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"Ma QiDun is indeed a powerful DemonDweller. I think the First Sky of the Spirit Realm warriors of the Endless Sea will encounter difficulties when fighting with him." ShiYan’s face still wore a
vigilant look, he secretly kept watching for any of Tang YuanNan’s expression changes,and calmly said, "However, my body has enough tricks to be able to escape from death by Ma QiDun’s hand. An ordinary God Realm warrior wants to kill me, hahaha, he will have to pay a painful price."
He was worried that the more he concealed his real strength, the more malicious Tang YuanNan would be, so he briefly told Tang YuanNan the truth.
After he listened to what ShiYan said, Tang YuanNan’s eyes suddenly
brightened while his face expressed a doubtful look.
Like GuShao, Yuqin, and others, Tang YuanNan looked stunned for a while without any reaction before he spoke up again with a strange voice, "You mean… You have severely injured Ma QiDun? There were other outsiders to help you? Did I understand that right?"
ShiYan nodded and revealed a strange smile full of confidence.
Tang YuanNan’s face was even more eccentric. He couldn’t guess ShiYan’s real situation and didn’t know if ShiYan’s words were true or not after all. Thus, he stood in a daze, quietly considering ShiYan’s rhetoric.
ShiYan kept his face unchanged, increased his vigilance, and was on the alert to improvise.
He and Tang YuanNan weren’t familiar with each other and ShiYan didn’t know what this person wanted from him in the end
Previously, with the three people of Yi TianMo’s group, he hadn’t felt too much pressure when facing Tang YuanNan. Concurrently, he was here alone, if Tang YuanNan wanted to give him a hard time or wanted to deprive his secret treasures, he wasn’t sure whether he could resist him or not.
In such uncertain situations, revealing a well-prepared appearance would bring good effects.
"Alright, about the details of the battle between you and Ma QiDun, I will not ask anymore." Out of his expectation, Tang YuanNan kept silent for a while then suddenly revealed a relaxed smile and
said, "Your body has Star Martial Spirit. No matter what has happened, you are a member of the Three Gods Sect. Everyone
is a family member. I hope you are not nervous." After finishing his
words, Tang YuanNan suddenly whistled.
His whistle echoed continuously in the palace and on the seabed for a long time. His whistling sound spread out in all directions in this
devastating palace, seeming to draw notice or call someone.
ShiYan’s face changed. Not only was he not relaxed but he was also more careful and then suddenly stood up.
Tang YuanNan didn’t look at him and continued whistling. Under his whistle, some formation technique of the palace seemed to be lifted.
And then, ShiYan saw many silhouettes suddenly emerge from the palaces within the range of one thousand meters
surrounding. These people were all wearing the Three Gods Sect’s tunics and had a profound cultivation base. Most of them seemed to be at the Nirvana Realm, and ten other warriors were at the Sky Realm.
These warriors of the Three Gods Sect arrived here soon after hearing the news. They came out from the palaces around, gathered in front of Tang YuanNan, and respectfully said, "Hierarchy."
Tang YuanNan nodded and solemnly said, "Presently, our Gods Sect is encountering the unprecedented experience of great danger and is unlikely to protect the three islands; the Sun, Moon, and Star. The
momentum of Demon Dwellers is ferocious and powerful. I hope that everyone can calm down and won’t leave here for the time being. The Moon God and I will be responsible for investigating all the activities of the outside world."
Many followers of the Three Gods Sect nodded and bent down, indicating that they understood.
ShiYan squinted, looking at those warriors. A majority of them were at the Nirvana Realm. He quietly did a rough calculation. He found that there were more than three hundred warriors here, which was a mighty force. In the Endless Sea, the forces that have more than
three hundred Nirvana Realm warriors were only the Cao family, Martial Spirit Palace, and the Yang family.
Given the situation that there was no Moon God nor Star God, the Three Gods Sect could still gather this much strength, and that really scared ShiYan at heart.
"Open the formation technique of the three lakes of the Sun, Moon, and Star. ShiYan needs to soak himself in the water of the lakes to unlock the seal of the Star Martial Spirit." Tang YuanNan contemplated for a while and then slightly shouted.
The old faces of the Sky Spirit Realm elders showed a glimpse of fright and couldn’t help but look toward ShiYan with astonished
One of the elders hesitated a little bit, couldn’t help but speak up, "Opening the seal of the Star God needs approval from the elders. So, opening the three lakes Sun-Moon-Star doesn’t seem to be in line
with the rules."
Tang YuanNan frowned and decisively said, "This time is different from the past. ShiYan has proved his ability. His body has the Star Martial Spirit and I can prove that. In this critical point of time where Demon Dwellers are invading, don’t let the rules bind us. We should do the things that need to be done."
The Three Gods Sect’s elders expressed doubts when listening to Tang YuanNan. They were hesitant, uncertain, and didn’t seem to agree with Tang YuanNan’s decision.
"When ShiYan becomes the Star God, he will get the jurisdiction of the islands. I will cede a part of the islands, which are under my control. I will not force you to give up any of your islands." Tang YuanNan revealed a cold smile, "Momentarily, Demon Dwellers are mopping up the Hengluo Sea. The islands that are under your control will soon turn into ruins."
After these words, the faces of some elders of the Three Gods Sect suddenly changed, hesitated for a moment before sadly nodding without saying anything further.
"So, have you agreed with my decision?" Tang YuanNan asked
Having heard that question, the Three Gods Sect Elders nodded reluctantly, feeling that there were no other better calculations given the current situation.
"Wait." Under the astonished eyes of the disciples of the Three Gods Sect, ShiYan suddenly stood up, and unhappily said, "Hierarchy Tang, what are you saying? When have I agreed to become the Star God of your Three Gods Sect?"
Many of the Three Gods Sect’s disciples, including the elders who had previously nodded, were very unhappy after hearing ShiYan’s words. They looked at ShiYan with a trace of anger.
Tang YuanNan was also dumbstruck and asked, "Becoming the Star God, the seal of the Star Martial Spirit in your body will be opened, and thus you can learn its mystery. This brings you great benefits for your future achievements. It is ot just that, but becoming the Star God, you will possess great powers. In the Gods Sect, except for the Moon God and me, everyone must listen to your orders. Moreover, you will get one-fifth of the number of the Three Gods Sect’s islands.
So, with those benefits, do you still need to consider?"
"There are no free meals in this world." ShiYan shook his head. "I don’t believe that becoming the Star God of the Three Gods Sect only has benefits and no restraints. I want to know what I need to do if I become the Star God. Do I need to comply with your Three Gods Sect’s rules?"
"Only minor things." Tang YuanNan smiled indifferently. "Being the Star God of the Three Gods Sect, when the Gods Sect faces danger, you only need to be responsible and take care of the Star God’s
forces. When the Gods Sect confronts enemies, you have to kill the enemies and protect the Gods Sect’s interests. That’s it."
"What if the Gods Sect’s interests are in danger, but I don’t want to get involved in protecting them?" ShiYan suddenly asked after contemplating for a while.
"If so, the Gods Sect will put all their effort into retrieving your powers and deprive the Star Martial Spirit in your body." Tang
YuanNan naturally replied.
"If so, I am not interested in being the Star God of your Three Gods Sect." ShiYan shook his head and casually said, "I don’t want to have restraints nor sell my life to anyone or any force. I don’t need this Star God’s vanity. Invite someone else."
"Such a presumptuous kid!" An old elder roared angrily and looked at ShiYan with a dark face, "Such a shameless face! If you weren’t so lucky to have the inheritance of the Star God, being just a kid of the Yang family, I would have killed you. The Hierarchy doesn’t care about your blood, would generously crown you the Star God, and even willingly cede their own interests to you. What else do you want?"
"I told you already. I don’t want any restraints." ShiYan didn’t display any fear as he asked with a cold face, "You old guys, do you have problems with your ears?"
"Hierarchy, please forgive me for my disregard." The elder’s eyes emitted a fiery rage while he bent down to conduct the ceremony toward Tang YuanNan. Without waiting for Tang YuanNan to utter any words, he immediately opened his arms wide and coldly shouted, "Fire Rain of the blazing Sun."
"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."
Rays of Holy sunlight suddenly flew out from the elder’s palms. The
sunlight was like dense burning red lava quickly making its way toward ShiYan’s head.
ShiYan coldly laughed and then instantly released freezing icy power from the swirl which had been created by the fusion of the Holy Spirit God, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame.
"Ice Wind."
With ShiYan at the center, the surrounding area was blocked by the chill. The ground under his feet immediately formed into thick, solid ice. Even ShiYan’s body was shortly frozen. His body looked like it
had turned into an ice sculpture. The ice outside his body was about ten meters tall, emitting a dense chill.
Many beams of Fire Rain of the blazing sun from the elder’s palms shot out, aiming for the ice around ShiYan. However, as soon as the Holy Cold Sunlight touched the ice which had been created by the Ice Cold Flame and the Holy Spirit God, the Holy light melted into numerous points of light. Under the horrendous icy power, those beams of light were instantly obliterated in just a blink.
ShiYan sneered coldly. One of his feet that was stuck in the ice strongly stamped down.
An icy white power infiltrated into the Earth and flew straight to the elder who had just taken action.
Wherever this icy white power passed, the ground instantly froze, which was like an Icy Crystal Bone Dragon under the ground suddenly curving, revealing its ice-backbone.
"Shriek shriek shriek."
The elder’s face changed in fear as his eyes showed a beam of panic. He hastily put all of his efforts into his hands, fused the Profound Qi and the Martial Spirit’s strength, and condensed them into a huge
"Holy Light Glazed Cover!" the elder coldly roared. The sun on his body suddenly brightened as circles of holy light dispersed, seeming to squeeze the space forcefully.
"Ice!" ShiYan was inside the ice block, reaching out his finger toward the elder. His fingers suddenly spurted out thousands of chilly white rays of light that stabbed into the Sun aperture.
"Creak creak creak."
Under other people’s scrutinizing looks, after the Sky Realm elder had displayed Holy Light Glazed Cover of the Three Gods Sect, his hair and beard were frozen. The Sun had been covered by a silver ice layer then actually froze without releasing any rays of light.
The entire Three Gods Sect were all dumbfounded with bulging eyes.