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384 New understanding

After explaining in detail, Cai Yi immediately looked at him with surprise. "You really don’t know the Divine Radiant Cult?"
"This Martial Spirit of mine comes from the Three Gods Sect in the Endless Sea. The Three Gods Sect have three Gods of the Sun, Moon, and Star. This Star Martial Spirit of mine is just the star inheritance. I don’t know about any Divine Radiant Cult. This is the first time I have heard of it," said Shi Yan with doubt.
"That’s right." Lao Li also smiled. "In Divine Radiant Cult, there are also three gods of the Sun, Moon, and Star. These three gods are the three great colossuses of Divine Radiant Cult, and their commander is the Hierarchy of Divine Radiant Cult, the Divine Radiant God. The three gods of the Sun, Moon, and Star are those who are under only one, but above tens of thousands of people. You have comprehended the star conception, which comes from the Star God. Thus, you are naturally a disciple of the Divine Radiant Cult."
Shi Yan’s eyes and mouth were wide open. After having listened to the explanation of Cai Yi and Lao Li, he understood some things immediately.
The people of Ai Ya’s group had said that the Endless Sea’s predecessor warriors were all from the Divine Land. It seemed that the Three Gods Sect ancestors should be warriors of Divine Radiant Cult. Because of some special reasons, Divine Radiant Cult’s magical Upanishad had been transmitted to the Endless Sea from Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, and had gradually formed the Three Gods Sect.
It seemed that the Three Gods Sect should be a branch of Divine Radiant Cult, a part that belonged to Divine Radiant Cult.
The Divine Land was the center of the Grace Mainland, the source of all warriors and supernatural Upanishads. This was not wrong at all to say so. No wonder Ye Zhang Feng had said that he was the expelled disciple of Spirit Treasure Sect, and that Spirit Treasure Sect of the Endless Sea was actually a branch of Spirit Treasure Sect. He also mentioned that the Spirit Treasure Sect’s ancestors also came from the Spirit Treasure Sect of the Divine Land. Shi Yan was suddenly enlightened and finally knew the connection between the Endless Sea and Divine Land.
"The way you see Martial Spirits is not different from ours in the Endless Sea." Shi Yan hesitated a little bit before speaking up. "In the Endless Sea, martial spirits are extremely precious and innately owned by warriors. When a warrior is born, his martial spirit is determined. In the Endless Sea, martial spirits are precious to warriors. Many forces and families who select warriors would seek for warriors with special kinds of martial spirits. Martial Spirit is the fundamental foundation of a warrior. What do you think about this?"
Ai Ya, Cai Yi, Lao Li, and Lao Lun exchanged looks while displaying a trace of disdain on their faces, then shook their heads together.
Shi Yan raised his eyebrows. From the four people’s eyes, he felt that his own understanding of martial spirits might be a little bit shallow.

Indeed, Lao Li chuckled and quickly explained. "Martial Spirits are not as mysterious as you guys have imagined. In fact, the so-called Martial Spirit is only some kind of martial art Upanishads, and is not at all that magical. We cultivate many martial arts, and it is a way of using the power of Heaven and Earth."
"Martial Spirit is a kind of martial art Upanishad?" Shi Yan shook his head with a puzzled face.
"In our Divine Land, there is an ancient school that specializes in studying martial spirits. Hmm, perhaps Endless Sea might have it as well. This ancient school is called Martial Spirit Palace. Their views on martial spirits are the general views of the Divine Land’s warriors." Cai Yi revealed an indifferent smile. "The understanding of Endless Sea’s warriors toward martial spirits is too shallow. You guys think that martial spirits are too mysterious or too important."
"So, why do some people have innate martial spirits but some don’t?" Shi Yan was stunned and then asked again.
"The fact that some people are born with innate martial spirits is because one of their ancestors had reached the True God Realm." Cai Yi didn’t hide any of these common sense things of the Divine Land. She smiled and said, "A True God Realm warrior can pass his martial art Upanishads on to his descendants, helping them have their own fundamental seeds of martial art Upanishads. Thus they are able to continue their cultivations through the inheritance of martial arts Upanishads and become warriors without relying on any other forces."
"That’s right," Lao Li added. "The nature of martial art Upanishads which were passed on was quite similar to the ones that we cultivated. The ones who get the inheritance need an arduous cultivation. Inheritance of martial art Upanishads is only a seed. Whether that seed can grow or not, it is still dependent on hard cultivation and comprehension, and of course, it relies on the individual. The person with martial spirit inheritance might be better than someone with a kind of martial art Upanishad in his body. In our Divine Land, even though there is no such heritage, it is simple if we want it."
"Simple?" Shi Yan couldn’t help but let out a light sigh.
"In the Merchant Union and Endless Sea, warriors consider martial spirits very important, and even take martial spirits as their fundamentals, and an essential factor that determines their future. How come the martial spirits become so common in the Divine Land, as if everyone can have one?! There are many places that sell Martial Spirit seeds. Martial Spirit Seeds are also known as Original Seals of Martial Spirits, or Martial Spirit Fruit. They call it by many names; in fact, the essence is the same. As long as it is integrated into a body, it is equivalent to understanding a kind of martial art Upanishad, so that that the body can have a martial spirit. Frankly speaking, martial art Upanishad and martial arts are the same."
Shi Yan was stunned.
It turned out that many places in the Divine Land were selling precious Original Seals of Martial Spirits, which was very valuable in the Endless Sea and the Merchant Union.
Thinking about this, Shi Yan revealed a wry smile and shook his head. "Martial spirits and martial arts have no differences?"
"Yes, they do." Ai Ya was the one who spoke up.
"What is the difference?"
"To understand the difference, it is necessary to talk about why True God Realm warriors can pass on martial arts." Ai Ya was silent for a moment, seeming to organize her words to make her thoughts smooth.
A moment later, she said, "It is said that in ancient times, when the True God Realm warriors encountered a fatal incident, they didn’t know if they could pass on their martial art Upanishads by words. So, they chose a shortcut. This shortcut was the martial spirit inheritance. They took advantage of this martial spirit inheritance to hand down their own martial art Upanishads to the next generation. As long as the offspring was not extinct, the martial spirits may be inherited from generation to generation. This martial spirit inheritance is much more mysterious than words; it was directly stored in the descendants who were born. The birth of descendants is equivalent to cultivating them."
"However, this also has a great drawback. The drawback is that this martial spirit inheritance makes the future generation instantly know a kind of martial arts without going through any arduous cultivation. Take your Star Martial Spirit as an example. As you already have had the Star Martial Spirit since you were born, your heart had some mutation, and you know how to use the star power. However, you don’t know how an ordinary person goes through the cultivation of changing the body to form the Star Martial Spirit. In other words, you know from the beginning how to use the star power but do not know which way the heart is cultivating to be able to absorb and use the star power. Do you understand?"
Shi Yan was bewildered, frowned while thinking, and then understood.
This was not difficult to understand. An example could be the Third Sky of Rampage martial art. When he wanted to perform rampage martial art, he had to make his meridians be clear and open, and go through a cultivation process to be able to perform the rampage, using negative powers to enhance his strength.
According to what Ai Ya said, if a person who was born without a cultivation could directly perform the rampage martial art to enhance the power, it was a martial art.
It meant that martial spirit was the ready-made martial arts. As long as someone had it, the person could skip the arduous cultivation and use the martial art directly.
"I understand what you mean," Shi Yan thought for a moment and nodded his head. "Martial spirit is readily available. Without going through cultivation, you still can use it. Is that what you meant?"
"Yes," Ai Ya nodded, "However, the Elementary martial technique is different. For example, to use the power of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil, you must practice this martial art. You can change your body tendons and bones through this martial art, and then gradually master the use of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth elements. After successfully cultivating the martial art, you can use the power of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth elements. With martial spirits, you can directly use the power without necessarily having a step by step cultivation."
"What else is different?"
"You can directly use the inherited martial spirit, but you cannot teach others, because you can only use but don’t know the process and methods of the formation of the martial arts. In ancient times, those True God Realm warriors who encountered fatal incidents were not sure if the next generations could preserve this method of cultivation or not. Thus, they condensed martial spirits and passed them on to the next generation, so that the next generation could inherit and be ready to use those martial spirits right at the time the descendants were born. Therefore, only their descendants can have these kinds of martial arts. Even if there was a traitor among their descendants, that person could not tell others about the martial art Upanishads."
"Is that really a good idea?"
"In fact, this is very selfish. If the offsprings are all extinct, their martial art Upanishads will disappear. No outsiders can get it. But, people are selfish by nature, so it is normal."
Ai Ya nodded and said, "Only when their descendants can reach the True God Realm like them can they then restore the cultivating method and the fundamentals of martial spirits. Let’s take you as an example. Only if you reach the True God Realm can you know about the method to cultivate martial spirits. Then, you could teach other people so that others can also pass the martial art that you have transmitted. They will know how to absorb and use the star power, and then let you become the master of a sect."
"If things are like this, it means you know that this martial spirit heritage has many advantages compared to spreading text-based martial arts. Why don’t you guys really treasure martial spirits?"
"Because there is a great drawback."
"What is it?"
"Without knowing the method to form a martial spirit, one person can still enjoy the results without having to go through any hardships of cultivation, and thus they would lack experience. Once one enters the Sky Realm, a person will need to have the essential understanding of each kind of martial arts, conception, as well as Upanishads. However, since that person lacks necessary experiences regarding the comprehension of conception and Upanishads, he cannot compare to those who have undergone arduous cultivation."
"With the same kind of martial arts, if it is an inherited martial spirit, the warriors who reach the Sky Realm and want to comprehend conception and Upanishads will consume more star power than those who have gone through hardships of cultivation. Many people who have martial spirits get stuck at this step, and cannot achieve the true meaning of martial arts and conception. Thus, they will never master the essence of any kind of martial arts. On the contrary, the warriors who have overcome the hardships during the arduous cultivation will encounter fewer obstacles, and will be much more comfortable than those who have been given martial spirits."
"Since it is a shortcut, there are always disadvantages. There aren’t perfect things in this world. Hence, in our Divine Land, unless it is a kind of an extremely mysterious martial spirit, ordinary people will not choose to use martial spirit seeds to implant in their bodies to avoid the cultivation and directly have the ready-made martial arts."
Shi Yan finally understood, and his face became complicated.