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388 Beasts’ roars

In the ancient city of the exotic land…
Shi Yan and the others stayed inside an ancient castle, and frequently looked up at the sky where the two galaxies intertwined, waiting for the changes in the galaxies above their heads.
Ai Ya, Cai Yi, and the two brothers had never come here before. They had only heard about this area from their elders’ instructions.
Those elders had been here before, so they could tell them briefly about the situation of this place. The changes were different every sixty years, and they couldn’t even say what they would probably encounter here.
Therefore, Shi Yan’s group could only wait and be cautious with any changes in the sky. They wanted to find out some clues from those changes.
In this ancient city, small teams like Shi Yan’s group were many, but for the time being, no fights had occurred yet.
Teams that had entered this place were apparently not ordinary at all. They indeed went through a lot of danger along the way to get there. As they didn’t see any changes in this place yet, they all meditated to reinforce their strengths and maintain their supreme state, waiting for the point in time when changes happened.
Ning Ze hadn’t arrived yet. It might be because the Blood Vein Ring had taken the golden silkworm, and thus, the connection between Ning Ze and that golden silkworm had been cut off. In the meantime, Shi Yan was ready and well-prepared to see Ning Ze again. Unfortunately, Ning Ze didn’t seem to sense their location, as he still hadn’t shown up. Shi Yan was staying in a one-hundred-meters high, ancient castle, inside which were hundreds of rooms of different sizes. The smallest one was about seventy or eighty meters squared.
This castle was obviously the place where the blacksmith had been living before. Taking a tour around this castle, they realized that there were many furnaces that only blacksmiths could use, as well as a few forging tools.
There were a lot of forging tools, but none of the materials had been left. After all, this exotic land would open once every sixty years, and it had been thousands of years since the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist had been discovered.
During the past thousands of years, countless warriors had entered this place. Even if these castles had innumerable refining materials, they had certainly been scraped away.
Therefore, the people from Shi Yan’s group didn’t waste their time to search for them, but instead, concentrated their main power on the galaxies above their heads, waiting quietly.
This time, the two brothers observed the changes in the sky. Shi Yan, Ai Ya, and Cai Yi were using the Demon Crystals to meditate.
In a stone chamber as big as a basketball court, Shi Yan released a little bright starlight. His shining eyes looked at a cluster of starlight spots while he used the Star Martial Spirit to control them, letting the order of the rotary stars of Heaven and Earth circulate in his consciousness
A bunch of starlight spots, which looked like a cluster of fireflies, were flying around, brilliantly lighting up the entire stone chamber. Each Starlight spot followed a trajectory, which could be a curve, a straight line, or a magical arc. They were all different.

Looking at those flickering spots of light, Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness slightly stirred. He calmed his mind to understand the magical trajectory of those spots of light.
He immersed his mind in it…
Since having understood the importance of martial conception, as long as he had free time, he would use his Star Martial Spirit to release some starlight spots and then use the Star Manipulation to control them, trying to find out the rules to comprehend the mysterious martial conception of the Star Martial Spirit.
In the Sky Realm, understanding the realm was related to the improvement of this realm. Since he had poured the martial spirit source directly into his Star Martial Spirit to reach the Sky Realm, comprehending the truth of this Star Martial Spirit’s Upanishads and understanding the mystery of the stars was much harder.
Understanding this point, he then set his mind on grasping this martial conception thoroughly and comprehending the martial techniques as his core targets in the future.
When each starlight spot flashed up, he threw himself into a trance. It was a wonderful feeling when he was submerging into the vast star area. He seemed to have a connection with billions of stars in the sky. This kind of feeling was marvelous, making him feel outstanding, and able to understand the immortal star Upanishads.
Suddenly, an Earth Flame’s message was sent out from the Blood Vein Ring.
Shi Yan instantly woke up, staring at a beautiful figure that secretly entered the stone chamber, frowned, and asked, "What do you come here for? Are there any changes outside?"
That person was Cai Yi.
Her delicate dress draped around her graceful body. Each five-colored ribbon was fluttering on her skirt. She leisurely moved forward; her eyebrows were picturesque, her eyes bright like precious gems. Under the light of those starlight spots, she looked absolutely gorgeous.
"There are not any changes outside yet. I came here with the hope that you can remove the soul barrier for me." Cai Yi’s graceful body stopped. She slightly gritted her teeth and said, "You said that we are companions. Since we are companions, you should not treat me like this."
Shi Yan pouted and then sneered coldly. "I am afraid that you don’t consider me your companion."
"It has been a long time already. I know that I cannot kill you, and thus won’t have any wicked intentions toward you anymore." Cai Yi felt shameful and said unpleasantly, "At the bottom of the lake, you were clearly contemptuous of me, so I wanted to kill you, not to mention that your hands and feet were not clean. If you remove the soul barrier for me, I promise not to pursue that previous event. No more harsh things between us. How about it?"
"As I have said before, wait until we leave the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist and I will remove the soul barrier out of your head." Shi Yan was unmoved. He shook his head and said indifferently, "In case you and Ai Ya unite to kill me, it is easy for you guys to do so in this exotic land if I am not careful. Sorry, I don’t believe you. Leaving the soul barrier in your head helps me control Ai Ya at the crucial time. I don’t dare to let my guard down against you two ruthless girls."
Cai Yi’s delicate face suddenly darkened. She said hatefully, "My host soul has a barrier, so it is certainly limited and can’t exert its full power. Once this miasma has changed, all the teams will fight with all their strength to deploy secret treasures. By that time, if my strength cannot be cast out one hundred percent, I will possibly die here. You want me to die here, don’t you?"
Shi Yan was still indifferent.
"Speak up. After all, what do you want to remove the soul barrier for?" Cai Yi was silent for a while, and then her neck suddenly flushed. She turned her back towards Shi Yan, then slowly took off her dress, gradually exposing her soft, white back.
She took off her clothes until her slender waist was exposed, and then stopped. Her hands clutched her big, firm, snow-white breasts. She then turned back, bowed her head looking down at her toes, and spoke up with an indistinct tone. "I know your preferences. As long as you remove the soul barrier, I will let you caress them."
Cai Yi’s upper body was completely naked. Under the dazzling light of the starlight spots, her white skin was glowing beautifully. Her breasts were too huge that her two hands couldn’t cover them completely. She was exposing an amazing beauty that could make any man’s vein bulge uncontrollably.
"Although I do like women, I am not stupid enough to take my own safety as a joke." Shi Yan’s eyes brightened, presumptuously looking at Cai Yi’s naked body. He grinned, "You should leave. Before leaving the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, I will not remove the soul barrier for you. Even if you offer me your body, it will not change my decision."
Cai Yi raised her head, aggressively staring at Shi Yan full of anger. She tightly gritted her teeth, displayed a hateful manner, and resented that she could not crush Shi Yan into eight pieces.
Shi Yan coldly sneered and then clucked his tongue. "Your body is really mesmerizing. Wait until we get out of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. If you still want to offer yourself to me, I will definitely not refuse. Hmm, I really like women who take the initiative, I will not refuse any girl who proactively comes to me. By that time, I am sure I will not let you down."
"I curse you not to have a decent death." Cai Yi bitterly cursed him and soon put on her clothes again. After that, she left the chamber with a complicated face.
Shi Yan revealed a cold smile, shook his head and whispered, "Her appearance is not bad at all. Regretfully, that is a wicked woman right there. Depending on the point of time, she will show her poisoned fangs. The timing is not right; otherwise, you would hardly escape my hands."
As he wasn’t disturbed by Cai Yi’s arrival, after she had left, Shi Yan continued his arduous cultivation in the stone chamber and circulated the mysterious star power at the same time.
Today, Shi Yan woke up again from the martial conception.
"The Galaxy has had some changes!" Raising his head towards Ai Ya’s clear voice, Shi Yan slightly frowned, stopped perceiving martial conception and stood up.
Ai Ya was different from Cai Yi. If nothing was happening, she certainly wouldn’t come here. As she daringly entered the chamber this time, Shi Yan knew that something was happening out there.
"It is not the galaxy." Ai Ya’s face was solemn. "It is the Four Symbols mountain range outside. Since yesterday, the Four Symbols seem to have changed. A small earthquake quietly rumbled from the surrounding mountains of the ancient city. In that earthquake, beast’s roars could be heard from those four mountains."
"Beasts?" Shi Yan was stunned, looked outside and asked, "Did you see any beasts appear yet?"
"Not yet. But, there are many roars." Ai Ya’s face seemed odd. "I guess that there should be around a hundred beasts with different levels. I just guessed it from the roars. The real number of beasts is probably more than that. If those beasts jump into the ancient city, it will not be easy for us to deal with them."
"Hundreds of beasts?"
Shi Yan’s face changed slightly. The lowest level beasts that he had seen in this foggy place were at the sixth level. He had never seen any beasts lower than that. Even if it were the sixth level, hundreds of them were already terrifying. If there were many seventh level beasts among them, that force would be very tough to handle.
"At least one-third of them were at the seventh level," Ai Ya added.
Shi Yan felt cold at heart. His face was tense. "It seems that the changes in the galaxy should come very soon. With many beasts showing up, this place certainly will not be peaceful much longer."
After talking, he went out of the chamber, heading to the place where the two brothers were taking guard.
Outside the ancient city, it seemed that the Four Symbols mountains were lurching continually while the dull roars came up from a distance. Amidst those mountain shakes, some horrible changes were seeming to be developing quietly.