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267 The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame

In the murky stone cave, looking at Shi Yan's innocent appearance, the matriarch of the White Wings Clan felt so angry that she just wanted to smash him down. However, thinking about the unknown problems inside the mountain, she had to restrain her irritations. She stared at him with her fiery eyes, forcefully pulled his hands, and flew into the center of the mountain. With the flame of anger inside, Yu Rou's movements were not gentle at all. Her small hands were like a pair of metal pincers, secretly squeezing Shi Yan's hands. "Oh!?" Although Yu Rou continuously put more strength to the squeeze, she realized that Shi Yan did not utter a word as if he did not feel the pain. With her astonishment, she kept tensioning her clamp. Yu Rou was surprised. The strength that she was using was enough to break the Nirvana Realm warriors' bones. Nevertheless, even though Shi Yan was just ranked Second Sky of the Earth Realm, he was still all right, only slightly knitted his eyebrows. "Do you think it is enough?" As Yu Rou kept squeezing harder and harder, Shi Yan had to reluctantly say, "If you keep doing that, I can't help but scream. You have already discharged your anger, don't continue torturing me." "You little rascal, you are no ordinary indeed. Your meridians seem to transform and contract continuously. Each of them is very peculiar as if some strange energy keeps condensing and refining in it ..." Yu Rou still clamped his hands tightly. She did not have any intentions to reduce the strength of her fingers. She continued to speak with a gentle voice and a very strange look. "Shi Yan, your body is not the same as ordinary people's. I have a vague feeling that the meridians in your entire body seem to have great differences compared to the regular ones. What did you do after all?" She still wanted to explore all secrets inside Shi Yan's body. Last time when she had returned to the Ancient City, she had found out that there were peculiar forces in Shi Yan's blood and vessels which repressed his Immortal Blood. She had some understanding about the antiquity time's secrets, so she couldn't imagine if any forces could dominate the Immortal Blood in the Immortal God King's descendant. She guessed that Shi Yan was still hiding an earth-shaking secret. She somehow realized that there were mysterious forces whose strength were as strong as the one of the Immortal Blood inside his body; otherwise, the Immortal Blood could not be easily dominated like this. "Nothing ..." Shi Yan shook his head. He had to keep anything related to the Mystery Martial Spirit on the down low. He would not disclose anything to anyone. Not to mention it was Yu Rou, even if Xia Xinyan asked him, he would still shut his mouth. "Shi Yan, maybe you don't know yet, but I have told Di Shan about your situation." Yu Rou suddenly spoke up after contemplating for a while. "Di Shan is an arrogant person who has a high-level cultivation and brutal means. In the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race, Di Shan can be considered the number one of all the top-class warriors. Even I could hardly be his rival. If you can have Di Shan's support, once he decides to follow the ancestor's guidance, he will accept you to be his master. Moreover, he will also protect your life, so you don't need to worry about your safety. After leaving this abandoned land, you will have tremendously powerful backup forces. With the unity of Di Shan and me, as well as your Heaven Flame, which is the nemesis of the Demonic Sound Clan, perhaps you will be able to subdue the Demonic Sound Clan. Don't you understand what this means?" "What?" Shi Yan looked shocked; his eyes brightened up. Apparently, he had been touched. "However, Di Shan is extremely arrogant. Even though you are the Immortal God King's descendant, you are just an Earth Realm warrior. Obviously, it's not easy to make him obey you." Yu Rou continued, "Therefore, if you want to get Di Shan's agreement, you have to show more of your capabilities, you shouldn't keep hiding them. Otherwise, unless Di Shan sees your real competencies, he will not respect you nor treat you like a future top-class warrior." Yu Rou gently explained to him the situation. Shi Yan listened attentively. After Yu Rou had finished talking, he nodded slowly and said, "I understood." As Shi Yan looked like he had grasped the seriousness of the situation, Yu Rou said no more and slightly smiled. She suddenly accelerated, turned into a white halo and dashed towards the center of the mountain. ... ... ... ... ... "Roam Roam." "Shriek Shriek." Deep inside the mountain, the Sound Beasts' growls resounded constantly. The earth was violently shaken by those ear-splitting sounds together with the thunders outside the mountain. Yu Rou, with Shi Yan being grabbed along, flew straight inside of the mountain. The initially gloomy cave turned to be as black as ink as it was impossible to see the surroundings. However, as Yu Rou knew every single path inside the mountain, she could still follow the directions of Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo. She was rapidly chasing after them. It was uncertain of how much time had passed, Shi Yan suddenly heard, besides the Sound Beasts' growls, a big explosion that was caused by some attacking forces. At the same time, Yu Rou's figure slowed down. A faint silver light was approaching them, lighting up the dark cave. "Di Shan!" Yu Rou shouted in shock. She let go of Shi Yan and stormed forwards. "Boom Boom Boom." Incredibly horrendous powers collided and consecutively exploded in the cave. Huge blocks of lava rock instantly turned into ashes, dispersing everywhere in the cave after being hit by those forces. Shi Yan stood on a solid lava rock. He wanted to have a clear view of the scene in front of him, but thick gray dust blocked his vision. A lot of dust had flown into his eyes, causing the irritating itchiness. Right after he had released his soul consciousness, it detected that a kind of soul's magnetic field was revolving inside of the cave. That soul's magnetic field instantly crushed down his soul consciousness. The consciousness attached with the Soul Consciousness also left no trace behind. He immediately got himself together in fear. He did not dare to send out his soul consciousness again. Instead, he just circulated the profound Qi to his eyes, covering his pupils with a layer of the profound Qi shield. Even when he could not see what was happening inside the cave nor released his soul consciousness, it didn't mean that he could not sense anything. Furious forces were striking and destroying many blocks of rock of the Sound Beast Mountain. Rock fragments scattered, and dust was everywhere. Through the surging tremor, he was certain that top-class warriors were fighting somewhere in the cave. Yu Rou had terrifyingly shouted when she had seen Di Shan's enemy. Therefore, she urgently let go of Shi Yan and dashed towards Di Shan. Even though Di Shan was the best of the top-class warrior of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race, with the given brutal situation, his opponent was either the Sound Beasts' supreme leader or the most bloodthirsty monster of the world. Regardless of who it was, Di Shan's enemy was not the one whom he had the ability to defeat. Therefore, Shi Yan stood right at his place motionlessly, calming himself and waiting. ... ... ... ... ... A faint red light appeared in the dark cave. It flickered then scattered around. Dust and ashes blocking his vision were blown away by invisible forces. So were the dust and ashes around Shi Yan. "Oh!?" Shi Yan was astonished, surprisingly looked at the Blood Vein Ring on his finger. He saw the red light flying out from the Blood Vein Ring. Wherever the red light swept over, Shi Yan's vision was not blocked anymore. Everything around him became clearer. This was a huge cave. The red light kept diffusing further, clearing all the dust and ashes. Shi Yan was watching the cave expanding endlessly. A brown jade was hanging at thirty meters above his head. Its surface was full of holes which were as big as fingertips. Dense Sky and Earth yin aura hovered around it. This place was certainly the core of the Sound Beast Mountain. His eyes followed the red light which was expanding further. Until the red light could cover an area that as large as five football fields combined, he suddenly saw many pairs of eyes flashing up different colored lights. While the red light continued diffusing, figures of those who possessed those eccentric eyes gradually appeared. Sound Beasts were everywhere, hundreds or thousands of them. From a distance, each of them was staring at him with full of hatred. Shi Yan obviously was not frightened; he only revealed a faint smile. A red halo of burning fires suddenly emerged from his palms, and the Heaven Flame's power emitted from his body. The Sound Beasts were apparently scared, moving backward little by little. "Where is this place?" The icy aura of the Ice Cold Flame flew out from the Blood Vein Ring all in a sudden. The Ice Cold Flame sent out its message. "The Sky and Earth Yin aura here is very dense. Inside of it contains the icy yin aura that could destroy souls. This is, this is ..." "Has the Blood Vein Ring removed the restraint on you already?" Shi Yan promptly replied in joy. "The Blood Vein Ring has realized that the danger is coming. Moreover, because the current living form of the Earth Flame has completely formed already, it no longer controls me." The Ice Cold Flame quickly answered him. Then, it suddenly urged Shi Yan, "Leave this place. It's extremely dangerous here. The yin aura here could destroy the souls of any beings. It is ..." "What?" "It is the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, one of the Heaven Flames, the most parlous one. Its burning fires cannot inflame real entities, but it can destroy all souls of any creatures. Any subject that has a life can hardly resist its Devouring Fire. As soon as the Devouring Fire touches your body, it will immediately burn your soul to ashes." "Have you said that it's there?" "It is right there. I can feel it. You'd better leave right away." "Boom Boom Boom." Aggressively fighting sounds, along with Yu Rou's screams, came up from the earth-shaking growls and howls. Shi Yan's face changed dramatically. He immediately looked towards that direction. The Blood Vein Ring's red light spread out, blowing away dust and ashes around Shi Yan. His vision became gradually clearer. With a careful look, he realized that some figures were fighting with several Sound Beasts where the explosion had occurred. This flock of Sound Beasts was extremely aggressive with no fear of death. Their giant bodies were covered with scales, which looked terrifying and ferocious. Those beasts were emitting heavy yin aura. Their eyes' color was all silver, those eyes were attached to the body that was greatly vigorous as if they were made of cast iron. These Sound Beasts were not the same as the ordinary ones. Although they were very mighty, there was no streak of vitality in them as if their souls had been completely withdrawn. Their entire bodies were full of deadly aura. These Sound Beasts were giving the pagan leaders, Di Shan, Yu Rou, Duo Long, a very hard time in fighting with them. "That is The Nine Serenities Spirit Beasts. The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame have used the Nine Serenities Yin Qi to condensed and refined those Sound Beasts. As they don't have souls, they won't feel painful or being wary of death. Their powers are even stronger when they are dead. It is very hard to deal with these Zombie Spirit Breasts. Except turning them into ashes, otherwise, even with only a bone remaining, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame could still control them to attack other people." The Ice Cold Flame explained. A beam of fear flashed across Shi Yan's eyes.