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573 Seven-leaflet Soul Cutting Grass

After crossing three ancient barriers continually, Shi Yan felt exhausted. As he was about to use the pellets to recover, his eyes suddenly brightened.

Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, Yue Ying, and Yun Xiu arrived one by one, their faces eager. They too looked ahead with surprise.

There was no ferocious energy fluctuation. The ground there was deep red, without a single grass. Cold gusts blew, as if they wanted to chase all the clouds away, fluttering distantly.

It was a huge broken tomb. White bones piled up, such that they couldn’t even see where it ended. That area was covered in an ash-gray mist, which was thin but filled with a cold aura.

Many killing formations in this graveyard were completely broken. The incomplete formations had lost their effects.

Lightning crossed the space through the astral wind. It was the incomparably pure thunder and lightning power, which could destroy souls. It seemed there was a strong beast hiding and dozing off inside the lightning strikes, and sometimes, it breathed out lightning, shooting towards the lightning clouds next to it.

The beast stayed in the middle of an immense area, where cold gust chilled people to the bone. The chaotic energy was constantly moving and wrecking havoc.

Shi Yan’s team was standing safely in a spot that didn’t have any barrier.

"Is that beast the Heaven Thunder Beast?" Shi Yan cracked a silent smile. "Well, seems like we have arrived."

"Yeah, even though this isn’t the center of the Shady Firmament Old Mound, the Heaven Thunder Beast lives here." Ye Xiong said with a happy expression. Pointing at the surroundings, he explained, "It should be a bigger ancient barrier right where we’re standing. But, its existence consumes a lot of energy. After so many years, the energy to maintain the formation has drained. That’s why we can stand here unharmed."

Following Ye Xiong's direction, people paid attention and found many formations set up around them.

Shi Yan’s eyes lit up. He observed for a while and then exclaimed in awe, "So dangerous. This is a compound ancient formation formed by ten other formations. After each ancient formation is activated, it will boost up the whole formation. This is really terrific. The one who built this ancient formation was absolutely a genius."

The shabby formation around them had pieces combined with pieces. Many materials used to build the formations were taken away. The formation they saw now was incomplete, but its area was vast, around hundreds of mu (unit of area equal to one-fifteenth of a hectare- TL.) It should be much more dangerous than the barriers they had met before. And, it wasn’t something a regular formation master could build. 

"True, it’s a compound formation." Zhu Yi observed for a while. He was amazed too. "We’re lucky that this ancient formation couldn’t be maintained. Otherwise, it would be really tough to deal with."

Shi Yan nodded.

From the present vestige, when this ancient formation was still intact, it should be pretty huge.

The light tunnel the Sky Breaking Shuttle could create had a limit. In such a vast barrier, perhaps the light tunnel created by the Sky Breaking Shuttle couldn't reach its boundary. If they wanted to use the Sky Breaking Shuttle to get out, it would be much more complicated.

"Heaven Thunder Beast’s here. Even if it doesn’t have a barrier, this place’s still very dangerous." Ye Xiong hesitated for a while and said, "The strong astral wind and lightning surrounding the beast isn’t caused by any formation… It seems natural. Last time I came here, my Soul Consciousness got chaotic when I got into the affected zone of the cold wind. My spirit almost collapsed."

Shi Yan was overwhelmed with shock.

"That astral wind’s extreme. I think it’s the upgraded version of the cold gust. It can enter the deep place in our soul directly." Ye Xiong took a deep breath. "We should lure the Heaven Thunder Beast out of there." 

"Where’s the Ancient Cave Mansion you said?" Yue Ying frowned. 

She cared about this matter more. She came here for the Ancient Cave Mansion and the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. These two were more attractive!

Although the Heaven Thunder Beast’s demon crystal was precious, Yue Ying didn’t need it. Her martial techniques and power weren’t related to thunder and lightning power, which meant she didn’t need to use the beast’s demon crystal to enhance her power.

"As long as we get Heaven Thunder Beast, the Ancient Cave Mansion will appear." Ye Xiong laughed cheerily. "Be patient. We should seal the main business first. Yeah, I think even though the warriors of the Martial Spirit Palace and the Heaven Temple have met troubles, they would still get here. We should hurry up."

Zhu Yi nodded, "Right, as fast as we can. They aren’t easy to deal with, either."

"Alright. First, we need to lure the Heaven Thunder Beast. We’ll leave it to you," Shi Yan nodded to Ye Xiong.

Ye Xiong didn't talk useless words. He sent his Soul Consciousness into the Storage Ring and took out a potted spiritual herb, which was planted in a glass pot. This grass had seven green, dewy leaves, as if it were real emerald, with a strange aroma that lingered around without dispersing. 

"This is the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass. Its fragrance is quite thick, and it’s the most efficacious medicine to the Heaven Thunder Beast." Ye Xiong put the potted spiritual grass on the deep red ground ahead of them, then poured three flows of his aura into the grass.

The thick aroma permeated the space quietly towards the Heaven Thunder Beast.

The Heaven Thunder Beast looked like a lion with snow-white fur. When the sweet fragrance got into its nostrils, its dark green pupils sparkled. Lightning strikes were dancing indefinitely in its eyes.

The beast got up. Its fur fluttered in the cold gust as it walked towards the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass.

"Level 8 demonic beasts have intelligence. Can we entice it with only that grass?" Shi Yan didn’t feel relieved. 

As far as he was concerned, the King of Demonic Insects and the Devouring Gold Silkworm were both high-intellect creatures with common sense. The Heaven Thunder Beast was also a level 8 demonic beast, so it shouldn’t be lured simply like that.

"Of course the Heaven Thunder Beast won’t be trapped that easy," Ye Xiong nodded, "Look."

After the Heaven Thunder Beast got out of the astral wind area, its nose sniffed for a while. Flashes of lightning covered its body, changing quickly.

Not long after that, Heaven Thunder Beast shrank in the lightning, transforming into a middle-aged man with white hair draped on his shoulder. Cold light sparkled cautiously in his eyes. He turned around to watch here and there, then shouted loudly. "You again!"

Lightning flashed in Heaven Thunder Beast’s eyes. Thunder echoed in his body as he was walking through the astral wind, looking at them coldly.

The power of the chaotic, cold wind hindered his vision. He looked to his left and then his right, as if he didn’t spot his target. Gradually, he approached the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass.

When he was around ten meters away from the grass, Heaven Thunder Beast waved his hand and the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass seemed to be grabbed by some force, falling directly into his palm.

The Heaven Thunder Beast didn’t try to be polite, swallowing the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass directly. While chewing, it shouted, "What do you want?"

Ye Xiong didn’t answer it.

"Ye-ge, how are you going to deal with him?" Zhu Yi was a bit suspicious now. "With only the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass? The Heaven Thunder Beast’s a level 8 demonic beast. It’s not afraid of toxins. You know that beasts have different body structures compared to humans. Their anti-poison ability is far beyond us. If you want to use poisons to deal with beasts, it won’t work unless it’s the poison that can kill True God Realm warriors. Heaven Thunder Beast can sense poisons. If it dares to eat the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass, sure it knows that the grass isn’t poisoned. What’s your plan?"

Shi Yan had doubts but he was puzzled.

Demonic Beasts had a special physique, with poison resistance ability way better than that of humans. A level 8 beast could be compared with a True God Real expert in this aspect.

Warriors who had reached the True God Realm were almost unaffected by all poisons in this world. Unless, it was a True God realm expert specialized in poisonous technique, who could enter the Poison God level in refining poisons. 

No one had ever reached the True God Realm using poisonous techniques in the entire Divine Great Land.

"It’s not poisonous," Ye Xiong grinned as a trace of contentment flashed in his eyes. "It’s not the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass. It’s the Seven-leaflet Soul Cutting Grass. I got it from an old vestige. The Seven-leaflet Soul Cutting Grass and the Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass can be planted together, but the success rate’s low. The vestige I found was special. The Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass grew there had a branch of the Seven-leaflet Cutting Soul Grass growing together. These two species of grass have the same aroma, but their natural characteristics are opposite. The Seven-leaflet Jadeite Grass nurtures the soul, and the Seven-leaflet Cutting Soul Grass cuts the souls."

"Seven-leaflet Cutting Soul Grass?" Zhu Yi was amazed. "I have never heard about this spiritual grass."

"I got its features from an ancient book," smiled Ye Xiong. "Any creatures with souls that eat this Seven-leaflet Cutting Soul Grass will be affected. Its soul will be cut off piece by piece. Gradually, its soul will be in chaos. Human warriors who eat it will have their Sea of Consciousness broken. The spirit and the mortal soul of the host soul will be detached. At that time, they will go crazy. When beasts eat it, their intelligence will reduce, and their souls will be disordered. At that time, only their ferocious beast instinct remains."

Shi Yan changed his countenance slightly.

"The Seven-leaflet Soul Cutting Grass isn’t poisonous. It can affect the soul of a life to bring out the real nature." Ye Xiong laughed arrogantly. "The natures of the beasts can’t be changed. Greedy, brutal, and bloodthirsty... As long as its nature stirs it up, the Heaven Thunder Beast can’t keep its mind clear and sound enough. At that time, we can do anything to it, right?"

While Ye Xiong was talking, the Heaven Thunder Beast suddenly roared ferociously.

After the deafening roar, the white-haired man transformed. Amidst rumbling thunder, the Heaven Thunder Beast turned back to its original form, a snow-white furry lion.

The pupils that once were filled with wisdom had now become bloodthirsty. The beast cried and roared wildly, jumping out of the wind to attack the enemy.

It didn’t remember the cold astral wind behind. To the beast, the wind now was its natural shield.

Heaven Thunder Beast moved slightly. Thunder rumbled and electric snakes danced. Brutal force shot out everywhere. Its imposing manners were too ominous and crazy.

Ye Xiong was scared, but cheered up. He screamed happily. "It got out. Be careful. We’re about to catch it."

What people were afraid of was the terrible land that the Heaven Thunder Beast was hiding in, where the natural cold gust was moving fiercely. Now that the beast had got out of its habitat, they didn't need to worry more.

Even if the Heaven Thunder Beast was stronger, it was just a level 8 demonic beast. Ye Xiong, Zhu Yi, and Yue Ying were at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. Together with Yun Xiu and XY, it was enough to deal with a level 8 beast.

Shi Yan squinted. He didn’t call the War Devil but the Sky Destroyer, ready to support the others.

All of a sudden, a strong energy surged, shooting out from the place next to Heaven Thunder Beast.

A gray light cave broke down. A group of experts that had been hiding for many days appeared. They stormed towards the Heaven Thunder Beast like wolves and tigers.

Lei Mo and Ai Po.