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Half of a month had passed as fast as a blink. Shi Yan had been staying in the secret chamber for half of a month without caring about eating or sleeping. He had been concentrating on studying the ancient soul-scriptures of the Demonic Sound Clan. After a half month, Shi Yan quietly walked out of the secret chamber without letting the people of Cao Zhi Lan's group know and the others. He got out of the ancient castle alone. After he had just walked a few steps onto the streets of the Ancient City, the matriarch of the White Wings Clan, Yu Rou, suddenly appeared beside him, laughing out loud and then said, "Shi Yan, why did you suddenly want to leave?" "I just wanted to take a walk and check on the Sound Beasts outside the city. By the way, I will practice some of the Heaven Flame Control techniques. Of course, You can, of course, follow me." Shi Yan said with a smile. "I will go with you. In case you encounter any danger, I can help you out right away. You are now our two tribes' sole hope. The matter of your safety is very crucial to us. I don't want any bad things happening to you." Yu Rou spoke with a thoughtful and sincere voice. "Not a problem.'' Shi Yan quickly went out of the ancient city's gate together with Yu Rou. Ka Ba's group from the Demonic Sound Clan were also astonished as well as puzzled after they had been informed that Shi Yan had left the city. However, knowing that Yu Rou had gone with him, they did not prevent him nor say anything. Di Shan was in the city and was also the first one who had been informed about Shi Yan leaving the city, yet he had not stopped him. After going out of the city, Shi Yan accompanied by Yu Rou went straight to the Sound Beast Mountain. The Sound Beasts on the Sound Beast Mountain had begun to rebel again after more than a month in silence. They massively flew out of the Sound Beast Mountain, plunging into all different directions on this abandoned land. Shi Yan spread out his soul consciousness and quickly located the place where the Sound Beasts had gathered. There were approximately ten Sound Beasts besides a swamp, some of which were playing. They did not know that danger was coming close. "Sound Beasts live in the Sound Beast Mountain all year round, absorbing the Sky and Earth yin aura from the mountain to cultivate. Either some fish swimming in the water or some stones on the bottom of the swamp are useful for the cultivation of a few of the Sound Beats. Therefore, the Sound Beasts cannot live relying only on the Sound Beast Mountain's yin aura." Yu Rou explained with a gentle voice. Shi Yan nodded. His figure suddenly flashed up like lightning, darting towards the swamp. He slightly triggered his mind. Radiant flames suddenly emitted from his palms like a rainbow flying directly towards those beasts. The oppressively hot Heaven Flame could burn everything up. All the creatures were very sensitive to scorching fires, let alone the Heaven Flame which was the Sound Beasts' nemesis. As soon as glints of the blazing fire soared to the sky, the Sound Beasts immediately got frightened, hastily heading back towards the Sound Beast Mountain. Shi Yan's expression was cold and heartless. The corner of his mouth had curled up into a gloomy smirk. He slowly closed his eyes. The host soul in the Sea of Consciousness had transformed considerably. Each stream of his thoughts gradually poured into the soul consciousness. Then, wisps of soul consciousness massively scattered clinging to the Heaven Flame's lights. The Heaven Flame was hovering about in the air as if it had its life. Its orbit was very flexible, marvelous, and spectacularly miraculous. Not long after that, each beam of light condensed by the Heaven Flame weaved together to create a dazzling arc of light, rushing down from the sky and covering the entire herd of the Sound Beasts. "Sputter sputter sputter." As soon as the Heaven Flame touched the Sound Beasts, their bodies were immediately incinerated, fuming colorful clouds of smoke and then quickly dissolved. Shi Yan was motionless while sending the soul consciousness into each stream of light of the Heaven Flame and steadily increasing the Heaven Flame's calefaction. Since the host soul had entered the Sea of Consciousness, his sensing abilities had surprisingly been enhanced several times, being more competent in controlling the Heaven Flame than before. With the soul consciousness dominating, every move of the Sky and Earth had been deeply engraved in his mind, allowing him to be able to see everything now. The strength of the soul consciousness had helped him significantly improve his abilities to control the Heave Flame. Under the effects of the host soul, his soul consciousness was like tentacles, flexibly and precisely wrapping up all the Sound Beasts. Not long after that, the bodies of the ten Sound Beasts that were incinerated by the burning fire of the nemesis Heaven Flame completely vaporized and dispersed. Colorful Demons Crystal Pearls, under Shi Yan's strength, were floating on the swamp which looked like several special stars. Shi Yan finally opened his eyes, beamed a smile and then calmly stretched out his hand grabbing the Demons Crystal Pearls. When he reached his hand out towards those floating Demon Crystal Pearls, it seemed that some unknown force pulled those pearls into his palms; and then they quickly disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring on his finger. "Twelve Demons Crystal Pearls, hmm, it is not a bad harvest. But it is still not enough." After mumbling to himself, he continued to emit his soul consciousness to cover the further range. Shi Yan's eyes suddenly brightened a few minutes later. He triggered the Electric Shift and quickly left. The matriarch of White Wings Clan's eyes lit up with astonishment, staring at the direction that Shi Yan had just left. It seemed that she was thinking of something. With her profound cultivation base, she had been quietly watching Shi Yan's behaviors for several days. She had understood Shi Yan's body and the improvement of his realm. As he had effortlessly killed many of the Sound Beasts this time, she knew that regardless of his Realm or the ability to control his forces, Shi Yan had broken through and entered a higher level. This time, it was not a waste for Shi Yan to project the Heaven Flame. He did not lose much of the Heaven Flame's energy when it glided over the air. At the point when the Heaven Flame had formed a fire net, the Heaven Flame's forces seemed to shape a miraculous formation which had upgraded itself several times in just a flash. Such progress had helped Yu Rou understand that Shi Yan's devoted cultivation was not useless. In only more than a month, Shi Yan's knowledge of the forces in his body had apparently reached the new realm. "Not bad, but it's not enough. I hope you can expose stronger powers soon. Otherwise, you can't convince that stubborn Di Shan ..." The matriarch of the White Wings Clan mumbled and then slightly smiled. She gently flapped her wings and quickly followed Shi Yan. Shi Yan had been wandering through the adjacent areas of the Sound Beast Mountain to search for more Sound Beasts during the entire day. Every time that he detected a flock of the Sound Beasts, he immediately emitted the Heaven Flame and then skillfully used the Heaven Flame's force to tie up the Sound Beasts and burn them into ashes before taking their Demons Crystal Pearls. At this moment, there were nearly one hundred Demon Crystal Pearls of different levels of the Sound Beasts in his Blood Vein Ring. The lowest among them was the third level pearls and that the best were the sixth level pearls. The harvest was quite big. "That should be enough." Raising his head looking at the immeasurably high Sound Beast Mountain that pierced up into the sky, Shi Yan mumbled with a low voice before speaking to Yu Rou. "Let's call it a day. Let's go back." "Shi Yan, can you try to sense the Sound Beast Mountain again to see if there are any changes?" Yu Rou hesitated a little bit before asking. "You have absorbed the Sky and Earth yin aura of the Sound Beast Mountain, so you should be very sensitive with the Sky and Earth yin aura. You should check to see if the Sky and Earth yin aura in the Sound Beast Mountain are more intense or more diluted." "Ok." Shi Yan did not know what Yu Rou's plan was exactly, but he still pleasantly satisfied her requirements. After sitting down and resting a little bit, he released his soul consciousness, urging the yin energy inside of the Yin Pearl at the meridian within his chest to combine with his soul consciousness and gradually diffused towards the Sound Beast Mountain. Not long after that, Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows, stood up, and then mildly said, "Thunderbolts outside of the Sound Beast Mountain seems to get weaker and weaker. However, the Sky and Earth's yin aura in the Sound Beast Mountain is getting more intense. I can feel that something strange is happening in the Sound Beast Mountain." "Uh, what you feel is not wrong. Look at the sky above the Sound Beast Mountain." Yu Rou pointed at the mountain peak, which pierced up straight through the clouds and said with a somber face. "Did you find anything?" Shi Yan raised his head looking up to the sky. His eyes glinted with a stream of light. It seemed that wisps of light consistently converged in his eyes. The Sound Beast Mountain's peak was ten thousand Zhang tall (1 Zhang is equivalent to 3.33 meters), reaching the sky where gray clouds were gathering. Thunderbolts intertwined as if they wanted to cut the sky into pieces. Zooming through the sky with full of cuts, dazzling leaks of light were visible through those slits. "The space over there, it seems ... became more unstable." After watching for a while, Shi Yan said in a low tone. "You have been observing very carefully." Yu Rou nodded and replied with an odd smile. "Lightning seems to be able to tear the sky apart. It means that the time and space here is getting weaker. Perhaps, only one attacking strike of that terrifying energy could destroy this space. Once this space crumbles, the whole space will turn into ashes just in a blink. No creatures will be lucky enough to be able to escape." Shi Yan' face changed dramatically. Yu Rou continued, "In recent days, changes in the Sound Beast Mountain have directly affected the space at the peak of the Sound Beast Mountain and weakened it. In another two months, if we do not have any solutions for getting out of this place, our two tribes' souls will vanish as soon as this space collapses." Yu Rou miserably smiled. "You and Di Shan both have God Realm cultivation base; can't the both of you escape?" Shi Yan was astonished while asking. After helplessly releasing a long sigh, Yu Rou said, "You don't know that this abandoned land was used to restrain our two tribes. We have lived here for millions of years, and some of us have reached the True God Realm. However, whenever someone enters the True God Realm, a horrendously destructive god light appears in the sky above the Sound Beast Mountain's peak. When a wisp of the god light struck down, the soul of the person who has reached the True God Realm completely perishes." "What?" Shi Yan was terrified. "Entering the True God Realm means having the forces to control the time and space. Once warriors at the True God Realm reinforce their realm steadily, they will have a chance to get out of this space safely. The sky above the Sound Beast Mountain's peak is of the god power which binds and controls us. It will not let any of our fellow pagans escape from it. Anyone entering the True God Realm will have their souls vanish if they encounter that God power." Yu Rou's eyes were gloomy. She continued, "So many years have passed, and many of the top-class warriors of the two tribes have known that they would have immediately perished as soon as they've entered the True God Realm. However, they've still put forth their efforts because they believed that if the warriors at the True God Realm were able to endure the one strike of the god light, they could then rely on the forces of the True God Realm to bring the two tribes out of this devilish place. Regretfully, those predecessors have all failed." Shi Yan's face was confused. This was the first time he felt pity for these two tribes. "Our ancestors have imparted their last instructions to us. One day, if a mutation happens in the Sound Beast Mountain like today, the chance of our two tribes in escaping has finally come. If we cannot catch this chance, the two tribes will truly vanish from the world's history." Yu Rou stared at Shi Yan and spoke in a serious voice. "Shi Yan, you are our chance. I honestly hope that you can help our two tribes get out of this land. I don't know what the others may think, but I can assure you that if you can complete this successfully, I will put all of my efforts to protect you." Shi Yan looked stern as he responded with a low voice, "I will try my best."