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400 Out of control

There was always a choice, but these two options were not what Shi Yan wanted. No matter what choice he made, neither seemed suitable for this occasion.
The best choice would be that he would not be affected by these negative emotions.
However, Shi Yan clearly knew that every time the negative emotions burst out, one of his evil sides would be amplified infinitely. Even with his perseverance, it was difficult to resist the demon state and maintain his consciousness.
The torrential negative power overflowed uncontrollably from the acupuncture points in his body. This negative power was absorbed into his body, penetrating his veins, bones, blood, and affecting his Sea of Consciousness, seeming to control his state of mind.
With this choice, he gradually lost himself as he began to breathe heavily. His eyes slowly became red, showing a strong sense of violent madness.
When he stomped his foot, a violent force poured into the ancient corpse under it.
The ancient corpses that had been stepped on exploded one by one under his feet, and then turned into blocks of flesh with blood dripping down into the lake below.
"Boom boom boom."
Every time he stamped his feet, the ancient corpses that were being trampled on shattered into pieces and fell.
The corpse bridge below his upper body began to break.
The ancient corpse bodies began to tear in half; they didn’t seem to have any other strength to support the bridge as they suddenly started falling. The remaining warriors who were stepping on those ancient corpses screamed miserably and fell together with them.
Shi Yan stomped his feet on the warriors who were below him, and all of them fell into the small lake. Their bone-chilling screams came up with horror.
Cai Yi and the other people, who were still on the corpse bridge, bowed their heads to look down and then all displayed looks of terror.
Shi Yan had completely cut off the path of the warriors behind him.
The warriors that fell into the lake were instantly shrouded by the four disasters. They all threw a trace of despair on their faces and hatred in their eyes for Shi Yan.
Unfortunately, Shi Yan was out of control and didn’t look down. His eyes were burning red while he turned his face, ignoring the screams of those warriors, and continued to move up along the corpse bridge.
The painful screams were quickly silenced. The remaining warriors all had low cultivation bases. It had been difficult for them to come close to the corpse bridge, as the four disasters had drained almost all of their strength. As they fell into the lake again, their strength apparently couldn’t resist the disasters. They were completely engulfed by the disasters.
Not long after, the warriors were killed. The four disasters quickly invaded them, and thus, not even their blood was left.
Shi Yan unconsciously didn’t know what was going on below as he was still breathing heavily and kept climbing to the top of the corpse bridge while his two eyes were bloodshot.
At the weaving points of the two galaxies, ancient corpses were floating up and down. Mysterious ancient formations were engraved on their chests. The center of each formation seemed to have a secret treasure as a power source.
These ancient corpses with secret treasures on their chests were crazily attacking the warriors.
The people of Zhao Feng’s and Li Yue’s groups were competing for the secret treasures on those ancient corpses. Other warriors were also launching their attacks to snatch the secret treasures.
Once a corpse was killed, the secret treasure on its chest would separate from its body. At that time, all warriors would desperately fight with each other for that secret treasure.
Zuo Shi stood aside as she didn’t dare to get involved in this fight. She just watched those warriors attack and kill each other for the secret treasures in amazement.
After getting up to the top and having a quick glance at this cruel battle, Zuo Xu then stood together with Zuo Shi and told her not to take any actions nor attract any attention from others.
Zuo Shi understood and was obedient. She just watched but didn’t get involved.
She determinedly kept herself safe. The place where she was standing was actually very secure. The warriors all came up here because of those secret treasures. If she didn’t scramble for those secret treasures, other warriors would not consider her as a threat nor pay attention to her.
After having climbed up here, Chi Xiao and the two brothers also stepped to the side where Zuo Shi was standing. However, different from Zuo Shi, the two brothers revealed a trace of desire on their faces while they looked at the secret treasures on those ancient corpses.
"So, do you want them?" Lao Li waited for Chi Xiao to come closer and asked with a cheerful face, "Should we take action?"
Chi Xiao took a deep breath. Watching this cruel battle, he slightly shook his head and said, "Wait a moment. Shi Yan will come up soon, and then we will discuss this."
The two brothers both nodded at the same time.
The water here was very strange. It was next to the crowd, but no one was aware of it. People thought that it was a just an illusion and had no influence on them.
It was a flat layer of stones under their feet. This land emitted white lights, which were constantly floating like a small boat.
Most of the warriors who came up here were at the Sky Realm. There were twenty of them. Most of the Sky Realm warriors were getting involved in this battle, making the situation extremely dangerous. If any of them were careless, they would end up with a desolate fate.
Although Chi Xiao had the Second Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base, in this area, it was nothing special. There were six Third Sky of Sky Realm warriors, ten Second Sky of Sky Realm warriors, and most of the remaining ones were at the First Sky of Sky Realm. Apart from for the two brothers, there were another two Third Sky of Nirvana Realm warriors. Zuo Shi was the only one at the Disaster Realm.
Cai Yi also got up there quickly. After having a quick look at the current situation, she then quietly walked over to Chi Xiao and the others and said with a solemn face and a low voice, "I think there is something wrong with Shi Yan."
Chi Xiao, Lao Li, Zuo Shi, and the others asked at the same time, "What do you mean?"
"I am not sure." Cai Yi shook her head while her face was very weird, "I feel that he fears of being ‘possessed by the Devil’."
"Possessed by the Devil?" Everyone’s face changed.
"He has very strong energy waves, but he seems to have lost his mind. He was full of violent, murderous aura as if he wanted to destroy everything. I don’t know how or why he is in this state. When I was above him, I could feel that he wanted to kill me… The feeling was extremely terrible."
After hearing these words, Chi Xiao and the others were all horrified as they looked at the direction of the corpse bridge altogether.
A very strong, evil aura burst out there first. That evil aura had the thick smell of blood as if it was soaked in the sea of blood, which gave people a feeling of extreme danger.
In that strong, evil aura Shi Yan gradually appeared with his red eyes.
Looking at his eyes for a while, Chi Xiao, Zuo Shi, Cai Yi, and the others were all agitated. It seemed like their Sea of Consciousness was affected, bringing out a violent, destructive lust as well.
A trace of violence, craziness, and bloodthirst came out from Shi Yan’s dark red pupils. At this moment, Shi Yan was not normal indeed; he was like a ferocious ghost drilled out from Hell that resented that he couldn’t tear all creatures apart.
Now, he looked even much more terrifying than the strongest beasts they had encountered in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist before.
"Not good!" Chi Xiao’s face changed dramatically. He screamed in fear, "I fear that Shi Yan has really fallen in the ‘Possessed by the Devil’ state. I don’t know what this kind of state will cause."
"Let’s go there and check." Zuo Shi was in a little bit of a panic and subconsciously wanted to go next to Shi Yan to ask him what had happened.
"Little Shi, don’t go!" Chi Xiao hastily grabbed her and said, "When Shi Yan is in this state, he doesn’t have his consciousness. If you come close to him, perhaps you will become his first target. Don’t go."
"But if he keeps being like this, it will be hazardous." Zuo Shi struggled a little bit, but knew that she couldn’t get out of Chi Xiao’s shackle. She couldn’t help but shout, "Shi Yan, what happened to you? How can we help you?"
Cai Yi and Zuo Xu also looked at Shi Yan, waiting for him to answer.
Shi Yan suddenly let out a horrifying roar which was not like a human at all. A flow of endless evil aura along with this roar spread throughout the battle area.
All the warriors’ Sea of Consciousness shook violently. The two brothers’ bodies were strongly agitated. Zuo Xu’s body was the same, trembling in shock. Blood flowed out from his eyes while his face revealed an extreme expression of fear.
The other two Nirvana Realm warriors were the same as the two brothers. Blood flowed out from their eyes, and they had to sit down on the ground.
Shi Yan let out a loud roar which was full of a violent and fierce power. This evil aura kept increasing and affecting all warriors.
The Sea of Consciousness of the Nirvana Realm warriors could hardly control their minds. Thus, that evil aura hit their Sea of Consciousness directly and stirred it up, and as a result, their sockets bled.
On the contrary, although Zuo Shi’s face was pale, she was still safe and sound.
As her Sea of Consciousness hadn’t formed yet, she didn’t suffer the impact of Shi Yan’s evil aura. That was why the minds of the two brothers, who were at the Nirvana Realm, were damaged but hers wasn’t.
The eyes of Cai Yi and Chi Xiao, the two Sky Realm warriors, also changed dramatically. They hurriedly suppressed the fluctuations of their Sea of Consciousness, using all of their strength to prevent them from being affected by Shi Yan’s impact.
After Shi Yan’s roar, the Sky Realm warriors from the Divine Land who were still fighting, stopped suddenly with shock and all looked at Shi Yan.
"Stinky boy, what are you doing?"
Zhao Feng’s face darkened. He suddenly shouted out loud, "Don’t scare people. You are possessed by the Devil now, do you really want to kill yourself? Kid, quickly hold your breath and meditate. Sit at one place and do not move. Put all of your strength to control your mind. Don’t think too much."
Li Yue’s eyes flickered, looking at Shi Yan from a distance. She then spoke up, "Zhao Feng, that method you just said is useless for him. This kind of ‘possessed by the Devil’ state is not caused by cultivation but the will of depravity. With this kind of ‘Possessed by the Devil’ state, it is not easy for him to restore himself just by meditation. I am afraid that this guy has cultivated some evil technique which has led to some variations that now have affected his mind. This situation is difficult to reverse."
"Ah!" Zhao Feng screamed and blankly looked at Shi Yan without knowing what he should do for now.