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The Ghost Hunter roared in pain. This bunch of light had cut off the sharp thorns on his body. Fine cracks also appeared on the Ghost Hunter’s armor.

"Are you convinced?" Yama King Hades shouted with his dark face. "This is the ‘Underworld God Sacrifice.' I got it from the holy land. Even the True God Realm expert would become a sacrifice to the Underworld God. If you leave that kid and work for our Dark Clan, I can spare you from this calamity."

The Ghost Hunter was screaming and howling, but he didn’t answer the Yama King. The armor on his body started to crack.

Shi Yan was concentrating on building the Teleportation Formation. Suddenly, he turned around, facing the sky above his head. He had thought that the Ghost Hunter could stop Hades. He didn’t expect that the beast would fall into this situation.

Normally, a level 9 demonic beast was a little bit stronger than an expert who had just entered the True God Realm. Although the Ghost Hunter had just reached level 9, Yama King Hades seemed to have reached the True God Realm not long before himself. According to his estimation, he thought the Ghost Hunter would win.

He had underestimated Hades’ competence. Also, he didn't know that Yama King Hades had received a big harvest from the three bottom levels of the Underworld.

He should speed up building the Teleportation Formation. He didn't know when more pagan experts would come here after Yama King Hades. Thus, he was determined to finish this stuff at the fastest speed.

As for Cao Qiu Dao and Fan Xiang Yun, he deemed that they wouldn’t be eroded shortly. Thus, he wasn’t going to protect them at the moment.

However, from the current situation, things had gone beyond his estimation.

"Underworld God Sacrifice…"

Shi Yan scooped his head and muttered while his face became colder. While his thought flickered, the Storage Ring flashed.

Three bone spears he had just refined shot out with a sharp whistle. The white light zoomed out as fast as lightning, crossed the space and appeared behind Yama King Hades, stabbing furiously.


Yama King Hades trembled and fell forward. Three blood holes appeared on his back.

As his soul was controlling the Underworld God Sacrifice, when he got hurt, the power of the altar reduced greatly.

The Ghost Hunter finally had a moment of freedom in the white altar. He took out the Demonic Bell and shook it crazily.

Demon waves rippled from the bell. Amidst the strange jingling, the waves hit the sacrificial altar, and fire sparked everywhere. The ear-splitting explosions reverberated in the sky.

Yama King Hades’ soul was screaming heavily. Blood trickled from the corners of his mouth as he gazed at Shi Yan, talking through his gritted teeth. "Damn you, human!"

A pallid Underworld hand seal that looked like layers of white cloud descended rumblingly on Shi Yan’s head, as imposing as a mountain

Three Bone Thorns appeared next to him out of thin air. Shi Yan cracked a smile, his eyes bright.

The Bone Thorns were refined from a level 10 beast’s bones. Although they weren’t divine weapons, however, after Shi Yan had added his Soul Consciousness, they became strange and unpredictable. They could cross spaces easily, which was the special feature of his Soul Consciousness.

Space power could tear space, that no one could track down. It could storm out from any angles to perform the most dangerous ambush.

Yama King Hades, a True God Realm warrior, was his first experimental subject. Luckily, it worked alright at the first trial.

Three Bone Thorns had left three fist-sized blood holes on Hades’ back. If Yama King Hades weren’t strong enough, that strike could take his life.

Shi Yan felt contented.

Shi Yan wasn’t worried about the mountain-like Underworld Hand Seal above his head. He smiled quietly, urging his soul power again.

The Underworld Hand Seal snatched down. But all of a sudden, a space crack appeared above Shi Yan’s head.

Yama King Hades was stunned, looking at the Underworld Hand Seal falling into that space crack and disappearing completely, leaving nothing behind.

Shi Yan could counter the attack of the Ghost Mark Clan’s sages at the True God Realm, which gave him a deeper understanding of space power. Now, he could tear the space quickly and swallow all furious attacks.

"Ghost Hunter, give him brutal attack!"

After he had dissolved the Underworld Hand Sea, Shi Yan’s soul was a little bit tired. He hurried to assign the Ghost Hunter.

The Ghost Hunter was roaring and screaming crazily. The Demonic Bell in his hand was shaken constantly. Demonic light waves continually rippled, creating a barrier covering all Underworld’s hotshots. Even Yama King Hades couldn't escape that demonic light.

The demonic beast’s power was much crazier and more ruthless than the Underworld’s warriors. The tantrum of the Ghost Hunter had pushed the Underworld’s experts backward.

As Shi Yan had successfully ambushed Yama King Hades, the latter was bleeding badly. Since his Underworld Hand Seal with his soul energy was swallowed by a space crack, and his soul was hurt, Hades couldn't urge the Underworld God Sacrifice again. He was distraught.

Seeing the Ghost Hunter’s rage, Yama King Hades had no way to counter. He knew that even if he could gather his energy, he wasn’t the Ghost Hunter’s match. Hades had to retreat. At a place far away from the Cold Wind Island, he threw the bronze mirror out again to retrieve the Dark Sea water, which was covering the entire Cold Wind Island, like a whale taking in water.

"Ghost Hunter, wait for me. The next time I'm here is the time of your death!" Hades roared indignantly. His figured faded away and eventually disappeared.

The giant body of the Ghost Hunter changed. Shortly, he returned to the cold, handsome, but evil-looking young man. He sneered, his face disdainful.

Yama King Hades left, so Cao Qiu Dao’s group restored quickly. Cao Qiu Dao didn’t get hurt. While Ghost Hunter and Hades were engaging in their battle, he had disappeared mysteriously for a while.

Cao Qiu Dao had mastered his Shadowless Path. Once he disappeared and reappeared again, it was the time his life-taking attack came into effect.

The reason why Yama King Hades had to retreat quickly was that he was afraid the Shadowless Path of Cao Qiu Dao. He understood well how dangerous Cao Qiu Dao was. He was like a toxic viper hiding in the dark, which could emerge at any minute.

"Shi Yan, what means did you use to dissolve Yama King Hades’ attack?" Cao Qiu Dao was surprised. He strolled to Shi Yan and asked. "I’m good at hiding, and I have a profound knowledge of ambushing. I was behind Hades, but I didn't see the trajectory of the three bone spears. How did you do that?"

Fan Xiang Yun also looked at him with an odd expression, waiting for his explanation.

"If you can break space, no one can track you down," Shi Yan answered nonchalantly. He didn't explain further, concentrating on the Teleportation Formation in front of him.

Cao Qiu Dao contemplated. He vaguely got something, but Fan Xiang Yun and the others didn’t get the meaning behind Shi Yan’s words.

However, they didn't want to chase him. Seeing Shi Yan focusing on building the Teleportation Formation, they all shut their mouths and scattered to protect him from a distance.

Shi Yan knew he didn't have too much time. He wholeheartedly put his mind to work. Three days later, he had finished the formation, using his soul to carve the space nodes to connect this formation to the formation of the Northern Gem Mountain.

The Teleport Formation suddenly glowed like a lamp, as unique space fluctuations rippled.

"We can leave now," Shi Yan exhaled, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Go through the Teleportation Formation, and you can arrive at the Divine Great Land directly. If you don’t have any other ideas, we can go now."

Cao Qiu Dao’s group understood well that they couldn’t linger in the Endless Sea anymore. They all nodded without any hesitation. On the other side, Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea acted strangely. The two of them were using a soft tone to summon the other members of the Corpse Clan.

"You guys…" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Is there a place called the Ancient Corpse Tomb in that land?" Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea asked in unison.

A strange light crossed Shi Yan’s eyes. He didn't want to conceal. "True. There’s a place called the Ancient Corpse Tomb. How did you know that?"

"The inheritance we got came from that area. Our fellows are still calling for us from that area using our Corpse Clan’s unique method…" Corpse Mount talked slowly, but he couldn't explain clearly with unnatural pauses.

However, both Shi Yan and Cao Qiu Dao understood his words, their faces scared.

Shi Yan tried to press down the anxiety in his heart. He pondered, then gritted his teeth. "Go. You should call your fellows, I’ll take you guys there."

"Shi Yan !" Cao Qiu Dao couldn’t help but shout.

"Don't say anything. I know what you’re thinking," Shi Yan looked cold. "Even if they get stronger in the future and become the strongest force of the Corpse Clan, I have no problem with that. As things have turned into this, a little more chaotic is not much different to me."

Cao Qiu Dao was upset. But still, he didn’t try to persuade him further, and just nodded begrudgingly.

He and Shi Yan understood that the Ancient Corpse Tomb in the Divine Great Land would absolutely have formidable experts of the Corpse Clan!

Once they let Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea come to the Ancient Corpse Tomb, even though they had a good relationship with Shi Yan, they would be brainwashed. With the stronger power they could get from the Ancient Corpse Tomb, they would become the executioners slaughtering mankind.

"I want to stay here for a while. They do, too." However, at this moment, the Ghost Hunter walked over with the Devouring Gold Silkworm, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit God. "There's power in the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range in the Vault of Heaven Sea that could make us stronger. We want to get it." 

"What kind of power?" Shi Yan changed his expression.

"Don't know. But I can feel it," Ghost Hunter mused for a while. "Wait until we can have that power in the Heavenly Demon Mountain Range, we will be stronger. At that time, we can support you better."

The Devouring Gold Silkworm, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit God stood silently near him, letting him talk for them.

Shi Yan was moved. He knew the situation was changing massively in the way he couldn’t understand. This world would become the battlefield of many races. If he could gather enough forces, he would survive the upcoming violent war.

Of course, he wouldn’t hinder them. He advised them to be careful.

Eventually, the Ghost Hunter, the Devouring Gold Silkworm, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Holy Spirit God left. They separated from him at the Cold Wind Island.

Shi Yan activated the Teleportation Formation. He took Cao Qiu Dao’s group and the crowd of members of the Corpse Clan to the Northern Gem Mountain in the Divine Great Land group by group.

However, right after he appeared in the Teleportation Formation he built in the Northern Gem Mountain, he changed his complexion into a dark and sinister one.