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Ten ancient corpses were floating in the galaxy. Each of them had an ancient formation, the center of which was inlaid with a secret treasure.
After Shi Yan attacked Tu Ke, the Divine Radiant Cult’s members Zhao Feng and Li Yue both dashed toward the Pure Land’s warriors to take action, after hesitating a little bit. The fight between the Divine Radiant Cult and the Pure Land affected most of the other warriors.
Seeing Shi Yan gazing crazily at Tu Ke, Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, Lao Li, and the others were afraid that the Pure Land’s warriors would join forces to kill him. Thus, they also rushed up and stared at those warriors.
Pure Land had only two Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors. Tu Ke was shrouded by Shi Yan’s attack while was exhaustedly struggling to deal with Shi Yan’s pursuit. The other Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior was besieged by the unity of Zhao Feng and Li Yue and was strenuously resisting the opponents’ attack.
The strength of Zhao Feng and the other Divine Radiant Cult’s warriors was not inferior to that of the Pure Land's warriors. Together with the power of Chi Xiao, Cai Yi, Lao Li, and the others, the Divine Radiant Cult had gained the upper hand. At this moment, Pure Land’s warriors could be seen continuously screaming.
Other warriors stood aside to watch them. When they saw the Divine Radiant Cult and the Pure Land fighting with each other, they were a little hesitant, but tried to avoid the fight and continued to deal with the ancient corpses.
If those ancient corpses were not destroyed, the secret treasures on their chests would not fall. Thus, they would not be able to obtain those secret treasures.
These people had joined together to deal with ancient corpses because of those secret treasures. Unless those treasures fell out of the corpses, they would not attack each other.
However, once the secret treasures fell from the corpses, these warriors would then immediately fight against each other.
Every time anyone was lucky enough to get a secret treasure, that person would be extremely happy, hurriedly storing it his Storage Ring and keeping guard together with his fellows to prevent someone from stealing it.
The situation was unbearably chaotic.
The only people that were not affected by this fierce battle were grandfather Zuo Xu and his niece, Zuo Shi.
When Shi Yan let out a roar, Zuo Xu’s Sea of Consciousness trembled and his mind was damaged. He knew that his realm was not high enough, and thus, he would be easily defeated in the hands of those Sky Realm warriors. Hence, he didn’t make a move to get those secret treasures.
Moreover, he was worried for Zui Shi’s safety as well, afraid that the fight might spread to her. Thus, he decided to stay back to help protect her.
In the fierce battle, once Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi saw the danger coming, they would immediately create a few phantoms. Then, with the help of these illusory phantoms, they could escape from the risk at ease.
They didn’t seek for merit but safety. Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi used all means to make sure that they were unharmed.
Everyone’s goal was the secret treasures on the ancient corpses. When those warriors saw Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi not showing desire nor making any actions to prevent them from taking the secret treasures, they left them in peace, which helped the two of them become the safest ones in this place.
Shi Yan was still in his bedevilment state as he was covered with a violent, crazy, and bloodthirsty aura. His whole body hovered around in a thick white layer of mist in which seemed to be substantial fluctuations. Anyone who came close to him would be instantly affected by this negative power, and that person’s Sea of Consciousness would become a mess.
Zuo Xu quietly observed and realized that wherever Shi Yan passed, the warriors who were fighting there all tried to avoid him.
If the white mist hovering around his body touched those who didn’t avoid him, their sockets would redden, and their faces would wear a wild, bloodthirsty expression.
Not only was he under the bedevilment state, but he could also pull other people into this kind of craziness. The thick white mist was filled with negative feelings enough for a regular warrior to instantly become the most ferocious beast. That warrior would lose his mind and would not even spare his companions next to him.
Zuo Xu was secretly aghast, as he understood more and more about Shi Yan. He strictly warned Zuo Shi that before he restored his consciousness, she absolutely must not get close to Shi Yan to avoid being affected by his negative emotions.
Zuo Shi grinned and didn't care. She just curiously looked at Shi Yan while her eyes flickered with strange and excited lights.
The one most filled with regret in the field was Tu Ke. He was hit on his hip by Shi Yan’s bombardment. A violent, bloodthirsty force penetrated his body, breaking some of his ribs as well. Right now, that violent, bloodthirsty evil force still stayed inside his body and was slaughtering freely, which prevented him from using his full strength.
In this state, although Tu Ke still had spare power to launch his strikes, the martial techniques of the Pure Land couldn’t destroy Shi Yan’s body. They couldn’t stop Shi Yan even by a little bit.
Shi Yan’s body was trembling as the coercive power of his body was like tens of thousands of galloping horses. At this moment, regardless of the defensive force of his body or the burst of his body’s energy, they both reached a level that he had never achieved.
Under the bedevilment state, his strength seemed to become easier to urge. When various types of mysterious martial techniques engraved in his mind were cast out, not only were they not influenced by the state of bedevilment, but they also had a massive increase in effect.
His normal power was already incredible, but the bursting power had become even more perfect and terrifying when it was released from his hands.
The Second Sky of Rampage, the state of bedevilment, and all kinds of power perfectly burst out.
Tu Ke now realized that he had mistaken Shi Yan.
Although Shi Yan was clearly at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, his momentum suddenly skyrocketed. His frantic, evil energy torrentially flowed in his body together with different surging spirits, which were enough to affect a person’s mind. Whether it was a physical attack or mind invasion, Tu Ke couldn’t bear either of them.
He had used all kinds of secret techniques, but couldn’t harm Shi Yan’s body. On the contrary, he was too frustrated under Shi Yan’s attack that the situation had become more and more unfavorable for him.
"Zhao Feng!" Tu Ke avoided Shi Yan’s attack as quick as electricity and couldn’t help but shout, "Is this kid really a disciple of the Divine Radiant Cult? I knew that the Divine Radiant Cult had a few extraordinary saplings, but I have never heard of this guy!"
"Humph!" Zhao Feng showed a trace of disdain and coldly sneered. "The Divine Radiant Cult’s internal situation is much more profound than you can imagine. The occasional appearance of one or two outstanding young guys is normal. The Pure Land’ ancestors also had this kind of metamorphosis. Unfortunately, those people haven’t entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist yet. You have provoked the fight this time, so just consider it as the misfortune you have to bear."
Zhao Feng revealed a cold sneer again and then, together with Li Yue, he rushed over to the other Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior of the Pure Land to bombard him with attacks indiscriminately. Facing these two people, this Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior looked extremely strained as he didn’t have any way to take the initiative in the offense. He could only use some defensive methods to deal with Zhao Feng and Li Yue.
In this chaotic situation, a few people who were affected by Shi Yan's negative emotions slowly moved towards him for an unknown reason, as if they were controlled by some evil force. Moreover, they were compelled to unite with Shi Yan. Following his moves, they rushed towards Tu Ke and started to attack him.
Although these people only had a cultivation base of First Sky of Sky Realm, they were not afraid of death and didn’t take into account their casualties. They were even willing to sacrifice their own lives to fight and kill Tu Ke for Shi Yan.
A tall and mighty warrior, who had red eyes like Shi Yan’s, crazily roared and howled. He took the opportunity when Tu Ke dodged to move to his side, and then tightly shackled him.
Bang bang bang!
A tremendous thundering sound came up from that warrior. Numerous lightning bolts shot out from his entire body and quickly wrapped around Tu Ke
Tu Ke suddenly paled. He shouted, "Get out!"
A piece of fish scale-shaped light came out from Tu Ke’s body. That thin piece was dark blue and extremely sharp, bombarding the warrior.
In a short time, the warrior’s body was full of blood splashing everywhere. Even his skin and flesh were split open and cut into pieces.
However, in this situation, this warrior still didn’t let go of his opponent. He continued to hug Tu Ke tightly without the fear of death. He seemed to be ready to sacrifice his own life. Shi Yan took this opportunity to take action.
Another warrior, whose eyes were also red, stayed behind that warrior. He also rushed towards Tu Ke and wrapped around Tu Ke from behind, increasing the pressure to prevent Tu Ke from forcefully struggling.
Shi Yan gasped for breath while his eyes were flooded with evil lights. He didn’t say a word and instantly appeared in front of Tu Ke.
Shi Yan raised his arms. In this critical time, the Life and Death Seal merged into one and quickly flew out towards Tu Ke.
His Life and Death Seal flashed up and disappeared, penetrating his head.
Tu Ke’s eyes became dull. His face had a painful look. It seemed that he was struggling hard, wanting to chase out the evil forces invading his head.
Boom Boom!
Two Earth-shaking explosive sounds came up from inside of Tu Ke’s head. His head was like a watermelon being pounded forcefully on the ground and then bursting out. A mix of brain and blood suddenly splashed out.
And just like that, Tu Ke, the Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior, was killed by Shi Yan. Even his head had exploded.
Many warriors who were still fighting for the secret treasures couldn’t help but raise their heads to look on hearing the explosion. Their faces all changed as their eyes flooded with fear.
Shi Yan, who had just killed Tu Ke, still had red eyes and was dashing over to the nearest warrior in an attempt to kill him too.
It was another warrior in the center of the lake, who also had a cultivation base of Third Sky of Sky Realm.
The next chosen victim had just killed an ancient corpse and taken the secret treasure whose shape was like both knife and fork, and put it into his storage ring. He was laughing and cheerfully shouting, "Sacred level Secret Treasure! Sacred level Secret Treasure! Hahaha, this trip was worth it. This trip was worth it."
While laughing, his two eyes flickered with divine lights. He then looked around to find another target to continue to snatch the secret treasure off it.
However, at this time, he looked in Shi Yan’s direction.
Shi Yan’s eyes were still red as a bunch of blood-red lights shot out from his sockets. The blood lights were three meters long or so. They were like two flows of scarlet blood floating out from his eyes, bringing people a feeling of terror.