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399 Lending a helping hand

Among everyone, Zuo Xu only had the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, and he had just reached this realm. He couldn’t even be compared to Lao Li and Lao Lun. He was thus the weakest one.
Under the invasion of the four kinds of disasters, Zuo Xu had to resist the hardest. His tattered clothes flashed up with blue lights. Under the impact of the four disasters, he seemed to have signs of being broken. With his cultivation base, it was hard for Zuo Xu to survive in these disasters.
Shi Yan rushed forward as one of his hands pulled Zuo Xu’s hand, shouted, and forcefully threw him out.
A flow of strange power burst out. Shi Yan seemed to get infinite power at this moment. Although Zuo Xu was shrouded by four kinds of disasters, Shi Yan could still throw him out towards the center of the lake.
At the center of the lake, warriors of other teams were getting on the corpse bridge. As soon as Zuo Xu landed at the center, he immediately followed these warriors to climb on the corpse bridge to the top without thinking too much.
Chi Xiao had the Second Sky of Sky Realm cultivation base. Under the influence of the disasters, he still had a spare strength and was slowly moving towards the corpse bridge.
After a quick glance, Shi Yan could see that even without external forces, he would still be safe.
Shi Yan then made up his mind that it was not necessary to help Chi Xiao. While his body power skyrocketed, he walked step by step to the two brothers, Lao Li and Lao Lun.
Seeing Shi Yan coming, the two brothers were overjoyed while their eyes instantly brightened up.
Although the two brothers were also the warriors of the Divine Radiant Cult, their realm was still slightly low, and they didn’t have too many secret treasures. So, they were encountering difficulties when facing the disasters. When Shi Yan came, the two of them thanked him, looking grateful.
At this time, the two brothers realized that Shi Yan was much better than Ai Ya. The fact that he didn’t abandon his team members really made their hearts moved.
"Go," Shi Yan shouted. His two hands shook, and vast energy fluctuations instantly burst out from his arm.
Each of Shi Yan’s hands carried one of them. He immediately entered the Second Sky of Rampage, and now felt that his entire body somehow had the power that could be compared to that of a mighty Third Sky of Sky Realm warrior.
Shi Yan then forcefully swung his arms and the two brothers, who were well-prepared, flew away towards the center of the lake.
By that time, Chi Xiao had also arrived in the center of the lake, and he was easily able to catch the two brothers and take them to the bridge.
The two brothers didn’t hesitate at all; among the crowd, they hurriedly took the opportunity to climb on the corpse bridge.
An anguished scream resounded from a warrior who was still at the edge of the lake. He was shrouded deeply in the disasters, but no one could rescue him. The defensive halo and his secret treasures couldn't withstand the damage caused by the four disasters. Once his power of defense disappeared, these four disasters would strike him to death, burn him to ashes, or the lightning would destroy his soul. He also could be shredded by the storm or be frozen by frost.
Just like that, around ten people had suffered tragic deaths because they couldn’t get to the center of the lake to climb onto the corpse bridge.
Shi Yan turned, gave a quick look, and realized that as long as warriors were in the range of five meters below the corpse bridge, they would not be affected by the four disasters. Chi Xiao was already there. The intensified smoke that was hovering around his body had also dissipated. He no longer needed to waste his power to resist the surrounding disasters.
Slightly letting out a sigh of relief, Shi Yan strenuously moved to Cai Yi. At this moment, Cai Yi’s clothes were all wet, and her appearance looked quite awkward.
Sweat appeared on her white face. Her eyes were full of panic while she put out all of her strength in her body to deal with the four disasters.
More than ten ribbons were fluttering in Cai Yi’s cuffs. Each of them flashed up with colorful lights and vaguely covered her entire body.
Under the influence of these four disasters, she launched these ribbons, and they exploded one by one. Every time a ribbon exploded, Cai Yi’s face changed a little bit, showing an expression of panic.
Each of those ribbons was Cai Yi’s surviving defensive energy circle. Once these ribbons were all destroyed, Cai Yi would be exposed and then immediately bitten and swallowed by the four disasters without any bones remaining.
Shi Yan coldly looked at her. A trace of hesitation flashed across his eyes.
Cai Yi and Ai Ya were both difficult to control. Ai Ya had succeeded in her tricks, which made him more vigilant. He subconsciously considered Cai Yi the same as Ai Ya.
He didn’t know what would happen if he saved Cai Yi. Would this girl consider him as a target in her calculations in the future just like Ai Ya?
When they were at the bottom of the lake, he had seen Cai Yi’s entire naked body and even violated her. Thus, he believed that Cai Yi hated him to the core.
With this hatred at heart, Cai Yi definitely would not be obedient in the future. Perhaps she would be like Ai Ya, always thinking about dealing with him.
With this thought, Shi Yan somehow didn’t want to save her and thought of just letting her fend for herself.
"Shi Yan!" Cai Yi suddenly screamed out loud with panic, "You said that before we get out of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, we are still companions. Do you remember your words? If you do, help me." Cai Yi aggressively looked at him; her graceful face was filled with anxiety.
Shi Yan hummed then finally continued to use his hidden power, walking step by step towards her.
"I obviously remember. I am not like that bitch Ai Ya. If I say something, I will do it." Standing next to Cai Yi, he stretched out his hand, grabbing her thin waist, and used the starlight to cover her body to help her resist the four disasters.
Being grabbed at her waist, Cai Yi looked restrained. Her body slightly trembled. She bowed her head, gently took a deep breath, and said with a low voice, "You have helped me this time. I will remember this. The last time when we were in the lake, and you violated me, I… I will consider it as if nothing ever happened."
Shi Yan was surprised.
The refreshing fragrance of Cai Yi’s body struck his nose. His arm wrapped around her waist, feeling the amazing vibration. His heart shook as he suddenly remembered the fluttering scene in that lake, and couldn't suppress the capricious feelings inside.
"Go quickly!"
Cai Yi saw him dumbstruck all of a sudden but didn’t know what he was thinking. Hence, she hastily shouted.
Shi Yan woke up, nodded and said with a grin, "No worries. This lake has a huge impact on these disasters. It has significantly weakened the power of the flames and lightning. Otherwise, not many people could have resisted them so long. Now that I have decided to save you, you will be safe and sound."
After talking, he wrapped his arms around her waist and suddenly shouted. Various kinds of energies then burst out.
A horrifying mountain-like momentum broke out from his body. Under the impact of different types of forces, Shi Yan’s strength became intimidating. Even the power of those little starlight spots covering his body also seemed to be enhanced. An intensive cluster of those starlight spots faintly formed a wonderful star diagram.
The tremendous powers of flames, storms, lightning, and frost massively approached and fell on that star diagram. But as soon as they fell on it, they triggered the star diagram which instantly shot out many beams of starlight. Starlight and the four disasters collided with each other, splashing countless more energy spots.
Under the defensive Star Shield, Shi Yan was safe and sound. Making use of his sturdy body, he dragged Cai Yi step by step towards the corpse bridge.
At this time, Chi Xiao had already reached the corpse bridge and was climbing to the top. Seeing Shi Yan coming, Chi Xiao displayed a cheerful face, nodded towards him and said, "Good boy!"
Shi Yan revealed a smile and brought Cai Yi to the safe area. His momentum suddenly soared, and violent energy fluctuations burst out from his body.
When other warriors who were pushing and shoving saw Shi Yan coming, they could feel the powerful fluctuations rising from his body. Their eyes changed, and they immediately backed down obediently.
"Let’s go," Shi Yan hummed as he calmly went through these warriors, let Cai Yi get on the corpse bridge first, and then followed her steps, stepping on the first corpse of the bridge.
Under Shi Yan’s protection, Cai Yi quickly climbed to the top. Her long legs moved up and down, dazzling Shi Yan who was below her. He couldn’t prevent himself from having a strong lust.
Not good.
Shi Yan felt cold at heart as he was immediately aware that this negative emotion had begun to spread slowly.
Previously, he had collected warriors’ dead bodies and had absorbed a lot of auras from those warriors who had just died. The auras this time were much richer than before, and they kept pouring into his body and only stopped when he could barely bear it anymore.
Seven hundred twenty acupuncture points in his body began to take in the negative emotions which then slowly outflowed and affected his mind, enlarging his inner evil side and his original instinct.
This time, his acupuncture points absorbed the auras which were more vigorous than before. Thus, the negative emotions were also much more violent than in the past.
In the battle that was still raging, once all of the negative emotions burst out, he would probably go out of control. If he fell into the ‘possessed by the Devil’ state, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to differentiate enemies and friends and would end up killing all the creatures that he saw.
Destructive lust was the most wicked side of humanity, and the source of demons.
This time, when that lust burst out, he was afraid that his tough mind wouldn’t be able to control it. He didn’t know what would happen in the next second. Maybe even Zuo Xu and Zuo Shi would be destroyed as well.
The only way to stop this violent madness seemed to be releasing that desire to alleviate its impact. However, in the present situation, how could he have enough time to release it? Who could give him that amount of time?
Shi Yan’s eyes were burning up and stuck on Cai Yi’s mesmerizing sweaty body. When he looked at her butt and beautiful legs, the lust inside him was getting stronger.
On one hand, it was the ruthless desire to kill. On the other hand, he had to find a girl to give vent to. These two options placed him in a dilemma.
Either option didn’t seem to be suitable in the current situation. If he was really in the ‘possessed by the Devil’ state and he released his infinite evil power, he was afraid that the final consequence would go beyond his control.
He didn’t want to be out of control.
Struggling within his heart, he tried to control himself without looking at Cai Yi, who was above him, or having thoughts about anything which could provoke the lust in his mind.
Gritting his teeth and displaying a ferocious face, Shi Yan followed Cai Yi and quickly moved to the area where the two rivers interweaved.