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266 Breaking the Formation Technique

Scorching flames flew out from Shi Yan's hands one after one, rolling into the cave in front of him. After pulling one another about, the Formation Technique at the cave entrance which had been blazingly burned by the Heaven flame didn't seem to be able to resist any longer, finally exposing a small burnt hole. Everybody's faces were excited. Shi Yan's eyes also brightened up as if he could see a ray of glory through that small hole. He put all his efforts to continuously pour the Heaven Flame's blistering power into that hole. After all the flames of the Heaven Flame had entered that hole, they eroded the cave entrance little by little, quickly enlarging the hole. Di Shan, Yu Rou and other leaders of two pagan tribes showed an extreme joy. It was evident that with that blazing speed, the cave would be soon broken, and the hole would be broadened enough for everyone to get in. Lightning flashed across Di Shan's eyes. He contemplated for a while before quietly coming closer to Shi Yan. Duo Long and the other people also followed behind without much hesitation. They all gathered thirty meters away from Shi Yan and kept staring at every single move from him. If they didn't enter the Sound Beast Mountain, the lightning from the sky above the peak wouldn't strike them. The miraculous Formation Technique in the sky seemed to have its own consciousness. It had a duty to make sure that no top-class warriors of the two tribes were able to penetrate into the Sound Beast Mountain. As soon as they moved one step in, this Formation Technique would be instantly activated, striking down tremendous lightning. "Let's wait for a while. Once the cave entrance is enlarged enough, we will enter right away." Di Shan turned around, glancing at the other five leaders and then said with a somber face, "Everyone should watch out. There is certainly the anomaly in there. It may be a deadly danger; you should not be imprudent." Five of them nodded, implicating they had already understood. From a distance of thirty meters away, those six supreme leaders of the two tribes were gazing at every move of Shi Yan with stony eyes. They were ready to enter at any time. Sweat beaded on Shi Yan's forehead; the fabric on his back was also wet. It was the result of consuming too much power. His body had been trained by the Heaven Flame for a long time; thus, his vessels and blood were adapting more with the Heaven Flame's heat. However, burning fires spreading out from the Blood Vein Ring this time were much hotter than any previous times. The scorching heat of the Earth Flame had successfully transformed, being several times stronger than before. Until now, Shi Yan got to know that the Earth Flame previously had not been considered as the Heaven Flame. At best, it had been only deemed to be mutated Earth Flame that hadn't reached the Heaven Flame's temperature just yet. Nevertheless, the current Earth flame had a massive transformation after having absorbed the Sun Refined Spirit. Not only had it had a complete soul and a perfect living form but its burning fire power had also been enhanced to another new level. The Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame somehow had transformed to make a balance with the Icy Cold Flame which owned a miraculous earth-shaking power. As the Earth Flame had evolved, its burning power was also much stronger than before. Shi Yan almost could not stand it. When he poured the profound Qi into each flame, a lot of his power had drained including his soul consciousness. The Heaven Flame evaporated his sweat quickly as soon as it continued pouring out again. Even though Shi Yan's entire body was not comfortable, he still tried to restrain it, focused his mind, and kept releasing his soul consciousness. He let his profound Qi massively roll into his palms to fuse with the flames of the Heaven Flame, creating the Heaven Flame's power with a tremendous attack strength. "Sizzling." The Heaven Flame was furiously inflaming, enlarging the hole in front of him. Gradually, it became as big as a human's head. Shi Yan's face was joyful, but he did not dare to relax now. He kept urging the profound Qi inside his body to pour into the conflagrate burning fires on his hands. The burning fires then flew straight into the hole. Torrential Heaven Flame was blazing on his hands. There was as if a fire snake wrapping around each of his fingers, twisting and sticking its tongue out. Miraculously, inside of those vivid-red flames appeared a faint purple color. That was a strange color resulted by the fusion of the Heaven Flame, his soul consciousness, and the profound Qi. Shi Yan stretched out his hands through the hole, sending powerful burning fires of the Heaven Flame to his two hands and then forcefully tore the hole apart. More and more Heaven Flame's burning fires flew up from the backs of his hands and his palms. The Thousand Year Earth Flame had sensed his urge, emitting stronger burning fires to support Shi Yan tearing the hole. "Swoosh." A crispy sound suddenly came up from that hole. Shi Yan's hands had violently pulled and tore that hole which had been originally as big as a human head size. Now the hole was big enough for an adult to get through. "Go!" Di Shan shouted while his black wings flapped hastily. He flashed up like a black lightning and disappeared instantly. Shi Yan was bewildered for a while. Before he could realize what was happening, Di Shan had already gone through the Formation Technique, getting inside of the Sound Beast Mountain. Not far from that, after seeing Di Shan's action, Yu Rou and Yi Tian Mo also turned into flows of light without hesitation, going inside of the Sound Beast Mountain with blinding speed. At the foot of the Sound Beast Mountain, people of the Wings Race and the Demonic Sound Clan began to cheer and applaud. All of them were overjoyed. They soon congratulated each other. Some of them even started drinking to celebrate. A few of the high-class warriors leaped up and flew towards Shi Yan's direction. At this moment, cheerful sounds and noises echoed crazily. After being dazed, Shi Yan saw the ten warriors of two tribes approaching closely. They were about to jump into the cave entrance. "Boom boom boom." An earth-shaking thunder sound suddenly came up from deep inside the sky. Horrendous streaks of lightning covered the entire Sound Beast Mountain all in a sudden just like a heavy shower. Simultaneously, the Sound Beast Mountain was immersed in a dense net of lightning. With a quick glance, that net of lightning looked like a curtain being pulled down. The scream like ghost's wail and wolves' howl also followed the lightning, piercing into people's ears. Being continually struck by those streaks of lightning, the bodies of those Wings Race's and Demonic Sound Clan's top-class warriors were immediately incinerated and then fell not long after having wiggled fiercely in the air. Their bodies exploded before they could have reached the ground. Flesh and blood scattered everywhere. The ten warriors of the two tribes were dead without leaving any bones in just a short moment. All the pagans, who were standing everywhere around the Sound Beast Mountain, changed their countenances dramatically after seeing the terrifying scene. The cheering noises had also died out. No one could have ever imagined that the ten Sky Realm warriors could have been struck to death that fast. There was not a single sign nor a minute spared for preparations. Those ten warriors were dead just like that. Those pagans dazedly watched flesh and bones falling like a heavy blood shower. Everybody ceased suddenly. Some of the other warriors were still lingering in the air with the initial intention of entering the cave. However, after what had happened, they hurriedly stopped and didn't dare to come any closer to the Sound Beast Mountain. Shi Yan's complexion had also changed tragically. Soon after that, he realized that while he was in a daze, the hole which had been torn apart was slowly shrinking. After raising his eyebrows with a little hesitation, he then suddenly jumped through the Formation Technique, entering inside of the Sound Beast Mountain. "Shriek Shriek Shriek." Ear-piercing growls of the Sound Beasts resounded as soon as he got into the Sound Beast Mountain. Echoing growls of the Sound Beasts were not less loud than the ones of thunderbolts outside. While earth-shaking sounds kept coming up, six figures of Di Shan and the other five leaders were getting further and further, dashing towards the center of the mountain. Yu Rou was the last one of the line. Waiting for the other five figures to disappear, the matriarch of the White Wings Clan with an alluring figure looked at Shi Yan from a distance then gently said, "Let's go in there together." Shi Yan was startled. He hesitated a little before saying, "Don't you need me to keep this Formation Technique open?" Yu Rou revealed a faint smile and gently shook her head, "If you have been able to break it, you can also do the same from the inside. Wait until we solve the problem inside the mountain, and then you will break this Formation Technique again. With the thunder and lightning outside that close the cliff, no one else can go in. You only uselessly waste your powers if you stay here. We don't know how long it would take in there. Until we can solve the problem inside, if your powers have already drained by that time, it would have been such a waste." Shi Yan nodded and stopped holding the Formation Technique open. He zoomed towards Yu Rou. "Shi Yan ..." Yu Rou suddenly lowered her voice when he arrived next to her. "What happened?" Shi Yan asked with a low voice; a suspicious look showed up on his face. "Be careful." Yu Rou gently spoke up after hesitating, "You should not keep yourself too far away from me to avoid any unexpected events. You also need to be aware of Duo Long and the other three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan. Perhaps you will be their target there..." Shi Yan frowned and said, "Don't they need me to break the Formation Technique?" "It's hard to say ..." Yu Rou's face got serious, "You've probably realized that when thunder and lightning cover the outside of the mountain, the Formation Technique inside of the Sound Beast Mountain starts to weaken. If we can enter here, it means the Formation Technique is not effective anymore. After we solve the problems inside of the mountain, the oppressive forces of the Formation Technique may no longer exist. Until then, you don't have any value to them ..." Shi Yan's face suddenly changed. He nodded firmly after thinking for a while, "I understand." "As I have promised, as long as you break the Formation Technique, I will try my best to protect you. I will keep my words." Yu Rou was inside a dark, dull cave, her eyes, on the contrary, were very bright. "I will try my best. However, if it does not happen as I wanted, don't blame me ..." Shi Yan still felt warm although he was inside a cold dark cave. He bravely placed his hands on Yu Rou's wings and honestly said, "I will still be grateful to you." Suddenly, the body of the matriarch of the White Wings Clan reddened while her charming face also blushed. Her beautiful eyes got mused while her body was slightly shivering. "Oh?!" Shi Yan asked with surprise, "Are you ok?" "Little pervert!" Yu Rou angrily stared at him. However, she had no power to resist. She was even more exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful that all men would have undoubtedly committed a crime. Clenching her teeth tightly, Yu Rou scolded, "Don't you know that the wings of the Wings Race's women are even more sensitive than our breasts and preserved area? We are not allowed to let any of the opposite genders touch them." "I didn't know" Shi Yan looked shocked, innocently shaking his head.