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280 Awaiting the Emperor

The Wind Cloud Island located in the middle of the two power ranges of the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land. The Gu family was in the East of the Hengluo Sea while the Heaven Lake Divine Land was in the east of the Black Water Sea, and the Wing Cloud Island was in the middle of the two great Seas, which were often ravaged by pirates since a long time ago. Because the Heaven and Earth's spirit aura on the other adjacent islands around the Wind Cloud Island was quite diluted, it was hard to find any high-class warriors among the ordinary residents that were living there. Any warriors who had quite a high cultivation base would not stay there; instead, they went to the other islands, which were under the control of either the Heaven Lake Divine Land or the Gu family to settle down. On the contrary, pirates often traversed these great seas. After they were done with their pillage in one Sea, they didn't dare to appear there again. They would temporarily stop and hide on the other adjacent islands because, on one hand, they had to consume the spoils, on the other hand, they were waiting until everything calmed down before leaving. After the Xia family had left the Kyara Sea and put all of their efforts to move every member of their families, their stop was the nearby Wind Cloud Island. The small withered island, where only pirates bothered to step foot on, now became the rescuing shelter for the Xia family. It was easy to see that the Xia family's life was not comfortable at all. Before, the Xia family had depended on the Yang family to be able to earn their living at the Kyara Sea. Because of Yang family's strong power, the Xia family was also guilty with many of the other forces. As the Yang family had fallen into decay, the Xia family had been affected as well. They were being oppressed by the Heaven Lake Divine Land; thus their powers had decreasingly declined. When the Demon Dwellers had invaded, the Xia family had soon avoided them and left the Kyara Sea. However, regardless of either the Hengluo Sea or the Black Water Sea, all the forces there had conflicts with the Xia family. If the Xia family took the risk to enter any of these areas, they could have irritated their opponents. The Xia family didn't dare to take the risks given the current situation, thus they finally chose this Wind Cloud Island. However, warriors of Gu family, the Dong Fang family, and the Heaven Lake Divine Land still often went to the Wind Cloud Sea to derange, taunt, and provoked the Xia family. If it weren't because of their biggest concerns which were now the Demon Dwellers, perhaps they actually would have attacked the Xia family. Xia ShenChuan was very writhed. He looked frustrated with a gloomy face and knitted eyebrows during this time, whined and sighed all day long. "Master, the people of the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land come again. Should we negotiate with them this time? You see, hiding here is not a solution. Many of our people have started to be impatient. A place like this, even pirates don't want to stay here. It is not suitable for cultivations at all." On a bare hill, Zhou Yu, the Sky Realm Consecrator of the Xia family bent his body, assuaging his Master with a forced smile. On this two-hundred-meter tall bare hill, there were no medicinal herbs which could be useful towards their cultivations, nor spirit beasts; the Heaven and Earth's spirit aura was extremely diluted. It was not likely a suitable place for cultivation at all. There were ten bare hills like this all around here where no useful resources could be exploited. There were only a few of low-level small beasts dwelling inside of some further forests around them. No cultivating resources could have been found even if they had killed all of those beasts. The Xia family's people were living in several of the mountain caves that were surrounded by these bare hills, together with some wild nomads. Having been one of the greatest forces of the Kyara Sea, but now, things had changed. The Xia family was now really destitute and extremely ashamed when they were now facing this situation. Before, when they had been in their glorious time, many people of the Xia family were familiar with a life of ease. Their lives, however, had tragically suddenly changed. They couldn't adapt to the miserable life on this island right now, thus many of them wanted to leave. The Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land had recently sent out their messages to the Xia family. They constantly came to seek a marriage alliance between Xia Xinyan of the Xia family and Gu Yu of the Gu family and Feng Hai of the Heaven Lake Divine Land. If the Xia family agreed, the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land would immediately cede some islands with dense Heaven and Earth's spirit aura for the Xia family's people to reside in. The wish of the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land had quickly circulated through the entire Wind Cloud Island. Many of the Xia family people, who couldn't stand the miserable life in the Wind Cloud Island anymore, went to beg Xia ShenChuan to agree with the other two forces in exchanging Xia Xinyan's whole life's happiness for their more comfortable living conditions. "Those scumbags!" Xia ShenChuan harrumphed. He certainly had heard about this rumor, and also knew some abominated faces in his family. "Don't let them bother you. Right now, the Kyara Sea's situation is not clear yet. Either the Gu family or the Heaven Lake Divine Land will all aim at the forces in our hands. Seeking a marriage alliance is fake, taking the Xia family to be their human shields is real." Zhou Yu nodded. "We can also see through it. But many of our people can't. When they were at the Kyara Sea, they had gotten used to an easy life. Suddenly, they had to move to this Wind Cloud Island, of course, they are in shock with a totally brand new life. I am afraid that after a while, that they would possibly covertly leave here. If it is like that ..." Xia ShenChuan's countenance changed. "Is this true?" Zhou Yu forced a smile and slowly nodded. Xia ShenChuan's face suddenly became somber. In his eyes appeared a murderous look. "Put an eye on them. If they don't obey my orders, just kill one or two of them to threaten the rest, to remind them who is their master." Zhou Yu's body was shaken. He said with a trembling voice, "Head Master, if we kill our own people, the situation might get even worse." "I don't worry about it too much." Xia ShenChuan's face was very frigid while speaking. "The Kyara Sea's situation is so complicated right now. Neither the Henglua Sea nor the Black Water Sea is surely safe. Once the Demon Dwellers take action, these so-called formidable forces can even hardly protect themselves, let alone sparing some strength to take care of us. Therefore, if our family agrees to associate with them, we will become their sacrificed objects, the first ones who will fathom the Demon Dweller' fangs." Zhou Yu contemplated for a while, then slowly nodded. The Gu family, at the Thousand Swords Peak. Numerous swords were plunged everywhere on the mountain peak. Under the sunlight, those swords were sparkling and reflected brilliant colorful rainbows. Countless of swords which looked like a sea of swords, among of which somehow vaguely had spirits, some of them had even produced shrieking sounds. This Thousand Swords Peak was the Divine Land of the Gu family, which had been created by nature thus possessed a miraculous sword nurturing power. Many high-qualified swords were forged, then plunged into the Thousand Swords Peak, and aged as it endured the wind, the storm, or the dazzling sunlight. After many cumulating months and years, these swords seemed to have spirits. This was a miracle. No one knew how come the Thousand Swords Peak had this ability. After having had this Thousand Swords Peak, the Gu family immediately took advantage of these swords here in becoming one of the greatest forces of the Kyara Sea. The Thousand Swords Peak could be considered the Gu family's root. An elder man in a blue blouse was sitting straight on the tips of the sharp swords with an emaciated face. In the middle of the numerous dazzling sword lights, his countenance was calm as if he was attentively gathering the swords' auras to cultivate some kind of secret scripture. Sword spirits kept flashing on and off from his body mysteriously. "Swoosh" A chubby warrior was riding a three-tchi [1] long silver sword, flying across the wind with a fast speed. The ear-piercing sound of the wind suddenly covered the entire Thousand Swords Peak. "Da ge [2]!" Gu Ji's tiptoes poked on the silver sword. He was floating behind the elder man in the blue blouse and respectfully said with a low voice, "Hua Meng was arrested when he was on the way to the Three Gods Sect. Xiao Ling Lung has also been arrested ..." The eyebrows of the man in the blue blouse jerked, but his eyes still hadn't opened yet. He said indifferently, "Ling Lung's gone to the Chasm Battlefield, how come is she there? Moreover, who dares to arrest Hua Meng? Have the Demon Dwellers taken action already?" "No, Hua Meng sent a message saying that it is ... is a man of Yang family who has done so." Gu Ji said. "A man of the Yang family?" The elderly man slightly shouted and eventually opened his eyes. His eyes were profound, completely placid like the water inside of a well. "The Yang family still has someone in the Kyara Sea? Hua Meng is ranked at the Second Sky of the Sky Realm, so the person of Yang family who has arrested Hua Meng should have an outstanding reputation. Who is he?" "You've never met him." Gu Ji shook his head and said. "Hua Meng transmitted his message, saying that he is from the Chasm Battlefield. That person said that if you want to have your men back, you have to personally go there." "He said that I have to go there myself?" The elderly man harrumphed. "Is Yang Qing Emperor there?" "Yang Qing Emperor isn't there, but Hua Meng ... there are certainly some God Realm warriors there." "God Realm warriors?" "Umm, he said maybe not only one." "Not only one?" The eyes of the elder man suddenly shot out numerous sword auras. An endless consecutive explosive sound came out from the peak of the mountain which was opposite to the Thousand Swords Peak. Many lava rocks on that peak were crushed into ashes, the peak constantly shook as if it was about to collapse in no time. Gu Ji bowed his head without daring to say anything further. "I really have to go there." Gu Shao, the head Master of the Gu family, contemplated a little bit before leaping up. Many of the God swords in the sea of swords surrounding them, shrieked and then disappeared into his body. At the same time. Heaven Lake Divine Mother, the head Master of the Heaven Lake Divine Land had also received the same information. After being astounded for a while, she was also decisive in going straight to the Snow Dragon Island from the Heaven Lake Divine Land. Before going to the Snow Dragon Island, Gu Shao and the Heaven Lake Divine Mother had transmitted that information to the Three Gods Sect. Not long after that, the Three Gods Sect's forces everywhere were all been updated about the current situation on the Snow Dragon Island. The information of the abnormal incident on the Snow Dragon Island had been transmitted throughout the entire Kyara Sea. ... ... ... ... ... The Snow Dragon Island. Under the instructions of Di Shan, Yu Rou, Ya Meng and Yi Tian Mo, the people of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race quickly captured the terrains around the Kele Clan's location. They started to set up shelters and partitions layer by layers, turning this area into a restricted area. In a short time, the flanks of the Snow Dragon Mountain had been dug out to make mountain caves. As the Demonic Sound Clan's people had the icy yin trait, they turned these caves into their cultivation shelters, constantly went in and out to cultivate devotedly. The Wings Race's people had chopped down ancient trees to build wooden houses. With all those activities of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race, the Snow Dragon Island had some major changes. "What do you want to do after all?" At a place beside an artificial lake of the Kele Clan, Gu Ling Lung stared at Shi Yan ferociously. "The Demon Dwellers at the Kyara Sea seemed to have taken action. The Great Seas are facing a great danger. You should let us go, and unite with us to deal with the Demon Dwellers. Why do you still want to confine us?" "Unite with you?" Shi Yan smiled frigidly. "If it wasn't because of you, the Demon Dwellers wouldn't have pursued us to the Chasm Battlefield. You think just because of the Demon Dwellers' invasion, I would pretend as if nothing had ever happened? Uniting with you to deal with Demon Dwellers? It's ridiculous!" "So, what ... what do you want?" Gu Ling Lung felt very chilled inside of her heart and quietly sensed the insecurities. "You will know soon." Shi Yan calmly said. ----------------------- [1] 1 tchi is equivalent to 33.33 cm. [2] Da ge: Chinese way to call the oldest brother.