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Hearing his tyrannical declaration about taking the control, Cai Yi, Lao Li, and Lao Lun agreed to make Shi Yan their master after a slight hesitation.
Among these three people, Cai Yi had known Shi Yan’s ability from when they were at the bottom of the lake before. Although Shi Yan didn’t have a profound cultivation base, his strength was incredibly horrifying. Plus, with her host soul under Shi Yan’s control, she didn’t dare to go against him, as she was afraid that Shi Yan would secretly use some means to torture her host soul.
The two brothers, Lao Li and Lao Lun, had a friendly relationship with Shi Yan. They had soon known that Cai Yi and Ai Ya didn’t have good intentions, and that the two girls were wicked and deceitful. Thus, they felt that it would probably be beneficial if Shi Yan were their master.
Another point was that the three of them didn’t want to waste their Profound Qi. Picking a fight with Shi Yan brought them no good except for losing their strengths and wasting the Demon Crystals that they had harvested.
They were not like Ai Ya, who had collected a great number of Demon Crystals during their pastime. Thus, one or two losses were nothing to Ai Ya, but the three of them couldn’t afford them.
Therefore, after having considered the gains and losses, the three of them agreed to let Shi Yan call the shots.
Ai Ya didn’t want to listen to Shi Yan. After the other three had agreed, she still gritted her teeth, coldly looked at Shi Yan and said determinedly, "I don’t think you are qualified to lead us. Your origin is unknown. You are not a warrior of our Divine Land, and thus cannot have a clear understanding of our situation. If you do something wrong, we will have to bear the consequences when we return to the Divine Land."
"Bear the consequences?" Shi Yan burst into laughter. His face then turned cold as he stonily said, "I will let you bear the consequences now."
His mind was slightly triggered, as Shi Yan’s two hands stretched out and pressed down towards Ai Ya.
The Life and Death Seal changed. The Life Seal was in his right hand, and the Death Seal was in his left hand; the two huge, sparkling handprints suddenly gathered and formed a violent Life and Death Seal, attacking Ai Ya.
As soon as the Life and Death Seal formed, an enormous handprint, which was as big as a small mountain and was bringing forth a stunning fierce aura, quickly covered Ai Ya amidst ear-splitting growls and howls.
Ai Ya’s beautiful face changed dramatically. She subconsciously moved backward a few steps, quickly releasing a protective halo around her as she threw out a coin.
"Great Pervaded Money!"
When Ai Ya shouted slightly, four ancient words on the coin flew out together. Each ancient word swelled open in the air, emitting dazzling golden lights like golden stars.
The holes in the coins abruptly shot out brilliant lights towards the Life and Death Seal.
This Great Pervaded Money was Ai Ya’s Sacred Level Secret Treasure which had been personally refined for her by the master of Bai Di City. This Great Pervaded Money carried the meaning of wealth itself.

Whether it was the human world or the world of warriors, wealth was the cornerstone of money flow. Money always played a vital role in both worlds.
‘Money’ was the foundation of society. Through the entire historical civilization, the word ‘money’ could be described as invincible. Money could buy anything and affect the entire civilization.
The four radiant ancient words on Great Pervaded Money, which contained the meaning of ‘money’, suddenly dispersed and dashed towards Shi Yan.
Before the four ancient words came close to him, the conception from above had already affected him.
In just a blink of an eye, Shi Yan’s mind and Sea of Consciousness seemed to be influenced by wealth. When this word ‘money’ jumped into his Sea of Consciousness, wealth and Upanishads in his Sea of Consciousness surged up as if they wanted to make his host soul become a slave of money for his entire life.
During cultivation, Sky Realm warriors needed to comprehend all kinds of miraculous conceptions and then add the esoteric Upanishads in attacking and use secret treasures to enhance the power of secret treasures and martial arts, making them play a role in affecting people’s Sea of Consciousness. These were the fundamental differences between Sky Realm warriors and ordinary Nirvana Real warriors.
A bunch of ‘money’ lights shot out from the hole in Ai Ya’s coins, crashing towards the Life and Death Seal.
An esoteric conception of cycles of dying and giving birth to creatures suddenly spread out from that Life and Death Seal.
The Life and Death conception burst out towards the ‘money’ light.
At the same time, Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness also slightly woke up, consigning his mind to the Life and Death Seal and using the conception in it to resist the ‘money’ Upanishads.
When life neared death, money or secret treasures all turned into drifting clouds, and death was the end of it all.
As the saying went, death was like a light going out. One could neither bring money into this world nor carry with oneself after death. The Upanishads of this Life and Death struck Ai Ya’s comprehension of money’s supremacy into pieces.
A bundle of money light and the four conceptions couldn’t resist the marvelous ‘life and death’ conception on the Life and Death Seal. All the ‘money’ Upanishads were crushed and scattered, and The ‘life and death’ light directly suppressed the golden ‘money’ light.
The Life and Death Seal’s power didn’t diminish. It covered Ai Ya again, aiming for her defensive halo.
After a burst of twists and turns, Ai Ya’s defensive halo broke out into countless dots of light. This blow also struck Ai Ya dozens of meters away, such that it was very hard for her to even stop. A mouthful of blood trickled from the corner of her mouth while the light in her eyes slightly darkened.
After entering the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, Shi Yan vaguely had a grasp of the marvelous concept of martial arts and secret treasures. It seemed that any attack and secret treasure could be attached to the previous conception, which then helped enhance the power of the spoken martial arts and secret treasures.
Although the Life and Death Seal’s Upanishads that he perceived were superficial and couldn't cause the great, terrific break of life and death just yet, it still had the upper hand when fighting with that dumb Ai Ya.
Feeling the marvelousness that the conception brought him, Shi Yan chuckled and suddenly urged his Star Martial Spirit.
Clusters of bright stars darted out from his palms like pearls. Seven stars formed the asterism of the Northern Dipper, and contained the ancient immortal essence of the conception, heavily falling onto Ai Ya.
Before entering the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he had been trying to comprehend the mystery of the stars, watching the existence of the stars in the world of extinction, and had made some gains. This time, when he had entered the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, he suddenly realized the marvelousness of the conception for all kinds of martial arts.
Once resorting his mind which he had consigned to that Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper asterism, his Sea of Consciousness shook violently and turned to act as a mirror, mapping out the trajectory of the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper, using the stars’ operation to apply itself to the star map.
A kind of miraculous, immortal Heaven and Earth Upanishads suddenly spread out from the asterism.
Ai Ya, who was covered by the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper, watched the asterism slowly press down and began having an illusion of her own. She reluctantly faced the star map while her Profound Qi seemed to be affected by the conception.
"Star Intent Domain true essence!"
The faces of Cai Yi, Lao Li, and Lao Lun slightly changed. They all screamed out loud together, looking at Shi Yan in panic. "Are you a member of the Divine Radiant Cult?"
The exclamation of the three people distracted Shi Yan’s mind, and made his momentum slow.
The Star Intent Domain true essence that was attached to the star map was immediately affected. That mysterious conception suddenly disappeared from the star map, and because of the disappearance of that conception, the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper’s intimidation was greatly weakened all of a sudden.
Ai Ya’s feeling of weakness and helplessness was immediately gone as she was no longer affected by the conception.
She calmly moved away from the star map, reached out and pointed at the star map. The sacred level secret treasure Great Pervaded Money was swung up, and the ‘money’ conception once again played an all-conquering role, crushing the star map, which had lost its state of consciousness.
"As you haven’t reached the Sky Realm, your understanding is still too shallow compared to the conception, and you couldn’t grasp the terrific function of conception for martial arts and secret treasures. When your own body is affected, the conception immediately disappears from martial arts. A low realm is a low realm after all. You can’t just rely on powerful strength to make it up." Ai Ya’s face slightly changed as she coldly muttered without waiting for Shi Yan to speak up. "Since you come from Divine Radiant Cult, you are considered a part of the Divine Land. Forget it. I won’t fight with you for this leader position anymore. If you want to be our master, it’s up to you. I hope you don’t bring us a way that leads to no return."
Although she said that, Ai Ya was extremely frightened at heart. She now had a little more understanding about this mysterious Shi Yan.
Generally speaking, it was difficult for a Nirvana Realm warrior to comprehend the conception thoroughly. Moreover, imposing the conception on martial arts and secret treasures was something that not all Nirvana Realm warriors could do. Although Shi Yan’s understanding of the conception was still superficial, and the conception was affected by ‘words’, he was only in the Nirvana Realm.
Thinking about this, Ai Ya couldn’t help but feel a little scared of Shi Yan. She knew that if he entered the Sky Realm and really mastered the magic and power of conception, she would definitely have a strong chance of getting killed fighting with him.
She didn’t know what other secret techniques Shi Yan still had to increase his strength. She was afraid that if she got to know about them, she would be even more afraid of confronting him directly.
The conception disappeared. The star map’s power was greatly reduced and was cracked by Ai Ya. Shi Yan froze on the spot, his face expressing a trace of suspicion after hearing Ai Ya admitting her defeat. He looked at the three people of Cai Yi’s group, frowned and asked, "Divine Radiant Cult? What are you talking about?"
"You performed the Star Intent Domain true essence, which is from the Divine Radiant Cult. Only through the martial spirit of the Divine Radiant Cult can you have a profound understanding of the conception of stars movement. Not only did you release the miniature stars, but you also added the conception into them. So, if you are not from the Divine Radiant Cult, where are you from then?" Cai Yi pouted and said.
Lao Li and Lao Lun also nodded together.
"Divine Radiant Cult?" Shi Yan shook his head, "I have never heard of this sect. Is it in the Divine Land? What is so strange about this Sect?"
"Divine Radiant Cult is the most ancient force of the Divine Land, one of seven ancient factions that understand the use of light power. The sun, the moon, and the stars are all the sources of light. Divine Radiant Cult has many magical Upanishads which come from these three great sources of light. You previously cast the Star Intent Domain true essence, which is one of the Divine Radiant Cult’s conceptions. On Divine Land, only people of the Divine Radiant Cult can understand this conception."