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345 Open the inheritance

It was a gorgeous Star Sea.
Countless sparkling stars filled the entire sky like a boundless sea of stars.
There were only stars in this place. They were sometimes very close but sometimes seemed to be extremely far away from each other.
ShiYan’s host soul appeared here in this immense Star Sea, where many strange dots of light glittered and flew out from the stars, penetrating his body. Each dot of light brought along a trace of memory which had been preserved deep inside the host soul.
It was like he was wandering in the Star Sea aimlessly, feeling himself being drawn into the universe where nothing could be
seen except for the starry sky.
With numerous stars going into his body and those memories gathering, he gradually understood the mystery of the stars.
The moving trajectory of the stars in the Star Sea was still taking place normally. ShiYan suddenly flew up and stood on a star, seeing the dots of starlight covering his body. Although they didn’t enetrate
his body, he could feel tremendous star power and sense the eternal aura of the stars.
He moved like a shooting star dashing forward as if he could break through the boundaries of space with his indescribably fast speed.
In the Star Sea, he kept jumping and dancing and gradually had more
dots of light gathering on his body, forming a huge star encasement wrapping his entire body.
The Star Encasement reflected the images of the stars, which were somewhat similar to what was displayed on the halo of the desolate palace. The difference was that the sun and the moon didn’t appear on the Star Encasement.
During his movement, he rubbed the dots of light, changing them into clusters of stars.
The starlight in his hand could be changed into any shape. He could pull them as long as noodles, or he could ball them into a group and divide them into many strands of noodles.
He became used to the star power, becoming more skillful in handling them.
When he triggered his consciousness, numerous stars shot down from the sky. Under his control, the starlight fell like rain and every dot of starlight contained energy that surprised him. These energies
could follow what his mind asked them to do or could form into ancient spiritual mind formations that went beyond his understanding.
In the strange Star Sea, he flew at breakneck speed, perceiving the mystery of the Star Sea and the principles of the moving stars in his body. Then he was gradually familiar with the star power.
He had comprehended some deep meanings…
It was unknown how long it took for him to suddenly realize that the stars in the sky no longer had dots of light flying toward him and that his use of the star power had reached a profound realm.
At this time, he also realized that in an extremely remote place, there seemed to be a sun which was shining all the way here.
He subconsciously flew toward the sun, following the moving trajectory of the stars to cross the distant galaxy to get closer to
the sun.
However, after a long pursuit, he still couldn’t see the sun nor any place that generated the lights.
But, during the process of seeking the sunlight, he had profoundly perceived more about the star power.
In the Star Sea, his soul was fluttering in the wind as if it was in a dream without the concept of time. It seemed that it had been a long time already as he felt that his soul was gradually getting tired, and thus, he had the intention of leaving.
His consciousness wanted to get out of the Star Sea. It finally became blurred again and fell into a channel, moving faster and faster.
ShiYan suddenly woke up.
Looking around, he realized that he was still in the Star Lake. His host soul had returned to his Sea of Consciousness. Many dots of
light in the Star Lake seemed to be much smaller than before while the light became dimmer.
The light curtain on the top of his head was still creating many milky-white water droplets, dripping into the three lakes Sun-
The water in the Star Lake remained just as clear as before, but the coldness was not there anymore. Looking at the Star Lake and the
light curtain above his head, his eyes were dazed, seeming to be in meditation for perception.
A long time later, his eyes gradually restored consciousness. He saw Tang YuanNan and many disciples of the Three Gods Sect gathering
around the Star Lake, looking at him stunned.
"Are you awake?" Tang YuanNan beamed a smile and asked, "How do you feel?"
"Very good. It was like entering the Milky Way, staying in the Star Sea to bathe for a while. This feeling is hard to put into words." ShiYan looked at Tang YuanNan, while he was in a daze for a while, and then revealed a friendly smile, nodded, and said, "I thought it was your trick. I thought that I would never wake up."
As soon as ShiYan said those words, the expression of many of disciples of the Three Gods Sect became instantly strange.

Tang YuanNan’s face remained unchanged. He laughed and said, "To get what?"
ShiYan didn’t answer him immediately. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then his eyes suddenly brightened up again. He
slowly left the Star Lake Sea. As he triggered his mind, plenty of dots of starlight in his heart flashed up altogether.
In his body, the dots of starlight were gorgeous, and they then vanished into thin air.
Under the numerous eyes of the Three Gods Sect’s disciples, ShiYan suddenly disappeared.
The crowd subconsciously looked around to find his trace in the desolate palace. They felt that he was everywhere but also nowhere.
Following the rules of the stars, opening the Star Martial Spirit would make the stars move much faster as if the light had extended across all space and boundaries.
That was one kind of Body Shifting Technique, which was even faster than the Electric Shift and could be compared with the starlight. This technique took advantage of the Star Martial Spirit and the star power. Once the mind was triggered, the body would be like the starlight, which was the same as Tang YuanNan when he could
disappear into thin air, traveling thousands of miles away.
His mind was ignited again.
Countless starlight from his body emerged, forming a light shield covering his entire body. This light shield had plenty of stars.
Star Shield!
After he had gathered the star power and condensed it into the Star Light Shield, this Star Light Shield would absorb the star power, making the Star Shield solid and immune to fire and water, and allowing it to withstand all kinds of energy impact.
His consciousness slightly moved. The dots of starlight quickly transformed.
Many dots of light in his palm changed according to his consciousness. All of them flew up straight into the sky altogether, forming a scene which looked like a small galaxy in the void.
Plenty of lights gathered, sometimes changing in accordance with the star trajectory, creating a variety of star formations that ran following the principle of the Sky and Earth, and released the star power that gave people palpitations.
Star Manipulation He now could freely use the star power and
the movement of the stars to form marvelous star formations.
Star Light, Star Shield, Star Manipulation.
In this wonderful state, he had learned countless esoteric star powers, which had no difference when it was played out
in reality.
These three kinds of secret memories used the force that came from the Star Martial Spirit.
He could now perform them skillfully as if he had actually known them and had just temporarily forgotten. Once he recalled, it was easy for him to master them thoroughly.
The Three Gods Sect’s disciples attentively looked at him with astonished faces.
Only Tang YuanNan revealed a smile as he seemed to have already known in advance that after ShiYan woke up, he would become this way. He was satisfied within his heart as everything was going as
he had planned.
"You have opened the Star Martial Spirit and have gotten the three great esoteric inherited meanings of the Star God." Tang YuanNan beamed a smile while looking at him.
"Star Light, Star Shield, and Star Manipulation have taken advantage of the profound meanings of the Star Martial Spirit to cast out, which is similar to martial techniques. However, the way you are performing them is merely borrowing the star power. Wait until you
enter the Sky Realm, you can fuse the star power and Profound Qi. At that time, you will be able to realize numerous wonderful things."
ShiYan was startled as he secretly remembered it. He would try this fusion when he broke through the Sky Realm.
"You have entered the Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm, not far from the Sky Realm." Tang YuanNan looked at him and suddenly said in a low voice.
ShiYan was convulsive, slightly shouting, "What?"
"Hahaha, you really didn’t notice it." Tang YuanNan laughed, "The Star Martial Spirit has been opened, your soul has fallen into the immense Star Sea, and you have perceived the moving principles of the star power in the world. Unknowingly, it has been seven days. You were formerly at the First Sky of the Nirvana Realm. After seven days of perceiving the principles, you soul was sublimated, and thus, making another step further is something logical and obvious."
"The Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm..." ShiYan was suspicious, attentively looked at his hand and limbs, then said, "Why don’t
I feel anything strange?" "Your soul can fly out of the body, which is a sign to recognize the Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm. Your soul has penetrated the Star Sea through the Star Martial Spirit. So, if it is not the Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm, what is it then?" Tang YuanNan laughed and said.
ShiYan was surprised. The breakthrough this time was a little more simple, which made him somehow puzzled.
"When you were still in the Earth Realm, you had already formed the Sea of Consciousness, and the host soul was being refined. That is the cultivation way for a warrior to enter the Nirvana Realm. Even
before reaching the Nirvana Realm, you had started cultivating the host soul and the Sea of Consciousness. Once you officially have a breakthrough, the cultivation speed will be very fast." Tang
YuanNan explained.
Listening to what Tang YuanNan said, ShiYan totally came to his senses. It turned out that when he was in the Earth Realm, he had cultivated the Sea of Consciousness and the host soul, and had subconsciously entered the Nirvana Realm. It was just that he hadn’t been aware of it.
"Plenty of warriors outside are searching for you. Many forces in the Endless Sea are also looking for you. Numerous people want to kill you." Tang YuanNan stopped smiling and said with a solemn face, "During this time, you better not go out, just stay here for now. Otherwise, you will be hard…"
Before Tang YuanNan could finish his talk, the halo above their heads exploded, transmitting a loud explosive sound. The moon which had been on the halo disappeared all of a sudden.
Tang YuanNan raised his head looking up; his face dramatically changed.