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As he had successfully fabricated the Spirit Gathering Ring, Shi Yan finally gained his first experience in refining. He took some materials for his later refining process and then left the vault.

It was hard for the Yang Family to restore the peace in the house.

Yang Zhuo and the others saw him walking towards them, and couldn’t help but ask what he had done during the two months he had spent in the vault. He answered them that he had stayed there to perceive his realm, but he didn’t mention anything related to refining.

It’d been two months. The stubborn warriors in Barren City had behaved well, as they had paid the fees on time and didn’t dare conduct impudent provocations. As Ming Hai's group had been killed, human warriors in Barren City realized that even though Yang Tian Emperor had been confined somewhere, the Yang Family still had the power to make them wish to die rather than being tortured alive. Under Shi Yan’s brutal deeds, those people didn’t dare to remain obstinate, as they were getting back to their normal manners toward the Yangs.

The Black Flood Dragon Clan hadn’t sent any messenger to show their friendliness. This strongest tribe in the seabed seemed not to have any reaction to the great event created by the Yang Family in Barren City. Seemed like they weren’t about to give their opinions either.

The three great chiefs of the Silver Shark Clan, the Naga Tribe, and the Water Scorpion Tribe had shown their attitudes, which calmed the Yang Family. So, even if they hadn’t received any reactions from the Black Flood Dragon Clan, they still felt fine.

"Big Uncle, any move up there on the sea?"

In the great hall of the Yang Family, Shi Yan furrowed his brows, asking for the events that happened during the two months. "According to you, you had sent someone to the Xia Family in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area. Have they given us an answer?"

"The Xia Family has responded. They said that we can leave Barren City and stay in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area." Yang Zhuo smiled, "Xia Qing Hou has kept our old friendship in mind. He said that if the Yang family moves to the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, he will give us three islands so we can stay and cultivate there."

"Seems like Xia Qing Huo’s a good person." Shi Yan nodded. "So, what did you answer him?"

"If you hadn’t come to Barren City, perhaps we would have left here and stayed in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area as Xia Qing Hou had offered us." Yang Zhuo’s face became serious. "Anyway, if we want to move to the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, I’m not sure if the other fellows of the Endless Sea would track us down and trouble us. We haven’t had the good relationship with the Penglai Holy Land and the Martial Spirit Palace. As we’re living in Barren City, we’re out of their reach, and they can’t do anything to us. But if we come to their territory, it’s unknown if they would want to deal with us. I replied him that we’ve solved the problem in Barren City. So, we don’t have the intention to go up to the sea for now."

"Sounds fine," Shi Yan mused for a while, then spoke up again. "Big Uncle, I want to visit the Black Flood Dragon Clan. I can’t ease my mind as long as that Nu Lang keeps silent. Only when we can deal with the Black Flood Dragon Clan and made Nu Lang approve our position in Barren City can we stay at ease."

"Nu Lang’s a conservative man. He’s hard to deal with." Yang Zhuo's complexion slightly changed. "Recently, although the Black Flood Dragon Clan hasn’t gone against the Yang Family, their attitude towards us isn't friendly either. If the Yang Family hadn't done many good things for the tribes undersea, I think Nu Lang wouldn't be content with his own lot. As we've been in the disadvantageous position, together with the troubles given by the Cao Family and the Martial Spirit Palace, I don't know what calculation Nu Lang has."

"Because we don’t know his attitude towards this, I want to visit the Black Flood Dragon Clan once to solve this problem."

"Are you sure?" Yang Mu wore a solemn face and said seriously, "Little Yan, I can't think about how you have the confidence to persuade Nu Lang." Yang Zhou, Yang Xue, and the others also had their suspicions.

During the two months Shi Yan was staying in the vault, Yang Mu ‘s group had considered it, but they couldn’t know why Shi Yan could be so sure about it.

They were worried that if Shi Yan went to the Black Flood Dragon Clan and had any dispute with them, the members of that clan would trouble him a lot.

Although Shi Yan had shown that he was strong enough to deal with the Spirit Realm warriors two months ago, members of the Yang Family were still worried about him. No matter what, Nu Lang was the strongest warrior of the Sea Tribes, with a cultivation base at the Third Sky of Spirit Realm. Even if he were in the Endless Sea, with his realm and cultivation base, everyone would have to fear him.

Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian could have outstanding competences thanks to the fortuitous encounter. In fact, their actual realm wasn’t as high as Nu Lang’s. This was the reason why warriors from Endless Sea didn’t dare to come and mess up with people undersea. Nu Lang's Third Sky of Spirit Realm had subdued human warriors, making the ones who had wild schemes towards the seabed content with their lot.

Without Nu Lang, perhaps Cao Qiu Dao, Yang Ti Tian, and the others would have soon extended their tentacles to the undersea.

Nu Lang wasn’t a friendly person, with an ill temper and cruel personality. In these recent years, he had never shown mercy to humans who dared to swagger in the seabed.

Once there were humans who provoked the dignity of the Sea Tribes, Nu Lang would definitely take action to make those wanton humans recognize the fierceness of the Sea Tribes.

"Little Yan, if you want to meet Nu Lang, you have to make sure everything’s prepared." Yang Zhuo contemplated, and then said solemnly, "If you can’t be 100% sure, you’d better wait for a while until your Great Grandfather comes back from the Demon Area. It would be much better if you visit Nu Lang at that time."

"No need to wait," Shi Yan smiled. "I’m sure. Because I have the thing Nu Lang has wanted the most."

Yang Zhuo’s group was surprised.

"Heaven Flame!"

Shi Yan grinned. A fiery flame burst out from his palm with a scorching heat. In just a blink of an eye, Yang Zhuo and other people had sweat on their bodies.

The eyes of Yang Zhuo’s group all brightened.

"Heaven Flame!" Yang Zhuo was dumbfounded as he was shaking. "It isn’t the Yin cold class Ice Cold Flame, right? What kind of heaven flame is that? Little Yan, is this flame of yours the real heaven flame?" He knew about the Ice Cold Flame in Shi Yan's body. However, the Ice Cold Flame had the Yin cold features, that weren't suitable for refining treasures. Thus, although he knew that Nu Lang was frustrated to find a blazing fiery flame, he didn't think about Shi Yan’s Ice Cold Flame.

As Yang Zhuo saw the Earth Flame with its really high temperature when Shi Yan had just released it, his eyes brightened up immediately. Now, he knew that besides the Ice Cold Flame, Shi Yan had such an amazing fiery flame that was absolutely suitable for refining treasures.

"Little Yan, you... How could you have this thing?" Yang Mu was wearing an excited face as he was extremely joyfully. "Why do you fella always have the treasures that everybody desperately yearns for? The legend about the Heaven Flames has been spread out in the Endless Sea for so many years, but we’ve rarely seen one. Why you always have those strange living beings?"

"Good karma," Shi Yan smiled.

Yang Xue and Li Feng had astonished light flash across their pretty eyes as they were looking at Shi Yan with joy.

"This is excellent!"

Yang Zhuo laughed, patting on his shoulder, and then said happily, "With the Heaven Flame, no matter how stubborn Nu Lang is, he should know well to consider it. Haha… No wonder you’re afraid of nothing. Turns out, beside the Ice Cold Flame, you have this kind of a Heaven Flame."

"Don’t worry," smiled Shi Yan.

Everybody nodded with a bright complexion.

"Where’s the Black Flood Dragon Clan?"

"Yeah, Li Feng has visited there once. She knows the Black Flood Dragon Clan. Just let her take you there." Yang Zhuo rolled his eyes and suddenly gave his suggestion.

Traces of being astonished crossed Li Feng’s beautiful eyes. It was like her elegant face was glowing as she agreed with pleasure. "I’ve been to the Black Flood Dragon Clan. If you want to go there, I will guide you. Haha... I’m not sure what attitude those Black Flood Dragon Clan fellows would wear if they know you have what Nu Lang needs."

"That’s good."

"When will you set off?" Yang Zhuo smiled.

"Well, I’m free anyway, so we can go now. For the time being, I think there would be nothing big happening in Barren City. What do you think?"


Yang Zhuo nodded, shifted his line of sight to Li Feng, and then spoke up again with an odd face. "Little Feng, I give Shi Yan to you. Don’t bully him along the way."

"How can I dare?" Li Feng giggled, her pupils sparking with her high spirit. "It’s the best if he doesn’t bully me. He’s much more dangerous than I am. Even if I want to bully him, I’m not able to do so."

"Yeah, in short, you have to behave," Yang Zhuo arched his eyebrows, laughing.

"We should go." Shi Yan didn’t linger, reminded Yang Zhuo something then left with Li Feng. After they had left the Yang Family, he didn't hurry to leave the Barren City but visited a tavern in the city.

"Boy, are you coming for a drink again? Last time you said that you’re a member of the Yang Family. Did you lie to us?" The storekeeper remembered him, greeting him with a smile. "I heard that the Yangs have a top dog who killed Ming Hai, Yan Feng and the other two. If you are one of the Yangs, you have to know him, eh? Haha, if he comes to our shop, I will give him free wine."

"What?" Shi Yan was surprised, smiled, "Why you will give him free wine?"

"Barren City has restored its order," laughed the waiter. "If Ming Hai and his men didn’t die, we don’t know how the Barren City would have looked like in the future. Lucky us that they died. We can live in peace now. Yeah, it’s best if the Yang Family still controls Barren City. Ming Hai, this bastard only wanted to seek the temporary benefits. They couldn’t manage the City."

"Bring me ten bottles of good wine."

"Here you go." The waiter replied to him cheerily.

"Shi Yan, you drank here last time?" Li Feng chuckled, as her shining eyes scanned through the tavern.


After a while, the waiter brought him ten bottles of wine. Shi Yan put them in his Storage Ring, but he didn’t pay. Instead, he smiled and said, "I’m not going to pay this time. Later on, you don’t need to pay revenue tax fee in Barren City. If someone comes to collect the fee, told them I said that."


The shopkeeper and the waiter shouted in awe.

Swaying his hand, Shi Yan turned into a beam of light and flew out of Barren City. "I’m that top dog you said."

The shopkeeper and the waiter were shaken as their eyes were lit up.