as his hands were making many moves of the secret techniques.

A symbol shot out from his palms. It exposed an ancient formation in the void, which was outlined by delicate rays of light. At first, the formation was tiny, just as big as a thumb. However, it was drawn with thousands of flimsy energy lines, which was extremely complicated.

Then, the formation slowly descended and enlarged to the size of a palm, then a bowl, a door …

The formation, which was drawn with several thousand energy fibers, became clearer with time. Its patterns looked like the patterns on someone’s palm, naturally mysterious. In some aspects, it looked like the great Earth, solemn and respectful. In another aspect, it was like a little bird swiftly flying away, leaving no trace…

Different formations had unclear trajectories, but they all contained the mysterious truths of heaven and earth. They fluttered like light curtains as they descended from the sky into the wide ditch and imprinted on the purified treasures.

Receiving a formation each, those secret treasures started to change miraculously. Energy fluctuations rippled, while their mother material was changing its natural characteristics.

Some became smooth and beautifully jade-like. Some were so rigid that nothing could break it. But at the same time, these treasures could be as soft and flexible as cotton. Users could stretch them as much as they pleased. It seemed the treasures would never fracture.

Different treasures had different formations, which gave them different marvelous abilities.

After they were purified and carved with a magical formation, receiving new abilities, the treasures would fly up. Each treasure now had a beautiful halo. Energy waves rippled from them tremendously. They also had a new appearance, mysterious and beautiful, such that people couldn’t shift their eyes from them. 

Several hundred warriors stood around the wide ditch. Everyone balled their hands into fists. They didn't even dare to breathe loudly, as flames of desire burned in their eyes.

When a sword secret treasure made a beautiful curve in the air with a moonlight halo around before falling into a man’s hand, that man couldn’t control his thrill. He was shaking while talking to Shi Yan. "Thank you! Thank you, Young Master Yan!"

The young man floating in the sky slightly opened his eyes and beamed a faint smile. "The material of your sword is not good enough. After I extracted the contaminants and inscribed the Burning Water Extinguishing Formation, it could only reach Rank 3 of Spirit Grade. Too bad."

"No, no, no, not bad at all!" The warrior got startled. He clutched his sword tightly as though he had just collected a precious treasure. Suddenly, he had a magical feeling of having a blood connection with his weapon.

The power hidden in his sword released a scorching flame, which could combine perfectly with the technique he was cultivating.

"Young Master Yan, this sword was just a Rank 1 Mysterious Grade sword. You, you have leveled it up by one more grade! Master Yan, I’m just at the Third Sky of Human Realm, but with this sword, I now dare deal with a Disaster Realm warrior!" That young man was so excited he started to babble. As he was trying to restrain himself, his body shook vehemently.

After the young warrior said that, many warriors around started to be jealous of him.

They were like bloodthirsty beasts gazing at the ditch. Their life treasures flew to the ditch like a cloud of grasshoppers, falling into the burning lava canals.

In the beginning, when Shi Yan was arranging this formidable formation, they thought that it couldn’t work that much. It wasn’t easy to upgrade a common treasure. Even if he were the great Blacksmith of the Divine Great Land, he had to prepare the required materials sufficiently. 

He had spent ten days to carve a strange ditch formation, then poured several hundred kinds of materials in it. After he’d released the heaven flame, he asked people to throw their treasures into the wide ditch.

Many people didn’t believe him, as they were afraid that he would break their treasures. When Yang Tian Emperor couldn’t help but give them order, some people started to gingerly throw their treasures into the ditch.

The warrior who had just caught the flying sword was the first one who received big benefits. A Rank 1 of Mysterious Grade treasure had upgraded to Rank 3 of Spirit Grade! One whole grade skipped up!

There was no doubt, no more questions. Those people now looked like a pack of hungry wolves, throwing their weapons and treasures into the wide ditch in front of them.

"Stop!" Shi Yan let out a light shout. He spoke to them seriously. "The stream of energy in this ancient formation has a limit. It can’t refine too many things at the same time. Otherwise, I’m not sure it can eliminate the contaminants in your treasures. No need to rush. I’m going to help you refine your treasures, one by one." 

"Young Master Yan, I, I haven’t thrown mine yet," Ling Ming faced up with a red face, "Only one treasure! Only one treasure of mine, is it okay?"

"Uncle Ling, don’t be like that! You shouldn’t disturb!"

"Old Ling! I’ve thrown my treasure, you shouldn’t mess things up!"

Mo Dun Huan and a young man saw Ling Ming was about to break the rule and became frightened, walking over to pull the old man back with an anxious complexion.

"Get off me! Mo-ge, get off me!" Ling Ming had his veins bulging on his neck. "F*ck! Who knows if the materials there are enough for all! No, you have to accept my treasure. If you don't let me go, I’ll hit you!"

Ling Ming knew the materials in the ditch were all precious, and he wasn’t sure that Yang Tian Emperor could have more to supply. If not, his Spirit Grade treasure could only wait for the next chance.

But he didn't know when the next chance would be…

"If you put your treasures in, our grade can be dragged down. We will risk our lives with you!" Mu Dun Huan was always a calm person. But now, he was exposing his ugly face, shouting indignantly.

"I don't care! My treasure has to be refined!" Ling Ming rolled his sleeves, his face reddening as he was about to fight with the other.

"What do you think you’re doing!" However, Yang Tian Emperor interrupted them at this moment. "Little Ling, you were scared and didn't want to put your treasure in there. Now, you shouldn't blame the others. Yeah, you have to wait for the next round." 

Yang Tian Emperor made Ling Ming goggle, his face grief-stricken. Ling Ming sighed continually. He was blaming himself for not having sharp eyes, that he couldn’t see Shi Yan’s earth-shaking ability.

Shi Yan didn’t talk. Hearing Yang Tian Emperor intervening, Shi Yan continued to close his eyes and perform more refining techniques.

His Soul Consciousness and the pure energy in his body were condensed and constantly changing according to his thought. They formed the ancient formation to refine treasures or the exquisite, magical seals imprinting on the treasures in the ditch.

During the whole process, his mind and spirit were crystal clear. He had no negative feelings, and his soul seemed to sublimate.

He suddenly understood that when his acupuncture points converted the negative energy, even though this process was marvelous, his soul couldn’t control it. Every time he used Rampage, he would fall into the old trace of getting bedevilment, which would leave some bad repercussions.

During this refining process, his mind and spirit were translucent, as though his soul was washed with an invisible holy water. The mist curtains that hindered his mind were gradually cleaned, leaving his soul calm and steady.

While he was concentrating on refining, he was also purifying his soul. This could prevent him from getting lost. His soul could gain benefits from this too.

Refining techniques and carving formations contained some true meanings of heaven and earth. His understanding of these meanings became more profound, giving him different perception of different energies.

After Shi Yan found that refining treasures could help him that much, he started to consider it carefully. Now, he had no contradictions anymore, considering it as experience of a warrior, which gave him more benefits. 

Many warriors of the Yang family and the Shi family observed him floating in the air, making many hand seals. His anxious, stirring moods were all calmed down.

Looking at the miraculous expanding formations he was making, which vaguely depicted heaven and earth’s operation rules, some warriors seemed to understand something. They sat down cross-legged, their mind illuminated with the light of knowledge.

The formation was one kind of heaven and earth’s energy form. If they could understand the mysteries of these formations, it would be very useful to them. They could even enter the new realm instantly.

Shi Yan had the Spirit Realm cultivation base. The author of the Blacksmith’s Secrets of Success was a Divine Grade blacksmith. The Upanishads hidden in the formations he wrote were abstrusely complicated. Even if the warriors could only understand a bit, they could reach the wall of their cultivation.

Most of the onlookers didn't have a profound realm. Seeing the changing formations, they somehow found it easy to understand a deeper meaning.

Gradually, more and more people started to gather their spirit and sat down around the wide ditch.

Right after that, Ling Ming and Mo Dun Huan seemed to understand something. They closed their eyes as if they were searching for some knowledge.

The warriors who had decided to stay with the Yangs and risk their lives in fighting felt lucky at this moment. They were lucky that they made a wise choice. And, they felt lucky that they weren’t the runaway betrayers.

Surviving the great catastrophe, one would receive happiness later.

What Shi Yan said ten days ago arose in their heads. At this moment, they knew it was true.

People now looked at Shi Yan with more respect, no longer surprised or doubtful. They considered this young man their leader, just like Yang Tian Emperor. Their trust in him started to grow in their hearts.

At the most difficult time of the Human Clan in the Divine Great Land, this small group of people could find peace in their souls in this desolate forest. They seemed to find Nirvana, a resting place for their souls. They gathered and became stronger.