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501 A tetrad together to compute perfection

After he woke up, Shi Yan found that his tendons and veins had been restored under the effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit. His wounds had been healed by 70%-80%. 

Although he had drained almost all of the strange power inside his muscles in the gravitational yard, numerous fibers of his muscles had something changed after this consumption. Each fiber seemed to have enlarged, and could store more mysterious energy. 

As long as he could absorb the essence Qi in his next battles through the mysterious filtering, if nothing went wrong, he could regain the brute force in his muscles. Moreover, it should increase stably. 

This showed the fact that he had achieved his desired goal training in the gravitational room. 

The most important thing was he finally knew the method to grow the power of his muscles steadily. It was to use the gravitational chamber and the exhausted consumption; breaking then rebuilding.

Shi Yan opened his eyes and slowly got up from the ground. He then observed the four beautiful women standing around him for a while, then understood the situation. 

Cold aura emitted from the four of them. Apparently, they were all cultivating cold attribute techniques. 

The four women with their cold auras had almost the same realm. If nothing was to be unexpected, they should have learned from the same master.

The two beautiful women strolling towards him didn’t look friendly. Cold air gathered and condensed around their pure white hands, which looked like ice snakes flicking out their tongues. 

The 20x gravity room almost didn’t affect the Spirit Realm warriors.

Two Second Sky of Spirit Realm warriors and two First Sky of Spirit Realm warriors were the peak of the Ice Emperor City. 

As it was the weakest city among the seven cities of the Fighting Union, it was incredibly tremendous that they could reach such high realms. In the Endless Sea, among the big fifteen forces besides the Cao family, the Martial Spirit Palace, and the Yang family, none of them had warriors at this level. 

"What do you want?"

Coldly looking at Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing, Shi Yan wasn’t afraid at all. He chuckled and then deliberately threw a glance at the Ice Cold Flame. "This?" 

Han Cui and Leng Dan Qing smiled and nodded, not denying at all. 

"Little brother, does that Ice Cold Flame belong to you?" Han Cui smiled, hiding her deep cold appearance. "Shall we negotiate a bit here?" 

"Eh?" Shi Yan didn’t hurry. He took off the bloodstained clothing on his body and changed to another clean, blue suit right in front of the four beautiful women. "Shoot, please?" 

While he was changing, the hefty, proportional body of his was revealed. Each of his muscles seemed to be built from reinforced concrete, giving people a feeling of full-energy and intimidation. 

The four women had their eyes brightened as they praised his build secretly in their hearts. This kid had a good build, it could even be commended as perfect. 

Leng Dan Qing’s phoenix eyes flashed a light of surprise as she smiled. "Hey, little brother, good build. Do you want to visit my palace for a while? Haha, I have many beauties there. Perhaps you could have some fun with them." 

This was naked enticement! 

"I’m not interested in normal women." Shi Yan threw them dissolute look with deep meaning, eyeing the mature, exquisite body of Leng Dan Qing. He wore a contemplating smile, "I like the kind of mature, pretty women like you. If you agree to welcome me to your bed, I'll go there. I'm not interested in pure, innocent little girls." 

Leng Dan Qing smiled breezily, nodded and talked to him softly, "Okay. Shall we go? Sister also likes young men with potential and big guts like you. We’ll go and drink. How does it sound?"

"Haha," Shi Yan cracked a smile, then shifted his look to Han Cui, "I wonder what your negotiation would be about?"

"How about you giving me the Ice Cold Flame?" Han Cui twinkled. She seemed to find Shi Yan a bit interesting. It was obvious that he only had the Sky Realm cultivation base, but didn't show fear facing four Spirit Realm warriors. He was talking to her as if he weren’t afraid of death. 

She didn't know that in the Endless Sea, Shi Yan had confronted the Third Sky of Spirit Realm warriors like Nu Lang, Bo Xun, and Chi Yan. He was soon immune to this level of strong warriors. At this moment, he didn't even have a trace of fear. 

"Give it to you?" Shi Yan burst out laughing. "What do I get for it?"

The Ice Cold Flame suddenly flashed, as a cold air was released from it. 

The flame could understand their conversation. Apparently, it was a little bit angry seeing Shi Yan using it to amuse himself. This was how it expressed its anger.

Shi Yan sent it a strand of his Soul Conscious to calm down the flame. But he still smiled at Han Cui. 

"What do you want?" Han Cui’s laughter was more cheerful. She was covering her mouth, constantly giggling. Her eyes twinkled, looking extremely seducing. "Rare treasures, martial techniques, pellets, women... You can choose what you want among these four things. As long as you give me the Ice Cold Flame, anything can be negotiated."

In the Ice Emperor City, almost every warrior knew them. However, when the Sky Realm warriors saw them, they acted like they were facing snakes or beasts, only wishing that they could flee faster. But now, she was talking to a daring brat like this. Han Cui suddenly felt interested in him, and wanted to play with him for a while. 

"I want you," Shi Yan said seriously.

"Me?" Han Cui’s laughter became more cheerful. "You’ve just wanted to drink with my third sister, and now you say you want me. Big taste, boy, big taste. Anyway, can you bear it? Haha, little brother, you’re young and strong, right?" 

"Well, one, it’s too little. Two, it’s reluctant, you know. Three, it’s okay. And, four… is perfect." 

Shi Yan didn’t cease his laughter, his naked gazing at Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu. 

"Ha ha."

Han Cui was laughing until she had to hunker down. Then, she turned to look at Bing Qing Tong and Shi Yan, her face shining. "Da-jie, Fourth Sister, this young man is into you too. So? Do you like him? If you aren't afraid, we four will serve him together. Is that okay? It's okay with me. And I'm sure our third sister would love that too. How about you two?"

Bing Qing Tong and Shuang Yu Zhu looked at Shi Yan with a cold, disdaining face. 

Apparently, their styles weren’t like Han Cui’s and Leng Dan Qing’s. They weren’t interested in playing with Han Cui, either. 

"Second Sister, Third Sister, you guys should calm down and think about it. A Sky Realm warrior's talking disrespectfully with the two Spirit Realm warriors. He's afraid of nothing. What does it mean, you tell me?" Bing Qing Tong frowned and said in a serious manner, "Basically, he isn’t wary of you guys at all." 

Having heard that, the smile on Han Cui’s and Leng Dan Qing’s faces ceased, as their faces stiffened. 

They weren’t silly. After probing for a while, they could sense something abnormal. 

It was obvious that Shi Yan had just arrived at the Ice Emperor City. He was a foreigner, but in someone else’s territory, he had shown that he had the Ice Cold Flame. Under their attentive watch like tigresses watching their prey, his performance was calm. He even dared to joke with them. If he weren't a mental patient, he should have absolute confidence. 

"The Ice Cold Flame is a heaven flame in cold class. To the warriors who cultivate ice-cold techniques like us, it’s the most desired treasure." Bing Qing Tong mused, then decided to open her heart to him. "I don't want to use force to snatch it from you. I guess you have some support that gives you confidence. However, you're in the Ice Emperor City, yet you reveal the Ice Cold Flame. We've sensed it. Having such a good chance, we can't let you go free." 

Pausing for a while, Bing Qing Tong took a deep breath and said with her cold voice. "Say it. What do you want? As long as we can offer it to you, we won’t let you down!" 

 "Da-jie, you do want…" Han Cui discolored, her voice hoarse. "Do you really want to exchange equally with him?"

"These are my manners," Bing Qing Tong nodded. 

"Just a Sky Realm warrior. Even if he has some backup, what can he do?" Leng Dan Qing snorted, showing her impatience. "If you don't dare, I'll give it a shot. Harrumph! After our adoptive mother passed away, you guys are always cautious about trivial things. No one's determined enough. If we continue this way, our Ice Emperor City will be ranked the worst among the seven cities in the Fighting Union forever!"

Then, Leng Dan Qing changed her tone, as her smile completely faded away. She rolled at Shi Yan then mocked, "Your jie-jie's coming to play with you. Don't you want to taste me? I'll fulfill your wish!"

"Alright," Shi Yan shrugged, his face calm and natural. 

Leng Dan Qing's beautiful eyes flashed with a divine light. She lightly touched the ground with her left foot, as hundreds of cold currents drilled into the ground. 

Crack Crack! 

The stone beside her and Shi Yan in the gravitational room echoed the cracking sound. Hundreds of cold currents were moving underground like worms, then suddenly burst out like toxic dragons, attempting to subdue Shi Yan. 

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, and Shuang Yu Zhu had their beautiful eyes brightened, looking attentively at Shi Yan. The three of them wanted to see what backup Shi Yan had to say such disrespectful words to them. 

Sizzle Sizzle! 

Leng Dan Qing’s hundreds of cold currents shot out from the ground. But as soon as they emerged, the got covered by clusters of flame. 

In just a blink, hundreds of cold currents had been burnt into white smoke. Her cold energy vanished into thin air, and none of the currents could get into Shi Yan’s body. 

Inside the cold currents was Leng Dan Qing’s pure essence QI. If the Ice Cold Flame had taken action, it could only have confined the cold air, and couldn't have destroyed her essence Qi. But the Earth Flame was different. 

The scorching flame was the nemesis of the cold air. It had burnt down hundreds of the cold currents right when the flame appeared. 

"There’s another type of heaven flame!" 

Leng Dan Qing’s beautiful face discolored, screaming in fear. 

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, and Shuang Yu Zhu also paled. Their tender bodies shivered, as an inconceivable fright flashed in their pretty eyes.