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276 The Kele Clan

When the sun just rose up, Yi Tian Mo brought Shi Yan along and quickly flew towards the center of the Snow Dragon Island. The winds slatted while they were flying. Yi Tian Mo released his soul consciousness covering the entire Snow Dragon Island. He glaringly knew how many top-class warriors were there on the island, where the people gathered, which family had more warriors, etc. Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness was still always working. The Five Devils in the Sea of Consciousness were well-prepared. The host soul was also very cautious. Shi Yan’s spirit was immersed in the Blood Vein Ring. He had communicated with the Ten Thousand Earth Flame earlier. Once any unusual things happened, it would immediately release the Heaven Flame’s forces. He was taking precautions with Yi Tian Mo. Although Yi Tian Mo had sworn his allegiance, Shi Yan was still not very sure if he was truly sincere or had other wicked intentions. To further enter the Snow Dragon Island, either Di Shan or Yu Rou was not a suitable choice because they both had wings on their backs, which apparently exposed the features of their pagan tribe. Thus, their appearances would lead to some unnecessary troubles. He didn’t know how long he had left the Endless Sea or how the current situation was. Unless he thoroughly knew the situation here, he would not dare to act recklessly. The target of this trip was Lin Da’s family. He wanted to learn the current situation of the Endless Sea through Lin Da; he wanted to ask her if the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers were invading every corner right now. As he could not bring anyone of the Wings Race, and because he also wanted to go fast, he could only choose one of the Demonic Sound Clan’s people. He knew that choosing Yi Tian Mo was a little risky. But with his long-time study of the spiritual Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan, Shi Yan could more or less rely on it. Plus, he was sure that Yi Tian Mo could not harm him in just that short of a moment. Unless Yi Tian Mo could instantly killed him, the Heaven Flame inside of his body would be able to resist. As always being at his best defense as well as sensing the changes in the sea of consciousness, Shi Yan was a little tense. Suddenly, Yi Tian Mo stopped in the middle of the mountains and forests. Shi Yan was amazed. He was careful and quietly sensed every single tiny move on Yi Tian Mo’s body. All of Shi Yan’s attentions were now focusing on him. “Master, there is a group of very low-level warriors. The strongest one is only in the Earth Realm, not enough to threaten us.” Yi Tian Mo’s face was indifferent; his white-gray pupil looked at Shi Yan for a while. He then suddenly said, “Master, are you keeping an eye on me?” Shi Yan was a little embarrassed but still nodded his head frankly, “I don’t know whether you will take action or not. Your soul achievement is very powerful. If you want to kill me, it’s not easy to prevent it. Therefore, I always have to be cautious and carefully be on the defense.” Yi Tian Mo was startled, but he could not say anything at this moment. “I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t believe you, but the gap between you and me is too big. And right now, I am going alone with you. I don’t know if you have any other intentions, so, I can be only cautious.” Shi Yan explained with a forced smile. “I understand.” Yi Tian Mo nodded. “If I were you, Master, I wouldn’t have stayed alone with this dangerous person like me. As you have dared to venture alone with me, I’ve already been very surprised. I know Di Shan and Yu Rou are also very worried. They had actually warned me before we left. If anything happens to their Master, my subordinators will have to suffer from their bloody murderous revenge.” Shi Yan was bewildered, “I didn’t know about this.” As soon as Yi Tian Mo had told him about that fact, he somehow had a grateful feeling towards Di Shan and Yu Rou. They seemed to have good intentions indeed, and thus they should not be a problem anymore. With Di Shan and Yu Rou at the backend to dominate the Demonic Sound Clan, even if Yi Tian Mo had any wicked plans, he would not dare to do it. “Master, you don’t need to be worried.” Yi Tian Mo spoke up. “Previously, you used to say that you didn’t have any wicked intentions towards our two tribes. At that time, I was very carefully considering, and in fact, I’ve had a thought of leaving you. However, I still have decided to stay as Di Shan and Yu Rou did. Do you know why?” Shi Yan shook his head, “I don’t know.” “Exactly as what Di Shan and Yu Rou have said, you have big potentials.” Yi Tian Mo’s eyes brightened up gradually. “Master, although you are still young, your perception is very high, your cultivation base is profound, and there are still some secrets hidden inside your body. Furthermore, you are the descendant who was mentioned in our ancestors’ guidance. With all these things combined, I know that you, Master, are the hope of our two tribes. Although you are still weak now, I firmly believe in your future.” Shi Yan was astonished. “Therefore, I honestly hope that you would soon develop and get stronger.” Yi Tian Mo said seriously. Shi Yan was silent, contemplated for a while before slowly nodding his head and said, “Understood.” Yi Tian Mo’s face loosened. He pointed forward and said, “There is a group of warriors over there. You should have something to ask them. Let’s go over there?!” “Ok.” This time, Yi Tian Mo didn’t bring Shi Yan along with him; instead, they walked over to that place shoulder by shoulder. Not long after that, they saw a group of about ten warriors holding weapons in their hands and riding the flame horses towards the center of the Snow Dragon Island. Shi Yan and Yi Tian Mo walked out of the thick forest where the third or the fourth level beasts usually frequented. For those warriors, the things on the beasts were precious. By looking at the way they dressed, Shi Yan and Yi Tian Mo guessed that those warriors should be the mercenaries who came to this area to explore. “Sorry to bother you guys.” Shi Yan suddenly walked out from a tree, stood in front of those people and said with a smile, “May I ask which direction leads to the Kele Clan?” LinDa’s family was the Keles. When Shi Yan had parted from her, she had asked him to remember it carefully. Shi Yan’s appearance frightened those people so much that they all jumped up in shock. The expression of around ten warriors dramatically changed. They stopped their flame horses and unwillingly looked at Shi Yan. A skinny elderly man among them coldly harrumphed and said, “Little rascal, where are you from? In the Snow Dragon Island, just a few people don’t know of the Kele Clan. You should be an outsider for sure.” Shi Yan nodded with a smile while glancing at that elderly man. He realized that the old man was a warrior ranked the First Sky of the Earth Realm, who also was the strongest one among them. “That’s right. I am from the other island. I want to find the Kele Clan. Would you mind showing me?” “I can’t just merely tell you about it.” The old man coldly laughed and arrogantly said, “Do you have something to exchange for the information?” “Not a problem.” Shi Yan threw him a crystal chunk. The crystal chunk turned to be a current of light flying towards that old man. His countenance was still frosty at first. However, as soon as he caught the crystal chunk, he looked at it carefully before getting insanely joyful and shouting out loud, “High-grade star crystal!” “Now, can you tell me where the Kele Clan is?” Shi Yan knew the high-grade crystal was very precious with these kinds of warriors. He smilingly said, “I am in a hurry. Can you please tell me quickly?” “Elder Tie, is it a star crystal for real?” A handsome youth on a flame horse asked with excitement. The old man, who was called Elder Tie, constantly nodded while touching the crystal chunk excitedly. Although he was extremely happy with this crystal, his greed was getting bigger. After having a light dry cough, he said, “One crystal chunk is not enough. Little rascal, give me another three more.” After hearing Elder Tie’s words, the other warriors immediately got what he meant. They instantly surrounded Shi Yan, laughing greedily. Shi Yan frowned, his eyes became frigid. He suddenly took action without waiting for them to speak any further. His figure quickly dashed towards that old man like lightning. Shi Yan’s arm was like a sharp sword lunging straight to the greedy old man’s belly. “Plorkk.” A bloody fist-sized hole appeared in the middle of the old man’s belly. Shi Yan’s body slightly moved, suddenly spread out and slaughtered the other surrounding warriors. One minute later. Ten warriors were crumpled in blood. Shi Yan then absorbed all of their Qi. He had also known the exact Kele Clan’s location from a warrior before he had died. Yi Tian Mo hadn’t taken action. He just stood aside observing quietly. He witnessed the scene where Shi Yan had slaughtered satisfactorily, killing ten strange warriors, leaving no one alive. For bystanders, Shi Yan’s deed was very cruel. However, Yi Tian Mo was quietly contented with it. His eyes were full of compliments for Shi Yan while he realized Di Shan’s and Yu Rou’s words were very true. When Shi Yan had been in the abandoned land, he had always been sincere and obedient. Although he had shown his innate abilities, he had never exposed his other outstanding aspects. Yi Tian Mo was always worried that Shi Yan only had the innate abilities but lacked other necessarily suitable personalities. However, currently, as he had witnessed Shi Yan’s cruel action, he finally felt more assured. Until this moment, he heartfully accepted Shi Yan as his young Master with low cultivation base. Completely wiping the blood stains away on his arm, Shi Yan walked to the side of Yi Tian Mo with a cold face and said, “Let’s go. If there is no one around, we should leave hurriedly.” “Yes.” Yi Tian Mi replied. There seemed to have more honest respect in his voice. He brought Shi Yan along and flew up. Many villages and cities situated at the foot of the imposing Snow Mountain Chain. Plenty of warriors, who had cultivated the martial arts, frequented this area very often. The Snow Dragon Mountain was the essential area of the Snow Dragon Island. As there were many special medical herbs and hovering spirit aura on the mountain, this was a perfect place for the warriors to cultivate. Therefore, the warriors on the Snow Dragon Mountain Chain all gathered at the foot of the mountain. Shi Yan and Yi Tian Mo had crossed some villages and cities, advancing towards the beautiful architectural complex situated at the foot of the Snow Dragon Mountain. The Kele Clan, one of the three clans on the Snow Dragon Island, habited at the foot of the mountain all year-round. They were the faithful believers of the Three Gods Sect and were also considered the Three Gods Sect’s external forces. Shi Yan and Yi Tian Mo arrived at the gate of the Kele Clan. Shi Yan revealed a smile and said that he came to see LinDa. As soon as Shi Yan said he wanted to see their lady, the two guards scanned him from top to toe as if they wanted to see through him. After a while, one of them spoke up casually, “Little rascal, who are you? Our Lady is busy with a lot of matters. Don’t say something of nonsense if you don’t want to lose your face.” “You, please go and tell your Lady that my name is Shi Yan.” “Come back tomorrow. Right now, our lady might be in the main Hall discussing important issues with the other two clansmen. She surely doesn’t have time to talk to you today.” That guard knitted his eyebrows and replied to Shi Yan. “You come here tomorrow morning. I will report to her. Now is impossible.” Yi Tian Mo frowned, asking for Shi Yan’s opinion with a low voice, “Do we have to …?” Shi Yan nodded. The two guards suddenly were bewildered; their eyes became bleary. They stood motionlessly on the spot. Shi Yan went straight inside.