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Shi Yan came back to the Endless Sea to move the Yang family to the Divine Great Land. Also, there was another reason for his visit. The Corpse Vanishing Flame.

The Corpse Vanishing Flame ranked last among the heaven flames. Qing Ming, the Master of the Corpse God Sect, had the flame but he was weak. He couldn’t counter Shi Yan directly. Shi Yan thought that it would be easy to take the Corpse Vanishing Flame from him.

Shi Yan went to the burial area where Qing Ming was secluded alone. He released his Soul Consciousness to sense. His face changed immediately.

There’s no aura of living people here!

According to Yang Tian Emperor, this burial area was the gathering place of human disciples in the Corpse God Sect. There should be many disciples of the Corpse God Sect, whom Qing Ming was managing as the Sect Master.

However, his Soul Consciousness could sense only dense Corpse Qi. The aura permeating the area was evil and gloomy.

It’s the particular fluctuation of the corpse slaves.

His brows slammed together. He walked around the burial area. Indeed, he found many newly-created corpse slaves. They didn’t have consciousness, just laid on the cold, hard ground. Their clothes looked shabby as if the wind had worn them out. Their skin glowed with strange phosphorescent light.

After the earth and heaven aura energy changed, it was full of Yin Qi and Corpse Qi, falling from the sky like the raindrops, scattering on the corpses.

Deep underground in the burial area, Yin Qi and Corpse Qi blended together. Dark green mist diffused, covering the newly formed corpses.

Yin Qi, Corpse Qi, and the energy of earth and heaven had mixed all together, creating green threads that naked eyes could observe, crawling on the corpses' skin. Then, they moved in a special trajectory, entering the corpses. After that, those green threads fused with their bones and flesh and were starting to improve their functions. 

A fierce fluctuation came from a place deep inside the burial area. The energy in the sky showered toward a direction like a heavy rain.

Shi Yan arched his brows, his face cold. He disappeared immediately.

Countless strange patterns were crawling on an ancient coffin. Beams of peculiar energy got into the coffin as though they were like a nest of spiritual snakes. The coffin then exuded an icy, devil aura that irritated the souls.

His Soul Consciousness moved swiftly like electric currents through the coffin. Shi Yan snorted, swinging his arm. Countless beams of light entangled the coffin lid and furiously lifted it up. 

Corpse Qi overflowed from the coffin, revealing the writhed body of Qing Ming. He looked pale with no vitality. His sinister, green pupils gazed at Shi Yan.

"You are not him," Shi Yan sneered, nodded to the corpse. "Seems Qing Ming had fallen into your sinister trap. Yeah, it’s okay, anyway. Even if you didn’t take action, I would have done that. Well, since you’ve taken his home, we can talk then."

"Muahahaha. What do you want to talk about?" The Corpse Vanishing Flame beamed a cold, wicked smile. The green flame inside the pupils of the distorted face shot out.

Outside the burial area, more than ten new corpse slaves slowly got up, circling Shi Yan.

Each corpse slave shot out a deep green light. More than ten beams interweaved, covering Shi Yan like a spider web. Dense Corpse Qi waves expanded. It seemed to form a big, ancient corpse refining formation.

Shi Yan wanted to talk, but now he had to change his face to a colder expression.

He could feel the Corpse Qi rolling toward him from everywhere, creating the magical great corpse refining formation, which affected his Sea of Consciousness and his soul. It started to erode his body, preventing him from moving his Essence Qi.

"This is the Corpse Refining Nine Revolution Formation of the Corpse Clan. In the Antiquity Time, the Corpse Clan had used this formation to refine the living creatures into their fellows and enslave them."

The Corpse Vanishing Flame was as calm as a cunning, experienced hunter. After it had arranged everything, it said casually.

"I know you have the Ice Cold Flame. Too bad, you didn’t fuse your soul with it. That flame is ranked above me, but it had been damaged badly. It isn’t as strong as I am now. Muahahaha. Let me take you."

The Corpse Vanishing Flame laughed evilly. Clusters of Corpse Clan’s secret symbols sparkled in its deep green pupils then shot out like the starlight toward the corpse slaves out there.

After the corpse slaves received the power of the Corpse Vanishing Flame, they were stirred up. Magical soul fluctuations rippled from their tranquil heads as if they had just resurrected from death. This is really shamanistic.

The great corpse refining formation was formed by the corpse aura of the ten corpse slaves. However, when these ten corpses were awakened, the formation was complete. It then could release the erosive soul aura, covering Shi Yan.

Flows of erosive Corpse Qi entangled him like the rough ropes. The aura of the refining formation affected his Sea of Consciousness. Corpse Qi had entered his Sea of Consciousness, stirring it up as if it was about to change.

In his Sea of Consciousness, flows of Corpse Qi started to dissolve his Sea of Consciousness. It was about to erode Shi Yan’s host soul.

All of a sudden, the Inner World Five Devils stormed out from a deep place in his Sea of Consciousness. They then furiously swallowed all the Corpse Qi.

Shi Yan’s countenance didn’t change. Fiery flame burst out from his body. His pores became blazing hot. He looked like an erupting volcano, burning the intruding Corpse Qi into white smoke. 

His Star Martial Spirit moved. The Big Dipper God Arrow was activated. The Big Dipper Bow was condensed in front of Shi Yan; he installed the Big Dipper Arrow, adding the flaming power and his Soul Consciousness energy.

The Big Dipper Arrow fired in the void, dragging a really long flaming tail. It crossed the space and exploded directly on Qing Ming’s body.

Numerous rays of light and the flaming sun power covered Qing Ming’s body, and the host of the Corpse Vanishing Flame. The flaming sun and the star energy bursted off instantly, which damaged Qing Ming’s body severely. 


Five flames shot out from Shi Yan’s fingers. They coiled around Qing Ming immediately.

Fiery flames were the nemesis of corpses. Qing Ming's body hadn't been transformed into a complete corpse. Under the furious burning energy of the Earth Flame and the flaming sun, its cold Corpse Qi was dissolved quickly.

Not long afterward, Qing Ming’s body was charred like a burned tree.

"Seems your lodging process isn’t complete yet. And you haven’t fused Qing Ming’s soul altogether. Well, you're your bad luck though." Shi Yan said nonchalantly then continued to release his flaming sun energy. Clusters of sunlight fired from between his hands, bombarding Qing Ming.

The earth and heaven had a strange phenomenon where the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars all appeared at the same time in the sky. As a warrior with the Star Martial Spirit, he was sensitive enough to see the good opportunity.

The absorbing speed of the star, and the sun energy of his martial spirit was more than ten times faster. Anyway, after the earth and heaven had a strange change, his Star Martial Spirit seemed to change accordingly, which terrified him a lot.

In the past, he didn’t dare to waste the sun energy in his body. But now he didn’t need to care about that anymore.

Flaming sun energy balls, as big as the fist, bombarded and exploded in Qing Ming’s body successively.

Whenever he released the flaming sun energy, his absorbing speed of the flaming sun would accelerate several times. The energy he had consumed was refilled shortly, condensing into the small sun in his heart. 

In vague sensing, he knew that his Star Martial Spirit had evolved. However, unfortunately, he didn't know how they graded the Star Martial Spirit, nor the difference after it had developed.

Roar Roar!

The Five Devils were roaring, soaring out of his Sea of Consciousness. They looked like five gray tornadoes flying toward the different directions to deal with the corpse slaves that only had their intellect.

Shi Yan was struck. He could sense some changes in his Sea of Consciousness. At the same time, a clear, crisp cracking sound echoed from the Blood Vein Ring on his finger as if some barrier had been broken.

Qing Ming was burned into ashes. A gloomy green flame, as big as a palm, flew out from Qing Ming’s body.

The Blood Vein Ring shot out five-colored beams, creating a cage imprisoning that green flame, slowly dragging it toward the ring.

"What’s that?! No! Noooo!" The Corpse Vanishing Flame was terrified. It was continually releasing the soul fluctuations in an attempt to escape. 

However, under the light of the Blood Vein Ring, it couldn’t get what it wanted. The ring slowly pulled it away.

Shortly, the Corpse Vanishing Flame disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring. Shi Yan was struck hard. He immediately sensed a flow of memory flooding his brain.


The Corpse God Sect.

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea were sitting in the middle of a white bone pile, opening their mouths to take in the phosphorescent light from the bones, their faces satisfied.

The white bones looked like jade with sparkling phosphorescent light. These bones had dense Yin Qi. Each of them was giant, around thirty meters long. Obviously, they weren't from humans.

No one knew where Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea had picked up those bones. While they were taking in the phosphorescent light, their bodies were exuding a faint white mist, which functioned like a net collecting the Yin Qi in the sky.

More than one thousand corpse slaves were surrounding Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea. All of them had the solemn countenance as if they all had intelligence.

Around ten corpse slaves stood nearest to Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea. They were wearing snow-white armor, which was made of strange jade. They formed a group.

Another group of ten corpse slaves was discussing with each other, using a strange language. They all had a surprised look. When they looked at Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea, they were full of respect.

This group of nearly one thousand corpse slaves, at the moment the earth and heaven had changed, had gained their wisdom. Their path of life evolution had opened.

All of a sudden, Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea seemed to sense something. They both jolted up in the middle of the white bone piles. They frowned, looking in a general direction.

"It’s our benefactor!"

"Yeah, it’s him."

"We should go find him!"


Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea exchanged some utterances then flew out, darting like lightning toward the burial area where Shi Yan was standing.

Many corpse slaves standing near the giant bones pile released their soul fluctuations, taking in the energy from those white bones.

While the corpse slaves were taking in the energy from the white bones, the energy in their bodies started to change. Their intelligence was increasing. Those corpse slaves started to understand simple language, and they could talk to each other.

It seemed, at the moment that they were awakened, they had turned into a kind of high-grade life form.