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410 The abnormal underground

This was a small island, with ancient green trees and blossoming flowers everywhere. The aura of Heaven and Earth was vibrant on this island.
Different from other regions in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, the periphery of this island was full of smoke hovering around, but there was none inside the island.
All that people could see was towering old trees, which were incredibly dense, covering the sky. Like a paradise, this place didn’t have any beasts either, making them relax and feel that cultivating here would be very comfortable.
Shi Yan’s team went through the fog and landed. Afterward, they quietly released their soul consciousness and then immediately realized that their soul consciousness wasn’t restricted. When their soul consciousness spread out, various dynamic living activities in the island could instantly be reflected in their Sea of Consciousness.
"Nobody’s here." Zhao Feng had a cultivation base of Third Sky of Sky Realm. He released his soul consciousness, which had soon enveloped the entire island. But there was no trace of any life. A place with dense Heaven and Earth aura and verdant blossoming flowers like this should not be this empty.
The warriors from the Divine Great Land were certain that there was a part of warriors who had come here to find the existence of the God Soul. Those should have spread out their soul consciousness to find the abnormality on the island, as well as possible opportunities.
Chi Xiao, Li Yue, and others were wearing doubtful faces. They also released their soul consciousness, but got nothing either.
"It’s not right," Shi Yan frowned, "There must be something strange here. Otherwise, some warriors should be here. If we can come here, the others certainly can too. If we can spread out our soul consciousness, the other warriors also can. So basically, when we land here, we should immediately be detected. It’s impossible that no soul consciousnesses are exploring the area."
"Everyone should be careful. I don’t think this place is normal. Perhaps, it’s even more dangerous than the previous exotic land." Zhao Feng’s face darkened. "Everyone gather in one place. Don’t scatter. We are going to the center of the island together, and explore it a bit."
Everyone nodded and gathered.
Towering trees expanded all over the island. With a quick look, this island was totally covered with dense forests. Those old trees would limit the vision of those walking in these forests, and they would not be able to see far.
Shi Yan’s team was slowly moving deeper into the island. They were not anxious, just paying attention to everything in the surroundings. As long as there were any signs of trouble, they would carefully observe them.
Thump thump.
Dull sounds resonated from under their feet. A vibration came up from deep under the ground of the island. The vibration frequency was slow, but it seemed to rush straight to the human mind.
Thump thump thump.
Everyone’s heart gradually beat faster. The tremor from underneath the island seemed to be able to drive the heartbeat, making the hearts of those people pound faster and faster.

"What?" Zhao Feng’s eyes glinted with a bunch of strange light. "Do you guys all feel it?"
Everyone’s faces were solemn. They all nodded.
Zhao Feng took a deep breath and said with a grave face, "I think there exists something abnormal underground. We should be careful. If our heartbeat reaches a certain speed, we’ll probably get crazy. The faster the heartbeat is, the more influence it will have on our judgment and reasoning, making us too nervous, and dominating our emotions."
After pausing for a while, Zhao Feng looked at Shi Yan and said, "Especially you."
Shi Yan was a little embarrassed as he gently nodded. "Don’t worry. I had reasons to have lost my mind before. I will not suddenly lose my mind again. The impact I have this time should be consistent with yours."
"Who has a soul consciousness that can penetrate into the subterranean ground?" Li Yue hesitated for a while before her face slightly changed, as she seemed to realize something. "My soul consciousness cannot even go ten zhangs (1 zhang is equivalent to 3.33 meters -TL) underground. There seem to be some barriers inside the ground of this island that prevent the soul consciousness from penetrating."
After hearing what she said, everyone else immediately sent their soul consciousness into the ground to verify her words.
Shi Yan’s soul consciousness also suddenly dashed to the ground. However, when it reached the depth of only five zhangs, it encountered obstacles.
With the barrier that prevented soul consciousness from penetrating underground, they seemed to have countless ropes tying their soul consciousness up. The deeper it drilled down, the stronger the pulling force was.
After reluctantly spreading out to the depth of six zhangs, Shi Yan had released all of his soul consciousness and couldn’t penetrate even a centimeter further.
"I can affirm that," Zhao Feng solemnly looked at everyone and said, "If nothing unexpected happens, I’m sure this island’s abnormality should be in the center of the earth. So, we should look for the entrance to go there. I think that if there are other warriors, and they should be in the center of the earth. If they can go down there, we also can."
"Well, there must be an entrance." While talking, Cai Yi took out a sapphire bangle from her Storage Ring. As soon as the bangle emerged in her palm, it immediately shed three columns of azure light, which penetrated straight down into the ground, piercing the earth’s barriers all the way downward.
Cai Yi slowly closed her eyes while tightly holding the bangle.
When the three light columns struck straight to the ground, Cai Yi knitted her eyebrows tightly as she seemed to sense something serious. Half a day later, her graceful body suddenly trembled. She then opened her eyes and said with surprise, "Somebody is fighting down there."
Everyone was shocked.
"This sapphire bangle is from an exotic land. During the past two days, I’ve sensed carefully and realized that my sapphire bangle could detect different energies. When these three azure light columns penetrated the earth earlier, they realized that at least ten different kinds of energy are competing. It's obvious that there must be a variety of warriors engaging in the battle." Cai Yi held the sapphire bangle while calmly explaining to everyone. "Those people underground should have realized something already. Otherwise, they would not have been fighting now." Zhao Feng grinned. "It seems that those people have met some sacred level secret treasures, and they are fighting each other only because of those treasures. Our guess is right. The strange things of this island are all underground."
"Look for the entrance." Shi Yan cracked a smile out of the corner of his mouth, "Separate to seek. It looks like there’s no danger in this island. Everyone scatter and shout when you find it. Although this island is not small, if we spread out, it’ll be easy to find the entrance."
"Scatter," Zhao Feng instructed his people from the Divine Radiant Cult, and then flew away first towards the center of the island.
Cai Yi, Chi Xiao, the two brothers also spread out as per Shi Yan’s order.
Shi Yan didn’t move yet, just standing still on his spot.
Seven people from the Divine Radiant Cult, Cai Yi, Chi Xiao, and the two brothers had divided into three directions. With many people like this, it should not take long to search the entire island. Even if he didn’t put any effort into this, he still could enjoy the result. That was why he was this leisurely.
Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi were about to scatter to search for the entrance, but as they saw him stay back, they were stunned for a moment and also stood still.
"Grandfather Zuo, after this thing, you should return to the Merchant Union." Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then suddenly said with a solemn face, "Don’t get back to the Endless Sea. Although I am not sure how the current situation is right now, I’m certain that the Endless Sea is very chaotic. Since I left the Endless Sea, Demon Dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area should have massively invaded the Endless Sea. It has been such a long time, so I think perhaps the Dark Dwellers and the Demon Dwellers have come to the Endless Sea together. If you take that way, you will obviously encounter dangers."
Zuo Xu’s face changed slightly. He said with fright, "Demon Dwellers? Dark Dwellers?"
Shi Yan nodded.
"Isn’t it said that these two alien races have disappeared from the Grace Mainland? In the Merchant Union, there are some ancient legends about the existence of these two races. However, we have never seen any of them. Have they actually come to the Endless Sea? They are in the Endless Sea now?"
"Yes, everyone living there is in tragedy. These two races have killed a large number of warriors. The Kyara Sea and the Hengluo Sea are now covered with corpses. Many civilians have also been affected. Hmm, it’s impossible to tell everything in just a few words."
Talking about the Endless Sea, Shi Yan also felt very depressed. Since he left the Endless Sea, he knew that the great race war would break out.
Cao Qiu Dao of the Cao family and Yang Yi Tian of the Martial Spirit Palace were two powerful persons. If the two of them united, together with other forces in the Endless Sea, it would be hard to say who would win given the situation that the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers didn’t come to the Endless Sea at the same time.
There was one thing he was sure that this war would not easily end soon.
After the Yang Family hid in the Fourth Demon Area, there was no news from them. Although Chi Yan said that Yang Tian Emperor was dead, Shi Yan always felt that the said person could not easily die like this. Yang Tian Emperor was the most famous outstanding warrior in the Endless Sea, who was also extremely wise.
He should have some support.
When the Yangs were there and fighting in the Endless Sea, he had to go back.
The more chaotic the area was, the easier it was for him to enhance his cultivation through the Mysterious Martial Spirit. He had reached the Sky Realm, so he needed a lot of Profound Qi to make a breakthrough. Since the Endless Sea was this chaotic, this was apparently a suitable place for him to cultivate.
Lin Da and Xia Sheng Chuan were dead. Shi Yan was now more confident than before when he faced the Devil Emperor Chi Yan.
With the emergence of Bo Xun, Di Shan and Yu Rou had to betray him because of their race. For Shi Yan, this was a great humiliation.
He came to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to kill and get back what belonged to him.