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272 Make you my Master.

The ear-piercing scream of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was even louder than the sounds of the Sound Beast Mountain's collapse. It was staying inside Duo Long's head with extreme fear. Duo Long's eyes were gradually losing its vital signs. Deep inside of his pupils had a dull bold silver color. It was obvious that the soul of the patriarch of the Gray Wings Clan had been burned, and he had lost his life in just a short time. Both Di Shan and Yu Rou showed their panic when they saw Duo Long's death. However, the ear-piercing cry of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame gave the two of them hope. They focused more on Shi Yan and considered their ancestors' guidance more seriously. Had the fates already been soon arranged!? That thought couldn't help but come across their minds. Thinking about making that unweaned rascal their Master, the two of them did not even know whether they should cry or smile. However, they could not smile. Di Shan knew that if Shi Yan didn't come here, the Sound Beast Mountain might not have collapsed this fast and the land here would not have been in chaos in such a short time like this. However, they still wouldn't escape from the chain of their fates and would certainly be confined in this place forever. Moreover, the two of them had reached the Spirit Realm. If they had more time, they could hopefully enter the True God Realm. If they stayed in this devilish space, once they reached the True God Realm, what awaited them would not be applauses but the Punishment of God from deep inside the sky. The other three leaders including Ka Ba, Yi Tian Mo, and Ya Meng had hidden away leaving no traces as soon as they saw that the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had gotten out. The Sound Beast Mountain continued falling. The earth-shaking thunder kept roaring. Those people inside the mountain knew better than anyone else that space here was going to become a void, possibly in the next second. Time was extremely tight. "Capture it!" Shi Yan coldly shouted while raising his finger with the Blood Vein Ring on, pointing the ring's surface towards Duo Long from a distance. The Blood Vein Ring suddenly emitted the dazzling pink lights. Many flows of the pink light like torrential waves of the sea impetuously stormed towards Duo Long and quickly covered his dead body in just a blink. "No!" The handsome peculiar face hidden inside Duo Long's head was forcefully pulled out. After it had been drawn out of Duo Long's head, it uncontrollably flew towards Shi Yan. Di Shan's and Yu Rou's visage had greatly changed. They instinctively moved backward. They immediately felt thrilled. After being stunned for a second, they hastily stopped receding. There were no other ways to retreat. Only staying inside the blue halo could help them avoid that soul attack. No matter wherever that they ran away, if they got outside of the blue halo's protection, it was impossible to prevent their souls from being incinerated. Di Shan and Yu Rou reacted promptly. They immediately stopped. "No! No!" The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame frighteningly screamed while constantly struggling to escape from the Blood Vein Ring's attraction. However, despite how much it tried, it became weak and powerless when the pink light hit it. Under the attentive look of Shi Yan, Di Shan, and Yu Rou, the miraculous Heaven Flame, which had been sealed inside the Sound Beast Mountain for a very long time, had no more powers to fight against being drawn into the Blood Vein Ring little by little. Shi Yan's finger poked out of the blue halo and pointed towards that Flame from a distance. Eventually, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame turned into a flow of silver light, flashed up and disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring on Shi Yan's finger. Sky and Earth yin aura suddenly stirred up disorderly and could not condense itself anymore. "Boom Boom Boom." The Sound Beast Mountain looked like it had just lost its last essential meaning of existence. It was collapsing with the speed that was even several times faster than before. Di Shan and Yu Rou were still in a panic, looking at Shi Yan with unbelievable eyes. It was hard to believe what had just happened. After the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had been attracted into the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan did not even bother to release his spirit to check the inside of the ring. Instead, he immediately approached the huge stone platform, picked up the Sky-breaking Shuttle on the stone and put it into the Blood Vein Ring right away. "Let's go." Shi Yan looked at Di Shan and Yu Rou and said with a faint smile, "We should be safe now." "Swoosh swoosh swoosh." The sky radiated a blinding halo which diffused a surging flow of mighty power. The thunder and thunderbolts were roaming and booming. Rocky stairs suddenly appeared one by one from nowhere, linking up the huge stone platform with the sky. The rocky stairs led to the halos converging in the sky; it was like Heaven Stairway connecting with the ether. "The Heaven Stairway appears ... The ancestors' guidance. I can't believe, can't believe it is true ..." Di Shan raised his head up to the sky, mumbling to himself with an astonished face. He seemed to be deeply immersed in some old memories that he looked dazed for a while. Yu Rou was also amazed. Her beautiful eyes brightened. After a moment, she suddenly burst into laughter, guffawed, and laughed until her stomach hurt. She no longer kept her usual delicate manners. Shi Yan looked at the two people with suspicion. He wondered what had made the two of them go insane at this sensitive point of time. "It is you indeed!" Yu Rou laughed until tears almost rolled out. She held her belly, pointing to Shi Yan while talking to Di Shan without stopping laughing, "What else do you have to say?" Di Shan's sturdy body was shocked. His countenance was extremely complicated. After contemplating for a while and without bothering about the collapsing mountain or scattering rubble, Di Shan suddenly got down on his knees in front of Shi Yan. He bowed his head and said with a low voice, "Di Shan, the patriarch of the Black Wings Clan, from now on, I swear to make you my Master. It will never change until death." "Yu Rou, the matriarch in power of the White Wings Clan, swear to make you my Master. It will never change until death." Yu Rou smiled gently, respectfully kneeled down with a serious face and swore. Shi Yan was shocked with his eyes and mouth wide open. "Boom boom boom." The Sound Beast Mountain was about to collapse completely. The mountain looked as if it was cut and slashed by hammers and sabers, resulting in many giant rocks and stones rolling down. It was unknown when the compact thunderbolt net had disappeared without a trace. The sky was getting calmer. In the dark sky, there gradually appeared a bright blue area. "This, this thing?" Shi Yan was in a daze on the spot. He did not know what Di Shan and Yu Rou wanted to do after all, or if they were honest about it. At this time, he was so confused; he didn't know what else he could say. The two of them did not wait for Shi Yan's reaction either. After having kneeled down, Di Shan and Yu Rou stood up at the same time, raised their heads looking at the Heaven Stairway piercing up straight to the sky. Yu Rou said with a smile, "Master, let's take the Heaven Stairway. We can finally get out of this devilish place." Master ... Shi Yan thought carefully about this heavy word with his tightly knitted eyebrows. "Are you sincere?" "From now on, you are the Master of our two tribes. So, even without Duo Long, we will make the other pagans earnestly follow the ancestors' guidance." Di Shan's eyes flared up a strange light. "Master, you now have three kinds of Heaven Flame. Your existence is the biggest fear of the Demonic Sound Clan. Moreover, with Yu Rou's and my pressure, I think the Demonic Sound Clan shouldn't be unlikely to be subdued." "This thing ..." "Master, the fact that you have come here is the God's will. We only follow the predestined fate of God." Yu Rou revealed a smile, looking at Shi Yan. "I've explained to you Master. Because you have helped our two tribes to get out of this abandoned land, and also, you have the blood of the Immortal God King, you will become the Master of the two tribes. We have to follow the ancestors' guidance." "This place is going to collapse. Master, let's take the Heaven Stairway first." Di Shan lightly shouted. Shi Yan was still not sure what the two of them wanted, but he did not feel their wickedness anyway. He immediately stepped up and stood on the Heaven Stairway after a little bit of hesitation. Di Shan and Yu Rou also stepped on the stairway only after Shi Yan had already stood there. They were standing two steps lower than his. The Sound Beast Mountain tremendously exploded as expected. The explosive sound reverberated; the mountain, which had lasted for so many years, was collapsing little by little. From the Heaven Stairs where they were standing on, the mountain was tumbling down and scattered everywhere. While Shi Yan was standing on the Heaven Stairway, he realized that even though the Sound Beast Mountain was crashing into pieces, it did not affect him at all. To be exact, the collapse of the Sound Beast Mountain seemed to be tied up by an invisible force so that no rocks could touch the Heaven Stairway. The area surrounding the stairway was safe from all the scattering rocks and debris. Despite the fact that that thing was abnormal and just somehow had naturally happened, it brought Shi Yan a feeling that it was originally supposed to be like this. In no time after the explosion, the Sound Beast Mountain no longer existed. The massive, mighty mountain collapsed in a very short period. Giant rocks strewed everywhere. Under the blue sky, the place where the Sound Beasts had used to live remained only a stairway running up to the sky. Three people were standing on it. Outside the Sound Beast Mountain, the top-class warriors had soon fled away very far to avoid the mountain's collapse which could harm them. After the brutal breakdown, they now could surprisingly see the Heaven Stairway piercing up to the sky as well as three people standing at the bottom end of the stairway. The three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan, Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng were shocked with the incredible look in their eyes, dazedly looking at those three people on the staircase. Di Shan frowned while glancing at those three people from a distance then shouted, "Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, Ya Meng, come here. I have something to tell you." The three of them were dumbstruck for a while before obediently rushing towards Di Shan. Tens of millions of pagans surrounding raised their heads up to the sky, looking at the Heaven Stairway, wondering what had happened after all. The three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan had arrived by Di Shan's side just in a blink. They all spoke up simultaneously, "That Nine Serenities ..." "He has been subdued it." Di Shan lifted his hand. A miraculous circle of waves diffused and temporarily blockaded the surrounding area, not letting any sound out. The expression of the three leaders changed dramatically. "Let me introduce again to you. "Yu Rou suddenly stiffened her face, pointing at Shi Yan and said, "This is our Master who has three kinds of Heaven Flame. The blood of the Immortal God King is running in his veins. I think you all know about the ancestors' guidance. As being the leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan, do you know how to behave in front of him?" "What?" Ya Meng shouted in fear. "Did I not make myself clear?" Yu Rou frowned and said with a cold voice, "As he can bring our two tribes out of this place, together with that bloodline, we have to make him our Master. The three of you, do you want to ignore the ancestors' guidance? Do you understand what it means?" Yi Tian Mo's face was shivering. He couldn't help but ask, "Where is Duo Long?" "He's dead." Di Shan frigidly looked at the three leaders, "He was incinerated to ashes by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame which is now in our Master's hand. Hmm, although the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame cannot be used at present, the other two Heaven Flames are still enough to destroy your Demonic Sound Clan entirely." Yi Tian Mo's complexion changed dramatically. He suddenly bowed towards Shi Yan with respect after hesitating for a while and then said, "I am one of the leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan, Yi Tian Mo, now take the vow to make you my Master." Ka Ba's and Ya Meng's pupils shrank. They let out a sigh, bowed their heads dolefully, bent down towards Shi Yan, "We vow to make you our Master."