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582 Shake the God!

Lei Ji was possessed!

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame with the brutal fame in the ancient time was born from lightning and thunder of the Nine Skies. It had the most powerful thunder power, that could even destroy the world. If it weren’t exhausted over so many years, it could create a great calamity in the Divine Great Land when it finally got out of the confinement, putting this land through utter miseries. 

Amongst the nine heaven flames, it was the most extreme, and also the one who liked slaughtering the most. It was hostile to all other races. If it could restore its power, no one in this world would sleep in peace.

When the lightning destroyed his flow of Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness shook, but he restored it immediately.

As his flow of Soul Consciousness was searching every corner of the Shady Firmament Old Mound, images appeared lively in his Sea of Consciousness.

His Sea of Consciousness was like a bright mirror that reflected all regions of the Shady Firmament Old Mound, and he didn’t miss a scene.

He saw Yun Xiu controlling the flying carriage, taking the juniors away from where the Ghost Mark Clan gathered as fast as lightning…

He also saw Ai Ya…

Ai Ya paled, standing in between the Phosphorus Ghost Mushrooms. Fear appeared in her eyes as if she had encountered a big shock; her mind hadn’t steadied yet.

His Soul Consciousness with space power glided swiftly in the Shady Firmament Old Mound, constantly transmitting images to him.

Shi Yan watched the situations inside the Shady Firmament Old Mound. With this direct-viewing method, he understood the details of each fight like the back of his hand.

This feeling was terrific!

A man who stood ten thousand miles away could see every single change from such distance. This ability could be compared to that of God!

While he was carefully keeping track of all the changes in the Shady Firmament Old Mound in his Sea of Consciousness, he squinted, grinned, and evaluated the fight in front of him nonchalantly.

Lo Hao and his team were struggling hard under the furious attack of the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter. They only had room to dodge.

War Devil, with its heavy black armor that no saber or sword could even scratch, sometimes cracked a black hole in its palm, drawing in all the aura that Lu Hao and his team emitted.

Lu Hao’s team attacked the War Devil, but they couldn’t leave a mark on it. They could only hear the clinging sounds of metal impacts.

The Ghost Hunter had turned into its ferocious humanoid form, as agile as electricity. Its dark aura and devil aura were fused to create the evilest power ever, constantly pushing Lu Hao's team to back off.

The energy of the War Devil and the Ghost Hunter were enough to oppress Lu Hao’s team. The King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm were just to improve the perfection.


Lu Hao shouted abruptly, his face sinister and vicious. He hurried to make the way out.

The ghost tattoo on his chest changed again, turning into a thick golden cloud. Clusters of golden clouds scattered from his chest, lingering behind him.

The other clansmen who saw Lu Hao’s deed immediately followed him. The ghost scriptures on their bodies changed, such that naked eyes couldn’t observe them.

Some had their tattoos turned into armor, while some had an ice wall form up. One had layers of barriers enhancing each other, making up a thick protection that was hard to destroy.

The Ghost tattoo was a kind of special martial spirit with innate power. When Lu Hao’s team united, their defense was unbreakable.

War Devil, Ghost Hunter, and Devouring Gold Silkworm attacked together. They furiously barged onto the barrier, but they couldn’t smash that layered barrier. They could only see Lu Hao’s team retreating.

Shi Yan’s visage was cold. He grinned and then shouted, "Break!"

The Sky Breaking Shuttle shot out. Its silver bunch of rays acted like it was breaking dried branches, piercing through the defense and creating a big, deep hole.

War Devil and Ghost Hunter got in to attack the enemy, pursuing Lu Hao's group closely.

"Not good!"

Lu Hao paled in fright. Blood trickled from his mouth uncontrollably as he cried hoarsely.

The other six members of the Ghost Mark Clan had the light in their eyes scattered. They were panicking. Instinctively, they wanted to use the secret techniques to escape.

The defense created by the innate tattoos was linked with their Sea of Consciousness. Once it was damaged, their Sea of Consciousness would be shaken violently, that would hurt their souls.

Lu Hao and his team could never guess that Shi Yan had a weapon like the Sky Breaking Shuttle that was against the natural order. Any barriers would be pierced through like a thin sheet of paper under its marvelous power.

Lu Hao’s team had their souls hurt. Blood trickled down from the corners of their mouths. The lights on their ghost tattoos were dim like a flickering candle in the wind, which could be blown out at any minute.

Shi Yan was calm as he slowly walked through the heavy barrier on the ecliptic the Sky Breaking Shuttle had created. He took each step towards Lu Hao’s team. He was about to finish them within one strike.

"Request reinforcement!"

As Lu Hao saw him coming, he shouted deafeningly, clenching his jaw.

A group of Ghost Mark Clan’s clansmen transmitted the same surging soul signal from the Sea of Consciousness. Flows of Soul Consciousness weaved like shuttles, shooting towards the sky and disappearing while leaving no trace.

In the tomb where the Ghost Mark Clan gathered…

Two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan were closing their eyes to adjust their breathing. Abruptly, they jolted up, as a murderous aura shot out from their eyes.

The eyes of the sage who had talked to Shi Yan had an immense rolling divine light, that looked like a meteor shooting to a far land, soaring to the sky.

Spiritual Qi gathered in that light with numerous colorful spots. It flashed, then disappeared into the void, as if it had crossed space.

Shi Yan was about to attack the others when suddenly, a flow of unease came over him. A strand of his Soul Consciousness immediately sent an image.

A flow of shooting light that looked like a meteor with a long flaming tail was gathering the heaven and earth aura. It was flying fiercely, as if it wanted to pierce the earth and sky to tunnel a level passage. This light carried along clear soul fluctuations which locked on him, running towards him!

"This is the Foreign Sky Disseminating Flame. To create it, you have to use the soul at the True God Realm to be the mediator to gather the Essence Qi and aura of meteors in the foreign sky," The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame sent him its thought right before the light shone on his Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan was struck. His face was more serious than ever before. He immediately urged all powers in his body to create the Gravitational Field in just a short moment.

The Gravitational Field was condensed from the different powers that covered him. He then released the Dark Light Shield, the Star Shield, and urged the Petrification Martial Spirit to the acme. He had mobilized all the powers in his body in silence. 

A flow of shooting light zoomed over from far in the sky. It looked like a riotous five-colored river pouring down from the sky. Glorious light spots gathered in that shooting light. Heaven and earth spiritual Qi around there seemed to find a drainage for itself, as it massively flowed into that shooting light, making it more earth-shaking.

"Although that True God Realm sent just a little of his energy to guide it, the power that this Foreign Sky Disseminating Flame gathers is really intimidating. You should pray for yourself," The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame sent him a message.

Shi Yan’s heart shivered.

Since he had been in this world, he had met many strong enemies, but never the attack of a True God Realm expert.

In Divine Great Land, True God Realm was the peak existence. Every single one of them was an earth-shattering character. Most of the warriors had to bow to them. The meaning of an expert at this level was inexplicably invincible!

Although the two sages of the Ghost Mark Clan hadn’t restored more than 20% of their real competence, they were still True God Realm experts. Reaching the True God Realm meant that they had the God Soul, with the undying soul ability. Unless they were attacked by a special divine weapon, their soul would never perish.

Being the target of such an expert, even though Shi Yan had big guts, he couldn't help but feel uneasy. 

He had urged all the defensive barriers he had. Staying inside the Gravitational Field, he was waiting in silence, his breathing heavy.

The shooting light sometimes was like a white ribbon, and sometimes like a sharp sword as it suddenly disappeared.

After fifteen minutes, the Gravitational Field covering him was shaking violently. This magnetic field created by many different kinds of power was about to be pierced through by some sharp weapon. His energies were torn apart.

Shortly, the Gravitational Field was broken by an invincible force.

The shooting light appeared again.

Suddenly, Shi Yan became discolored and shouted, as his whole body was enlarging. His eyes reddened as if they were sprayed with blood. His face was brutal and ruthless.

The shooting light plunged down fast as sparks filled the sky. A violent force that could explode everything was moving, pressing down imposingly.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Starlight of the Star Shield was melted in the flame. The power of his Star Martial Spirit was running out.

The shooting light pressed down rumblingly.

Star Shield and the Dark Light Shield exploded.

The surging power erupted from Shi Yan’s body like a collapsing mountain. He was standing like a rock. But now, he got hit as if a heavy mallet had pounded on him. Crispy sounds echoed from his knees as Shi Yan fell on the ground.

A violent force torrentially moved in his body. Bones in his body cracked, vessels and meridians were broken, and his internal organs seemed to be displaced. He gushed out blood.

At this moment, Shi Yan felt like he had a wild beast storming his body, biting him and ripping him apart. This pain was like someone was drilling his heart, which was unbearable.

He was always a man with the will of steel. However, such a pain was something even he couldn't bear. His mind was hazy and his consciousness blurred.

Suddenly, a cold iciness that even chilled his bones rose from his Sea of Consciousness. The extreme cold power was like an ice-cold stream, rising in his body and his Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness was shaken. His mind, which was about to scatter, restored part of its calmness.

Whistle Whistle Whistle!

Negative energy from seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points shot out, as if it was blown away by gusts. 

The bloodthirsty, wild, desperate, and intimidating aura of the negative energy was like the ferocious beast in the ancient time. It started to move in his body, making his body the battlefield.

Crack Crack Crack!

Bones in his body broke continually, and his vessels were cracked badly. Shi Yan was now a blood man, as he was covered in his own blood. He looked pitiful and scary like a Bloody Ghost. So extreme!

Not far from that, Lu Hao’s team was backing off constantly and still gazing at him.

War Devil, Ghost Hunter, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and King of Demonic Insects had their intellect. When they recognized that their master had big problems, they didn’t chase their target further but gathered around Shi Yan to guard him. 


A strange, crafty laughter arose from the light of a lightning strike that suddenly struck out.

Lei Ji.