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Yun Hao had invited Shi Yan sincerely, but the young man was still indecisive – he couldn't understand what Yun Hao was thinking.

Yun Hao was the leader of the Radiant God Cult, with a great reputation in the Divine Great land. He was a famous expert. According to the rumors, Yun Ha had excellent manners.

It was just Shi Yan who was worried a little bit. What Bai Ge Seng and the other told him, he still kept it in mind, which made him suspicious of the other’s deeds.

Anyway, even if he were doubtful, he had no other option right now.

Yun Hao was formidable to the point that he could erase Shi Yan completely in just a blink of an eye. Shi Yan couldn’t guess how Yun Hao would treat him if he denied his offer.

Each master of the seven ancient factions always valued the extension of their sects. Yun Hao should be of that kind. If Shi Yan rejected the Radiant God Cult, he would become an unnecessary factor. In the future, he could become the enemy of the Radiant God Cult.

Of course, Yun Hao didn’t want to see that result…

"I’m coming with good will. You carry the powers of the God Sect, so you should walk on the same path with the God Sect." Yun Hao wasn’t hurried, as he continued while smiling. "Your identity’s a bit sensitive. You offended the Heaven Temple right when you just arrived the Divine Great Land. Now, even Nie Ruo has his eyes on you. If I don’t get involved, as you continue living in the Divine Great Land, you will have big troubles sooner or later."

This wasn’t to threaten him.

In the Divine Great Land, no strong experts were nice. It was the same with people from the Heaven Temple, and Nie Ruo too.

After a fight with Lie Feng, he believed that his name would be spreading out pretty quick in the Divine Great Land. At that moment, he would be the target of many people.

The Divine Great Land wasn’t the Endless Sea. He couldn’t rely on the War Devil to be invincible here.

This man was a True God Realm warrior.

Shi Yan couldn’t go back now. If he denied it, fatal troubles would come for him soon.

He weighed pros and cons and then decided to accept the invitation. He needed to cross this gate first. He couldn’t predict the future. When he had enough power, getting rid of the Radiant God Cult wasn’t impossible.

"Alright," Shi Yan nodded and accepted Yun Hao’s invitation.

Yun Hao laughed out loud. "You, young man, you're careful indeed. It's good anyway. This means you're not some sort of a person who likes taking risks. Great, you have surprised me. When I arrived here, I heard Xue Mu say that you're at the Peak Sky Realm, but you could still defeat Lie Feng. I didn't think that it has been just ten days and you have made a step further, straight into the Spirit Realm. Excellent!"

Shi Yan just smiled and didn’t answer him.

"I’m curious. What kind of understanding did you use to enter the Spirit Realm?" Yun Hao thought for a while and then asked impatiently. "In Spirit Realm, the Upanishads of the power you have used to enter the realm will change constantly. If the power you got from the Upanishads comes from the Star Martial Spirit, I think your potential in the Radiant God Cult would surpass Yu Le’s." 

"Well, I'm sorry but I have failed you. I didn't use the Star power to break through," Shi Yan shrugged. "I was studying the Teleportation Formation, and somehow stirred up space power…"

Yun Hao’s eyes brightened with astonishment, "Space power?!? Good boy! I didn't think that your breakthrough had depended on this kind of a power." Yun Hao complimented, but suddenly felt a bit disappointed. "However, our sect doesn't have any documents of methods to cultivate this kind of a power. In the Spirit Realm, if you can't understand space power further, it's really tough to break through again!"

Shi Yan smiled miserably, "I know it would be that way."

"And you still want to rely on space power to break through again?" Yun Hao was astounded. "I have never seen any warriors with a deep understanding of space power in the Divine Great Land. This means, on this road, you have to search alone, without any reference from the precursors. It will prevent your realm from thriving faster. You, fella, you're harebrained."

Shi Yan couldn’t snap back.

Yun Hao contemplated for a while, but he didn't continue this topic. Next, he asked Shi Yan about the Endless Sea, concentrating on the Three Gods Sect there.

Shi Yan didn’t conceal anything. He told the man what he knew about the Three Gods Sect.

Yun Hao constantly nodded, his face astounded. After listening to Shi Yan's narration, he sighed, "I haven't thought that after Ouyang Grand Uncle left, he had a family there and could even make the branch of the Radiant God Cult to have such good conditions.

This time, Shi Yan had no clues.

"Grand Master Ouyang was a special talent of the God Sect. Before I was born, he had some contradiction with the sect. Then, he copied a part of the books here and left alone. No one knew of his whereabouts ever since. I can confirm that the Three God Sect in the Endless Sea got the inheritance from Grand Master Ouyang. I never thought that he could be that excellent to develop the Radiant God Cult to that glory in the Endless Sea."

Shi Yan kept silent.

He wasn’t interested in the secrets of the Radiant God Cult. And, he had known since long that the Three God Sect in the Endless Sea should be a branch of the Radiant God Cult.

"You said that Grand Master Ouyang’s grandchildren, Ouyang Luo Shuang, has a tremendous cultivation base?" Yun Hao mused and then asked for more details. 

Shi Yan nodded. "Ouyang Luo Shuang has reached the Second Sky of Spirit Realm. Her understanding of the God Sect's power is much profound than mine. I think her potential is much bigger than mine, too."

Yun Hao’s eyes brightened. Later, he laughed cheerily. "You shouldn’t underestimate yourself. I like you, kid. You aren’t worse than her."

Shi Yan beamed a wry smile.

Yun Hao mused for a while but didn’t inquire further. "Come on, we should gather with Xue Mu."

Shi Yan chased after him.

In fact, Yun Hao was sympathetic, and didn't ask anything of the matters Shi Yan was worried the most about, such as the War Devil, the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Ice Cold Flame. He was worried about those living beings, as he was afraid that Yun Hao had some bad schemes towards them.

Fortunately, Yun Hao didn’t ask even a single question. He only inquired the information of the Endless Sea, and he seemed to not have an interest in these secrets.

This made him relax his nerves.

After two hours, Shi Yan followed Yun Hao to meet up with Xue Mu, Yu Le, and the others. Besides Xue Mu and Yu Le, there were two other disciples of the Radiant God Cult, one man and one woman. They both looked young. The man was handsome, and the woman was more graceful.

They were like Yu Le. They were the young experts of the Radiant God Cult, both at the Peak Sky Realm. The man’s name was Han Chang, and the woman was called Li Mu Yu. They followed Xue Mu to the Dead Soul Mountain range to train themselves.

Han Chang was cultivating the Star Execution, and Li Mu Yu was investing in the Silver Moon Execution. They had a certain attainment in their cultivations.

The biggest difference between Yu Le and them was the realm.

Yu Le was cultivating the Flaming Sun Execution, using the power of the flaming sun to enter the Spirit Realm. His will was firm, and his manners were calm. The seven Grand Elders of the Radiant God Cult always complimented him. He was the one who had the biggest chance to become the next leader of the God Sect.

After Shi Yan arrived, Yu Le smiled and welcomed him warmly, constantly calling him "brother." He gave people a good impression.

Quite the contrary, Han Chang, and Li Mu Yu obviously had contradictions in their minds. They wanted to ignore and not befriend Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was neither surprised nor angry, his face deliberate. He dealt with Yu Le courteously, without sincerity. Then, they listened to Yun Hao lecturing about the strange, evil energy of the dead souls' evil lair.

"That dead souls’ evil lair is strange. It has so many space cracks inside," Shi Yan suddenly intervened.

Yun Hao and Xue Mu were surprised, looking at him. Xue Mu was astounded. "How do you know of the situation inside that dead souls’ evil lair. Did you get there?"

Although Yun Hao didn’t talk, his eyes shone like the sun, beaming a beautiful halo that made people dizzy. Obviously, he was stunned on hearing what Shi Yan had just shared.

"When I was comprehending space power, my hollow soul got there unknowingly. It was a strange, foreign land, which was full of space cracks. There's a soul sea that I couldn't see the shore of. Souls were floating there emotionlessly. In the bottom of that green soul sea, there seems to live a strange creature. It had a freezing cold, evil aura... Extremely dangerous!" 

Yun Hao and Xue Mu were startled. Yun Hao took a deep breath and talked with his light tone. "Does that soul in the green sea have the life fluctuation of a living thing?"

"No," Shi Yan frowned, then explained, "The atmosphere of death filled the place. The existence of that green soul sea seems to engage in soul energy absorption. My hollow soul could see many souls of the warriors from the Spirit Potion Valley and the Precious Tool Valley dragged into that green soul sea."

A streak of fear crossed Yun Hao’s pupils.

He was hesitant, then nodded at Shi Yan. "Your information’s crucial. I want to tell Nie Ruo and Lin Meng. We need to check if the ancient records of the Pure Land and the Devil Valley have any writings of this formidable existence."

Then, Yun Hao closed his eyes, releasing his soul energy. He seemed to be sending the message to Nie Ruo and the Master of the Pure Land – Lin Meng.

Shi Yan waited for him in silence.

Two minutes later, Lin Meng of the Pure Land arrived, bringing with her the hotshots of the Pure Land – Luo Yue and Ya Lie, together with Nie Ruo, Feng Biao, and Lie Feng.

"Master Yun, what did you call us here for?" Lin Meng had a clear voice like a child!

Shi Yan was amazed.

Han Chang and Li Mu Yu had never met Li Meng before. They were stunned like a wooden chicken, gawking at the Master of the Pure Land with her face hidden behind the veil.

The master of the Pure Land was a little girl?

But she had the height of an adult. Why did she have a child-like voice?

Shi Yan couldn’t make a head or tail out of it.

Ming Mei of the Devil Valley stood together with Chang Ge and Hao Hai. Her beautiful eyes were a bit gloomy as she was staring at Shi Yan maliciously.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He didn't know which grudge he had developed against this girl that made her hate him that much.

"I want to announce to you guys officially…," Yun Hao wore a solemn face, pointing at Shi Yan and continued with a low voice, "From now on, he's a member of the Radiant God Cult."

"Master Yun called me here to announce this?" The clear voice of Lin Meng seemed to have a bit of anger.

"Master Yun has favored him too much, eh?" Nie Rue snorted.

"Of course, it’s not only this," Yun Hao beamed a faint smile. "Shi Yan, tell them. I think they are interested in your story more."

Lin Meng, Nie Rue, and the others were surprised.