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268 Peculiar Treasure appeared

The Seven Dead Spirit Beasts looked as if they were made of cast iron with furious powers and full of benevolent energy. None of them had the aura of a living thing. However, they had lightning speed and tremendous strength. When they leaped up, they could pull the Sky and Earth yin aura along with them, causing the increase of their bodies' energies and the terrible destructive powers. The Seven Dead Spirit Beasts seemed to be protecting something. Behind them was a dark and sinister area where extremely dense fluctuating yin aura spread out. It was like many flows of soul oppressive forces were floating and dispersing, subduing the others' minds and bodies, giving them a strong feeling of insecurities. Among the six leaders of the two pagan tribes, Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng all had the soul cultivations at the Spirit Realm. Although their bodies were feeble, their soul powers were enough to deal with most of the creatures there fearlessly. However, when confronting those soulless Dead Spirit Beasts, the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan with tremendous soul power became inefficient. The only thing they could do now was to besiege those seven Spirit Beasts with their weak bodies. The consequences could be easily imagined. Losing the biggest advantage, together with their weak bodies, the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan were having a tough time fighting with those beasts. Once those beasts attacked them, they couldn't do anything but dodge and didn't dare to confront them directly. As a result, the pressure of fighting against the seven Dead Spirit Beasts obviously fell on the other three leaders of the Wings Race. Although the three of them, Di Shan, Yu Rou, and Duo Long were much better than the other three, they still could not gain the initiative in the combat. The Dead Spirit Beasts originally had no souls but had a sturdy build. Moreover, these seven beasts used the bodies of the seventh-level Sound Beasts that had cultivated for thousands of years. Thanks to this fact, their strong bodies' advantages were amplified several times; they were not scared of any weapons or different kinds of energy attacks. Among the three leaders of the Wings Race, Duo Long was at the Third Sky of the Sky Realm, half a step away from the Spirit Realm. With his sturdy build and furious strength, he was a first-class warrior outside the mountain. The other two, Di Shan and Yu Rou were stronger than Duo Long. They were both at the reputable First Sky of the Spirit Realm warriors. However, they were strenuously struggling with those beasts despite their unity. Their attacking forces unlikely crushed those Spirit Beasts into pieces. If those beasts were not smashed into ashes, they would not get injured. With the support of the Sky and Earth yin aura from behind, they would continue receiving energy from endless sources. As long as the Sky and Earth yin aura was everlasting, and the Spirit Beasts' bodies were not destroyed, their energy would never have been depleted, and their attacks would have kept going on. The seven Spirit Beasts' movements were as fast as the lightning. Their speed was even more quickly than that of the Wings Race's leaders. Their energies were extremely ferocious. Shi Yan meditated and used his sense to observe the situation carefully. He realized that the seven Dead Spirit Beasts could go through the mountain effortlessly; their movements were lightning-like. Every time that they moved forward, their giant bodies had unexpectedly traveled dozens of meters deep through the lava rock mountain wall. It was like a huge drill which could easily pierce through the hard and robust mountain wall. At this moment, he understood that because the Dead Spirit Beasts' attacking strength were so tremendous that they were able to break through everything, like perforating the mountain wall. The seven Dead Spirit Beasts aggressively surrounded and pursued to kill the six leaders in the cave. Under the attack of the beasts, it was as if they were encountering their archenemies; their faces were extremely grave while they were trying to use all kinds of forces to kill the beasts. Di Shan's and Yu Rou's strikes on the beasts were as if they had collided with a three-hundred-thousand-kilogram mountain wall. Those beasts were shot out more than a hundred meters away; their bodies were devastated into pieces but unable to be destroyed. As their soul attacks were not efficient, the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan were in a strenuous situation. Their feeble bodies were not able to resist the Dead Spirit Beasts' attacks. If they were not very flexible and agile in dodging, they should have been out of breath and dead in no time. "Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh." Suddenly, the dense Sky and Earth yin aura emitted from the seven Dead Spirit Beasts. Space was immediately filled with strange dead spirit aura. Some of the Sound Beasts, which were hiding from a distance, all scattered away as soon as they saw the dispersing Sky and Earth yin aura. More than ten of the Sound Beasts weren't able to avoid it and were completely enveloped by this peculiar yin. With their miserable growls, their fluctuating souls became very strange. Their living aura was disappearing and replaced with the intensified dead spirit aura little by little. Not long after that, more than ten of the Sound Beasts under cover of the strange yin aura started to get crazy. They seemed to have transformed into the Dead Spirit Beasts and began to attack the six leaders. These Dead Spirit Beasts, into which the Sound Beasts had just turned, apparently couldn't be compared to the other seven ones. Their bodies were not as sturdy, and their strength was far less than the others'. That was why when the six leaders attacked these new-formed beasts, these beasts were soon completely smashed until their blood scattered everywhere. However, very soon after that, those seven Dead Spirit Beasts leaped up quickly. More and more of the Sky and Earth yin aura spread out surrounding them. Hundreds of the Sound Beasts ran away outwards from the cave in fear. However, they quickly got covered by the Sky and Earth yin aura before being able to get away. All the Sound Beasts inside the mountain had been turned into Dead Spirit Beasts after a short while. They started to attack the six leaders aggressively without fear of death. The burning fires of the Heaven Flame suddenly shot out from Shi Yan's body. His face was grievous. He had figured out that the Sound Beasts had to run away out of the mountain because they were scared of the Dead Spirit Beasts inside of the mountain. To be more exact, they were frightened of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame that those Dead Spirit Beasts were protecting. It was because the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame could destroy their souls and turned them into the soulless Dead Spirit Beasts. These Sound Beasts obviously knew the power of that Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. After the Formation Technique inside the mountain had weakened, they felt something wrong and realized that the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was getting developed. Therefore, they ran out of the mountain to avoid being turned into the Dead Spirit Beasts by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. If the Demonic Sound Clan's and the Wings Race' people hadn't invaded it, the Sound Beasts certainly would not have stayed inside the mountain. Currently, inside the mountain, hundreds of the Sound Beasts who had stayed close to the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame couldn't have avoided its attack. Their souls were destroyed, and they turned into the Dead Spirit Beasts. In such a short time, the Spirit Beasts were packed inside the cave. After the Sound Beasts' souls had been destroyed, they were no longer fearful. They were not even scared of the Heaven Flame's power on Shi Yan's body; they all stormed towards him. "Let's go!" The Ice Cold Flame sent out its message. "Let me help you." The Ten Thousand Earth Flame also communicated with him from the Blood Vein Ring. "Boom." Oppressively hot burning fires expanded everywhere with Shi Yan as the center. The Ten Thousand Earth Flame flew out from the Blood Vein Ring all of a sudden, emitting its inflammable power when it saw more than ten of the Spirit Beasts approaching. The temperature of the mountain instantly plummeted several times with burning fires everywhere. Every time the Dead Spirit Beasts advanced, they were completely swallowed by the Ten Thousand Earth Flame in just a blink. Once these beasts fell into the sea of fire, they had no more strength to resist and turned to the scattered shower of blood. All of them were dead. The burning fires of the Heaven Flame continued spreading out. The Heaven Flame devoured more and more Dead Spirit Beasts. Once being burned by the Thousand Earth Flame, none of the Dead Spirit Beasts could withstand it. Everywhere that the Heaven Flame had passed by, the Spirit Beasts were incinerated into ashes with nothing remaining. Even the Seven Dead Spirit Beasts which had been tempered by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame could not prevent the horrendous burning fires of the Ten Thousand Earth Flame. Three of them had been wrapped up in flames. They were wriggling and being dissolved little by little into the dark red masses; then, the heating power would evaporate them into a mist of smoke. As the other four Dead Spirit Beasts seemed to sense the danger, even before the burning fires of the Thousand Earth Flame came close, they had already hidden deep inside of the dark without lingering. "Stop!" From deep inside of Shi Yan's soul, a strong vibration surged up. Shi Yan's mind was violently agitated; his head was in extreme pain. At the same time, he saw two strange flows of souls approaching towards the Ten Thousand Earth Flame. The Earth Flame's soul immediately returned to the Blood Vein Ring as soon as it realized the danger was coming. The burning fires also withdrew into the Blood Vein Ring after the Ten Thousand Earth Flame's Soul went back into it. Those two flows of souls belonged to Ka Ba and Ya Meng. After hovering around the Blood Vein Ring and realizing it was not easy to have penetrated it, the two flows were retrieved. Shi Yan harrumphed, coldly looked at Yi Tian Mo who was standing one hundred meters away from him. "The Heaven Flame's power is indeed terrifying. Even though it can be used to deal with those strange dead spirit creatures here, the three of us cannot endure it either. If you let it expand, the three of us will be burned into ashes." Yi Tian Mo said. Shi Yan's eyes remained stony. "Little rascal, don't you want to kill us all? If your Heaven Flame doesn't have the ability to dominate these strange creatures, I would have savaged your soul already." Ya Meng wiped his sweat off. He was the one who was standing closest to Shi Yan. When the Heaven Flame diffused towards his direction, he got terrified. His powers had drained off more than half even though the Heaven Flame hadn't come close to him yet. That was why he got angry with Shi Yan the most. "Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss." Four Dead Spirit Beasts that were hiding in the dark released bizarre whistles. A Flying Shuttle flashed up a sparkling light which was on and off in the darkness. It seemingly wanted to get out but was detained by some unknown forces. It kept struggling to try to escape. A flow of ferocious soul came out from the dark where the four Dead Spirit Beasts were hiding. "It's the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame! That thing seems to be sealed. Right now, its forces are increasing; the sealing power will get weakened soon. Leave now. Once it wakes up, no one can resist him." The Ice Cold Flame hurriedly communicated with Shi Yan. Shi Yan was still motionless as if he did not hear what the Ice Cold Flame had said. He kept looking forward, seeming to be thinking of something. His eyes lit up, looking at the Flying Shuttle which was hovering around in the dark. He seemed to consider something. Five seconds later, Shi Yan was crazily overjoyed; his entire body was shaking. He couldn't help but shout, "Sky-breaking Shuttle!"